Use disk cleanup and lost all my personal files. Restore did not work. I'm near the top of the Creek

I used the disk cleanup several times before but it has never cleared my personal folders files. Some of the data is critical and sentimental. I used RETORE, but he could not recover personal files of Windows Live. Y at - it no use - please

Hi Dick,

The personal folders of Windows Live, you are speaking of?

Also, have you checked the Windows Live Solution Center?

Please visit the following link:

I hope this helps!

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  • Updating my computer and lost all my personal files


    My computer did not work well, then I updated it without affecting the files of my. My computer is windows 8.1, she has refreshed to version 8, but none of my personal files have been preserved. What should I do?

    Hello Lunara,

    Thanks for posting your question on the Microsoft community.

    I would like to know some information about the problem so that we can help you better.

    What was the exact problem when you say, 'my computer did not work well?

    It is very unfortunate that you have lost all your personal files.

    However, you can try to find your data in the "Windows.old" folder.

    I suggest you to run 'recover personal files' Troubleshooting and check if it helps.
    See this link:

    See also:
    Retrieve files from the Windows.old folder

    I hope this information helps.

    Please let us know if you need more help.

    Thank you

  • I accidentally deleted the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam and I'm re - install, but it did not work.

    I accidentally deleted the Acer Crystal Eye Webcam and I'm re - install, but it did not work.
    can you please help me how to recover my webcam? I use aspire 4738ZG.
    original title: re install my webcam

    Most often, when a device is not working because of a driver.  Try reinstalling your.

    It works for win 7 & 8 ' t-work correctly? SignedIn = 1

  • Please HELP: after removing a virus I've lost all my personal files, and I have no restore points to use as recovery.

    I had a guest to use a program called Windows restore, it looked and behaved as if what I thought was a Trojan horse.  Then I left the guest to the top and ran rKill followed by Malwarebytes, then the computer restarted itself.  But here's the error I made.  One of the websites I've read about the virus, told to turn off Windows system restore before you run these programs.  So I did, without realizing that the practice has so deleted restore points saved in the system restore.  Only the initial programs supplied with my computer start the CPU appeared on a black desktop computer.  My photos, music, documents and other programs I download weren't there.  Empty all files in my profile in my computer.  In addition to the recovery of the system Windows if not, how can I retrieve this information.  I've used up what little knowledge troubleshooting I have.  Thank you for your suggestions.

    Your files have probably been hidden.

    This article includes a link (towards the end) to a program that can view your files.

  • I'm on a Mac using ID4; then a colleague using a PC and ID5 send me a file that I can work on?

    .. .wondering how it can send me a file I can work on - we have fonts with OTF supported... Thank you!

    Before your colleague does have him pack the file ID CS5.

    Open the zipped file, then exporting to IDML in the same folder.

    Zip then all and who sent you. This will ensure

    have links and the file of ID.

    Other warnings were taken by Peter.


  • M100 satellite disk restore will not work, keeps on rebooting the laptop


    I have a M100 I need to restore to out of box state. XP is running too slow and after getting some internet pop ups of facebook, the laptop is having issues.

    Now, I tried to run the program of restoration of the drive and it happens with ramdisk boot, then the f6 press to install an aditional drivers, then wait.
    The mouse cursor appears on the screen and it can be moved around, then the laptop restarts just.

    I tried this several times and with main power and with and without the battery while on the grid.

    I suspected it was a problem of hard disk or a boot sector virus, which prevents the program of restoration of the race. However, I tried a new hard drive and it still does the same thing.
    I changed the RAM and still does not. About a year or two ago I had to restore the laptop as the HARD drive died and I replaced it with another hard drive on a different Toshiba laptop and it worked fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as I need this laptop for school

    Thank you


    Sorry, but one thing in this story is strange. Why load additional driver?

    If you want to have out of the box to install OS, you must use the Toshiba CD/DVD facilities sent. Using this disk, you do not need to load anything, just start the recovery procedure, let it run and when you're done just restart your laptop. That all s that you do.

    So, if you have this original Toshiba drive please do as follow:
    Start your laptop and press F12 repeatedly
    When the boot menu appears recovery disc into the optical disc drive
    In the list, choose the CD/DVD device and press ENTER
    Follow the menu on the screen

  • I bought an Internet Marketing software it did not work properly Said they (the software vendor), I need to right click and run admin

    software I bought said need icon on the desktop right click and put run admin has never had to do with other software is it too authorization? What are the consequences? should I do?


    they are correct

    Some programs will require that you right-click on the setup.exe program and then run as administrator to install the

    and even to run correctly

    This microsoft article should explain

    Also check vista compatibility

    If it is not compatible with vista read this

  • Just reinstalled 27. Don't want / use tabs. How to get rid of them? Tools/Options I disabled everything concerning tabs, but that did not work. I like the window

    Don't know what you need here. I have XP, but doubt you need. Computer died the other night, and I'm trying to reinstall everything.

    Sorry, you can not get rid of tabs in Firefox. But you can hide the tab bar when only one tab is opened with this extension.

  • My XP desktop seems to have thrown my 'system tools' function and I want to use the disk cleanup and defragmentation... How to get back the system tools?

    My computer is as I said above a desk with the microsoft XP program and is a little less than five years.  It has been slow and it dawned on me that I hadn't used the disk cleanup or some defrag for a while, but I clicked on start, all programs, accessories, System Tools was is no longer.  I have not been able to access the disk cleanup or defragment option and hope that out there, can someone advise me how to get this feature.

    You can run Disk Cleanup and Defragmenter disk since the start > run box by typing the following


    You can restore all of the 'Accessories' group (including system tools) by following the directions here-->

    Or you could just create shortcuts to


    Note that % SystemRoot % is the directory where Windows.  You can use this form or explicit as in the example for the shortcut from the Defrag.

  • When you use disk cleanup, drive D C and recovery should be included?

    When you use disk cleanup should you clean disk (C) operating system, and the recovery disc D. Then on drive c must only choose th files that are already enabled as the downloaded programs files and temp. Internet files or you need to clean more options?

    Do NOT run the cleaning or do anything at all on the recovery D: drive.   Do not add files, defragment, compress, chkdsk, or something else.  Let completely alone.

    Insofar as what to remove NSB C:\ drive, this decision is entirely yours.  You can add or remove options as you seem, and that you feel able to make - do as much as you can in these settings.  More your cleaning, the more you'll be available and, in some cases, it can even run your computer to start, and stop faster.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • I want to restore my laptop on 26 Oct 27, I did a system restore back up and lost all 'my documents' and personal files.

    I want to restore my laptop on 26 Oct 27, I did a system restore back up and lost all 'my documents' and personal files. Cannot return to a permeable date as its non bold on the calendar except Oct. 27, when I made the changes. HELLP



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  • Is it OK to run Disk Cleanup and remove temporary files?

    original title: disk cleanup and delete temporary files

    I am a novice computer person, I need to know if it is allowed to run Disk Cleanup and remove temporary files, who says that some programs store information in files temp, not temporary internet files, I know that I can remove those, also the debug dump files, and system error memory dump files?  Can I remove these without all the problems that occur?  Thank you

    Hi twittles9


    Yes if you don't need the files for any other purpose or debug information you can probably remove these files from your computer. Please refer to the article for more information and check if this may help-


    I hope this helps.

  • I have reset firefox and lost all bookmarks. No backups.

    First of all I discovered I could no longer type a web address directly into the address bar and access a site. Then, on the advice of online support, I reset Firefox, and the result was that I lost all my favorites. I tried backup to a recovery point, but it was not good. Help!

    For best results, I wouldn't use Windows System Restore feature. This can lead to mixed files that do not work well together...

    You're low space by chance? Reset feature duplicates a lot of data and sometimes it does not end when the disk space.

    Could you search for your old settings folder in the following two locations:

    • Windows desktop: the folder named "old data of Firefox.
    • Firefox profiles folder: copy the following text and paste it into the search box on the start menu, and then press ENTER:


      You will certainly find your current (incomplete) record, but there is also an older file (old modified sense just before your reset).

    If you find one of them, recover bookmarks, you can restore a backup by following the steps described in this article: restore bookmarks from a backup or move them to another computer. At the step where you choose file, point you Firefox in this profile folder everywhere where you found it, and then in the folder bookmarkbackups inside.

    You can also save other settings of the folder. This article can help, or for more specific help post-return: recovery of data from an old profile.

    A bit of luck so far?

  • "System Tools" icon is out of the office, lack also disk cleanup and defragmentation in Windows XP

    The 'System tools' icon on my desktop disappeared.  I used it when I defragmented the computer and disk cleanup.

    When I hit 'start' 'Programs', 'Accessories' I have 'System tools' option, but when it is open, the icons are many and unintelliglble for me. There is nothing of cleaning disk or Defrag.  How can I get my old icon on the desktop to disk cleanup and defragmentation among other choices?

    Thanks for the tips.


    · Do you remember all the recent changes on the computer before the show?

    · What is the service pack installed on the computer?

    Try the methods below:

    Method 1:

    Restore the computer to a previous state and check if this may help with the steps, you can see: how to restore Windows XP to a previous state:

    Method 2:

    Run the checker system files on the computer. Link, we can see: Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe):

    Note that: if he asks you the service pack CD, follow these steps from the link: you are prompted to insert a Windows XP SP2 CD when you try to run the tool on a Windows XP SP2 computer system File Checker: (valid for Service pack 3)

  • I ran a restore and lost all my files. I can get back them some how

    Original title: files lost

    I ran a restore and lost all my files (more importantly photos).  I can get back them some how


    Log in as ADMIN

    Your photos and other files should still be there under C:\Users\Your user Name\

    Sounds like your account became corrupted or affected by malware?

    You can try to fix it with Safe Mode - repeatedly press F8 as you bootup. The ADMIN account in trunk
    Mode has no default password (unless someone has changed the password so it should be available).

    How to enable or disable the real built-in Administrator account in Vista

    Use the Admin account hidden to lower your user account APPLY / OK then wear again to
    ADMIN. This allows clear of corruption. Do the same for other accounts if necessary after the
    above message.

    You can use the hidden - administrator account to make another account as an ADMINISTRATOR with your same
    password (or two with the same password) use a test or difficulty to another.

    You can run the command Admin account hidden from the prompt here if

    This tells you how to access the System Recovery Options and/or a Vista DVD

    What are the system recovery options in Windows Vista?

    How to create a Vista - free methods recovery disk


    If you cannot access your old account, you can still use an Admin to migrate to another (don't forget
    always leave to an Admin who is not used except for testing and difficulty account).

    Difficulty of a corrupted user profile

    I hope this helps and happy holidays!

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle="" -="" mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

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