Using an Airport Express to listen to music - ethernet cable or not?

My wife - who bought me an Airport Express 802.11n Wi - Fi for Christmas - was reassured in a certified store to which he would have a wireless connection to my existing wifi to stream spotify on my stereo, but I could not set up like that. According to Apple's Support, the Airport Express must be connected to a modem via an ethernet cable to work, which totally contradicts the advice she was given. This will not work for me - the stereo is in a completely different room for the modem.

Who is right?

I can't find clear indications on the web.

Thank you very much.


A "modem" , it's just that... a device that connects to the service of your Internet service provider to another router with a wireless Ethernet cable. "modem" does not any signal wireless... only an Ethernet signal.

A ' modem/router ' or the 'bridge' is a device that combines the functions of a modem and router wireless in one package. It provides a signal of wireless network for other wireless devices can connect to the Internet wirelessly.  The modem/router or gateway also provides several Ethernet ports... usually 3 or 4... for devices to connect in this way as an option.

An AirPort Express can only connect to a modem using a wired Ethernet cable connection.

An AirPort Express can connect to a modem/router or Gateway using either a wired Ethernet connection or a wireless connection.

Who is right?

It all depends on if you have a modem... .or you have a modem/router, also called a gateway.

If you do not know what you... then post back with the number of brand and model of the device that you call your modem... and we will try to find what it is you have.

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    I I have an Apple Airport express and listen to music from my iTunes library on my MacBook Pro. I have just bought a Time Capsule from Apple and saved my MacBook to this. I would like to listen to the music of my Time Capsule, as is always on.

    Anyone know if this is possible?

    Thank you

    Unfortunately, your new Time Capsule is not an iTunes server. This is, in itself, it can not stream audio files stored on the internal hard drive to an AirPort Express or Apple TV point. You will still need to use iTunes on your MBP to do. You would just point to the media library on your Time Capsule in the case of iTunes. (Note: However, if your iTunes library is stored on the Time Capsule as a Time Machine backup, this no longer works.) "It will take a stand-alone copy of the one that was on your MacBook.)

  • Extend the iPhone hotspot using an airport express?

    Is it possible to EXTEND - no JOIN - a 6 hotspot iPhone (iOS 9) using an Airport Express station (Terminal AirPort Express 802.11n (1st generation))?

    Sorry, but no.

  • Is it possible to use the AirPort Express to AirPlay only? (Wireless)


    I have a speaker and I would empower AirPlay for it. I have an old airport express here in my house and I wanted to plug my express from the airport to my wireless network and allow the airplay.

    The only thing I don't want to not remove is the possibility to extend the wireless network, because I'm pretty sure it will do more bad then good, since I was a big of AC very close to the speaker wireless router. (

    Is it possible to use the Airport express only airplay? Without trying to extend my network?

    Thanks in advance!

    Kind regards


    Yes, if you have the main router near the speakers... then simply plug the Express into the enclosure of the ethernet... Run it in Bridge mode and turn off wireless... Then check if you can find it in iTunes etc to send the stream of airtime.

    Or you can configure it to join a wireless network... it will not extend... Apple call it client mode.

    AirPort Express: How to join an existing client mode - Apple Support Wi - Fi network

  • can anyone help with an Airport Express set to existing wifi if it is not recognized in utility?  I fired several times by default.

    I have Airport express 802.11n and can not make it appear in Airport utility.

    Which version of AirPort Utility?   If you are not sure, open AirPort Utility and click on the menu of AirPort Utility in the upper left of the screen. Then click on the utility AirPort post back with the version number that you see there.

    Is the Terminal AirPort Express 802.11n have an Ethernet port, or both?

    Is the existing WiFi provided by another Apple AirPort router?

    You try to get the AirPort Express to connect to the network using a Wi - Fi?... or... the AirPort Express will connect using wired Ethernet wired, permanent access to the existing wireless router?

  • Interruption of the WiFi connection.  Green light is the Airport Express. Settings Network said the cable for the Wi - Fi connection is not connected or the device at the other end does not respond.

    Interruption of the WiFi connection.  Green light is the Airport Express.  Settings Network said the cable for the Wi - Fi connection is not connected or the device at the other end does not respond.  Tried to reset Airport Express, but remained light amber or orange flashing.  I unplugged it and waited and plugged back into the light turned green.  Rebooted computer (Mac Pro). Parameters of said the same thing.  Managed to create a WiFi "network with the ethernet in the network settings section, and yet I am wireless.  I am online but not wired and WiFi settings still says not connected, and either the cable for the Wi - Fi is not plugged or the device at the other end does not respond. I don't understand this situation.  My original WiFi name disappeared.  How I am on the internet?

    What is the brand and model of the modem Internet you have the AirPort Express directly connected by Ethernet? What exact model number is your Express?

  • Can I connect my Airport Extreme base station via an ethernet cable to a counter of locus?

    Can I use my Airport Express (802.11n Wi - Fi) to connect with an ethernet cable, a locus counter that is used with a solar panel inverter?  Currently I use the hotspot to connect two different Mac computers and an Ipad.  Sungevity, Setup, told me that the signal must go in a direction of my locus meter satellite modem.  Sungevity also told me that if I can hard wire any device (such as a computer) directly from my Airport, I should also be able to do the same with the meter of locus.  Has anyone tried this before?

    Thank you.

    North Country Boy

    What is the AirPort Express you have?

    As you test, turn off the WiFi on a computer and then connect the computer to the local network <-->port on the AirPort Express using an Ethernet cable to see if the computer can get a good connection Internet in this way?

    If he CAN... and if the people of support for your solar panels have provided the correct information... then the meter will work.

  • AirPort Express added to "AirTunes" music to the network

    Hi guys, just a quick bit of advice of you would be good - I want to add an AirPort express to my set up as a dedicated "iTunes Speaker." So far, I have used a 1st generation Apple TV as my extension of iTunes, but this has made me now, and I don't need a model later that I don't need the video capabilities of it - I just need something to the music of airtime either my iPhone or, for most of the time, iTunes on my MacBook Pro.

    My network is as follows:

    Internet comes to DSL modem cable, which is connected to the Wan 2nd generation (500 GB) airport Time Capsule for LAN and WiFi. ATV has been directly linked by ethernet (via a Netgear switch) and my MacBook and iPhone use WiFi (802.11n 5 GHz)

    While I was looking for the original to the current model Express Airport (A1392) and using that passthrough network local ethernet of the TC to the switch (which continues to provide my TV, games console box, etc.) and possibly use it as a WiFi extender too (further strong WiFi to the garden for example - the TC is on the floor and it's down) , but then I thought - the oldest AirPort Express (A1264) allowed? And rather than go through the ethernet LAN of the floor (because it doesn't have two WAN/LAN ports, as the current model), but rather just hanging the switch via ethernet and to connect it to my amp to pump music iTunes/iPhone?

    If I had to, I would still be able to use it as a way to extend the range of my 802.11n network (that I don't know if 1 model made gen only 2.4 or 5 GHz)

    A1264 models are fairly cheap on eBay these days and would be an inexpensive way to add music streaming capabilities in my set up.

    Thank you!

    the old AirPort Express (A1264) usable?


    And rather than go through the ethernet LAN of the floor (because it doesn't have two WAN/LAN ports, as the current model), but rather just hanging the switch via ethernet and to connect it to my amp to pump music iTunes/iPhone?

    It works

    If I had to, I would still be able to use it as a way to extend the range of my 802.11n network?


    (as I don't know if 1 model made gen only 2.4 or 5 GHz)

    The A1264 can do is 2.4 GHz... or. .... 5 GHz, but not both at the same time.

  • Can I plug two Airport Express units with ethernet cord and have a third Airport Express Terminal receive airplay music wirelesslly? In other words, can I combine a Wi - Fi network and roaming?

    I have an undesirable on the 1st floor, connected to the cable modem Ethernet event. I want to connect that AE to an another AE on 2nd floor with ethernet cable AND have a 3rd AE on the 1st floor to receive music through AirPlay wireless. I thought that linking the two first AEs with ethernet would improve the performance of web site on my iMac desktop, which is on the 2nd floor and connects to the 2nd floor AE via wifi. The EI the first two are newer model (MC414LL/A); the 3rd AE is old model (MB321LL/A) and is connected to a stereo Bose with a mini-jack to RCA cable double cord. I tried to set up this network using AirPort Utility, but have had no success. I don't know if it is possible to do what I want to do; and if this is the case, I don't know how to set the various parameters for each AE using AirPort Utility. I've temporarily implemented a purely wireless network; Do not connect DO NOT the two AEs with ethernet and everything works. I would enjoy my plan as above, or if I hold with purely network wireless. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Using ethernet network roaming between the two floors is a much better idea than anything wireless.

    The installation should be automagical if you start with the two AE plugged in by ethernet.

    It must be configured in standard roaming with identical names wireless.

    If you have any questions... Please, just after the airport utility screenshots of the configuration... but

    An express train is probably the router? You must confirm this.

    The second express is so configured in bridge... It's on the network tab, disable the bridge mode.

    Without thread is set to create a wireless network and simply use the same name and the same password as the other Express.

    As it should be automagical when you WAN on the second AE plugged into the LAN on the first AE.

    Wireless and then extend to will also be installed enough well automatically even if sometimes it works better in a client that extend wireless mode.

    See the Client mode.

    AirPort Express: How to join an existing client mode - Apple Support Wi - Fi network

  • Using the Airport Express Terminal as a bridge

    I would like to get video Amazon on my older Blu - ray player.  I was wondering if I could use my old AirportExpress (1st generation) as a bridge.  Now my new Comcast modem connects to my Time Machine that gives me my wireless connection. I tried to connect to the airport & connecting to my Blu - ray via ethernet cable, but I just get a flashing yellow light and the DVD on the screen tells me just the internet connection failed. Is this possible?

    Now my new Comcast modem connects to my Time Machine that gives me my wireless connection.

    I think that you wanted to say that you have a Time Capsule that produces the signal of your wireless network, correct? (Time Machine is a software on your Mac used to back up the Mac on another hard drive).

    I was wondering if I could use my old AirportExpress (1st generation) as a bridge.

    In 'bridge', do you mean you want the AirPort Express to receive a wireless signal of the time and then wireless Capsule to deliver one Ethernet signal to the DVD player?

    The answer is 'yes' to the offer that you really have a 1st generation AirPort Express. To check, look for the model number on the side of the Express in the small print. It starts with an "A" followed four digits.  A 1st Gen AirPort Express is A1264 model number.  What is the number that you see?

    I tried to connect to the airport & connecting to my Blu - ray via ethernet cable, but I just get a flashing yellow light and the DVD on the screen tells me just the internet connection failed

    Assuming you have a 1st Gen Airport Express, the device must be set up and configured to work with time Capsule. The AirPort Express doesn't quite work simply by plugging.

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    Thank you!

    I just had time to check this. I could listen to music from my watch to my bluetooth speaker, then put the timer as well. I was also able to switch back without the reset timer or stop. I could also stop the clock and continue where I stopped it.

  • Question Airport Express.

    I'm so confused. I'll try to keep a long story short. I lost my internet connection a few weeks ago, and instead blame Mediacom, I blamed my old airport of 12 years and I bought a new Airport Express Terminal (with a new ethernet cable to replace a at least 20 years. While the implementation of the new Terminal Airport Express, I was unable to get anything to work and finally called Mediacom. The problem was indeed at their end, where the cables to connect in the basement of my four-plex apartment.

    Now to cut to the Chase: given that I reproach myself my own equipment and not of Mediacom, I managed to set up two connections Airport Express (call Network1 and Network2). When I restart my computer, it connects inevitably to one or the other, but never the same. It connects only to those who, at the time, won't let me connect. So I turn to the other and all are well again. At the same time, when I get home, my iPhone will almost always automatically connect to the network which does not connect to the internet. It might work with Network1 while my computer only works with Network2. Same thing with my iPad. It is either 1 or Network2, but never both, and never the same. The three units can be on different networks at the same time for each group in order to connect to the internet.

    So my question (s):

    How can I remove one of the networks so that it completely disappears? There is apparently some kind of criss-cross current that confuses my computer and its peripherals.

    If I delete that which does not (at the time), I ALWAYS keep one connect correctly or I need to reset my Airport Express and start from scratch?

    I even does not start in the subject what a pain it was to connect my Tivo to my wireless network, because it works too only with one or the other. And I still have my printer wireless to set up.

    Help/suggestions/explanations are greatly appreciated. I've been using Mac and set up networks since the dark ages, but it left me speechless.

    The Airport Express should not have 2 networks unless you have enabled the guest network. Is it possible that your Internet router has a Wi - Fi network on it as well?

    I highly recommend you reset the default Airport Express Terminal and try again. It's really the only way you are going to get a suitable resolution.

    It is also possible that your network of old and new settings are still in iCloud keychain and causing some confusion.

    I would recommend you disable iCloud Keychain on each device, then make sure that you forgot the network name on each device.

    Recreate your wireless network (giving a new unused name so you can tell if it's all working), then log in to the network without wire on each device, one at a time, making sure the internet connection works.

    You can then re-enable iCloud Keychain if you wish.

    Good luck.

  • How to use express airport when I have the cable modem? you want to listen to music in stereo.

    Hi all, this issue is driving me crazy. the goal was to use an Airport Express station to listen to the music of my devices in my stereo and a DAC to warm up the sound, but do not know how to connect because I have a cable modem my network on. I just want to use airport express to broadcast in stereo. I asked 3 people at the apple store today, and they seemed just as I asked them how to build a House from the ground. they had no idea. did someone hear doing this specific process? Thanks for any input.

    I understand the process of putting in place the DAC, is just the thing of the whole network that creates confusion. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this.

    You can have one or the other hard connected (wired) network or a WiFi to your airport, but you can't have both. Unplug your ethernet cable from your Mac. Now, you'll be on a Wi - Fi on all devices. Reset your AE and use the installation wizard. Otherwise most suppliers of cable modems that with wi - fi for which they charge you an additional monthly cost.

  • I use a VPN in AirPort Express. I've updated firmware for 7.7.7 and DNS assigned by my VPN does not work anymore. Upon entry, the icon 'internet' in utility Airpot turns brown, and the internet stops completely. Anyone have any idea?

    Why my internet connection dies? I use a VPN to my internet at home. I put the DNS numbers supplied by the company VPN in my airPort extreme, which, in turn, provides wireless for home. It worked perfectly until I updated to firmware 7.7.7. Suddenly the green light next to the 'internet' in airport Utility icon went Brown, and it is therefore most all internet. I put numbers in DNS to my ISP, and internet provider is displayed again. All the other numbers in DNS, whether it's Google, OpenDNS or VPN to stop the dead from the internet. Anyone has an idea about this?

    Airport base stations, are at best, a VPN-well past that device. It is a server or a VPN client. Upgrade to the latest firmware does not change this fact.

    To create a VPN tunnel using the AirPort Express Terminal, your computer must be running a VPN client that connects to a VPN server somewhere on the Internet. What DNS servers you use should make no difference with VPN.

    If the ISP-supplied DNS servers do not work, I would say that you contact your ISP to find out why they don't allow you to use them.

    What we need to study is more why you lose Internet connectivity when changing the DNS servers of your ISP. Please check with them and to report back, then we can try to help.

  • Using AirPort Express to stream audio to multiple AirPlay speakers?

    I'm looking to create a room without the need of a receiver wireless.  We have several AirPlay speakers allowed in our room, and I'm looking for a way to audio stream of my Apple TV of new generation for stakeholders.  Article I found online alluded to the idea that this can be accomplished by using an AirPort Express station.  I have a burning question, relating to the installation in the article I found:

    Several allowed AirPlay speakers are connected to the same network (or dedicated) set up on an AirPort Express in client mode (or the appropriate for AirPlay)

    I select this AirPort Express Terminal as a source alternative speaker on Apple TV

    What is going on?  Do all connected then AirPlay speakers receive the audio signal?  I sincerely do not find this anywhere online.  Apple's technical support was not able to answer this question.

    I have an Airport express.  I forward my iPhone airplay and the express has a plug audio mini that connects to my receiver, which in turn divides and distributes the audio channels to the appropriate speakers.

    He cannot receive and transmit audio to multiple airplay speakers.

    You can via a Mac however simultaneously transmit audio to multiple airplay speakers.

    This isn't something that Apple TV is capable.

    Finally do not know what you are trying to accomplish, but transmitting the same audio for all stakeholders would accomplish not something like Dolby 5.1 sound surround.  In the case of different sounds are directed towards the various stakeholders and that separation and management are performed by the receiver.

    Post the link to the article you're reading.

Maybe you are looking for

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