Using the freeform Erase tool > how to get the tool to work on Pro XI?

What procedures are involved to clear parts of a pdf file by using Adobe Acrobat Pro XI?

Thanks for the quick help all, now.

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    The printer works at all with this cable?

    The cable has recognized and installed by Windows XP when you logged on to the computer?

    If the cable has been recognized, what steps have you taken to install the printer then (be as accurate and complete as possible)?

    You get an error message?  If so, please provide, without paraphrasing.

    This printer has already been installed on this computer?  If so, with what type of connection?

    And especially, what is the brand and model of the USB to parallel cable?  Many of them do not work.  See, for example, the comments here , which suggests that 25% of the units will simply not work.  This seems to be one of these products you should buy at a local store, rather than on the Internet, then you can continue taking it back until you get a working unit.

  • Hello. I bought Lightroom, paid license 1 year view, did not have serial. E number and then past the 30 day trial and may not use the product or work more hard. I paid has been deducted from my credit card. How I'm going to work now?

    Hello. I bought Lightroom, paid license 1 year view, did not have serial. And number and then past the 30 day trial and may not use the product or work more hard. I paid has been deducted from my credit card. How I'm going to work now?

    Hi Sergior96769872,

    I saw your Adobe ID (email address), you used to post on the forums, and I see an active subscription on it.

    Please see Help below links: { make sure you use the same Adobe ID (email address) that you used to purchase the subscription }

    Connect and disconnect activate Cloud Creative applications

    Adobe Creative Cloud apps back in test mode after 2015 set CC to update

    * NOTE: Make sure that your firewall of your computer or security software firewall does not block Adobe, if you are not sure of it can just disable the firewall for a while and then log off and log on creative application of cloud and check.

    If it still gives you an error of the trial, then please refer to the troubleshooting listed below:

    If you are using MAC:

    1-force Quit the sub process in the same sequence as shown below from Activity Monitor: see, use the monitor activity on your Mac - Apple Support

    • Creative cloud
    • Basic timing & sync to basic support
    • CC library & process CCX
    • Adobe Common Desktop
    • Adobe update daemon
    • Broker CIB Adobe
    • After that, everything that said adobe on it do a force quit for her

    2 - right click on the Finder icon, then select the "Go - To" folder. You will get a text box, type in the following command and then press the 'return '. ("Not to be missed ~ symbol")

    ~/Library (it will open the folder of the user's library.)

    3. browse to the Application Support > Adobe > trash OOBE folder and folder AAM Updater

    4 - CUT any installed security software with firewall system.

    5 - go to: Apple icon > system preferences > Security & Privacy > General > "allow applications downloaded on" change this anywhere (to make these changes click the padlock in the corner at the bottom left of this window and enter your computer password)

    These changes are temporary you can restore these changes back to normal once your creative cloud app is running *.

    6 - restart the cloud creative app and connect

    If you use the WINDOW:

    1 complete the process / Task Manager tasks in the same order, as mentioned below the Manager tasks. See, Open the Task Manager

    • Creative cloud
    • Basic timing & sync to basic support
    • CC library & process CCX
    • Adobe Common Desktop
    • Adobe update daemon
    • Broker CIB Adobe
    • After that, everything that said adobe on it do a force quit for her

    2 - C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\ MAA UPDATER and two OOBE (App data & Program Data is hidden folder please see, Show files and folders hidden in Windows 7, 8.x, 10, or Vista)

    3 - CUT any security software installed with firewall system, also if your having any browser Add On installed for blocking advertising that turn off too.

    These changes are temporary you can restore these changes back to normal once your creative cloud app is running *.

    4 - raise the cloud creative app and connect

    Let us know if that helps.

  • After you run a PC Optimizer program, it is strongly recommended that you register and use the full version of Optimizer Pro, are - this a comeon?.

    After running a PC program optimizer it tells me how many there are mistakes and States: completely optimize and clean your computer, it is strongly recommended that you register and use the full version of Optimizer Pro, are - this a comeon?.

    "is this a comeon.

    Yes, a very common scam.
    As suggested Palcouk avoid "optimizers". Also to stay away from on the 'free' online virus scans, analyses of driver, registry cleaners and something similar who wish to access your machine in real time.

    For the most part all you need is to run Windows Disk Cleanup and do a casual drive defragment (don't defragment SSDS so, single drive type hard disks).
    For something a little more thorough you can use CCleaner (but do not use the registry cleaner - not necessary or desirable) CCleaner is open source (free).
    And if you need a bit more disk space to uninstall the software, you do not use.

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    How do I update windows7 function restored on my system? I can't use the functionality of recovery on the control panel. The last windows update was in July 2016.

    Windows 7 update problems? First read this.


  • How to get auto-fill to work for applications not not the browser

    Not as long as I am with the browser Safari, but during a phone and go to an application, any application, like Netflix when I put in my email as part of the connection that I have to type out in plenty no matter how many apps i go to, my Samsung would provide auto-fill it in when I start to type.

    Yet once, it is NOT on so that in the web browser on the internet, but on the phone using all apps.


    Thank you

    Not all applications will allow an AutoFill, but I found that I can use a shortcut of ALT text to get my email in some applications. It will depend on the application itself. I went into settings > general > keyboards > text replacement and then entered my email address, then a 3-letter code. When in some applications you can enter the 3 letter code and it will replace as my email address.

  • A lot of images. How to select by using the preview window (work area)?

    I have 15 images that I put on a background (picture 16) in the style of a collage.  Each image has an adjustment layer bound to her for me to mix an image manually in the next.  This worked fine, but now I have 15 images with rounded edges and I learned how to change them, I hit a problem, that I wasn't expecting.  My planned process is to move these images in a variety of sizes and positions until I got the look I love.    The only way I could work on that's too painful (scrolling up and down my palette of layer until I find the picture i took for target, select the layer, Ctrl + to highlight in the preview window and then move and size).  With 32 layers, it is very tedious.  It makes more sense for me to select in the preview window (even if it means hitting a hotkey multiple times until I select the picture I want to work with).

    Maybe I approach the task entirely the wrong way.  I'm willing to try any suggestion.  I like to do this kind of project, and I moved to Adobe because I thought that I could take advantage of its extra power to do a better job.

    I am relatively new to PSE 8, but not new for photoediting.  I, are looking for an answer on this forum and the web in general, but can not get close to a solution.  Thanks for your help!

    Edit: Using the technique I describe above, when I move to the work area (what I called window preview), the layer I selected off the coast of the Layer palette has a finely dashed around it, there is another area apparently random, highlighted by a blue line and line dotted yet another seemingly random area highlighted with a heavier white.  These hold the key my solution?

    To make it more clear what I'm trying to do-, here is a brief description of it: the final result is a print for a friend who was a torch for the relay of the Olympic flame to 13 x 19 inches.  I have a map of Canada with the road on this issue and 15 images are pictures of his 15 minutes of nirvana.  I want to fuss around with transparency, size, rotation, each of the images.  I am very happy with the adjustment layer feature (which allows to paint me with transparency).  the rest, I thought would be easy, but...

    Yes, that's the downside of the technique, it's that you need move the brush and gum to get your mask just a clipping mask.

    No way around that.

    As far as being able to see what your paint before painting, make a copy of your image layer and put it at the bottom of your layer stack

    Then, set its opacity to say 75% or so to be semi-transparent.

    Now you can paint on your layer mask to bring your full image. Hide or display the background layer let's you see the result and quickly return the Semitransparent 'outline '.

    See attached screenshot.

  • I'm getting a vertical line in the middle of the page when I use the ADF on my Officejet Pro 8500 a but

    HP Officejet Pro 8500

    Windows XP

    No error message

    No changes to the system

    Scan using the ADF puts a vertical line in the middle of the scanned page.  This does not happen when I scan from the flat screen

    Brian, this is going to be a pretty easy fix. What you're going to need to get is a lint cloth (as a microfibre cloth or a filter coffee) and get just a wet touch. Then, open the top of your printer to reveal the glass. There are two sections, one large, and that is a thin strip of glass on the left side. If the line makes its appearance in the ADF scans/copies only - clean this thin section with a moist, lint cloth.

    This should help you!

    More information here:

    Let me know and have a great day!

  • How to get CPU - Z to work if the system with the 0x0000007B error has no operating system

    The laptop that get the 0x0000007B error when trying to install xp as not the operating system on it because the drive has sata hard had to be replaced. Is there a way I can we still CPU - Z on this system.

    leewashington wrote:

    The laptop that get the 0x0000007B error when trying to install xp as not the operating system on it because the drive has sata hard had to be replaced. Is there a way I can we still CPU - Z on this system.

    If you install Windows XP or a later operating system, you will be able to use the CPU - Z. CPU - z cannot be used if there is no system of operatng on a laptop, because it is not a stand-alone utility.

  • How to get google hangouts to work on the Surface RT?

    Is it possible to actually get google hangouts to work on the Surface RT? I installed 2 google apps, but two of them are trying to open in the browser explore who told me that the meeting places is not supported on RT. Are there no work around? My whole family that uses and I can't join them in discussions.

    Google has publicly stated that they have no interest in Microsoft platforms.  For the most part, Google think that if you want to use Google products, you need to buy a computer from Google (chromebook, android tablet, android phone, etc.).  It's a very sad state of affairs.

  • How to use the mts files in first pro cc?


    need help to get started with cc. I used the first cs5 for a school project, now, I started a cc membership and downloaded the first yesterday. Now, whenever I start it, it crashes instantly as soon as I put a mts file in the timeline, attempted several times. I have can´t open my projects cs5 in it either.

    No idea what to do here? I also used a cs6 trial version, but only once, I might never reopen, a video driver issue according to some advice I found (I have a computer hp envy laptop). Seems difficult, and I need to work with it urgently.

    In cs5, you have this popup where to fill the framerate and stuff, like mpeg4, before starting, didn t happen in cc...?

    Thanks, Anna

    The Module failed (amdocl64.dll) comes from your AMD/ATI Catalyst video driver.

    I would go to the Device Manager, do note the model of your AMD/ATI card, and then click it, go to the driver and take note of the installed video/Catalyst driver version. Next, go to the site Web of AMD and the Driver Downloads. Plug your model of AMD/ATI card and then your operating system and search for a newer driver from catalyst. Download and install cela, restart and test.

    Good luck


  • How to get Hebrew characters to work with the data merge?

    I'm trying to work with the fusion of data with Hebrew characters and get gibrish on the Panel, merge and export.

    I tried to replace the Unicode CSV file and change the language but it still doesn't work.

    I worked with the fusion of data previously in English and it works perfectly.

    Any ideas? is this a bug? forced software?

    Screen Shot 2013-05-01 at 10.45.25.png

    Try this:

    Save your file in the UTF-16 BE (big endian) format.

    Import, showing the options in the code. I'm on a PC, choose below without worrying.

    Should look like this in ID.

    My apologies to Farsi language people everywhere. I got a text from a Farsi text file to compensate for this file delimited by tabs of fusion. I'm not talking, so it's likely servely nonsense.

    The editor of text used here (first screenshot) is the Open source NotePad ++. I'm not using the ME version of the code.

    Take care, Mike

  • Effects of lightsaber using the dynamic link with Premiere pro and After Effects CS4

    Hi all

    I'm working on a video project and that you want to add a lightsaber effect, but a layer which is suppose to be transparent isn't using dynamic links.

    I shot the video in my head, and everything else hidden.  I made a flash body to put my head on.  Now I know how to make a lightsaber in After Effects CS4. (starting with comp 1 with videos making a white solid layer, and then using the tool pen to make the sword.  Then copy the sequences video and place it in comp 2.  Then to return to comp 1 and remove the video sequences. then on comp 1 making a SOLID BLACK LAYER {that's the problem} and place it under the layer of white.  Then duplicate the white layer 3 times.  Changing each feather white layer mask to make the glow.  so going to comp 2 and take the 1 model and her nest to model 2...  Then change the blending mode of the model nested 1 to the screen.

    The main timeline in Premiere Pro CS4 and I have the video layer 1 to Photoshop file which is pink and the background of this project.  I made a dynamic link to After Effects and copied and pasted the video images and flash to the comp.  Here, I made the lightsaber.

    That is the problem.  The model of dynamic links with video, flash and the lightsaber will not show my pink background in Premiere Pro shows him my video, flash and lightsaber but the background is black.  In case of problems, I noticed if I turn off the LAYER BLACK for the lightsaber effect, I see my pink background with video and flash sequences and the glow of sabre, but my blue lightsaber color will not appear.

    Do more problems I set photoshop to lightsaber model file and I see the video, the flash, the lightsaber but I think because the background is pink I don't get a color glow to the sword (vilot color)

    If the layer of black is supposed to be transparent, so why can't see my background in Premiere Pro using dynamic links?

    appreciate any help I can get,

    Thanks in advance.

    Mr. PETER K

    P. S. - one-way I kinda had this work was I took one of the masks of white and copied and pasted layers in nested layer comp 1.  Adjusted to the width of the mask and the pen and I got a glow of blue ok.  You just can't mask width too because it shows a lot of black.  It is not as good as I want and I hope someone can help...

    Thank you again...

    Well, blend modes don't create transparency, so the behavior is correct - because technically, the background of the model is ignored for the mix of operations, in areas where there are no content below for the mix, only the layer of black color is used. You create transparency good, real luminance based on unmultiplying, that can be done with the Knoll Unmult plugin Red Giant Software (free) or the effect of changing the channel of the AE monitoring bey a color delete effect.


  • How to get Musicmatch jukebox to work on Windows 7 64 bit?

    How can I get this to run? I want my jukebox back!

    Have you tried right clicking on the shortcut to the program or the .exe and select "Run As Administrator"? Perform, even if your user name is an administrator.

    Try right click on the actual Setup.exe and choosing the option "Run As Administrator"? Perform, even if your user name is an administrator.

    Make older programs in this version of Windows (Windows 7)

    Help with Windows 7 compatibility issues

    Windows 7 Compatibility Center

    If you really want to use the Musicmatch software, it would be possible to use it in a Virtual Machine if nothing else helps.

    Windows Virtual PC
    Download Windows XP Mode

    Windows XP Mode (Windows 7 only, but not one of the Home versions) "you are not eligible to download Windows XP Mode. You must have Windows 7 Professional, enterprise or full to run Windows XP Mode." If you have an old XP CD (or other older Windows CD) available you can simply download the Virtual Machine and spend the XP Mode download.

    This warranty covers the gambit set of VMS in the 'Home' versions if you want to have a look. Of course you will need a licensed copy of XP to install and run in any of them (except XP Mode).

    VirtualBox is an impressive VM competitor

  • How to get Vista Solitaire to work in Windows 8

    I just buy a new Dell laptop with Win 8 as the operating system.  I don't really like for new versions of Solitaire that I downloaded from the Windows store.  The computer that I replaced had feeding problems (not light) so I removed the hard drive and use it as an external hard drive for the new machine to win 8.  I would like to upgrade the version of Solitaire Vista (which I paid for) on the new computer Win 8.  I tried to copy the folder Solitaire and files and also the file cardgames.dll, but can not get the program to run.  Anyone know how to get the old version of Solitaire under Win 8?  I like the old version, because he gave you the statistics you can reset at any time running.  Too many constraints in the new version or the collection of solitaire programs Ms.  Since I don't have a legal copy of Vista solitaire it bugs just me I can't use it.

    Thank you


    Microsoft has removed these Windows 8 games by design. But it can be downloaded and installed from here:  They set up flawless and run the same on Win 7. Hope this helps and if you have any other questions or post questions and we will be happy to help you resolve

    The notice above is mine and casually and do not reflect those of Microsoft, its employees, or any other Member of this forum.

  • Cannot use the webcam on my Satellite Pro A200

    I have the Satellite Pro A200 series.

    My warranty (with clips) runs out on August 7. I had probs with my webcam since I bought this laptop two years ago. I keep says it's a matter of 'software' and not covered by the warranty. I did everything what I said to do... reformatted the hard drive three times, etc., etc. In any case... I use only this laptop when I go... I checked the other day and that's the problem, now, I recovered it. It works, I can see on the webcam, but no one can see me.

    I get this message that says "turn on camera"... but there is no way to turn it on and just what I do does not work. Is it not now a HARDWARE problem, with a built-in webcam If the camera does not illuminate? So it seems Staples should look like it. I'm back this week for another chance with them.

    But does anyone have any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    Try this

    * Download driver Chicony Webcam drivers from Toshiba Web site section was updated. If you can't find an updated driver, try a new driver of another model of Toshiba.
    * Install the Service Pack 1 of Vista, or Vista Hotfix KB934374: (KB934374 is included in SP1)
    * Update your e-mail software (MSN/Yahoo Messenger, etc...)
    * If you have another program that can use the webcam (e.g. Skype), make sure that they are completely closed and not, sitting in the system tray.
    * Try to close the bar Assistant camera on the left side of the office.
    * To stop the Camera Assistant software from running at startup, run Regedit and delete HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run "Camera Assistant Software".

    If it still does not work, then get an ASP to fix it.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Satellite L305D suddenly stops

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  • Increase the speed of acquisition of a coding of LABVIEW

    Hi people, I use digital USB 6509 advice to do some multiplexing. Then, I use USB-6255 boards to get some blood pressure measurements. The acquisition is a bit slow and I am trying to increase the speed. I enclose the code. If some have a few tips to

  • EError Code: 0X80072F8F (can't connect to WSUS)

    I pulled my hair out trying to fix WUS. I couldn't connect/update manually or automatically for updates on August 2. I ran across a list of the Solutions of Windows 7, Microsoft Help, answers and Forums. I troubleshoot-performed/re-regersterd/sync a

  • Problems after installing Windows Live Essentials 2011

    Hey,. First of all, I downloaded windows live essentials 2011 to install the new msn messenger... then before it finished installation it gave me an error I tried to reinstall twice through wle but it wouldn't work so I left it and tried to reopen af