user double BIOS

HELO all I bought probook4530s i5 a few days before.

My previos on laptop windows was 7 Professional. I installation of the pre-launch with password and fingerprints

a few days after I formatted my pc and windows 7 pro to ultimate 7 upgrade when I install the Setup and security security preboot Manager then. his show dobule user in pre-launch.

I think that the problem of the previous user.

I can connect 2 times user on the start menu, but I want to delete a user please tell me how I can do this thanks


Thanks for the reply.

I have the problem, it wasn't windows problem.

the previous windows stored in the bios setting.

Just disable all titles pass, finger, in protectools admin console.restart the pc hp sparekey. make face, fingerprint digital, sparekey and new password. and restart.

problem solved thanks

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  • Satellite A100 is locked because of the fingerprint BIOS & user password

    Hi all

    I have my A100 to my work, recognition of the TouchChip fingerprint a year ago. On initial installation, I recorded my fingerprint of the windows interface.
    Six months ago I had to reinstall windows XP due to infection by the virus that is not repairable. I have installed Windows XP Home edition and downloaded all the drivers and additional software from Toshiba's site.

    I him didn't record again my fingerprints, and I have NOT activated the TouchChip software this time. My problem was only an annoying message at the time the sign that said «you have not saved your fingerprint again...» "and that's it.
    After a 2 week out of town trip (My A100 was locked in my office, and powered OFF - no connection to the sector) at first start, software TouchChip is back from the dead!

    Screen 'TouchChip Bios Extension' appeared after plugging, and my finger is required to load WXP!
    When connecting user WXP dialogue the additional message "you have not saved your fingerprint again... is always here, but I cannot start the machine without my fingerprint." After some digging later in PowerProtector (?) I found an option that says 'enable or disable the use of fingerprints for system and user password BIOS' or something like that.

    I turn this off, and the machine asked to reboot. It was the last time I saw the office.
    After reboot, the system asks password. BUT I DID NOT PUT ANY SYSTEM OR USER PASSWORD!
    Is this possible?
    I did something wrong?
    What is the solution?
    I'm locked out; I don't know why and how the BIOS is locked with a password (so I can't unlock it).
    Please someone help.

    Best regards, Georgios

    I don't know what exactly A100 computer laptop you have, but it seems that the laptop came with the Vista operating system preinstalled.

    You have installed XP and drivers XP only from the Toshiba page.
    But from my understanding, the BIOS should be updated too! The Satellite A100 series supports a special XP BIOS version. If the BIOS was not updated the laptop might not run correctly.

    I don't know if it could have a negative influence on the fingerprint, but nothing is impossible!
    However, the fact is that the BIOS asks for the password. If you don't know this, you need to remove the other... and this can be done by a service provider authorized in your country.

    Request assistance from technicians and explain the whole story! Maybe they will remove the password for free!

    Bye and good luck

  • Problems with the opening of attachments when the user has restristed privilege to run executable code from Program Files and Windows folders.

    I'm trying to prevent users from running potentially dangerous files. According to the Windows policies so I put. Users can run any application Program Files, files (x 86), windows, and folder to all users of the program office. Users have no permission to write anything in this files. When the user double clicks for example document.doc on his desk - document opens fine with MS Word. But when the user tries to open this document in attachment directly (by selecting open with MS Word, instead of the economy) - he sees an error - "this action is limited by local politics. Ask your system administrator. "(not exact text).

     So I want, users able to open attachments from Thunderbird automatically, but not able to run any application or link, except Program Files, Program Files (x86), Windows and all users' desktop folder. How can I get this result?

    Thanks in advance.
    Calvo is serious.

    PS Sorry for my bad English. It is not my mother tongue.

    Thanks for responding.
    I discovered what was going on.
    This strange "bug" affects multiple computers with Windows 7 Ultimate in my case.
    When you create a SRP (software restriction policies) it creates two rules by default to run programs: windows folder and the Program Files folder. I manually add "C:\Program Files (x 86)" in places without restriction. BUT Windows and Program Files folder to default rules directly, but through registry keys. And this part seems difficult. You CAN run the executable files of Program Files. You CAN run the Program Files (x 86) executables. But if Thunderbird or Firefox try to run MS Word or excel or editor for.doc or *.odt opening or another file - downloaded files running programs blocked by SRP.
    In order to fix this, simply replace the rules for indirect paths like % HKLM/software/microsoft/windows... etc % with direct, for example "C:/Windows" and "C:/Program Files /". After that, everything works fine. Attachments and downloaded files automatically opens without a problem.

  • iPad security and multiple users

    I intend to buy an iPad Mini 4 (subject to change) for my sister who is currently in palliative care. She is devastated bed and needs to get his affairs in order and make some estate planning bills etc.

    I wonder if you can have the user double security with the iPad or the ramifications of the reset of the iPad once she spends or to access its iPad rather than it becomes a brick.

    I have already created my sister with iCloud account and I have the user name and password. I'm not sure I've ever had this situation come before. If I need to access the device what would be my options.  I guess she will tend to choose the fingerprint sensor, if it isn't bug or perhaps a simple access code instead.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Thank you

    I'm sorry to hear about the State of your sister, but I'm very happy that you asked these questions now rather than later when it could be too late.

    One person at the same time has an iOS device.  That's how they are designed.  So I strongly suggest you think in this way, which is to come:

    • Your sister has and uses the iPad.
    • Your sister has the iPad (as if it sells or it betrays) to a new owner.
    • You take possession of the iPad and set up like yours, as if it were a new device.

    To do this, before your sister frees him, here's what should happen:

    What to do before you sell or give away your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch - Apple Support

    So everything I want to say is that you are ready to run (or help run) all the steps in the article.  Once you get the iPad and be responsible, be prepared to make settings > general > reset > erase all content and settings (if it had not already been done).  When you do that, you can resume the iPad and it will have no memory of what either of the past.

  • Problems with listbox - double click

    Hello community,

    I'm doing a program in which I'm building a dialog box by using the tab control and the user can double-click on one of the folders/files and this file must be read in the program and graphics need to be plotted.

    To do this, I use a Boolean control, if I activate it, I call a tab control with a ListBox in which I use the function of list folder to view all the files/folders in the directory I put. I was able to get the double click event to work and give me the correct path to play the file using the function "read from the spreadsheet. The part of the plot is now over, but I have problems when I try to run the program.

    The program was supposed to read the name of the cell that the user double click and only after that he reads the name I have change for a path access and then read. Which under its weight reads the file ListBox begins selected, as if I run the program once and double click on any file in the next run it will show the last selected file. The problem is that I am creating a node to invoke to reset the list box, but when I do this the program opens a dialog box to select the file to read.

    So what I need is to figure out how to do the program only runs after the user to double-click a cell, should not read the file already selected in previous executions. But I don't know what to do. Can you help me please?

    Thank you for your attention


    Faquim wrote:

    Well, I'm pretty new to Labview, barely a month to use it. As English is not my first language, so I do not understand some of the terms you used, like "cut upwards" or "conditions of competition" or how to clear indicators in the beginning of the program?


    The stacked sequence is to make actions happen in that order, that's how I learned. Local variables are also here because I don't know how to use the same variable twice or several times during a VI. Well, I'm still young enough for that.

    Well, you break the data flow by copying in indicators invisible only to re-read a nanosecond later. Indicators are for the user, not to store data. If you eliminate the structure of the sequence, you can wire things together directly. Data flow automatically determines the exact execution order. No required sequence.

    Faquim wrote:

    The stacked sequence is to make actions happen in that order, that's how I learned. Local variables are also here because I don't know how to use the same variable twice or several times during a VI. Well, I'm still young enough for that.

    indicators and variable local are NOT the 'variables', they are user interface elements.

    Joined a quick attempt at a code cleanup.

    All your operations of chain cable paths are still quite fragile. You should really exploited to the way datatypes. There are probably a few broken things because I can't test. However, it should give you some ideas.

  • Double-click the mouse events to change the display size

    Hello to everyone.

    Thank you very much for reading this post and be able to help.

    I have an image on the screen in front of the Panel.

    I would like that when users double click on it, the display size increases at a specific site for user ca better view.

    How can I do this event?

    Thank you very much.

    Here you can get information about how to create a mouse double click event:

  • E1 - 572G bios password


    2 years ago, when I bought the Acer Aspire E1 - 572 G I put the bios supervisor password, and I haven't touched the BIOS since.
    Today, I want to replace Windows with Linux, but I couldn't change the priority of starting without supervisor access device.
    Unfortunately, I forgot that password. I tried several tools on the web, but none of them could bypass the contractor, only the normal user of bios. I have opened even the laptop couldn't find the PIN reset cmos battery is soldered to the motherboard, so I couldn't reset it.
    Is there any solution to access the boot menu or reset the supervisor?

    Thanks in advance,


    If at this point, you really cannot continue without opening the door to lower lid of the laptop. What you are looking for online is a "Service Manual" of the laptop prior to the supervisor password reset.

    Please proceed with EXTREME CAUTION, as it is not advisable for a user to make a repair!

    Also, on a related note, check out this video

    [edited to conform to the guidelines]

  • Stop error message: logon failure: the user has not granted the type of logon required on this computer

    I have a huge problem. The laptop has an account of user Karina, who was also the Manager. But I opened another account, WAZ. Has decided to make the administrator Flippie and Karina just a standard user.
    Now my problem is that Flippie has disappeared from my laptop. Cannot find and I'm in trouble because I don't have administrator access. You will appreciate all help.


    1. are you able to connect account Karina?

    2 have you made any changes to the computer before the show?

    3. you are in a domain network?

    If you are able to log onto the account of Karina follow this:

    Method 1:

    How to check the user account is disabled:

    1. open the start menu, type lusrmgr.msc in the search line and press enter.

    2. click on the users in the left to open pane folder the users and groups.

    3. in the middle pane of the users, double-click the name of the user account (ex: example-account)

    4. on the general tab, clear the account is disabled , and click OK.

    5. Once completed, close the window to local users and groups.

    6 restart the computer audit are you able to see another user account.

    Method 2:

    Activate the built in the administrator user account and check:

    1 restart the computer and keep tapping F8 until you reach the start menu.

    1. Click repair your computer.
    2. Click the operating system you want to repair, and then click Next.
    3. In the System Recovery Options dialog box, click command prompt.

    5. at the command prompt, type net user administrator / Active: Yesand then press ENTER.

    6. type net user administrator , , and then press ENTER.

    Note: Please replace the tag with passwords which you want to set for the administrator account.

    Type exitand press ENTER. Restart the computer and check.


    I hope that the above information is useful!

  • Double click and get and store the value in the variable.


    It is my intention when I double click on a particular record on a table, I want to enter or store the specific record value in a variable and call this variable in the print/preview PLSQL code button.

    Below, I show the screenshot that contains a preview in the form of table and print button. After filling in the data. user double click the code officer LC354 and click Print Preview/mode button, it should display the report for only the
    Code of the agent of LC354(it's what I want). But normally when I click Preview before printing it affects wil see the report of the code of the agent of LC354 and LC325(which I don't).

    My problem is how to capture the value ((*LC354*)) particular registration after double click the code(*LC354*) agent?

    I tried to store the agent code in the variable AG_CNT in mouse double click trigger with after the plsql code. but it dosent work.
    AG_CNT varchar2(10);
    After that pass this AG_CNT value in *: AG_CODE *. the code below is in the Print/Preview button.
         cursor c1 is select nvl(count(ENQUIRY_NO),0) from scott.EXP_QUOTE_STATUS 
         where ltrim(rtrim(upper(job_status))) like 'APPROVED%' and ENQUIRY_NO = :REQ_FOR_QUOT.ENQUIRY_NO
    How to do this?



    When you click a folder, the focus moves to that record. To get the values of each element, just use the standard:

    :value := block.item ;


  • How to select a row in a table of adf after double click

    I have a table that displays a list of records when the user double-clicks a particular line, I want to select row. The largest part of the example has a separate button for the user to click on choose and I don't want that.


    On your table have a clientListener and a serverListener:



    Your clientListener should send a request to the server using AdfCustomEvent.queue:

    function dblClickClientLstnr (event) {}
    element var = event.getSource (event);
    AdfCustomEvent.queue (element, "dblClickServerLstnr", (), true);


    On your support of bean, you can retrieve the selected line, for example:

    {} public void getSelectRow (ClientEvent clientEvent)

    DCBindingContainer dcBindings = (DCBindingContainer) ADFUtils.getBindingContainer ();
    DCIteratorBinding iterBind = (DCIteratorBinding) dcBindings.get ("myViewIter");
    Line = iterBind.getCurrentRow ();


    I hope this helps.

  • DataGrid detect SINGLE/DOUBLE mouse click


    I know that datagrid can detect changes in the mouse right-click

    Add listener

    myDataGridList.addEventListener (Event.CHANGE, myDataGridListChange);

    public void myDataGridListChange(e:Event):void {}

    trace (;


    but they can detect the double mouse click?

    My goal to do that is, if the user double clicks on a row of datagrid, I need me return the value of, while I am able to continue to proceed to the next step in my game.

    Thank you


    You must activate your datagrid receive doubleclick events:

    myDataGridList.doubleClickEnabled = true;

    myDataGridList.addEventListener (MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK, f);

    function f(e:MouseEvent):void {}



  • Double-click on the graph in the map does not work

    I had created an application where the user can click on the map and a marker will be created and it stores values x y and stored in the database and the user can also drag the marker and place it in the appropriate position and after the user drag and drop the marker we have a "confirm" to send the values of y from x to the database. I need to remove that confirm the button and replace only with double click where user double clicks on the marker settings must pass.

    To drag the marker, I use the mousedown event, but when I add the doubleclick event his does not work

    gr.doubleClickEnabled = true;
    gr.addEventListener (MouseEvent.DOUBLE_CLICK, registerComplaint);
    gr.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_DOWN, mousedownGraphic);

    even when I comment on the mouse to the bottom of the double click event on the graphic marker does not work.

    Help me in this task I need to do urgently.

    Arun Mohan

    While I can't possibly guess the cause of your problem, there is an easy solution for this.

    // record the time for the last mouse down
    private var _lastMouseDownTime:uint = new Date().time;
    // how fast the second mouse down needs to be to qualify for double click
    private var _doubleClickThreshold:uint = 500;
    // traces mouse down and double click
    private function mouseDown(e:MouseEvent):void {
                var mouseDownTime:uint = new Date().time;
                if(mouseDownTime - _lastMouseDownTime <= _doubleClickThreshold){
                _lastMouseDownTime = mouseDownTime;

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