Using a single iTunes library on two computers


I have a Macbook running El Capitan and the latest version of iTunes. I have an iMac running Yosemite and the latest version of iTunes.

I currently save the laptop on the desk. I would like to be able to open the iTunes library for my laptop on my desktop, but when I try to do this iTunes tells me it cannot locate the files.

I've tried a few things.

iTunes organizes my media folder but doesn't not automatically copy it on it.

I moved all my music files, so that they were in a folder in the iTunes .itl file, but the hierarchy above is different for both laptop and desktop.

I read everywhere and discussions seem to suggest its possible, but no one has described the problem I have.

With the help of pictures, I was able to do what I want with iTunes either open the backup of the laptop on my desk (although I can't tried editing photos so I just looked at the pictures)

So I'm a little stuck and would be grateful if anyone can help us with that.

Thank you very much



You may not use the same library iTunes, two Mac.  If the two Mac tried to access and update the library even at the same time, it will probably cause data corruption.  But the library file (which is a database) is not identical to the location where your iTunes Media files are stored (which is what occupies more space).  By default, the iTunes Media folder is in the folder that the file to iTunes library.  But you can use iTunes preferences Advanced tab to change the location of the iTunes Media to an iTunes library folder.  However, two Mac share the same iTunes Media folder is also not ideal, because if you make a change (for example, the addition of a new song) to a Mac, the other Mac iTunes library will not know this change.

The best solution, I think, is to use the share at home with two Macs.  If the iMac has 'primary' iTunes library, set to share its library on your home network.  This is done in the tab of sharing a iTunes preferences.  You can access iTunes library to the iMac for iTunes running on the MacBook.  All media files are stored on the iMac and the MacBook has access to the same files.  You can set the iMac iTunes library to download automatically the iTunes Store purchases on other devices (which use the same Apple ID), including the MacBook (on the Bank of iTunes preferences tab).  Keep the library iTune to the iMac as the master repository with "everything." the MacBook can have its own separate iTunes content (for when it is outside the iMac), but when he is on the same network, iTunes of the MacBook can directly access the iMac iTunes library (provided that the iMac is not turned off or sleep).

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  • Problems with iTunes library shared between 2 computers

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    The problem that happens lately, is that on the iMac, for some songs (not all), when I try to play them, he tries to access it through the network on its own IP address, which gives an error that it cannot connect to the server at It's like the iTunes on the iMac it'S the iTunes on the Macbook Air, if it tries to access music on the network, on himself.

    iTunes works fine on the Macbook Air, but I noticed sometimes when I play iTunes, it mounts a second instance of hard drive of the music, because I see in a finder window that it is connected to the iMac and also connected to (IP address of the iMac).

    I opened the iTunes library XML file and noticed that there are a bunch of songs which the path is "/ volumes/music-1/musicfolder/songname.mp3", but most were "/ volumes/music/musicfolder/songname.mp3". So I did a search and replace for 'music-1' to change it to just "music". This does not seem to make any difference with the problem, and when I have opened the XML file, I saw that iTunes had sprinkled in a lot of instances 'music-1' again.

    So my question is:

    How to return to the iMac looking for its music files locally, instead of through the LAN, on its own IP address? If the path in the XML file is "/ volumes/music/musicfolder/songname.mp3", which then determines whether iTunes search for this path locally or via the LAN? Is this info in the iTunes library. ITL file?

    Help! Thank you.

    iTunes creates the .xml for other applications to use. The .xml content 90% reflect the content of the .itl. iTunes uses only the .itl.  If you want the .itl update changes in the .xml, you need to delete (or remove) the .itl, then launch iTunes. It will start with an empty library, and then you import the .xml. Note This will deliver the game counts to zero, delete all the logs and reset the date of addition to our days.  By doing what you have just used iTunes the .itl as usual and has replaced the .xml as it usually does, with the same credentials as before.

    I don't know the cause of the problem or the real nature of it.  It can be by using the server software is at the origin of this.  iTunes is not really set up for connections to the server of fancy, simple old external hard drives.  Usually when I see this kind of question on the forum it is because someone uses a library on a NAS.

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    Activation servers will be notified when you launch your application on any of your two computers. However, it is not true that you can not run the same application on two computers at the same time. Both of your computers have different hardware IDS. Therefore, model license detects and count your license to be used on 2 computers (which is legally allowed) when you work at the same time on two computers, regardless of the same apps, regardless of the different Adobe applications.

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    It's a little involved if you want to leave the library on the main drive of the first computer.  Will be have to make the folder containing the library reading and writing of the computer, so make sure that the first computer is always turned on and wake up when you use iTunes on the second computer. In addition, you can only use the library to a computer at a time.

  • One account CC - two computers?

    Is it possible to use a single CC subscription on multiple computers? I have a laptop for road and a Home Office...

    Hi Lisa,

    Yes, you can use Creative Cloud for up to two machines at a time.

    Please visit the following Creative Cloud FAQ link

    The FAQ section number three under "Getting Started", you will get the answer

    of your question.

    I hope this helps.

    Please let me know if you have further questions.

    Kind regards

    Sumit Singh

  • CS6 license - installation on two computers

    License says I can install CS6 on two computers, but I can't run them both at the same time. What happens when I have, let's say by accident, will run both programs at the same time? Second, it does not start or I'm having some trouble with my driver's license? Is there another way to prevent the two programs running side just being careful?

    What happens when I have, let's say by accident, will run both programs at the same time?

    Don't think that something will happen. I did regularly without any problems with the perpetually licensed software (but since I joined the cloud where it is enjoyed a problem).

    Worst case, if they are on the same network, is that you will see a prompt asking you to close a single instance of the software before opening another.

    The EULA (End User License Agreement) for the cloud has been relaxed so that you can run two copies at the same time.

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    What should I do - apart from the creation of a new account - we can use the same iTunes library, which is on an external hard drive?

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    Some additional information:

    1 there is no iTunes purchases which he shared library ' in bulk ' on the hard drive.

    2. we don't use iTunes game

    3. sharing app would be nice, but she won't need to almost nothing outside of Safari, office and iTunes

    4. for the office, I have a 365 subscription, which she can also use

    5. There is an Apple TV involved, that we use to stream iTunes and is connected to my Apple ID for the moment. Is this a problem?

    6 sync is useless for its iPad, sync to my iPhone should still work with my account

    Thank you!

    Launch iTunes with down option, and then choose this library. You may need to change permissions on it, or select the volume in the Finder, choose get the information in the file menu and check the box for ignore ownership or permissions to this topic.


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    For the initial check of the cable, I used a terminal program such as HyperTerminal, PuTTY, RealTerm. But none of the PC was able to read/write data from the port. I shorted her transmit and receive pins (2 & 3) at one end with a jumper (PIN stapler) for a loop to return the data to the Terminal. Terminal exits each letter typed twice, that is to say the cable and the COM port works correctly for two computers. But with 2 PCs connected, the Hyperterminal does not output nothing written of another PC Hyperterminal.
    Possible suspects: -.
    1. in the device-> PORTS (COM and LPT) Manager - there are 3 elements in both PC
    Communication Port (COM1), Communications Port (COM2), the Printer Port (LPT1).
    while I plug / unplug the cable at the PC, nothing changes in this section.
    2. the drivers for this type of cable to not installed.
    3. different OS installed on the PC.
    4 or I have to create a new connection , and then connect directly to another computer as mentioned in . But I didn't know how to do these steps in Windows 7/8.
    Any idea about this problem is appreciated.

    The problem is your trying to use both ports 'exit' to connect two computers / never going to work.

    VGA ports are for v's t. 'If' they are able to c.p.. otherwise, you will need to use a HDMI to the TV which is also an exit from the c.p.

    If you notice your computer and your monitor using a DVI port connection not a VGA.

    And no you can not use a DVI cable either :)

  • After the creative signature Cloud, I guess I can use some products subscribe to on several computers right?

    I know, probably a stupid question, but I was having a hard time finding a definitive answer on the site, and I wanted to just make sure. THX


    You can install the software on two computers. These two computers can be Windows, Mac OS, or everyone.

    If you install on a third computer, you will be asked to turn off this feature on the other two computers.  You can then re-enable one of the two previous computers and use Cloud Creative apps on it.

    If you regularly need to use creative cloud on more than two computers, it would be better to buy an additional subscription.  It's the same btw licenses we have for our perpetual product.  A benefit for Creative cloud above the perpetual product however is that you can install on Mac and Windows with the same subscription!

    You can also check:

    I hope that answers your questions!

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