UserAgents - impact technically in Fx browser (and using with fluid App)


I don't know what the impact of a "user agent". I don't know if I chose the iPhone user agent on my Macbook, it means I can do things that Web site owners/developers have tried to limit to the iPhone for example read the full version of magazines for free. So I guess that a user agent tells the owner/designer of website 'our device' somehow we are somehow.

But a user agent does nothing else on the technical plan for the browser?
for example

> no User-Agent controls whether a user script requiring xx can use xx (where xx = I can run this successfully using GreaseMonkey userscript in Fx, but it fails to run approx. fluid userscripts a in-app, no plug-in is required.

> no User-Agent controls how low I can zoom in. Current zoom level is limited to 50% with the user agent below. More useless.

I wonder what I started to play with the app purchased, fluid.
Fluid converts a SSB (Single Site Browser) - aka a lot of apps that are now pure web browser but really an app), in a quasi-app, so it can sit on your dock, use OSX notifications, use split window panels / trays etc...) Liquid is no where near as powerful as Fx, but there is no integration with the OSX notifications which at the moment I can't find an add-on that allows this via the webkit. Several modules now use notifications for OSX, so I know it must be possible (for example to download helper).

The latest version of the fluid is 1.8.3 I bought recently. By default, I opened user agent and I see this:

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_3) AppleWebKit/0600.5.17 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/1955 FluidApp Safari/0600.5.17

No idea what this user-agent is really telling me. I'm on OSX 10.10.3, yosemite I use the last FX (38 recently updated this week) and I don't use Safari.

Thanks for your help.

helpresearch said

But a user agent does nothing else on the technical plan for the browser?
for example

> no User-Agent controls whether a user script requiring xx can use xx (where xx = I can run this successfully using GreaseMonkey userscript in Fx, but it fails to run approx. fluid userscripts a in-app, no plug-in is required.

I can't answer on the liquid, but Firefox itself can not be fooled by what you specify as your user agent. For example, it asks what OS it is running on the operating system, and he knows that it's Firefox.

I think that most of the userscripts are designed with limited space in mind, such as Greasemonkey and Scriptish on Firefox (and maybe Waterfox and Pale Moon), Tampermonkey on Chrome and maybe one or two other maximally. Specific points in the user agent string probably does not matter.

> no User-Agent controls how low I can zoom in. Current zoom level is limited to 50% with the user agent below. More useless.

Again, I think not. But you might have success change this setting in Firefox:

(1) in a new tab, type or paste Subject: config in the address bar and press enter/return. Click on the button promising to be careful.

(2) in the search above the list box, type or paste the zoom and make a pause so that the list is filtered

(3) double-click the preference zoom.minPercent and try to enter a lower minimum (for example, 25 for 25%).

The latest version of the fluid is 1.8.3 I bought recently. By default, I opened user agent and I see this:

Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_10_3) AppleWebKit/0600.5.17 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/1955 FluidApp Safari/0600.5.17

No idea what this user-agent is really telling me. I'm on OSX 10.10.3, yosemite I use the last FX (38 recently updated this week) and I don't use Safari.

My guess is that liquid wants website who do not recognize FluidApp treat it like Safari or any other browser Webkit (Safari and Chrome are popular browsers based on Webkit).

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    Hi Kabigan

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    First of all, it is very strange that recovery CD is not delivered with your laptop. It's hard to believe, but anything is possible. As you know after buying a new product, it is very important to check all orders sent with it and if something is missing, you must call the local as soon as possible and not to wait a year.

    Sorry but this key code belongs to original recovery image and you can't use it with every installation of Windows XP Home edition CD. In your case, there are two options:
    -You can buy the CD of facilities Microsoft original WXP (with the key correctly code) or
    -Contact the partner of service allowed in your country and order the new CD from recovery for your laptop model.

    All that s!

    Bye and good luck!

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    The XOOM has wifi, so your Mifi will work with him. you wouldn't buy a package given just the XOOM.

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    Hi feel really frustrated now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a quick solution.

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    On the investigation, I found that when looking at a slide of the object has been identified as an object Flash, but I can't show all properties, also "insert a shockwave flash object' is not available in the control toolbox. This would indicate that Flash is not installed even if looking at a flash on the internet was not a problem.

    The last number which may help a solution, is that when you try to view a .swf file, I learned that I need to have Flash Player installed (I have) and trying to use a third party such as SWF Opener flash drive he also asks me to install flash.

    As everyone here I have installed, uninstalled all Flash etc. several times that I care to remember now.

    I'm not technically minded when it comes to the nitty gritty of software use and programming, I like just things to work.

    Please help as the most important thing I use my laptop so that I have now cannot!

    Following the previous post gm377

    Summary: The Installation from the download from Adobe site installs Flash Player 10ActiveX AND the Shockwave Flash Object

    I think that Version Stand alone of the Setup program installs ONLY the Flash Player, NOT the Shockwave Flash Object

    That is why #1 in the post before this one is correct. The Shockwave Flash object (plugin is requested)

    And that's what youtube asking because, though even they say "Flash Player", they assume and understand that the Adobe

    site installs both.

    Now, Adobe is no indication that the uninstall program needs to be run before a download and installation of Flash Player 10 ActiveX.

    In addition, because the beta was installed and now isn't there and with uninstalls and installs, you never know if there is a problem.

    Flash Player 10 ActiveX should be listed in Add/Remove and Manage Add ons Shockwave Flash - Adobe Systems, Inc. - object

    Enabled-ActiveX Control must be registered and the file is Flash10c.ocx.

    Solution: Back to the Adobe test site - , keeping your add ons disabled and enabled as you have indicated in the screenshot of today (20/11/09) and as the message is ' an additional plugin is required to view some items on.

    This page"and the small image says"Get Plugin"and when you click it, the message is it wants to install Flash Player. The test is clearly you say that the Shockwave Flash (ActiveX Control Flash10c.ocx) object is not there, and saying: it wants to install Flash Player, it also says Flash Player 10 ActiveX isn't here either, or the "Get Plugin" would not fail.

    If Yes, do it! Don't forget to restart later, check in Add/Remove and see what is listed, check in Manage Add ons and see what is there. Then see what youtube to say and your slides in Power Point and where else you want to go :-)

    The worst that can happen is that it won't do the job and it will uninstall it and reinstall, but I'm hoping success!

    Sorry for the long posts, but I write as I think.

    Nice screenshots by the way, thanks



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    WinPcap is a packet capture program which works down at the level of Windows. It allows other software to read all that enter or exit from your computer (although if it is sent via a secure HTTPS connection, WinPcap cannot be used to decode encrypted content). I do not understand why a video recorder would need such access to your internet traffic. Seems too intrusive for me.

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    Can one last thing, you tell me what is the operating system for the BB? I see applications designed for the following systems: android, iphone, Windows mobile and symbian. The BB uses one of these? Should what system I look for on my BB? Thank you.

    Industrial property BB OS... None of those you mention would be not compatible. When you are looking for apps, you need to find not only for the compatibility of BB, but also the numbers of model and operating system (usually large level... 4.x, 5.x vs vs v6.x... sometimes but sublevels as well).

    Good luck!

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    We use BEEP version 5.6.3 in Oracle Applications and we are developing some reports to be translated into 10 different languages. We are therefore very interested in XLIFF files but have some questions about the file format and the use of the JAVA API

    Accuracy: we generate the XLF file in menu add-on BEEP in Winword MS used to build the RTF model
    (A - 1), the generated XLF file begins with:
    <? XML version = "1.0" encoding = "utf - 8"? >
    Can we change encoding to "ISO-8859-1' as soon as convert us the file format?

    A-2) section he < header > < skl > < file > internal - contains a huge chain that seeem to be binary... What is c? can delete us it?

    A-3) can you have a file XLF muliple < file > sections (one for each language translation)?
    This can be very useful for us to manage a translation only by a report model file.

    A-4) the most important section for translation is included in the tag < trans-unit >.
    Each of them has a separate as id "49e41f8f" '... '. Can we replace that with a larger significance?

    (A - 5) in the format of language is as "en-US" (area code + language code).
    It is case sensitive?

    We use the OPE "FOProcessor" class to generate the PDF providing:
    -Data generated by SQL report XML file
    -File XSL - FO, generated from the module BEEP in MS WINWORD RTF model
    -XLIFF file generated from RTF model by the module BEEP in MS WINWORD
    -The XLIFF file contains a file entry to translate the form English to French
    < file source = target language language "en-US" = "en - US" datatype = "OPE" original = "orphan.xlf" product-version = "orphan.xlf" - name of the product ="" > "

    Here is a summary of our java implementation class:

    Processor FOProcessor = new FOProcessor();
    processor.setData (sXmlDataFilepath);
    processor.setTemplate (sXslTemplateFilepath);
    processor.setOutput (sPdfOutputFilepath);
    processor.setOutputFormat (FOProcessor.FORMAT_PDF);
    processor.setLocale ("en - US");
    xInputXlfLang = new FileInputStream (sXlfLangFilepath);
    processor.setXLIFF (xInputXlfLang);
    try {}
    Processor.Generate ();
    {} catch (XDOException e)
    e.printStackTrace ();

    (variables beginning with "s" are path + names passed as arguments)

    The output PDF file is well generated, but not translated in French!

    (1) I missed something?
    What is wrong in my code or my XLIFF file?
    Y at - it a parameter to pass to allow the XLIFF translation (via setConfig)?
    With "setLocale" we indicate the target language, but how BEEP knows this current language is "en-US"?

    I found a few posts on the subject, but none with a clear solution. So if I managed to solve this problem, I think it can be very useful for many developers.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Edited by: K.Helali Apr 26. 2010 01:56


    I know what you're talking about.

    Do not make the rtf-> xsl in the office.

    Do it in java code.

    Use RTFprocessor, for her, just set the model and set the true extractxliff.

    move the xsl foprocessor.

    to do this

    (1) in the BEEP for MS Word
    1 - a) build the RTF model
    1-c) extract texts translateable to the XLF file

    (2) in BEEP Server (Linux Redhat, BEEP 5.6.3) included with the Oracle Applications 11.5.102
    (2 - a) write a java class that implements class FOProcessor (see code in my first post)
    I'm passing to the FOProcessor class
    -XML data file
    model model XSL - export RTF, file to the XSL using RTFprocessor file save it sub - (here in rtfprocessor.setextractXlifff - true)
    -Translation (via the FOProcessor.setXLIFF method) XLF file

  • (Click on and pop) with Garageband app on iPad 4 with Apogee one

    I use Garageband App on an iPad 4, connected to a height of 1 and I will click and appears on the record. I Express ads from home and this is causing significant delays in my work. I thought it was my Apex 460 micro then I would he turn on and turn off and he beat to the top (this is how some ppl to fix it) and I would still get the clicks and pops when recording... Sometimes when I turn my micro market, clicks stops and I finally did but who can take hours sometimes. I do not understand and I can't go out and buy all new equipment (I'm broke). I also tried just taking my ipad to my face with open garageband and talk & pop was there too! I'm starting to think he's Garageband... Any help would be greatly appreciated!


    I had this problem too and ended up approaching the technical team of Focusrite. (I use the Solo of Focusrite iTrack with GB unit).

    It's their response to me: "there is a known issue with the Apple iOS 9.2 software which can cause glitches, delays and general issues when using a number of audio interfaces audio brands via the connector of the lightning on your iPad. .

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  • Create and enable with separate app Adobe ID

    Until Adobe offered unlimited editions alone in my creative cloud subscription, I created a separate Adobe ID for every single app I created. I shared the login/password with my clients so they can track progress and finally to approve the application. In the end, I bought a license of editing simple and active app to submit to the App Store. Everything in a single Adobe ID.

    Now it seems that I can activate only one app (with a built-in serial number) when I created the folio with my Adobe (paid) personal identification number?

    Any suggestions for a nice workflow? Of course I don't want to share my personal Adobe ID, but I won't share folios I created. If possible I don't want that my clients must register for a username Adobe themselve.

    Subscription to creative cloud and so DPS with CC will work with the same id (one), so you can use this identifier to create applications using DPS App Builder. In case you want to share content with the customer, use Adobe Content Viewer or add the UDID of their ipad to your files of configuration Mobile and you can send them developer.ipa via dropbox to test.

Maybe you are looking for