Use of weapons of mass destruction with the iphone 5 s

I just bought ADM 64 GB in an Apple store in order to back up the contents of my iphone.

Until now, I was able to copy the contact list. I can't access photo or other app data. Maybe I did a mistake, pls help as weapons of mass destruction seems unnecessary with the iphone.

Second question:

In the case... I could use it as a WiFi NAS on my home network, but I can not configure a fixed IP address, as it is necessary to connect to my net

Pls help

Manlio, Milan Italy


Yes it will be used as a normal USB. If it does not, check the settings of the admin and make sure that USB is turned on.

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    This function will not be added until a later version. Properly, you can connect only to weapons of mass destruction with the help of a computer via the USB cable.

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    You cannot organize the files/folders from the application of weapons of mass destruction, or specify what folder to upload to.  It is a gap MOST of IMO.  At least on the PC side, you can organize all you want, and the ADM app will be able to access all the new files/folders.

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    Hello Sanjidreza,

    Thanks for posting your query in Microsoft Community Forum.

    The issue you mentioned could better answer the support of Apple iPhone. According to your description of the problem, you are able to connect and control Windows 7 computer using iPhone whose parameters are in the iPhone, so you don't have to get in touch with the support of Apple iPhone.

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    To synchronize with the iPhone (also known as iCalendar) schedule you must use a calendar based on a cloud. If you already have the lightning, install the addon Google provider and Setup Google Calendar. If you have already done so, go to settings on your iPhone. In the e-mail box, Contacts and calendars, add your Google account and turn on the calendar. This will synchronize your Google Calendar with the iPhone.

  • My disappointing experiences with the iPhone 6

    After 11 months of owning an iPhone of 128GB 6 + the screen started to flicker, a gray bar would flash at the top of the screen and the touch screen has been insensitive.  This was due at random intervals.  I restarted the phone and the problem persisted.  I backed up my data and reset the phone like new.   The problem persisted.  I had my first appointment at the Genius Bar. He went a lot; I was leaving in 15 minutes with a new phone (my first replacement).

    I came home and restored my backup, and after a day, the problem came immediately.  Again, I have reset the phone again, and the problem persisted.  I did another (second) meeting with the Genius Bar (four days after the first).  My genius was excellent.  He had seen that problem before; He showed me that if he put a little pressure on the phone, the screen will become sensitive while he kept up the pressure. He took the phone and showed some of the other Geniuse the problem and how do I get the screen to become sensitive.  He assured so was completely related material and I was just out of luck and that it had nothing to do with my backup.  He asked me to contact Apple, since it is a problem he could see quite often with these phones.  In the end, I got another new phone (my second replacement).

    Once I got home I restored my backup once more.  And yet once again, the problem came back.  At this point, I was getting angry.  I have two young children (under 3) to home and make those appointments around their program is difficult.  Back to the apple store! This time, it was a little harder to get a solution. Engineering had to obtain the approval of the Manager and then he could not find the replacement phones and all the experience took a lot more time then my two previous trips.  In the end, I got another new phone (my third replacement).

    Yet once, I asked if this might be the result of my backup, and even once, I was told no.  I expressed that it becomes ridiculous and controlling common only I see is the backup. He suggested trying the phone for a few weeks without food and restaurant then. I never restored and just started over again.  The phone has been flawless until today, it lasted 38 days.

    The problem came out of the blue.  I have not installed anything new, nothing extraordinary happens today.  The screen started to Flash, returned the gray bar, and the screen becomes unresponsive.  The first Genius Bar appointment I can do is in 2 days.

    In short, in the space of 10 days, I've had four different iPhone + 6s fail in exactly the same way.  My family uses exclusively apple devices.  I had an iPhone 3s, 4S and now 6 +.  My wife had iPhone 3, 5 and 6.  We have all two Ipads and I an Apple Watch for Christmas.  We have had excellent experience with our devices.  I am more unhappy with the iPhone + 6s.  I have about a year left before I can go again, so I'm stuck with what is becoming a useless device.

    I have seen others with the same issues, but no solution is permanent.  This issue should be fixed.  I'm afraid that my next replacement will last 90 days and then I will be paying $329 for a replacement which is likely to fail again.

    What is your technical support question that we, your fellow users can answer?

  • iPhone 5 s to connect with blue tooth in the car for hands-free calling does not connect to the speaker, it works very well with the iPhone 5. How to solve this problem?

    IPhone 5 IOS 9.2 (13 c 75) I can log in my car with Blue Tooth to make phone calls, but it does not connect to the speaker. To establish the connection with the car, the procedure has been completed correctly. With the iPhone 5 it works perfectly correct.

    How to solve this problem? Is there someone who has the same problem?


    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple.

    I see you try to get your iPhone to interface with the stereo in your car via Bluetooth.  For setting this up, please follow the steps below.

    If you use Bluetooth

    1. Consult the user manual of your car stereo to get the procedure to a Bluetooth device.
    2. On your iOS device, drag up to open Control Center, then press ontwice to turn on Bluetooth and turn it back on.
    3. Restart your iOS device.
    4. On your iOS device, Cancel the twinning of your car radio. On the screen of your car désapparier your iOS device and any other device. Restart your car and your iOS device, then pair and connect again.
    5. Update your iOS device.
    6. Install the updates to the firmware of your car radio.
    7. If you still not connect, contact Apple technical support.

    Help to connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with your car radio

    See you soon.

  • Apple sim does work with the iPhone too, or the iPad?

    does anyone have an idea if sim Apple works with iiPhone, neither iPad?

    N ° it does not work with the iPhone.

    Know what SIM card from your iPhone or iPad using - Apple Support

  • My new Apple TV v4 does not smoothly on Airplay with my MacbookPro and Air laptops but with the iPhone and iPad Airlay gets so juddery and then goes off - laptop computer WiFi connections all that happens on clues?

    Devastated to find that the new AppleTV works great on Airplay / mirroring with the iPhone and iPad devices but completely useless on the NEW laptops.

    Trying to show any video for example utube creates immediately hop on the TV screen when you use the Macbook and in no time the WiFi connection is stunned.

    What is going on?

    I use ElCapitan, and the last 15 "16GB i7 Macbook MacbookPro and not expect a problem with streaming media.

    Absolutely well on Airplay with bith an iPhone 6 Plus and also an Air iPad

    This will be due to a network problem. There is a difference between mirroring of a phone/Tablet and grow to a full desktop in real-time

    Mmake that there is no other activity (other streaming, web browsing, backup network etc.)

    Try to connect the Apple TV via ethernet

    To see a current state of the network to obtain a report of istumbler or similar. Look for the strength of the signal, noise, networks nearby

    Test on another network

  • Hi, I have the iphone 6 in warranty period... .working perfectly, but I want to exchange it with the iphone 6 s. Please suggest.


    I have the iphone 6 in warranty period... .working perfectly, but I want to exchange it with the iphone 6 s. Please suggest.

    If your phone is in warranty period or not has nothing to do with trying to swap an iPhone for a s 6 6.

    Apple not no trade ins, so you have to sell your iPhone 6 to finance the purchase of a new s 6, or you can use the Apple recycling.

    The only other thing you can do, it's that if you bought your phone directly from a carrier rather than Apple, you can exchange your phone with a carrier in order to upgrade to a 6 s.

    That's all.  Other than that and if you bought at Apple, you must sell your iPhone 6 and use that money to buy a 6s instead.

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