Username and password required for the update of the BIOS download?

Hi guys,.

Hoping someone could help.

Yesterday, I received my Mini of click on Satellite and I currently support after discovering there is a certain drivers are installed before you can actually use the thing.

While the laptop is in charge, I try to download the update of the BIOS on my laptop, so I can transfer it to my laptop once it is fully charged... I did have problems downloading tastes of the driver wifi for example but when I try to download the BIOS update opens a new and tab where Toshiba ask me a username and password? I tried to enter my username and password I used to register on this site and I also tried using another computer to download it, but without success. It is worth noting that I could partially download the file last night but then it failed to half way through download?

Any suggestions?

Thank you very much


Hi all

I am eager to read an answer that helps on these issues...

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    Apple says the following:

    General requirements

    • OS X 10.6.8 or later version
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    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    Start with the standard:

    admin = admin

    password = password (or leave the field blank)

    This assumes, of course, you have not used EWS (built-in web server) and a password for her before - what you CAN do using the integrated Web server.  Once you do not set a password using the EWS page, whenever you want to watch some settings, set some parameters, you must enter the password that you set up.

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    Kind regards



    Is the PDF "protectedPDF" by Vitrium?

    Currently, mobile products Acrobat DC (for iOS and Android) do not support PDFs with DRM (Digital Rights Management) by third parties.

    I'm not aware of any other free mobile applications that support documents "protectedPDF".

    I advise to use the desktop Reader on a Windows or Mac computer version to view PDF documents. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    When you connect with the Skype account I get the message "Cannot connect" (in Swedish).

    When you connect with Facebook and Microsoft account I get the message "sorry, we don't know your loggin information - please controll your Skype name and password.

    The Skype app is updated using the "Search for updates" function in the "Help" menu to the bottom of the list.

    All Skype versions prior to 6.14 are now being disconnected and this means that you can longer use the version 6.11. You must update your Skype.

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    I get this request if I'm accessing via a laptop or desktop wireless cable.

    HP LaserJet p1102w

    This reset will erase all the settings of the printer.

    There's no other way you can just reset the name US and Pssword.

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    Hi guys,.

    I just installed Oracle 11 g Release 2 on my windows 7 64-bit OS, the installation went correctly. However, when I went to the control of the database, its request enter me username and password well I'm not what he was referring too. I need to create the user name and password if so where can I create it.

    Please help me it's urgent

    Thank you



    username to console 'em
    password that gave you intallation
    And connect sysdba

    If you want that the credentials of the host
    password your password for the operating system.

    Hope this helps

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    Books of your University most probably use DRM (Digital Rights Management) of third party technology (not Adobe).

    Currently, applications mobile Adobe Acrobat Reader (for iOS, Android, Windows Phone) hate.  (I'm not aware of all the other mobile apps that can open or unlock the particular type of PDF documents that require a user name and password).

    Sorry for the inconvenience.

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    No disc reset was created before there is another established user except the guest account, but even with the admin, a user lost password password rights is required for all downloads and updates. Cannot download even a password cracker because it requires a password to complete all downloads. What can I do? It's very frustrating.

    The legal option only when you do not know the password is to copy your files, you have all to CD or another drive for backup, then clear the computer and reinstall Windows.

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    Thank you.


    ·         You are the administrator of the computer?

    Log on to the administrator account and try to perform the system restore. If a password is never defined, do not fill in the password and press ENTER or click the green arrow.

    See also:

    Steps of troubleshooting for problems when you try to use the System Restore tool in Windows XP

  • XDB user name and password required in the Apex 4.0.1


    I installed the Apex 4.0.1 on Oracle 11 g R 2 windows 2003 R2.

    I installed the apex 4.0.1 using the method of the Embendded PL/SQL gateway.

    After installation, when I run in url = http://localhost: 8080, pls, apex, apex_admin it up a small window requiring XDB user name and password.

    I don't understand what to do to solve this problem.

    I installed the apex by following the steps.

    Help, please.

    Thank you

    -Apex installation steps-

    @apexins SYSAUX SYSAUX TEMP is
    @apex_epg_config.sql c:\apex_4.0.1

    ACL_PATH VARCHAR2 (4000);
    ACL_ID RAW (16);
    -Did the ACL currently assigned to ' *' and give APEX_040000
    -the privilege 'connect' if APEX_040000 does not yet have the privilege.


    -Before checking the privilege, to ensure that the ACL is valid
    -(for example, does not contain obsolete references to users ignored).
    -If so, we'll spend the following exception:
    -ORA-44416: invalid ACL: 'APEX_040000' main outstanding
    -ORA-06512: at "XDB". DBMS_XDBZ', line...
    SELECT SYS_OP_R2O (extractValue (P.RES, ' / resources/XMLRef ')) IN ACL_ID
    WHERE extractValue (P.RES, ' / resources/XMLRef "") = REF (A) AND

    DBMS_XDBZ. ValidateACL (ACL_ID);
    'connect') IS ZERO THEN
    "APEX_040000", TRUE, "connect");
    END IF;

    -When no ACL has been attributed to ' *'.
    DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN. CREATE_ACL ('power_users.xml',
    "ACL that allows users to be able to connect everywhere."
    "APEX_040000", TRUE, "connect");
    DBMS_NETWORK_ACL_ADMIN. ASSIGN_ACL('power_users.) XML ',' *');


    SELECT par_value FROM ctxsys.ctx_parameters WHERE par_name = 'FILE_ACCESS_ROLE ';



    EXEC ctxsys.ctx_adm.set_parameter ('file_access_role', 'APEX_URL_DATASTORE_ROLE');



    Hi John,.

    you're right - it should be the other way around: usually (and, if following the installation guide) configuration for OHS DAD uses the path alias + / pls / apex + as for the EPG, it's just + / apex + by default.


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  • Is the password required for the upgrade?

    When I bought my HP computer, I went to the premium version of what was their current line of portable computers for personal use. This computer is equipped with a fingerprint scanner that is managed by HP SimplePass. Let me clarify this now - I don't speak of the HP SimplePass created by Digital Persona, but one made by AuthenTec Incorporated.

    As a side note, the software HP SimplePass was first made by AuthenTec Incorporated, a company that went under in 2012, despite the rest of the software in circulation. HP SimplePass has a one-stop shop for all your needs safety. You can register several prints of multiple hands, create an identity by providing a profile photo and an email and opt-in to have all your passwords on websites you visit saved. Sounds nice, right? The problem is that it automatically collects your passwords (including bank accounts online, purchases, suppliers, etc.) and since the business ceases to exist (seriously, the program Web site is 'under construction' *) who knows who or what is in control of your account... and the connection related information. There are probably tons of people which has provided a real image of themselves, their email and allowed without knowing their password to remember.

    Now, even if I would prefer a lot do not have to use the HP SimplePass application, I. I have created an administrator password after the purchase of this laptop, but registered my footprint for ease of use. I forgot since the administrator password only by making my mark all these years. When I realized everything first how unworthy of trust HP SimplePass is, I looked in reset my password, but never took the time to create a password reset disk when I did the password. I tried several third-party applications, all claiming to allow me to change my password. None worked, most was advertising machines, and some have been marked by my antivirus software to be malicious. I didn't pay $30 to have HP send me a password recovery disk, so I stuck with my fingerprints while the other features of HP SimplePass disabling.

    Recently booked an upgrade of Windows 10 on this computer, I'm a little worried. This update will require the administrator password? The HP SimplePass application is compatible with the upgrade? Please comment if you know something or have had the same problems with HP SimplePass! I would like to also some suggestions on the third-party applications that actually reset passwords!

    Business Web page:

    Is your current account, an administrator account? If Yes, you do not need any third-party tool. Here's what you need to do:

    1. Log in under this admin account, by using the fingerprint reader.
    2. Click the start planet.
    3. Type cmd.exe in the search box.
    4. Press Ctrl + Shift + Enter
    5. Click on "Run as Administrator".
    6. Type the following commands and press ENTER after each:
      NET user "user %%nom" 123456
      (to set your password to 123456)
      NET user administrator abcxyz
      (to set the password for abcxyz)
      NET accounts /maxpwage: unlimited
      (to prevent the passwords expire)
    7. Log in as administrator to test the password.
    8. Create a folder printed of these passwords and store it in a place that you can not possibly forget. It is clear that relying on your memory will not work. It wouldn't work with my memory no more...

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