users and internet accounts. -Account that a single user can connect to the Internet at the same time

When I am connected to the computer, and I 'switch user' other user accounts, cannot connect to the internet, unless I have complelty "log off." How can I fix? I should be able to stay connected with the windows open, so I can continue when I get back.

I should be able to stay connected with the windows open, so I can continue when I get back.

It depends on your network, there'S no connection.  For example, it could certainly happen to a user who was logged only under that user.   However, in this case instead of completely disconnected the first account you could probably have the first account log out and hang up the connection.  Then the second account probably could dial and connect.  FWIW, I think a DSL PPPoE user might see similar symptoms.

Robert Aldwinckle

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    Thank you

    It's the same as with a XP machine. 1 single user can connect at the same time.


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    Then you need a server operating system.

    And just for the record, although there are perhaps 20 connections, a machine can make multiple connections, so the figure of 20 is not necessarily the same as the number of machines that can connect physically.

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    There is nothing on the Horizon that would in native mode.  You must use a product type to have two people viewing the same third party screen sharing office.

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    Hello f1charlie,

    Its new r: YES, because it would be 2 printer icons. One for the USB and the other for the wireless.

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    You can set these printer (USB or network) icon to by default.

    But again, every time that you want to print using any application. Click file > print, which will display a dialog box, where, in, you can select the printer icon.

    Kind regards

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    USB and wireless can work at the same time. However, if your computer is connected to your wireless router, even by the router, it can connect to a wireless printer.

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    I have two e-mail accounts on the Mail for some time ( and Today, for some reason any Mail keeps asking for the password of the email blank and does not seem to recognize the password (which works fine if I connect on the Virgin account from the internet). Then also the following error message appears "only an e-mail account can be activated at the same time. «The «[email protected] e-mail account activation will disable "..." on this Mas.» How can I solve this?

    Thank you

    10.11.5 OS / iMac (mid-2010)

    You will need at least one of the accounts remove and recreate it in the Internet accounts preferences panel. You can do this without losing all the messages, provided that the account is IMAP or Exchange, and if you store sent messages on the server. Back up all data before making any changes.

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    Morning and thanks for taking my question!

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    Thank you!


    DBcontrol or DBconsole is independent of any agent who and both can run on the same machine. DBcontrol is a standalone product and can handle databases on a local computer. When you install Oracle Management Server, you need to specify and use a separate database with its own SYSMAN account for the SGD server repository. You can add all the machines with the WHO running agent. Note that there are no more DBconsole or DBcontrol in database 12 c, which has been replaced by DBexpress and is much more limited.

  • More then a user accessing virtual at the same time

    Hi all

    I have install Server2.0 for test and I must say that the web interface is a pretty cool idea. The main idea is to use the test environment 2.0 ina, which means that users will not be permanently connected to the virtual machine, but must be there they would go on some virtual OS that is not available in physical machines.

    The test I did was to install 2.0 in a DC 2003 server. Even if he told me that it wasn't good option to install on DC I went come just for test purposes. Everything works very well. I created a user and given the permitions restricted in order just to use the VM and not apply the changes to this.

    Then I added 2 virtual machines and I started one and start using it... Can I access the server 2.0 from somewhere else on the network and having the same user (or even with the diferent user) I started the machine VM for Sami. Now I have 2 users, access to the vmimage from different places and now the problem, is that both control the same vm in the same session... which means that I can't have 2 users working in the same image at the same time.

    On the gmx those who can't... I can access the vmconsole (even with the same user) and images (with the same user) access location diferent.

    Is it normal to work? Does perform a work around? Anyone with the same problem?

    Kind regards


    Happy to help...

    Just give users their own virtual machines - you can grant permissions such that a user cannot access another user.

    Guy Leech

    VMware vExpert 2009


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  • Standard user can connect to the new network wireless only in local mode - no Internet pass through by the router.

    My wife now takes a laptop (HP Pavilion) with her on a business trip.  The computer that runs Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit SP2 with all updates.  I have his set as a standard user account, just to keep him out of trouble.  However, with his own account, it can connect to a new wireless network, like a hotel or business she visits could offer.  But, invariably, she gets access 'local only' - no pass Internet through connectivity.  I had to give him the information of my account as an administrator, and then she is able to connect without difficulty.

    Of course, this isn't an ideal situation - standard user must be able to connect to the Internet through a new wireless network.  Otherwise, I should be able to change his account in such a way that it can be given to this authority without necessarily opening the entire system and its related vulnerabilities.
    Any help, suggestions or solutions?


    I suggest you go through the information provided in the following link.

  • Firefox does not open a session on a particularweb site, I can connect on the same web site with internet explore. What's wrong?

    This is the site web
    After I typed my username and password, it tries to connect and then just waiting for merchants and refreshs services shows.
    I refreshed firefox and did not help.

    Use this link to make sure your plugins are up-to-date.
    If all are listed as unknown or research, don't worry to their topic.

    Start Firefox in Safe Mode {web link} by holding down the < shift >
    (Mac options)
    key and then from Firefox. Is always the problem?

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    So basically, you want to enable file and printer between your computer share. Follow this link to enable sharing of files between your XP and Vista computer.

  • Two internet connection on the same PC (WiFi and ethernet)

    I have windows 8.  I have two internet connections. A cable (wired) and another in the microwave (wifi).  Normally isn't a problem because desktop computers are on the cable connections and the TV, laptops and other toys are on wifi.

    But sometimes I want to use two connections on a PC, like download a large file and stream and watch the Broncos game at the same time. I want to use Ethernet as a main and did use WiFi when Ethernet is too busy. I can't understand how to do this.  Anyone know?

    Hi Gerard,.

    You can activate the Wifi and cable connected at the same time, but you can use the Internet from one of them. The computer will prefer the cable if the cable is connected.

    If both are capable of providing Internet access, computer will prefer the wired (Ethernet) network to access the Internet (and not use the Wifi network to access the Internet).

    The advantage of using two connections is to get Internet access without interruption when a connection does not work.

    I hope this helps! Let us know if you have other problems with Windows in the future.

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