Using a neural network with box Toolbox MATLAB in LabView?

I would like to know how to train a neural network in Matlab and use it in Labview? I know I should be using the MathScript, but as I do once the network formed in matlab is a dull file?


Hi GringoButzlaff1,

Well, it's not all MATLAB code/script that can run in LabVIEW using MathScript.

If there is a function of IP (intellectual property) in the code, that is, any Toolbox MATLAB functions, you won't be able to execute it using the MathScript.

In fact, you must call the MATLAB script node in your code. This node calls the script software MATLAB server to run scripts written in MATLAB language syntax and are only available for windows.

Try encoding using the MATLAB script node and tell me if it worked for you.

Best regards.

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    PTC 2206 touch (Windows XP Embedded)
    CompactRIO 9074
    LabVIEW 2010

    Problem solved, thank you for your help!

    For anyone else having this problem in the future:

    As stated previously, the TPC2206 (touch screen) with Windows XP Embedded does not come with the support of shared variable engine installed.  To resolve this problem, I went to, typed in "LabVIEW Run-Time Engine 2010" in the search box (if you are using another version of LabVIEW, then find accordingly) and clicked on the second link "LabVIEW Run - Time Engine 2010 - (32-bit Standard RTE) - Windows 7/7 64 bit/Server 2003 R2 (32-bit) / XP/Vista/Vista x 64/Server 2008 R2 (64-bit)" "» downloaded, place the file on a USB key (my touch screen is not connected to the internet), connected to the touchscreen, installed the file and restarted the touch screen.

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    ·         What mail client do you use?

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    You plug the computer via the network to a router or a switch card, and configuring their file sharing.


    Win7 when configured on the peer-to-peer network has three types of configurations of sharing.

    Group residential network = only works between Win 7 computers. This type of configuration, it is very easy to entry level users to start sharing network.

    Working network = fundamentally similar to previous methods of sharing that allow you to control what, how and to whom the records would be shared with.

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    = network Public (as Internet Café) in order to reduce security risks.

    For the best newspaper of the results of each computer screen system and together all computers on a network of the same name, while each computer has its own unique name.


    Make sure that the software firewall on each computer allows free local traffic. If you use 3rd party Firewall on, Vista/XP Firewall Native should be disabled, and the active firewall has adjusted to your network numbers IP on what is sometimes called the Zone of confidence (see part 3 firewall instructions

    General example,
    Please note that some 3rd party software firewall continue to block the same aspects it traffic Local, they are turned Off (disabled). If possible, configure the firewall correctly or completely uninstall to allow a clean flow of local network traffic. If the 3rd party software is uninstalled, or disables, make sure Windows native firewall is active .


    If your network consists only of Win 7 and you want a simple network, use it.

    After you have configured the homegroup, scroll to the bottom for the Permission/security section.


    Win 7 networking with other version of Windows as a work network.

    In the center of the network, by clicking on the type of network opens the window to the right.

    Choose your network type. Note the check box at the bottom and check/uncheck depending on your needs.


    Win 7 -

    Win 7 network sharing folder specific work -

    Vista file and printer sharing -

    Windows XP file sharing -;en-us;304040
    Sharing printer XP -

    Setting Windows native firewall for sharing XP -
    Windows XP Patch for sharing with Vista (no need for XP - SP3) -

    When you have finished the configuration of the system, it is recommended to restart everything the router and all computers involved.


    If you have authorization and security problems, check the following settings.

    Point to a folder that wants to share do right click and choose Properties.

    In the properties

    Click on the Security tab shown in the bellows of the photo on the right) and verify that users and their permissions (see photo below Centre and left) are configured correctly. Then do the same for the authorization tab.

    This screen shot is to Win 7, Vista menus are similar.


    The Security Panel and the authorization Panel, you need to highlight each user/group and consider that the authorization controls are verified correctly.

    When everything is OK, restart the network (router and computer).

    * Note . The groups and users listed in the screen-shoot are just an example. Your list will focus on how your system is configured.

    * Note . There must be specific users. All means all users who already have an account now as users. This does not mean everyone who feel they would like to connect.


    * Note. Some of the processes described above are made sake not for Windows, but to compensate for different routers and how their firmware works and stores information about computers that are networked.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

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    1. which is the version of Windows installed on the computer? For example, Windows 7, Vista

    2. only the error message appears only when the Xbox is connected to the computer or at both times?

    3. have you made any software or changes to the material on the computer before this problem?

    Please answer these questions and provide additional information so that we can better guide you.

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    My knowledge is that when you activate THE wifi network, the WEB browser is intended to USE the wireless internet, NOT the internet carrier

    The next time I switchd off the the carrier signal, and then Turned ON one internet WI - FI and then opened the web browser of BB. so now all the opend website with wifi internet bt as soon as I open YOU TUBE or FB or it post a comment... .that cannot visit the web page when the carrier is off. Please turn on the radio n try again... I mean IT SHOULD OPEN with internet wifi? WHY do network carrier sim to open the web page?

    I have checkd my browser settings and they are default and also my wifi settings I have reset the... the problem still persists?

    any idea wats going on?

    Please help is needed I'm annoyed about this problem...

    Thank you

    MR. KIWI... Good news... .i went to my carrier service center... Solvedo Problemo!

    Go to your service books and remove directories of service WAP browser in all directories of service WAP 3 I don't know the exact name, but all are related to the browser... WAP config something like dat... Just remove dem... .and HARD restart your fone... and try to use only wifi on your device with your carrier network off...

    mine worked... Let me know on urs... so now, the browser uses my wifi instead of my network provider when both are running...

  • Neural network: is there a tool kit?

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    There is a Machine learning toolkit for labview that has implementation of neural networks.

  • Using Zyxel wireless network configuration

    Using Panel to have Windows configure my system to use a wireless connection to internet via Zyxel USB. Using Windows options, network, Network Setup and configuration of wireless network connection me don't upset none the case. I understand there is a way that Windows will automatically connect. I need to update my Windows? I would like assistance. Bill

    Thanks for the information.

    No, you don't need an update.

    I do not understand your answer to no. 5, in particular "the material was not recognized by Windows, it requires a manual boot without Windows manages the connection of the device to the router."

    In Windows, there are basically two ways that a wireless adapter can be controlled.  Windows can control the unit by using a feature called 'Wireless Zero Configuration' or a utility provided by the manufacturer of the card.  As a general rule, you want one or the other - not both active at the same time.

    If the icon you are referencing is a 'Z' in a box (, then the Zyxel utility is in charge.   Which is perfectly OK (and probably provides more features than Windows WZC), but I'm not familiar with the details of using the Zyxel utility.  If you identify the model of your adapter, I can see if I can find his online user manual, and explain the steps you need to take

    If you use the Zyxel or Windows WZC utility, you must take the basic steps are the same:

    1. search for available wireless networks.
    2. identify your network in the list that is displayed (this is your SSID or 'Network name')
    3. click on "sign in".
    4. Enter the encryption password when you are prompted.

    Did you do the above?  That's happened?

    Additional information:

    Windows WZC automatically saves the connection (SSID and password) information once you connect successfully.  I don't know if the Zyxel utility done automatically or if you explicitly save a 'profile' with the data.

    Any utility that you use, you must know the SSID of your router and the password for the encryption.  Verizon technology that installed your router should provide you with this information.  It can also be written on a label on the bottom of the router.

    If you do not have - or lost - this information, you can find it by connecting to the router.  Preferably, you should do this using an Ethernet cable - assuming you can get your computer back close enough to the router.  You will need to know the name of user and password to connect to the router.  Again, Verizon technology would have to provide this information for you.

    As far as I can determine '20.10.7' is the revision number of the firmware of your router.  I believe - but am not sure - that the user guide is here-->

  • What is the use of the network user and 4 asm disks in oracle rac 11 g 2?


    Separate server DNS:
    bones of DNS: OEL 5.7

    OS: OEL 5.7 64bits
    DB: 64-bit

    OS: OEL 5.7 64bits
    DB: 64-bit

    4 disks are shared between rac1 and rac2... and I configured using the oracleasm successfully...
    above all 3 nodes are in virtual box

    I'm installing oracle 11 g 2 cars in the configuration node above the 2.

    I'm partially by following this link
    up to stage pre - crsinst - n rac1, rac2-verbose

    is success... now I got a question... What is the use of the network user?
    because after checking above... it installs through the user oracle... of the complete notes he has no use for the user to this network...
    can someone tell me the use of the network user?

    of course I ask only this person who wrote this installation... to get a quick answer, I ask you here...
    I hope that someone will clarify my doubt to the success of this installation in a few hours...

    I have already created users and groups below... in each node

    [[email protected] ~]# id oracle
    uid=200(oracle) gid=500(oinstall) groups=500(oinstall),505(dba),502(asmdba),504(oper)
    [[email protected] ~]# id grid
    uid=201(grid) gid=500(oinstall) groups=500(oinstall),501(asmadmin),502(asmdba),503(asmoper)
    [[email protected] ~]# 
    [[email protected] ~]# id oracle
    uid=200(oracle) gid=500(oinstall) groups=500(oinstall),505(dba),502(asmdba),504(oper)
    [[email protected] ~]# id grid
    uid=201(grid) gid=500(oinstall) groups=500(oinstall),501(asmadmin),502(asmdba),503(asmoper)
    [[email protected] ~]# 
    and on the shared drive... He created 4 disks... I saw in the paper... 3 is normal and 5 for the top... but 4?

    Thank you and best regards,

    OraDB wrote:
    Thanks for the link...
    So how about storage shared... it's 4 disc are necessary for normal redundancy? or 3 is sufficient according to the documentation.

    Thank you

    Before you answer, you must reflect on what is to say NORMAL redundancy? As long as you can keep your total drive less than the size of a full disk, you'll be fine... If it becomes higher than that and you have a failure, you now will have a major problem trying to recover a defective unit. The documentation is for a minimum configuration, however, you generally have to be smarter than the documentation. You must configure really redundant N + 1. Whatever size you need, configure always a plus. So, if you need the space of 2 devices, set up 3. If you need the space of 3, Setup 4. And if you start using the appliance + 1, add another. Always keep N + 1.

    In what concerns the grid + oracle user in most of the stores of this level of "termination" is total nonsense. Unless you have a DBA who makes GI and a DBA who data bases etc... It's a moot point. I'd say it's a complete waste of time and energy in all cases. I have it configured with grid + oracle user and I configured with just the oracle user. The multi-user method can sometimes become confused when you try to find something like the other user. YMMV.

  • Extend my extreme network with another extreme - waiting for internet access

    Hello - I have a new generation Airport Extreme (let's call it Extreme1) connected to a Comcast modem and it works very well. The extreme will be the router that the modem has no router function. I'm trying to expand my network to another room with another extreme (let's call it Extreme2). I have a connection cable between two rooms. Extreme1 has an ethernet cable from one of its LAN ports connected on port WAN Extreme2. When I try to create a new network with Extreme2 (in aid of the same name, passwords, etc.) it does not work. He was suspended at the end when he is looking for a connection ("Waiting for internet access")-I did the following things based on what I read here:

    1. Changed IPv6 link local parameters
    2. Tried the whole upward on my Macbook and tried on my iphone
    3. The Wan first and then tried to change the configuration after you done for Extreme2 by creating a network
    4. Tried to create a network with Extreme2 connected directly to the modem
    5. Extreme2 factory reset after every attepmt

    And nothing works. Kicker is, I also have a reasonably new airport express and the same thing happens to her as well.

    Do I need to adjust some parameters of network that I'm not aware of? Is it possible that my LAN ports are disabled on Extreme2? It is brand new.

    Thanks for any help.

    Have you used the Apple Setup Assistant?  If you did, it had notified you that the extreme second was being configured "add using Ethernet. The wizard will automatically configure the second airport with the appropriate settings for you.  All you have to do is enter a name of device for the second AirPort Extreme.

    Here I'm assuming that you reset the second extreme to parameters by default until you set it up again and that your second Extreme is the current version of the "tower" or that of previous versions "flat or square.

    The example below shows an AirPort Express as the device which is the extension of the network, but you will see the name of your network and AirPort Extreme on your configuration screen.

    Post back if you need some tips on using the "Wizard" for your configuration.

  • What is the right way to extend a network with two stations 80211ac wireless fixed extreme apple via ethernet?

    I my house wired with ethernet and have logged as many devices via cat5e as possible. My problem is when I try to connect together the two apple airport extreme base stations and use the second to extend my network I lose the internet connection.  I am able to extend without problems via radio, but since I plugged in the House tried to take advantage of the fastest method by cable.

    Here's my network setup in a nut shell.

    In the basement, I have my router from Verizon Fios (gateway 80211n) currently configured to provide all the space an Ip address via dhcp (disabled wireless)

    Gigabit ethernet port 8 wired via gigabit switch through the cable between the bridge Fios and port 1 of the switch.

    two iMacs wired directly the fios gateway ports 2 and 3

    Base station extreme elementary apple (call it down at the moment) connected to the Fios bridge

    Extreme basestation secondary apple related to extreme primary apple base station

    Cable to switch TV

    Nintendo Wii connected to the switch U

    Apple TV connected to the switch

    Drive Blu - ray connected to the switch

    My mainly the Airport extreme is configured as follows

    connect via DHCP

    Address of the router is set to the Fios router

    FOR DNS, I used back free servers like Google, and level 3

    Wireless is set to create a wireless network

    Security is set to WPA2 Personal

    Turned on 5 GHz and 2.4 and 5 ghz are set to automatic

    Router mode is set to bridge mode off

    Second or first floor Airport extreme config

    Connect using dhcp

    Address of the router is also the Fios router

    Servers DNS is empty

    Wireless settings

    Network is set to extend a wireless network

    the wireless network name reflects my network

    wpa2 personal wireless security game


    Router mode is grayed out and pondered or bridge mode

    Second or first floor Airport extreme config...

    .. . Network is set to extend a wireless network

    Given that all routers are interconnected by Ethernet, you don't want to configure AirPort Extreme to "Extend a wireless network." This option should be used only if the connection between the wireless base stations. Instead, the two base stations must be configured to "create a wireless network.  This is because that, with them all connected by Ethernet, you have the basis for a network of mobile type.

    With this type of network, each router will broadcast their own Wi - Fi network, but because they will all use the same network name (SSID) and use the same type of wireless security and the password, all the wireless clients will see them as network «one»

  • HP-S5-1414: use two onboard video with add on video PCIe at the same time

    I have a HP S5-1414 (HP Pavilion Slimline). It has 2 DVI connectors on board and a PCIe x 16 slot with a Gigabyte R9 270 X Video card. With a lot of motherboards with onboard video you can now launch the edge and a discrete video card simultaneously. I tried to do this on this system without success. The question is this. Is there a way use Board on board with separate video, at the same time?

    Jim Hutto
    I do not work for HP.
    I am a computer technician and a passion for computing with more than 32 years of computer repair and networking experience


    Space cleary wrote:

    Integrated Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD graphics
    * Built-in video is not available if you have installed a graphics card or an Intel processor ending with 'P'.

  • Satellite Pro A200: Recovery using a ghost network boot disk

    Hi all

    Need to ghost several satellite pro a200 machines using a ghost network boot disk. When I use disk ghost provided by the ghost boot Wizard and no boot on PC back I get the message 'No Fast Ethernet PCI Adapter Found!' Serious internal error! (hardware works fine under XP/Vista)

    I tried to boot from CD, Mem Stick and USB floppy with the drivers of toshiba and realtek without success, research on google seem to point to there needing to be a driver to interface with the cardbus / PCMCIA adapter - if it IS the case can anyone shed light on the fate of a pilot and how I could continue on this?

    Thank you very much
    GAV Shakespeare.

    Thanks for the clarification best regards

  • Compaq presario c700-c795tu: unable to connect to the WiFi network with WPA2 encryption

    Hi team,

    I tried all the options in your post and I am still unable to connect to WiFi with WPA2-PSK encryption.

    I am currently using the adapter network driver atheros 5007 wireless.

    Some of the links in your message that resolved this issue earlier are currently unavailable.

    It would be great if you could help me to solve this issue.



    Here is the patch for WPA2 for XP SP2...

    Install and reboot and then see if you're OK...

    That's the only reason why I can think that now prevents you from being able to connect on a network with WPA2 Personal Security.

Maybe you are looking for