Use to trigger two consecutive beeps?

Looks like it should be simple enough, but apparently not.

I tried different combinations, place (1) in:

-consecutively in the click event of the button.

-separately in the mouseUp event and click;

-place in a function and two calls to the function

-call to the function then (1);

Even tried (1) in the click event of Button1, and then click hidden event execution button 2, which contains (1).

All work around suggestions? Thank you!



Hi Brian,.

Try this;

XFA. Host.Beep (1)

app.setTimeOut (" (1)", 500);

Who calls the beep, then half a second (or 500 m/s) later he calls again.



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    I have a button that I want to do a Windows error sound when certain conditions are met. I tried variations of () (e.g."1"),"2")), but they never generate any sound. I tried both Acrobat and Reader (11.0.09) static and dynamic forms.

    Well actually, they failed. I looked at my sound engineer (Windows 7)

    Sound system have been disabled...

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    I have a dynamic array in my form of life cycle. Each row in the table contains a button that connects to an external PDF file (using The links work fine in Acrobat Pro 8, so far, so good... But when you click on the buttons in Reader 8, nothing happens. No error message or a security warning, nothing...

    I searched on the web and some forums for this problem and read between the lines of some posts, I came to guess that my lifecycle of the form will not work in Adobe Reader unless I have purchase the license of life cycle of the respective Extensions... :-/

    What exactly are my options now? I cannot get the buttons to work in Adobe Reader somehow (using JS) without having to buy the Reader Extensions? Or can I somehow to recreate the dynamic table of the form of the lifecycle using AcroForms in Acrobat 8 Pro to avoid the problem I have? If so, how can I add such a table using Acrobat form... Tools?

    Thanks for your help,

    You can use:

    app.openDoc (FilePath.rawValue);

    to open another form of Adobe.

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    After you rename a folder full of .dng and. MOV files using LR CC, I now have two of each file DNG image with consecutive numbers providing unique names. . MOV files are not affected. Activated with "Bridge" and found it said one is one Mac Application, either in the form of windows. I have Lightroom on Mac and Windows PC with local catalogues which are clouds synchronized (but never on at the same time). Could be the cause of this problem? It is possible that differ from the Mac and Windows version catalogs and their creative together via the Cloud technology synchronization can cause this duplication is obvious when all files are renamed by using a number of automatic sequence?

    Yes, my default sort criteria is by file name as my beginning of file names with a reverse date followed by a sequence number. I think at some stage I must have reproduced all the files on the Windows PC and saved with a different range of sequence numbers after the element of date filenames outside of LR. Sometime later I have imported in the Lightroom. When I decided to rename all of them using this naming convention, I discovered the duplication hiding behind different file names. This turns out to be a lesson on the practices of workflow systems.

  • (); beep problem (Expand); is placed below the text field. When cursore enters the field 'expand', a tone is created.

    How can I stop it?


    All the sounds you hear using created LiveCycle Forms is sounds generated by your operating system - not PDFcreated and therefore not controlled by the authoring software. Sounds can be changed in the control panel - system sounds. There are no other ways to overcome what I know.

    I know that the fact that this has - I did not like it. However, I changed my sound Setup using a theme provided by Win7 and have a much more enjoyable experience. But all users can hear what they hear, according to the settings on their operating system. I have no control over this part of the user experience.

    Good luck!


  • variable sharing, missing data, the timestamp even for two consecutively given


    I have a problem with missing data when I read a published network shared variable.

    Host VI:

    In a host of VI on my laptop (HP with Windows XP Prof.) I write data to the shared Variable 'data '. Between two consecutively write operations is a minimum milliseconds of wait time. I use it because I want to make sure that the time stamp of each new value of data is different then a preview (variables shared the resolution is 1 ms)

    VI target:

    the VI target cRIO-9012 bed only of new data in the way that it compares the timestamp of a new value with the time stamp of the last value on a device in real time.


    rarely, I'm missing a data point (sometimes everything works fine for several hours, transfer thousands of data correctly above all of a sudden failure occurs). With a workaround, I'm able to catch the missing data. I discovered that the missing data have the timestamp exactly the same, then the last point of data read, is so ignored in my data 'legal '.

    To summarize, the missed value is written to the variable shared host, but ignores the target because its timestamp is wrong, respectively the same as the last value, despite the host waits for a minimum of 10 milliseconds each time before writing a new value.


    The shared Variable is hosted on the laptop and configured using buffering.

    The example is simple only to display the function of principle, in real time, I also use a handshake and I guarantee that there is no sub - positive and negative.

    Simplified example:


    Anyone has an idea why two consecutively data can have the same timestamp?

    Where timestamping (evil) Finally comes (System?)?

    What would be a possible solution (for the moment with shared Variables)?

    -> I tried to work around the problem with the clusters where each data gets a unique ID. It works but it is slower that comparing the timestamps and I could get performance problems.

    It would change anything when I animate the shared on the RT System Variable?

    Thanks for your help



    This problem has been resolved in LabVIEW 2010.  You can see other bugs corrections in theReadme of LabVIEW 2010.

  • two consecutive measures of distance

    Hello everyone,
    I want to take two consecutive measures of distance, let's say that the first is a second one is B and then I have to do A / B
    Please find below the program

    This is two method for your application with holding the CTRL and draw two line King

    second without using ctrl for line

    See both of them and choose with it's better for you

    Best regards


  • Table 1 d with rejection of the two consecutive points


    I have table 1 d with 10 measuring points. I treat points in pairs and according to the difference between two consecutive points, I have decision weather the two points must remain in the table or should be rejected. For example, my 1 d table looks like this: 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, 44, 50, 51, 60, 69. I calculate the difference between consecutive points by pairs: 20-10 = 10, 35-30 = 5, 44-40 = 4, 51-50 = 1, 69-60 = 9. I would like to reject the table points with the value of the gap less than 2. In my case, the points are 50, 51 and the table after the rejection should have 8 items and look like this: 10, 20, 30, 35, 40, 44, 60, 69. What is the most elegant way to do it? I'm in LabVIEW 8.6.

    Thanks in advance!

    Review your original message and your example to better understand your stated requirements.

    "I treat the couple points."

    You have to take into account only the pair of 1st and 2nd point, then don't take into account the point of 3rd and 4th pair so on and so forth.

    Never consider the 2nd to 3rd or her never consider the 4th to the 5th, so on and so forth?

    What is your table? If it is very large (1000000 points), you may need to consider other options for the use of memory and speed.


    I would like to use the function ('BLACK' ","MY COLOR", 3, 1);

    to display an alert message if the Text1 field is equal to the 'BLACK '.


    to display a warning if the Text1 field is equal to "YELLOW"


    to display an alert message if the Text1 field is equal to "GREEN".


    Okay, well you can just have if statements to the output value wanted:

    If (text1.rawValue == 'BLACK') {} ("BLACK", "MY COLOR", 3, 1);

    } Else if (text1.rawValue == 'YELLOW') {} ("", "MY COLOR", 3, 1);

    } Else if (text1.rawValue == "GREEN") {} ("", "MY COLOR", 3, 1);


    I hope this helps!

  •"",0); may not work in adobe reader, why?

    Form1. Config.Button1 [0]: click - (JavaScript, client)"",0);

    export .xml file, it works in format adobe acrobat, XI.

    In adobe reader, click on the button, may not work.


    Thank you ~.

    Player cannot export data from form unless the document has been activated with the use of import/export of straight form with LiveCycle Reader Extensions. Acrobat cannot activate the document with this right of use.

  • Cannot use 'lab1' host because the host CPU is not compatible with the judgment of the virtual machine suspend state.

    I see that this error was mailed here, but can't seem to find a position with a resolution.

    We use Lab Manager 4.0.4 and just upgraded the hosts in our laboratory.  Before updating to ESXi 4.1 ESX 4.0 u1, we cancelled all VMs in all configurations.  There is none who were suspended, they were all turned off.  We have improved vcenter 4.0 to 4.1 as well.  We moved from a dell poweredge 1950 with two quad core intel L5410 to a r610 with two quad core intel processor E5506.

    When I try to turn on some of the lab configurations (our VM models all work fine), I get this error:

    • Cannot use 'lab1' host because the host CPU is not compatible with the judgment of the virtual machine suspend state.

    I threw the State for the lab configuration (even if it was turned off and cancelled) and still get this message.  I guess the processor architecture of these chips is quite similar, and both are Intel.

    If I go into this directory of Manager of laboratory inside the data store for one of these virtual machines that does not light and add to the inventory, he turned and starts fine on my server esxi 4.1.  So how do Lab Manager to get account it's well deploy and start it?

    Hey billk.

    Although not supported completely, you can solve it by going to the SQL of Lab Manager database.  Make sure that you back up your database before you do anything like that.

    Open the table "fsdir" and corresponds to the dir_id with the id Lab Manager VM.  Once you find the relevant line, change suspend_proctype_id to null (Zero-Ctrl).  You can do this while Lab Manager is still running.

    The results can be unstable (i.e. Windows can crash if it was a drastic change of CPU), but at least you look at a hard reset.  The bat reset certainly not being able to return to the previous state.

    Also note that while Lab Manager does not include CVS, if you activated, your virtual machines still work in CVS mode.  If you have a mixture of heterogenious of hosts in a cluster for Lab Manager, you can see this question pop up a lot.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with take back the virtual machine because of the VCA, but Lab Manager thinks otherwise and prevents it.

  • function

    Hi all

    I have a problem with the

    My script is as follows:

    -J' made a form with several fields.

    -A user determined open this form and fill in the fields.

    -That the user is able to send the form via PDF or save in XML format.

    In Acrobat 8 Professional, there is no problem to make these features but in Acrobat Reader 9, the user cannot save data in XML format.

    I placed the"",0) function in the click event of a checkbox.

    I would like to know if it is possible to get the same functionality in Adobe Reader as Adobe Professional.

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards.


    You can apply rights Reader Acrobat 9 Standard or above, but these are limited.

    LiveCycle Reader Extensions is a server product, which is part of the suite LiveCycle. See here:

    It does not require Acrobat in particular, because it is not 'on' for installed Acrobat. You must contact Adobe sales at your location to know the costs and components required.

    If you want to export the XML data, then you are looking at all the users with the full version of Acrobat (option 1) or you want to apply rights to drive using LC Reader Extensions (option 4).

    Hope that helps,


    Ensure the dynamics

  • Is it possible to use iCloud shares photos with the two opening and Photos at the same time?

    Is it possible to use iCloud shares photos with the two opening and Photos at the same time?

    Non - PEAK is not a feature of iPhoto or Aperture - this is new with Photos


  • Using a single iTunes library on two computers


    I have a Macbook running El Capitan and the latest version of iTunes. I have an iMac running Yosemite and the latest version of iTunes.

    I currently save the laptop on the desk. I would like to be able to open the iTunes library for my laptop on my desktop, but when I try to do this iTunes tells me it cannot locate the files.

    I've tried a few things.

    iTunes organizes my media folder but doesn't not automatically copy it on it.

    I moved all my music files, so that they were in a folder in the iTunes .itl file, but the hierarchy above is different for both laptop and desktop.

    I read everywhere and discussions seem to suggest its possible, but no one has described the problem I have.

    With the help of pictures, I was able to do what I want with iTunes either open the backup of the laptop on my desk (although I can't tried editing photos so I just looked at the pictures)

    So I'm a little stuck and would be grateful if anyone can help us with that.

    Thank you very much


    You may not use the same library iTunes, two Mac.  If the two Mac tried to access and update the library even at the same time, it will probably cause data corruption.  But the library file (which is a database) is not identical to the location where your iTunes Media files are stored (which is what occupies more space).  By default, the iTunes Media folder is in the folder that the file to iTunes library.  But you can use iTunes preferences Advanced tab to change the location of the iTunes Media to an iTunes library folder.  However, two Mac share the same iTunes Media folder is also not ideal, because if you make a change (for example, the addition of a new song) to a Mac, the other Mac iTunes library will not know this change.

    The best solution, I think, is to use the share at home with two Macs.  If the iMac has 'primary' iTunes library, set to share its library on your home network.  This is done in the tab of sharing a iTunes preferences.  You can access iTunes library to the iMac for iTunes running on the MacBook.  All media files are stored on the iMac and the MacBook has access to the same files.  You can set the iMac iTunes library to download automatically the iTunes Store purchases on other devices (which use the same Apple ID), including the MacBook (on the Bank of iTunes preferences tab).  Keep the library iTune to the iMac as the master repository with "everything." the MacBook can have its own separate iTunes content (for when it is outside the iMac), but when he is on the same network, iTunes of the MacBook can directly access the iMac iTunes library (provided that the iMac is not turned off or sleep).

  • I am facing a problem with the I have a DAQ program, which acquired the signal and compare it to a threshold value. When a signal is out of range, a Visual and sound alarm has occurred. I use the VI to generate the sound.

    I am facing a problem with the  I have a DAQ program, which acquired the signal and compare it to a threshold value. When a signal is out of range, a Visual and sound alarm has occurred. I use the VI to generate the sound. Everything works fine except the sound alarm. It gives the table 1 d of type mismatch. I tried to fix this by placing it in a box structure. But it still does not work. If someone could help? Please find attached my VI. Best wishes to all visitors to the Forums of Discussion OR.

    Ihab El-Sayed

    published here:

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