Use the installer of the cartridges

I just got this printer HP Deskjet advantage 5525

When I put the ink supplied with the printer, this message on the printer screen says 'Use INSTALLATION Cartage'! (Please use the INSTALLATION supplied with your printer cartridges)

In fact, I put the orginal.


Installation cartridges are used for initial installation, after using the ink you would replace them with standard supplies.

If the cartridges that came in the box didn't work, I would say the troubleshooting steps described in the paper here.  If this does not resolve the issue, I suggest you contact HP to service.

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  • 'Use the cartridges SETUP' error on the printer, need help!

    I bought the printer last year in the months of August and after 6 months of use, it started having problems printing wireless. I always had to use USB to print from my laptop so I was recommended by people in this forum to reset my printer to the factory.

    I have reset several times and nothing worked, so I was advised to do so by using the Cancel button and the middle button that reset the printer. Now the problem is it says "Cartridges use SETUP" and my printer is out of warranty, it expired last month. I'm really confused about what to do. I am a student and I still have the print job and I can't afford a new printer. Calling support has no idea what to do and email support does not because of my warranty as you exhale.

    My printer is a HP Deskjet printer Wireless 3070. Product number is CQ191B.

    I really need help has begun the new year of college and I have a lot of missions to print.

    Hi ExPLOiT786

    Dragon-fur asked me to chime in with this. I will send you a private message on this in order to proceed.





    The Pixma cartrdiges are not compatible with your printer F4480.  You can find the cartrdiges appropriate for your printer from the HP SureSupply site.

  • My HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 will not be printed in color. I use the cartridges supplied with the printer.

    I use a Mac OS X 10.6.8

    I had hoped to connect wireless, but it wasn't the priority.  What I need is a reliable printer.  I tried several times so that it can print in color, and it only seems to work when I run a test page for the printer itself.  The diagnosis page is 100% correct.

    Do not know what to do...


    Grayscale is selected in the printer driver?

  • DeskJet 5500: When the printer uses the 57 cartridge?

    I thank very you much for your reply to my last post. Makes perfect sense.

    I'm doing a huge amount of B & W / grey scale printing; I use 56 about two cartridges a week and I reload them successfully for a few tens of cycles each.

    My 57 cartridges also mpty very frequently while I print almost any color - the only color is perhaps a small logo on the page.

    I tried to use the gray filter in Macintosh 10.4.11 system to send a grayscale image to the printer, but the 57 cartridge still empty quickly, even if the printed color is negligible.

    If the page still contains the least amount of color, 57 cartridge automatically prints the whole page, or the cartridge 56 prints black and the 57 print the little bit of color?

    If the 57 prints the whole page if it contains ANY color, is there anything I can do in the impression of New York to get the printer to use the cartridge 56 instead? I took to remove the cartridge 57, but when I put again, the printer goes through the cycle of test page, I want to avoid if I can.

    Thanlk in advance for your help.  I can't tell you how much it means for a user that a knowledgeable HP employee has actually answered questions through this forum. Other companies to let users themselves, often to hang in the wind without usable responses.

    Many use printers, not only HP, so-called 'underprinting' this is the pose of an ink of color on the page before the black ink.  Essentially, it is a primer for the paper.  The color dries quickly and is a base for black ink, allowing it to dry and cure without spreading out on the page.  If you have already printed with the cartridges out of alignment and saw a blue or magenta shadow to your text, you see the underprinting.  That's why, when the same printing black text, the printer uses a color ink.

    This printer is able to print reserve mode, which means it can print with 1 single cartridge installed.  The printing speed may be slower, but it's an easy way to make sure you are not using any color.  For reserve mode, remove the cartridge you want to use.  (Find a hermetic place to store this vertical cartridge with the nozzles pointing down as it is when it is installed in the printer, or it will dry out and become useless!)  To leave the reserve mode, put a good cart in the empty slot.

  • 5610 how do you use the photo HP58 cartridge?

    I have an officejet 5610 and bought the photo HP58 cartridge.  The problem is when I try to print a color photo, the printer uses the HP22 cartridge.  How can I force it to print in color with the HP58.  I bought the HP58 because the site HP said that it is compatible with the printer.


    58 Photo cartridge is not used by its own, the pritner uses the 58 and 22 cartridges ink in order to improve the quality of the colors, it will use the cartridges when printing and not only 58 ink cartridge,

    Hope the next informaion may help:

    Use a photo print cartridge
    You can optimize the quality of the color photos you print and copy with your HP all-in-. -
    One by buying a photo print cartridge. Remove the black cartridge and insert
    81 user guide
    Maintain your HP all-in-one
    the picture in its place print cartridge. With the tri-color print cartridge and photo printing
    cartridge installed, you have a system of six inks, which offers improved color quality
    When you want to print ordinary text documents, exchange the black back ink cartridge in.
    Use a protector of the ink cartridge to secure your print cartridge when it is not

  • Printers using the HP02 cartridges?

    Hello contributors or Experts.

    Can anyone tell me an updated list of HP AiO/MFP that use HP 02 print cartridges?

    Very much appreciated!

    See you soon,.


    (HP employee )

    Hello L2,.

    02 ink cartridges has been used by the older models and is no longer used by any current printer.

    The latest models using this cartridge was available until 2009...

    You can find the complete list of the AIOs uses the cartridge below:, st = cartridge, ss = 02


  • HP Deskjet 3070 has replaced the cartridges and still not printing

    My printer says I need to use the cartridges Set UP with my printer which is impossible because my printer is 20 months old. I had no problem with any kind of impression e-print etc. until now, I had to replace my cartridges. I bought HP364 and I tried and cleaned my printer but it is not printed. Sometimes he tells me Magenta compatible is 2 days later it say Cyan was not compatible.  Please can you help me

    Thank you so much Ciara. Problem solved you are a wonder!

  • Photosmart B109n - UK now using the Australia bought

    I used to use ink 364 to the United Kingdom for this printer.  I couldn't find this number in Aust, but on checking, found my printer takes HP564 that I brought.

    I only need two colors, so put the cartridges and received the message from the printer saying that cartridges were incompatible and...

    "The following cartridges are not intended to be used to this printer as it is currently configured. Ink cartridge of black Photosmart from HP 564XL ink cartridge Cyan Photosmart HP 564XL
    HP recommends that you do not remove a cartridge until a replacement is ready to install.
    Refer to the printer documentation. »

    Can someone help me how / if I can change the configuration so that I can use locally bought the ink cartridges.  Unfortunately, I brought a combo value pack, so if I can't use the cartridges it will really be a waste.

    I'm not an ACE, so any help (please) must be in terms laymans :-)


    Also find the hours of operations...

    Monday to Friday - 09:00 - 17:30
    Saturday 10:00 - 16:00
    (except bank holidays)

    (English only - Support hours are local hours)

  • All-in-one HP Deskjet F380: use of HP Deskjet F380 cartridge.

    I want to know if we can use a single cartridge in HP Deskjet F380, or use two cartridges at the same time?

    Hi @Shubhamp,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I see that you would like to know if you can print mode single cartridge with this printer. I would like to help you today.

    According to the manual, it does not indicate that you can simply use the cartridge in this model. The two cartridges need to be installed and work to continue printing with this model.

    When you receive a low-ink warning message, make sure you have an available replacement cartridge. You must also replace the print cartridges when you see has passed out in text, or if you are having print quality problems associated with print cartridges

    Source: Deskjet F380.

    Good day! Thank you.

  • OfficeJet Pro 8610: New printhead - printed without using the installer cartridges - want to use

    Has had a chance to offer a new free printhead when one would not accept my new replacement ink cartridges.

    Didn't I have to use new ink cartridges supplied with the new print head. On the contrary, kept all the cartridges no-SETUP, that I had just bought. Printer accepted them and printed a huge amount of things. Some of the prints seem too dark. Now the printer asks to change the cartridges and will not accept the cartridges SETUP.

    (1) is my printer not configured correctly because I haven't used the SETUP with the new print head cartridges?

    (2) is it possible that I can get the printer accepts CONFIGURATION ink cartridges so that I don't have to lose their?

    If the printer did not print installing cartridges and now you want to use them, it will not accept them. I'm sorry. Replace ordinary cartridges.

  • HP deskjet 3070: Hp 3070 showing 'using the implementation of the cartridges '.

    My printer will not perform any task, I changed the original HP cartridges ones and the printer does not always recognize them. After hours of trying different ways to do the work, I have reset the printer... which is not display 'use cartridges setup' I would be very grateful for a solution please that the printer is urgent!


    Let's try this

    1. on the Control Panel, press return, cancel, back, back. The Help menu opens.
    2. press OK (press the selection button that corresponds to the OK on the screen).
    3. use the top down selection buttons to navigate in the System Configuration menu and press OK. TradeatOOBE is displayed on the control panel.
    4. press OK to display the TRADE.
    5. press the power button once. The printer does not power down, but the display switches to the TRADE NO.
    6. press on Cancel 4 times to return to the home screen, which will display the configurations of use.
    7. press the Power button to turn off the printer.
    8 turn on the printer and wait a few seconds for the display to clear. Use INSTALLATION cartridges must display is no longer.

  • Installation of El Capitan on new hard drive using the option createinstallmedia

    I'm not able to restore the operating system on a newly installed hard drive.  I replaced my hard drive on a Macbook Pro 2009 or 2010 version.  I created a recovery file on a USB for El Capitan using the createinstallmedia of the Terminal command.  The specific command was: sudo/Applications/Install\ OS\ El\\ OS\ El\ X\ X\

    start the computer holding down the Option button, but do not see anything that runs the options to select a disc of installation or installation of the OS.


    "Createinstallmedia" erases and writes on whole thumb drive. So, wipe your drive thumb whole and make sure that it is in a form "Mac OS extended (journaled) map of Partition GUID and named"Untitled"by default. No two partitions, won't work.  I highly recommend a 8 or 16 GB USB key that you can devote especially for this purpose. This is the Apple Support doc and a tutorial with the command copy / paste of the Mac world.

    Create an installer for OS X - Apple support bootable - os-x-10-11-el-capitan-installer-drive.h...

    Make sure that you are connected under your ID Apple with the app download install El Capitan. If you do not, your iCloud applications and data will be associated with the installer! Experience talking here.

    Excuse authors Mac worlds, please. Hope this helps out.


  • Portege 2000 - new installation using the PCMCIA CD-ROM XP

    I try to install XP on Portege 2000 using the official PCMCIA Toshiba CD-ROM drive.

    Install the XP disk boots fine, but after that Setup copied the files it blue screen (BSOD blue). I'm not very tech savvy, but I think it means that the BIOS can 'see' the PCMCIA CD-ROM, but that the real image of XP loaded by the installation program cannot, probably due to missing drivers for the PCMCIA CD-ROM?

    Then, I thought that maybe I could use F6 to load additional drivers during the initial installation, but it is beyond me to create the right set of files required. I know that you can download the Freecom drivers, but I don't know what are the driver files from CD to use and how to create from scratch the txtsetup.oem file right.

    Does anyone know how to properly use F6 and load the drivers for it?

    I found a lot of messages suggesting I copy the installer to the HARD disk and launch the installation from there. My problem is that the XP installation is an upgrade CD, so I will ask you at a certain time to insert a previous Windows CD and if at that time there I don't have a working CD-ROM drive...

    First post on this forum so be nice - I did a search but not find a thread with a real solution, but of course if I miss a please report!

    Edited by topic: beneix_1


    I managed to install Windows XP Home the Portege 2000 using the PCMCIA reader but I ve used recovery disks original Toshiba which includes the correct driver for external optical drive.

    So far I tried not to install Windows XP Home edition, using the Microsoft installation disc.

    Maybe you should get the disks of facilities and not use this upgrade disk. I think that on this path, you will be able to install WXP as suggested when you copy data from facilities at the disk directly.
    Have you tried to get the original recovery disc Toshiba WXP?

  • Upgrading HP HPE H8-1070uk to SSD using the mirror or new installation?

    I bought my H8-1070uk this time last year (Oct 2011) and decided to upgrade with an SSD.

    SSD of choice is Samsung 803, 2.5 inches Sata III 6 GB/s, 128 Gb. including the kit of accessories and Norton Ghost.

    Can we see problems with this choice for my office?

    Important information to take into account for the following questions, it's that I did a restore of complete system only 1 months ago. Recovery system was conducted using disks system recovery DVD created via HP Support Assistant at the time of purchase. I also upgraded from 8 GB to 16 GB of RAM only 1 week ago.

    I want the SSD as a boot drive for my Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit OS, as well to run my applications of 3D animation; Autodesk Softimage, Autodesk Mudbox and master of Adobe Creative Suite 6 thus than some other apps from day to day. Then use my HARD drive existing as a second car for the media and personal files, etc.

    Copy all my personal files (videos, photos, documents, etc.) on a drive external hard, my HARD C: drive partition is currently at 92 GB used space (I imagine that I might be able to find that a bit smaller) and Partition D: 10 GB 11 GB used.

    My basic question is what would be the best for my system and for the future, to create a mirror using the Norton Ghost software or do a clean install?

    Own Samsung promo videos of the 830 Norton Ghost seems very honest and will create a complete copy of my HDD to the SSD, fair enough.

    However do a few minor readings, there seems to be a fair few who suggest that in order to get the best of the SSD is to do a clean install. I don't really know how I would go to this topic but, would it not as simple as the insertion of the SSD, remove the HARD drive temporarily and then start using the system recovery DVD discs to create the clean install?

    What would be the recommendation of HP?

    Tips, tricks or general recommendations on this process would be greatly appreciated.

    Oh, also is there a slot specific SATA, that I should connect the SSD or are they the same?

    Thanks for your time,


    Many before you have tried mirror/clone the OS for the SSD and ran into problems. A search on this forum or the internet should indicate what has been tried and failed. There seems to be no direct way to do what you want. The method below doesn't require activation and reactivation if you change most of your hardware as would be normally will not happen if you are using Windows with a standard COA key.

    It is a completely clean install and will require the installation of the drivers and software HP, if you chose for her, she.

    (1) download and unzip ABR beta for Windows 7. This is the homepage of ABR for Windows Vista. Please follow the section "How to use" for information and instructions on how to use it. These steps also apply to Windows 7. The 'activation' on your original with factory HP OEM Windows installation hard disk backup, backup the backup files in several locations (USB stick, SD card, external hard drive, etc.).

    (2) download your version (the version that has been preinstalled on your HP computer) Windows 7 from Official Windows 7 SP1 ISO from Digital River. Using the built-in Windows 7 CD/DVD burning software, burn the ISO image of Windows 7 downloaded onto a DVD.

    (3) install Windows 7 from your new "Windows 7 disk" to your SSD, following all prompts as needed. Do not enter a product key Windows and do not allow Windows try to scoped. After the windows installation is complete, run ABR 'restoration of activation' to 'install' the previously saved until the product key and the certificate. Verify that Windows is activated, if not activated... repeat "restoration of activation" until Windows 7 is activated.

    Good luck.

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