using LM1181 using multisim

I use LM1181 to scan my data. I build the tour that seems very well according to the data sheet of the Active Directory Connector, but I get the result as 000. and the PIN BACK a 0V instead of 1.5V. is there a problem with my circuit? I have attached my tour here. Help, please.

Is possible to export my data didgitized in text file?


In Multisim, there are two virtual ADCs, you could try: ADC and ADC16. They can be found in the Mixed Group, ADC_DAC family. They are not the real components, but they can be used in the simulation.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards

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  • Problem with pole-zero analysis using multisim

    Problem with pole-zero analysis using multisim

    Party a pole / zero analysis is linearizing circuit using an operational RODC analysis, in which a driver acts as a short circuit. The problem is that in your circuit, the inductor in parallel with a source of internal tension unit.

    Use a small resistor (1mOhm will do in your case) in series with the generator output functions to break the loop short-circuit.

  • Using Multisim 11.0, unable to find a transfer function analysis

    In my college manual, that I'm supposed to run an analysis of transfer function in Multisim, which is supposed to be located in the analysis of the menu drop down, but I can't find this option analysis.

    Not all versions of Multisim include analysis of transfer functions, in particular the student version does not have this analysis.

    You can see a list of the differences between the versions of education here.

  • Using the old Master of MultiSim databases in New Versions

    Hi all

    I have the following question. Is it possible to use old Master databases in new versions of Multisim?. For example, I try to use the Multisim 10 of Multisim 11 database but it does not work. There are some parts that are in the 10 version of the database that are not in version 11 of the database.

    I use Multisim 11. I have the file Multisim 10 database of origin of my old installation. Thank you.


    It is not possible to use the database to a version of the software in another. The master database has components based on the version you purchase. It is possible for you to place the components (to the exclusion of the lively and nonparametric) on your design in version 10 and open the drawing in version 11 or 12 and save them to your user database. To save, right click on the component, and then select Save the database component.

    I hope this helps.

  • Use ad587 is application crash

    Hi all! When I use ad587 (high precision 10 V reference) in my circuit, the first race simulation is ok. If I stop the simulation and then run the second time, multisim's crash. See attachmets. I use windows vista.


    I see that you use Multisim 10.0; install the 10.0.1 update which includes support for Windows Vista (your current version is not taken in charge) and many bugs. Download the update:

    Choose your edition (student, education, Power Pro) and the version 10.0.1 .

    Note. Version 10.1 is reserved for customers with active SSP.

    Let us know how it works.

  • Multisim for transfer Ultiboard Glitch


    We have made many PCBS using Multisim as our software for schematic capture and Ultiboard for layout. The last room back does not work because the netlist in the schema is incompatible with the netlist in the provision of one piece (which is used several times on the map). Not only all the pins are reversed, but one of the pins is quite non-connected. Since the 8 pins are connected to the schematic side, this clearly isn't simply a matter of mixed up of PIN, but when I annotate with impatience, it is said that found no difference.

    I went through and double and triple checked the symbol, the footprint and mapping of the PIN, and everything is OK. As a witness, I created a new schema with nothing else that the part in question and transferred to Ultiboard, and everything was OK.

    Everyone knows about this problem before? This is a known bug and is there any workaround or recommended solution to avoid something like this happening in the future (outside routing by hand and without taking into account the ratsnest altogether).

    Thanks in advance for the help!


    Please contact our support group.   You should not see this question in v11.0.   I'm not aware of the important issues with annotation front/rear, since we redesigned the annotation capability and improved reliability in v11.0 (from 10.1). -> select ask support

    Kind regards

    Pat Noonan

  • Document of several pages of text of Multisim

    I use Multisim 14.0 and is working on a scheme that someone else did.  One of the pages is a text document.  How it was created?  I would like to add a page similar to one of my patterns, but cannot figure out how.  Thanks a lot for your help


    Hi Michael,

    You can place a description box (tex document) by selecting 'Editor Description' in the Tools menu:

    See you soon,.


  • Multisim Automation API does not


    I use Multisim 13 (Application Version: 13.0.0 (13.0.632), database version: 13.0.a) and 13 of Labview. When I try the simplest sample program (getting started with the API), I get the error: this version of Multisim does not supports automation. I don't understand what the problem is.

    Multisim13 should be able to do this Automation, right?

    I have already installed the Toolbox, I have all the icons in Labview, who manage this connection between the two software.

    I appreciate all the help,


    Sorry, I don't have the appropriate license, that's why it does not work...

    If someone is able to do (maybe a moderator): Please remove the post. I can't.


  • difference of simulation between multisim 10.1 and 14.0

    I've been using Multisim 10.1 for check and create examples for students and want to spend 14 Multisim. Simulating a small ac-circuit I got different using multisim 10.1 and 14 results.

    The result of multisim 10.1 is identical with the manual solution.

    No idea, what could be the problem?



    Hi Blanne:

    The default setting of simulation in Multisim is letting his engine to automatically determine the TMAX, the maximum allowed timestep. In version 13, we have modified this code in such a way that it will leave the slower to simulate faster real-time frequency circuits, we did this in order to accelerate simulations as requested by users. Most of the time, this change has worked as expected, but your circuit is a clear example of a negative effect of this change. Its accuracy is affected by larger time.

    In your evaluation of Multisim 14, you can quickly change that. Click on the Interactive analysis button in the toolbar to open the properties of the analysis and in the analysis of Simulation Interactive > look tab crawl settings for the checkbox control labeled step of maximum (TMAX), place a check and let it set to 1e-005. Make your simulation again and you will now see the 1.155 a result in the multimeter.

    (Version 14 has been automatically calculate the TMAX as 1.25e - 003)

    I'll file a defect report so we review how automatically determine us TMAX so he will not state as in this example. I hope my explanation helps you advance your evaluation of the software.

    Kind regards

  • Multisim simulation of co error


    When you perform a simulation in Labview (using a model of Multisim) in the Loop Simulation & control, sometimes a small window pops up with the error: Multisim is closing due to the error... (or something like that, I don't use multisim in English) even if I did not open at all Multisim. I think that it opens in the background and it closes because of an error.

    If someone could help me, I would be very grateful...

    Thank you



    I think I already know what the problem was. I was providing some input values in my file of Multisim simulation. These values were floating point numbers, and sometimes with a micro digits after the comma. It seems that Multisim couldn't handle it. After cutting all the numbers they came after the comma, leaving only 2 or 3, the error seemed no more.

    I hope I could help, if everyone will head the same error, try to think of cutting the floating numbers to real numbers.


  • Assistant circuit for 14.0 Multisim Base edition?

    It is a very simple question, but I couldn't find the answer. I use Multisim base edition 14.0. It excludes the Circuit Assistant? I'm following the manual of NI Multisim basic exercises. Isn't normal that all covered (not optional) features in these training manuals are included in all versions of the software? I'm confused.

    Hi pomirobotics

    I did some research and I found some information, and it seems that the basic version of multisim doesn't have the feature of the Circuit (555 timer Assistant, Assistant of the Op-Amp, filter Assistant)

    You can check the different features of each version of multisim on the following link.

  • Drivers Xilinx/Multisim and Labview FPGA

    Where can I find drivers for my FPGA OR if I use Multisim/Xilinx and NOT of Labview?  All the links I found are Labview be installed.  However, the explicit manual FPGA indicates that you can use Multisim/XIlinx ISE in place.

    OK, I tested just outside. The Driver of LabVIEW 2013 DEFB contains 2 separate components, the driver and Module FPGA support. If you run this installer, it won't check if you have LabVIEW FPGA installed unless you check the box for LabVIEW FPGA support.

    I can change the text in the Installation Instructions to read "LabVIEW FPGA 2013 is required to install the LabVIEW FPGA Module Support component installation".

  • Multisim to interface with the real world material


    View of Lab is a completely new software for me... I'm trying to findout, is it possible to interface multisim with labview for harware reald circuit I need to design to test the operation and test the parameters of an operational amplifiers real automated using the events of the loop. Could someone help me please

    This is the response I got from the technical support of OR

    "Although it is technically possible to use Multisim and LabVIEW with real data, we do not recommend it."  Multisim is not a simulator in real time and even for a small circuit, it would take the Simulator several minutes to produce a second, a data value. Since then, Multisim is simply too slow when compare the time in the real world, your application will be not very reliable. »

  • Multisim Place/components

    For a long time I use Multisim 10.1 in the simulation of circuits, but now I

    truble to place the components in the schema: order Place/components

    appears disability (the characters are blacked out) and I don't understand why.

    Is there an action to perform to restore function?

    (I already rebooted the Multisim disc, but nothing changes!)

    Problem solved!

    Thank you very much.


  • L293 in Multisim


    I'm new in the world of Multisim. Just bought the product and hoped that it would allow to draw me circuit diagrams for the robot I design.

    Basis components L293D, LM324 and 74HC14.

    I intend to adapt the circuit diagrams of: to my needs.

    The diagram should be similar to the one below.

    Unfortunately I can't find the components in MultiSim components library. Do I need another product or can this be achieved using multisim?

    Can someone help me find a solution?

    Voila, I thought you wanted the L293 which is a totally different part.

Maybe you are looking for

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