Use of the BT on Satellite A200


Please point me to some places where I could find more information about Bluetooth technology on my laptop Satellite A200-1CR, because I have some difficulties to use it... I can transfer files, but can't seam to be able to establish a connection between my computer and the mobile phone for sincronization or another file transfer operation.

Waiting for help,
Daniel Micu.

It's me... to seek answers again, I made and unravel the jungle who stood between me and the BT technology. No more help needed. x 10

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  • Could not adjust brightness of the display on Satellite A200 PSAFCL

    IM using Satellite a series,.
    Model: PSAFCL

    Can someone tell me where I go to update my BIOS, im currently using 1.90v.

    I want to update it's because I can't adjust the brightness of the screen.
    I can't find it on the power option in the Panel.

    Someone help me pls?


    The series of Satellite A200 PSAFCL is certainly not a European model, and therefore, you will not find any drivers or updates to the BIOS of Toshiba Europe page.

    It looks like a device designed for the Asian market.
    I found this page from the PSAFCL A200 series Toshiba:

    Maybe it helps.

    By the way; If you want to use the original operating system preinstalled, so everything should function. Also a screen brightness control.

  • No sound on the TV LCD Satellite A200 is connected via HDMI

    The problen is: I connect to laptop (A200) for LCD TV (Philips) by HDMI. The video is OK, but his stay on laptop not LCD TV.

    Maybe the problem is THAT HDMI 1.2 does support audio and video not together? Only 1.3?

    Sorry for my English

    Hello Maria

    I have connected successfully Satellite A200 to my 32 LCD TV with success. Be sure to use high quality cable. As Gantz has already written sound can be enabled in the sound properties. When the cable is connected on the reading tab, enable HDMI output.

  • Need of utility to control the speed of the fan on Satellite A200

    Hello everyone, my Toshiba Satellite A200 1 GB brought 80º C on CPU, GPU and start making problems at this temperature, and I hear that the fan is not at its maximum when that happens.

    I have a cooler base for her but doesn´t work like I want.
    My question is if there is a program or a utility to control the fan speed. I I Don t want to set the lower clock speed, because I use it for HD games, just set up the fan.
    SpeedFan doesn´t recognize my CPU fan.

    Thank you!

    Have you checked for dust in the radiator?

    With the laptop off, use compressed air to blow the dust out of the heat sink. Spray the air into the unit where the Air goes out usually.

    If there is excessive dust accumulation, you may need to get an ASP to disassemble the laptop to remove dust properly, then refresh the thermal grease.

  • Cannot change the HARD disk parameters in the Bios on Satellite A200

    I can't change the hard disk parameters in the bios for my satellite A200-1The
    This bios does not support changing the parameters of the hard disk for example SATA to IDE?
    BIOS version is: 5.6

    AFAIK in BOS advanced settings you can change mode SATA controller only. You can use the AHCI mode or compatibility.

    I put t understand why do you think you can use IDE mode. What you want to do exactly?

  • Is equivalent to the battery for Satellite A200-1TG, to-1 - 1HU, ecc. ?


    I'm going to buy a new battery for a Satellite A200-1TG, but it seems difficult to get online a battery that has this specific model in the compatibility list. For example, this one:

    is written to be compatible with over 50 subtypes of A200, but the model A200-1TG is missing from the list.

    The A200-1TG has a different battery of all other A200, or I can buy one mentioned above with the certainty that it will work in the A200-1TG?

    Thank you very much and best regards.

    You can see on the other way.
    Here is the list of all compatible batteries for A200 series:

    You can use each of them. The difference lies in the ability, but they are all 100% compatible with each model A200. Compare the specifications and buy the best you can order.

  • Flash cards (FN button) on the Windows 7 - Satellite A200-1AE

    I have read some threads in this forum but I failed to do FN + Fkeys works on my A200-1AE after I installed Windows 7 Ultimate.
    I installed the package of value added of 32-bit drivers for Windows 7-32 bit drivers and utility Support Flash Cards from Windows Vista - but still nothing.

    Anyone who eventually used successfully the computers FN button portable satellite on Windows 7?


    The Sat A200-1AE belongs to the PSAECE series.
    The European driver Toshiba page seems to provide Win 7 drivers for this unit.
    Usually, the VAP for Win 7 and Flash Cards Support utility must enable the FN buttons feature.

    Maybe you should check if the Flash cards are enabled/activated.
    Generally, you will find this tool in programs-> Toshiba

    I found also two different BIOS for this series. one for Vista and one for Win XP, I think you should use the Vista BIOS under Win 7.

  • USB does not work after you install the utility on Satellite A200 Intel chipsets

    I installed Win XP Pro SP2 on my Satellite A200-1SM and everything was ok until I installed Intel Chipset Software Installation Utility version (recent ones on the site of download of Toshiba; before this step all USB dev. worked properly), after all my USB devices wouldn't work. I had my windows up-to-date with updates from Microsoft, but that has not changed a thing.

    I use Vista once again, but still want to work one day at the XP operating system.

    Please help me if you can.

    Like the previous user said, the chipset must be installed as first pilot
    In addition, it seems that this laptop supports the Intel® GM965 + ICH8M Intel chip.
    It would be advisable to check the version of the Intel page directly

    Hey Buddy

  • Is this ok to change the fabric on Satellite A200-1AE to XP Vista?

    Hello world. Please, who can help me and explain, is it posible to change fabric Vista on Satellite A200-1AE XP and how it can affect mobile?


    If you want XP, so feel free to install it. He won´t affect your machine, you worry so Don t. :)
    But before that, check first if you can find drivers for your machine at the pilot site of toshiba:

    Before installing a new system on your machine, make a biosupdate and use XP to update your bios - not Vista.

    I hope I could help you, if you have more questions, just ask.

    Welcome them

  • Is it possible to replace the processor on Satellite A200-1AE

    Is it possible to replace the processor (T5500-> T7500 T7700) on the Satellite A200-1AE?

    You want to do this? Are you not satisfied with the performance of the laptop?

  • Where can I find an update of the BIOS for Satellite A200 - 14 d (PSAEC)


    Where can I find an update of the BIOS for this model?
    My bios is 10/23/07 Windows Vista 32bits 1.80 - WIN


    Have you checked the page European driver of Toshiba?
    Here you can find all the drivers and BIOS for Satellite A200 - 14 d (PSAEC)

    But I checked the page and 1.8 for Win 32-bit Vista BIOS is still the newest one.

    Looks like you're already up-to-date boyfriend ;)

  • How can I get the disks for Satellite A200-13R?

    Hello world

    I have labtop (Satellite A200-13R), it came with windows VISTA, but I didn't like it.
    I installed Windows XP SP2.
    But I've lost readers
    How can I you readers?

    Cordially and Thankx...

    I don't understand how you lost the drivers but if you want to find drivers please visit the download page for Toshiba under > support & downloads.

  • How to use an external monitor only - Satellite A200 - 1 m 8


    I have Toshiba Satellite A200 - 1 m 8
    I have an external monitor connected to the laptop.

    D I would like to know if it is possible to disassemble the monitor to the laptop so that it becomes on my way so that I can easily see the external monitor.
    If so, please send me instructions on how to do it and if possible photos.

    Thank you.

    D I would like to know one thing too. Have you can be checked manuals s you have with your laptop?
    Boyfriend sorry but these issues are usually described in the manuals. Check if you can find something on FN + F5.

  • Possible to replace the CPU on Satellite A200 - 1 H 2?

    Can I replace my cpu (Toshiba Satellite A200 - 1 H 2) by another? Because I know that some laptops can do that.

    Hi mate,

    first of all, if you want to lose your warranty, then replace it. And I could give you more than 10 arguments why not do it because if you´re not familiar with disassembly of laptops and without machine´s hardware information you cannot exchange it.

    So generally it s is NOT possible, perhaps with other brands but I think that other brands manufacturers do the same thing as toshiba and will revocate the guarantee of the machine if you open your machine and you try to modify the materials 'wired' inside your laptop.

    Welcome them

  • Can not watch the game on Satellite A200-1DB


    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite A200-1DB with Intel Duo Core 1.86 GHz, 2 GB RAM (1 GB upgrade) and an NVIDIA GeForce GO 7300 TurboCache.

    I tried to watch the Warcraft 3 introductory video, but he seemed to miss the picture but the sound did not work properly. I tried to configure the video settings, which resulted in an accident. It may not be a problem if the game. I tried to watch the introduction of Max Payne video that showed Visual effects but whose sound.

    I tried to download several display drivers, but none of them seemed to work on this problem (from various locations such as NVIDIA, Toshiba, laptopvideo2go). What is the problem? I have to keep looking or switch to XP OS?

    Thanks in advance!


    If none of your intro´s games work... have you tried to update all THE drivers? Sometimes, do not display driver. (By the way, tried the omega drivers?).
    Perhaps it would be really good to download the audio driver from and a codecpack
    from here->

    In addition, I suggest you to restore your system before you install these drivers and just install the drivers and then the games to check if no doubt others software causes this error...

    Would appreciate feedback on your situation.

    See you soon

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