Using skins rather than using the new components


I have briefly spoken on BlackBerry Playbook workshop at LeWeb 10 with the presenter and thought I'd share it here as well.

Most of the QNX components already exist in the 4.5 Flex / AIR SDK 2.5 framework (button, checkbox, list, StageWebView,...), but they exist in QNX specific packages so that they are "tactile."

I believe that BlackBerry created a few new components "tactile" because the Flex Framework was not yet ready, but now with Flex 4.5, there these prepared components for mobile.

Create BlackBerry applications using components from QNX records is easy, but if you really want to develop for multiple platforms, it would be preferable to use skins rather than new components. Skins such as the display of the box could be easily SDK BB so that there is no need to change all the 'new' instructions (or the need to create several plants) but simply to define it in a CSS or Flex theme. In this way the exact same application can be on Android and BB without having to redefine each instantiation.

I hope the SDK already thought about this team and will provide these theme / Skins


Theme skins playBook is available here in the .png format:

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    You must be careful if your new target for Oracle BPM process were divided or multiple (previously Split-N) activities. You will not be able to send that an instance directly in activities between a Split and it's respective Join. As with all flows of batch creation of instances in the Oracle BPM process, break the size of each lot less than 1000 cases being created.


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    You can use the new synchronization version that uses a Firefox account (

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    Also run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor:

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