Using Outlook express, can send but not received since getting Hughesnet

I got Hughesnet installed on that date.  I use Outlook express and when Hughes went online I got my email to * address email is removed from the privacy * but I can't send from there.  I tried everything in the book except a call i2k.   is there something that I can fix it myself?  Thanks for your help

Hi Nancy,.

As mentioned by Bruce Hagen, it is very important that you provide an error message to make it easier to solve problems. However, you can check if this article helps.

Troubleshooting error messages that you receive when you try to send and receive e-mail in Outlook and Outlook Express

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    Changed computers from xp to windows 8. Received emails, but now nothing, lost all messages on the new computer. can send but not receive. must use xp computer to check email

    Check the settings of Thunderbird yoru Server

  • BlackBerry smartphones can send but not receive messages

    Yesterday, I removed my bb bb Enterprise Server for which I will receive is no longer my email of the company. I still have my personal e-mail on the bb configuration and can send, but get no messages. Any ideas that I can do to get them?  all my push settings are enabled.

    OK, so who pays for it?

    1. I'll make sure that you have the personal account of BIS activated on your carrier account.
    2. Look at the Options > Security > information. What is in the list? See the article in the Knowledge Base RIM here for more information about how to remove an it strategy. See method 3 in the link: KB14202 how to remove IT from a BlackBerry smartphone strategy
  • BlackBerry Smartphones inter-regional (EU / NA) pin2pin questions (can send but not receive)

    I use a fully unlocked T-Mobile 8900. When it was brand new, I registered it with Fido in Canada with the BIS. It worked perfectly. I have canceled my service with Fido; had them remove my PIN their system; and moved to West Africa.

    In West Africa, I am subscribed to BIS pre-paid with a local carrier.

    Fido uses the North American servers BIS. West Africa using European servers BIS. This seems to be important later.

    The symptoms of the problem are:

    (1) my service will alternate sporadically 'EDGE' and 'edge '. Even when it's on "EDGE", I sometimes do not have a real data connectivity, as if I'm trying to send service books they sometimes will not come through, emails will sit in my Outbox with a cute clock small beside them, and the browser expires during the loading of a page. However, most of the time I'm on "EDGE" and I can send data very well. Of course, when I have that 'edge' I cannot send or receive data.

    (2) when I have "EDGE", I can send and receive BBM messages with absolutely no problem for people on my contact list using the same BIS server like me (Europe). However, for these contacts who use the server in North America, I can send, I get the "D" next to the check mark, but I don't you not an 'R' when the message has been read and I cannot receive messages BBM, at all, ever.

    Does anyone know how to interact the BIS servers in different regions and where the problem might be? Somehow, it seems that the North American servers BIS do not know that my device is registered on the European server, so that they are not of my messages on the European server, to send to my device. However, the European server knows that my friend in North America are registered on the server in North America. This explains why my messages to them, and why I would get a "D and it also explains why I would not get an 'R' or no response from my friends (which require data to be passed back from their devices to mine)." Another good indicator that there is a problem on servers interacting with each other, it's that in my early days in West Africa, so that I was still using my Fido service (and therefore remained on the North American servers), everything worked perfectly.

    Naturally, the support for my career in West Africa do not have a clue what is happening.

    I, of course, did a battery pull, sent to the service books and incidentally even wiped the device. No luck. Ideas?


    Yes, the BB PIN messages between regions are sent to different servers of RIM.

    Your business must do a test, find it doesn't work and then drop a deal with RIm to fix it.

    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do as it is a problem of RIM (I had a user with the same problem: Australia, Ireland)

  • Can send but not receive e-mail

    My ISP is  I can send e-mail from my Dell Inspron wireless but cannot receive e-mail.

    Depending on your email provider:
    You must use the server name
    Gary van, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

    "stevio2010" wrote in the new message: * e-mail address is removed from the privacy... *

    I'm having a similar problem... Unable to send or receive... its windows live mail... Can't send or receive messages on behalf of Softhome. The connection to the server has failed.

    Server: ' pro.'
    Windows Live Mail error ID: 0x800CCC0E
    Protocol: POP3
    Port: 110
    Secure (SSL): No.
    Socket error: 10061

    Gary van, Microsoft MVP (Mail)

  • BlackBerry Smartphones Can send but not receive sms and emails!

    I had this problem with my previous BB and thought that the software crashed.  Upgrade to a 790 "BOLD" I always have this problem.  I talked to tech support, they say that everything is ok on their side.  I took my phone, the tech at the MTN shop checked, corrected my center number.

    Still NOTHING.  I can send text messages and emails, but cannot receive any.  Those who sent me mails or messages says their phones shows it was delivered.

    Help, please!

    Thank you guru III!  I got a SIM swap, does not and eventually discovered that the firewall was blocking my sms and emails.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones can send but not receive e-mails

    Hi, I have two e-mail accounts and for once they both worked very well. Recently, I changed the provider for one of them, and therefore I was not able to receive messages for it. I can send without any problem. I contacted fido as well as my e-mail host and the two went as far as possible, they say it's a rim problem now.

    I returned my service books several times my phone and my desktop computer. I have reset my phone several times. I deleted and then added my account several times my phone and my computer. Anyone have any ideas?

    So, I finally this issue is resolved. After 2 calls to fido without success, the second time, they said to call the rim. I called and was told that the technical support is paid. AAARGH. They also said that it was innapropriate for fido have ordered to call me when they have an internal escalation process that would have taken me RIM without cost to me. They offered to contact fido themselves and have someone to work with me. Thanks to the rim (which did not charge me!) Finally, I was put in touch with someone from tech who was willing to work with me and solve this problem once and for all. You know that you have a decent and knowledgeable person on the other end of the line when they ask you what you have already tried instead to go through all the process by heart. Very quickly, it determined that he had a fatal error in the coding of the fido the outgoing server. It has closed and reopened my account and in 15 minutes, I had all this work. Five days to run between three different organizations and in a few minutes work has been set. It shows you just that the real problem is to happen to someone who knows what they are doing. In any case, I'm happy now. And for those who might be fighting the same problem, it might be useful to have your provider bb re - initialize your service. It worked for me.

  • husband abroad can send but not receive texts

    MY husband is out of the country and he has an iphone as I was.  Can send me texts, is not mine.  When he returns from abroad once he turn on his phone it gets all my messages

    Are these messages SMS (Greens) or iMessages (blue). If they are the SMS, you need to talk to your carrier that SMS is strictly a basic function. They are iMessages, to have an active data connection to send messages. Is it?

  • Photosmart 7525 I have distinctive ring for my fax. I can send but not receive. I get voice mail

    I can't receive fax tone. My incoming faxes get voicemail. I can send. I have distinctive ring on my line for fax

    Access your fax on your printer settings.
    1. Select fax settings
    2 choose ADVANCED fax settings
    3. press on distinctive ring, choose all THE RINGS
    4. go in the error CORRECTION MODE (ECM) - OFF

    Come on the basic parameters of fax
    1. replace response to 4 rings

    Try the fax and see if it works.

  • BlackBerry smartphones I can send, but not receive files via bluetooth

    I had to wipe my curve over the weekend, and before that I did, I transferred files (pictures and ringtones) on my desk.  Now, I can't get back them on the curve!  What I am doing wrong?  Obviously, I have a ton more photos and mp3 files on my computer that did not need to be transferred, but when I click "receive using bluetooth", I don't know how to refer the file to the desktop I want transferred back.  Help!

    Hi and welcome to the Forums!

    See this KB:

    • KB05409 Transfer a file using Bluetooth technology between two BlackBerry smartphones

    Replace the instructions appropriate for your other device instead of the transmitter unit KB section in the KB. It is on this other device (PC, I guess) you must start sending once you asked the BB to receive.

    Good luck and let us know!

  • Suddenly, yahoo mail won't download in the Inbox, I tried everything to fix. I can send, but not receive.

    I am in China on China Telecom. My POP/SMTP settings are correct and the incoming port is 995, security is disabled. It worked fine for a month and now it has just stopped. It checks for mail in my yahoo Inbox and connects very well and then nothing downloaded.

    Thanks, was already using SSL. For some reason, it fixes itself and emails coming from this am. Must have been China Telecom f * ing with me.

  • Can send but not receive faxes

    I have a HP Touchsmart 309n. I have a Mac with a DSL modem. I followed all the steps of troubleshooting online and vain.

    Help? Please?

    Thank you!


    Click on the configuration menu (symbolized by a key) > Fax > auto answer > on.

    Click on the configuration menu (symbolized by a key) > fax > error correction mode > Off.

    Click on the configuration menu (symbolized by a key) > Fax > Fax speed > slow.

    Try now to receive faxes.

    This should solve the problem.

  • Mac Mail can send but cannot receive mail.

    I have been in contact with my technical support of Verizon.  There is no problem to an end, but my Mac Mail account can send but not receive mail.  What happened three times during the month.  Each time than previous, Verizon has found a problem locally, for their purpose and in a few hours, it has been corrected.

    This time the problem was upstream at the highest tech people.  They told me that there must be a problem of registration with Mac Mail and I need to contact Apple.

    I tried physician connection without success.

    If someone knows a solution, I'll start here before you contact apple support.

    Mary Lou

    I've never had a problem with Verizon email on my Mac. In your case, Verizon has already said that they have been twice at fault. I'm guessing that this time is not different.

    I suggest you contact Apple support if Verizon has completed its investigation.

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    Setting up email in Outlook Express servers: 
    Who is your mail server?
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    Hi CamiSugiyama,
    Here's a similar post which addresses this problem. Follow the suggestions given by "Bruce Hagen" to solve this problem:

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