Used registry Thunderbolt Display

I bought an opportunity 27 "Apple Thunderbolt Display 2.5 years. Today, I added a couple of my Apple belonging to my profile of Apple Support page and I wanted to add the view as well. When I added the serial number it says the screen is already registered on another Apple profile account.

How do I record my screen or it is impossible to save opportunity Apple products?


NM, I called the previous owner and out took it.

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  • Key USB and Thunderbolt display

    I want to know if I can use the Thunderbolt display and Superdrive USB only, for example reading a DVD directly to display. I need a keyboard and mouse to control the USB drive, playback/eject and so on?


    It is a great thought and question. I own the Display 27 "Thunderbolt and wish it would work like this. The lightning strike USB Hub and ports deprive its data/signal when plugged the connector Thunderbolt Display on a Mac. The screen has a Media Hub fan and cooling. There is nothing to give self-regulation as a 27 "iMac

    See you soon

  • Thunderbolt Display 27-inch TV using the HDMI port Minidisplay

    My setup is macbook air, Thunderbolt Display, 55 inch TV.

    Wanted to know if I plug Thunderbolt display on TV through HDMI Adapter Mini DisplayPort / (Thunderbolt), it will be able to display of Macbook Air, Thunderbolt display and TV even time?

    Thank you.

    The Thunderbolt ports and displays: frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Apple Support

    An alternative would be to buy an Apple TV, then use AirPlay on your Mac to stream content both Thunderbolt display, Mac and TV, but the TV must be HDTV.

  • Can I use a 27 "Thunderbolt display with a spectrum HP 360?

    Can I connect a Thunderbolt display 27 "at the top of a tower HP spectrum 360?

    Only if it has a port TB.

  • Thunderbolt display is no longer detected

    I have a late 2013, MacBook Pro and a 27 inch Thunderbolt display, bought in September 2014. I use the screen without problems since then. But today the display is no longer detected. I got the MacBook disconnected from the screen, which has been briefly disconnected from the sector. (It was a power outage scheduled as it happens, but I don't see how that makes a difference).

    Now, when I connect display of the power of the lead part works fine but the screen does not illuminate. To the search, in the report of the system, the Thunderbolt Bus shows two Ports both with "no device connected". I have a Thunderbolt ethernet adapter and shows.

    I tried all the usual troubleshooting steps: disconnected power for a few minutes, resetting the NVRAM, reset SMC. A ran Diagnostics from Apple on the MacBook - all very good. I don't know what I can do. The Thunderbolt connector is slightly warm to the touch, which I think is always the case.

    Everyone you have other ideas please?

    Hey donnysp,

    If I understand correctly, the external display Thunderbolt is not recognized by MacBook Pro.  Looks like you already have a troubleshooting. I recommend you to read this article, it may be able to help solve the problem.

    Check the connections on your Mac and external screens:

    • If you use an Apple laptop computer, try to connect the AC adapter.
    • Make sure that the power cable from the external display is connected correctly and that your display is enabled.
    • If you are using a Mac Pro (end of 2013), make sure that your screens are plugged into the right ports.
    • If you use a hub of display, Cabinet or "KVM", try to connect the video cable from your screen directly to your Mac instead.
    • Unplug the video cable where it plugs into your Mac, then reconnect to reinsert the connection.
    • If you are using a video card, unplug the video adapter on your Mac, then reconnect to reinsert the connection.
    • If you use multiple video cards to connect your screen (the cards are "chained"), testing connection of the screen by using a single adapter if possible. Some video cards may not be linked together. For example, a mini DisplayPort to DVI adapter may not be connected to an adapter DVI to HDMI.
    • If your screen has more than one video connection, see if you are using another connection on the display works. If possible, check if you use a different view or a different adapter works.
    • Try using another cable that you know to be in working condition. Check with the manufacturer of the screen to make sure that you use the cable they recommend.

    Get help with graphical problems on external displays connected to your Mac.

    Thank you for using communities of Apple Support. Have a good.

  • 2016 12 '' MacBook Apple Thunderbolt Display retina?

    Just got a new 12 "retina MB. Is it possible to connect it to an Apple Thunderbolt Display Monitor?

    Unfortunately, the MacBook was only a USB - C port, and Apple Thunderbolt Display Monitor requires a Mac with Thunderbolt to work, so you can't use it.

  • Thunderbolt Display Firmware update could not complete.


    Am myself a brand new Mac Pro recently and I'm loving it. Hooked up to my old TB screen which is unused to cause a few months the all-in-one cable is broken. Not much, I bought a cable TB, and used only to plug it in and it works fine.

    That is, until I went in the App Store and noticed a firmware update for display among all other system updated. I do not think that anything of it in time and just continued to download and install all updates in bulk. Well, after all has been said and done I got the popup saying he could not apply the on-screen since it must route the cable all-in-one to do. Not a problem, I thought, it's not that important to me it is installed. But now after whenever I restart the machine, I get the annoying popup even in my face, no matter what I try to do to remove it. I'm fine with not getting updated, I just want this bitch popup go away!

    I am a very advanced user, so I am not against the orders of terminals and/or editing plists performer or that you have to solve this problem. I don't know where to look and I thought this would be my last ditch effort fixing before you say screw it, wipe the system and start over. If no preview of this would be useful. Thank you.

    Apple doc:

    Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2: continues to reappear and Thunderbolt ports and target Display Mode may not work

    After the installation of Thunderbolt Firmware Update 1.2:

    • The Thunderbolt ports may not work.
    • Target display mode may not work.
    • The update can keep reappearing as available for download.

    This happens when one Thunderbolt self-powered (other than one directly connected Thunderbolt display) device is connected to a Thunderbolt port during the installation of the update. To resolve this problem:

    1. Shut down your computer.
    2. Disconnect all devices Thunderbolt.
    3. Wait for 10 seconds.
    4. If you use a Mac mini with a Thunderbolt screen, reconnect the Thunderbolt display directly to your computer via the Thunderbolt port. Do not connect other devices Thunderbolt at the moment.
    5. Restart your computer.
    6. If sight Firmware 1.2 update is available, download and install and restart your computer when asked. If the update of Thunderbolt is not available, the update has been successfully installed.
    7. Reconnect all devices Thunderbolt.
  • Connection 12 '' Macbook to Thunderbolt display does not work (USB - C for HDMI / Lightning)

    I have connected a retina 12 '' Macbook to a Thunderbolt display via two adapters, and no video is coming through.

    Here is what I use:

    1 USB - C for HDMI: (Apple USB - C to HDMI adapter)

    2 HDMI to Thunderbolt (Monoprice adapter)

    Any ideas what's happening? The Thunderbolt display is without a doubt, since power is to come via USB when I plug my phone directly on the back of the monitor. The Apple adapter works because I could try to connect directly to a LG monitor with HDMI ports.

    The present model 2015 MacBook 12 inch Retina does not support the Apple Thunderbolt display

    what I read.  The other models Apple Cinema can work if they are used with correct adapters

    as other brands. Some adapters support the audio, while others do. Note there is

    limits for the specifications of display supported; This can limit their usefulness if it is not better configured.

    Special adapters and cables can allow to configure some display options for use with the MacBook.

    The graphical support through MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro varies with the specifications.

    The absence of a Thunderbolt port, use of adapters to provide only what it can bear MacBook 12 plug-in software component.

    and the mini-display port cannot connect or transfer at frequencies Thunderbolt usage views. The

    cure should be taken as built-in support for this; If the adapters could carry signals. A new model

    could understand such an improvement; but there is nothing of this specification in the Apple Store again.

    • Use 4K views and Ultra HD TVs with your Mac - Apple Support

    Bolt of lightning • ports and poster: frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Apple Support

    • Get help with graphical problems on external displays connected to your Mac - Apple Support

    Good luck & happy computing!

  • 2015 Macbook Pro 2.8 GHz > 16GB RAM 1 TB > PCIe SSD > overheating with Thunderbolt Display 27 "> Constant MAX RPM fan speed

    Hello community,

    First of all, I want to congratulate Apple on the construction of such a laptop well. It is a luxury product that is clearly desired by most people, which I understand very well that he's a new owner. But entering the heart of the problem that I face outside this machine being an external engineering masterpiece.

    Professional background:

    I'm a computer engineer / scientist / programmer by profession. I am currently employed at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) as a Senior Consulting Engineer level IV for their BIG Data Software Division. Yes, I program (Java and c#), scripts (powershell, batch and SQL), solutions architect, design, to test software and debugging, implement large enterprise-level solutions ranging from a cluster of 2 mirrors servers-to-of thousands of servers to multiple clusters (even from a perspective of work station of the missions of deployment from 200 KB - to - 50 jobs in the world) work with SQL databases on a daily basis, working with storage devices (SAN mutli-million dollar NAS and DAS), provide an infrastructure troubleshooting and problem resolution, have 8 international recognised certifications, a degree of master of science and involved with concerts on the side as well as build computers as a hobby. My computer knowledge is vast and my RESUME goes beyond what I have briefly described. It is important that I give this background to demonstrate that my level of computer knowledge is beyond the scope of this post.

    Laptop Usecase:

    Recently I bought mid-2015 Macbook Pro 15 "2.8 GHz Intel i7 quad core, AMD dedicated GPU, 16 GB of RAM, 1 Portable SSD PCIe TB from an authorized Apple dealer. To maximize the beauty of this gem, I also bought a monitor Thunderbolt Apple 27 "due to its ability to offer a dedicated gigabit NIC and additional USB connectors. Basically, the screen acts as a central docking for the laptop and offers additional i/o that does not have the laptop (somewhat a disappointment that it's called a 'PRO' for laptop - this can be discussed in an extra thread).

    I will mostly use the laptop for tasks related to work as operating on dozens of remote servers via RDP, using office 2011 and 2016 Lync, Eclipse for Java programming, access the HPE intranet for related tasks at work, set up conference calls, connection with clients remotely via WebEx or TeamViewer and typical everyday computing. For fun, I'll use the laptop to compose music through Logic Pro X, browsing the Web, doing work with Photoshop/Lightroom/and other products Adobe, Web browsing, Email, Youtube, NetFlix, coding, and other basis for computing tasks.


    I am primarily an engineer Windows to the heart and don't work well with Unix/Linux, so forgive me if certain acronyms and terminology is slightly outside when it comes to the OS.

    The question that I am currently facing is how HOT and high cell phone VOICE gets during very little use. It seems that, given the 27 "Apple Thunderbolt connected display cause heating and the fans to be excessive and loud. 'A little' work around the question I unplugged the lightning poster power adapter and have dedicated the trendy laptop adapter. It 'a bit' reduces the amount of heat generated, which reduces the speed of the fan to be a little less quiet. However, the noise level of fans and heat is not reduced enough to convince me!

    After the control process during the time of the laptop being extremely strong and warm, I noticed the only vivid process is the process of "kernel_task". However, I debunked this theory by leaving the unit to return to a normal state, that required me disconnected the Thunderbolt display, and the process ran again without all the negative effects of heat and noise.

    So, why Apple would create a laptop that indicates the external monitor is fully compatible, can support up to 2 external displays with no problems and provides a support for this configuration, if there are any other problems when connecting?

    * Please do not provide responses that I have received a bad laptop or a bad monitor. Appears not to be the case because when I am doing absolutely nothing on the machine, heat is minimal and the fans are 'enough' quiet, even when connected to the Thunderbolt display. However, even simple web browsing on the Thunderbolt display forces do MAX out fans and heat is generated quickly.

    I love this laptop. His elegant, fun to work on, is luxurious and is a potential item that meets all my needs. But I just can't justify spending more than $4 K on a configuration that will cause problems and significantly reduce the lifetime of the laptop.

    1 should I return the laptop and love at first sight appear and waiting for Skylake edition which will be released in the coming months (energy consumption reduced, rising in power and performance, and (?) one possible different GPU that excels much better than 'crap' AMD GPU?

    2. or should I paste and see if a solution or resolution is proposed to the issues that I am experiencing?

    3. I see the same problems all over the internet. Anyone else here has the same problems?

    4. why Apple would invest in this GPU 'cheap' for such a machine power? AMD? Really? (< (less="" than)="" $150="">

    5. How can I host a Lync call with clients when I hear more the laptop that I can hear them?

    My thoughts:

    I spent $6 000.00 on the construction of an incredible machine at home. It has an Intel i7 5960 X Octa-Core processor, nVidia GTX 980, 64 GB RAM Corsair DDR4, 12 TB of disk 7200 RPM, a 512GB SSD for the OS and temporary storage, power 1200 Watt, card reader 5 in 1, a player Blu Ray optical blazing fast, liquid cooling, a Premium Asus Sound Card, the card mother 'best!' on the market (I finished this statement that fans just went back to MAX RPM0 - maybe) because I'm throwing my personal build an Apple forum?), a mechanical keyboard, mouse laser with 12 K dpi and five monitors 24 ".

    I was willing to spend that money on a laptop of luxury that I can travel with, but is it really worth what I'm going through? Also, others on the Internet said they have returned their Macbook Pro for the same model without the dedicated GPU and no longer meet the problem. BUT why someone would invest $3 K in a machine without a good graphics card? IT MAKES NO SENSE TO ME.

    PLEASE, I BEG YOU! Can someone help APPLE me this question?

    If I am not convinced to the contrary, Apple then lost me as a customer forever and return to Windows, I oppose the $4 500.00 I spent. If I am convinced to stay, then Apple will get $4K out of me at all times every 3-4 years, I invested in most any software.

    Also, if I can post a video showing you what I'm listening to, then you will be in shock. Honestly, I'd like to keep this machine, but I need help to understand what is happening and what can be done to correct the problem.

    Thank you


    Everyone from Apple have a preview? I am pretty surprised to have not received a response.

    Please help me out here.

    Thank you


  • Is it possible to connect Thunderbolt display MacBook?

    Is it possible to connect Thunderbolt display MacBook?

    N °

    A Thunderbolt screen can only be used with a Mac equipped with a Thunderbolt port.

  • I bought CS6 on disc + MacPro + Thunderbolt display

    I bought the CS6 disk and also buy a MacPro with a Thunderbolt display; However, there is nowhere to enter a disc on a screen of Thunderbolt; is it possible to download online with my product code and serial number?

    Downloads available:

    Download and installation help links Adobe

    Help download and installation to Prodesigntools links can be found on the most linked pages.  They are essential; especially steps 1, 2 and 3.  If you click on a link that does not have these listed steps, open a second window by using the link to Lightroom 3 to see these "important Instructions".

  • Thunderbolt display don't wake up since I installed Sierra

    I have a Mid-2012 13 "Macbook Pro with a Thunderbolt display. After that I installed MacOS Sierra, my screen often wakes up not when I hit the mouse or the keyboard. I can usually solve the problem by simply unplugging the display Plug and then plug it back it - very annoying. I searched for solutions to this problem on the web and tried everything to reset NVRAM and SMC, reset the display, memory even deleted some plist files obsolete, but the problem persists. Someone at - it similar problems, of the solutions.

    Same problem AGAIN!

    This error has been there before after an update of macOS, seems he's back.

  • iPhone7 +: what type of glass is used in the display

    I tried to find in the description of apple for the new iPhone7 tech + but see no mention of the type of glass used in the display. Where can I find info on it?

    Type of glass

    Notation for the scratch resistance

    Rating for break resistance

    Hoping it's the sapphire glass, but if it is not mentioned, probably same glass as previous iphone6s +.

    Thank you

    Speculation is prohibited by the Apple Support communities terms of use.

    If it is not in the specifications, we have no way of answering this question.

  • Can I use a Thunderbolt Firewire adapter to connect my PowerBook to my MacBook Pro?

    I want to use my PowerBook as a hard drive of my MacBook Pro. Can I use a Thunderbolt Apple Firewire adapter to connect the two?

    Yes, if they have the appropriate ports.


  • Thunderbolt Display and picture in picture?

    Does a Thunderbolt Display show Picture In Picture

    I also looked in system preferences and there seems to be no control for it in El Capitan - but maybe I was just not see it.


    You won't see anything in system preferences > displays for a bolt of lightning to display up to what one is connected.

    Thunderbolt FAQ > ports Thunderbolt and views: frequently asked questions (FAQ) - Apple Support

Maybe you are looking for