Using the print screen key

I have a aspire one D255E-notebook.  How to use the print screen key?  I tried and it does nothing.

Hello tuckersmom

The print screen button, it's allowing you to display photos from your computer.  For example, if there is page that won't load properly, and whether you want to send an image of a person, press the print screen key, then open a graphics such as Paint or Paint Shop Pro program and right-click with your mouse to "stick" the image in. " Alternatively, you can choose to paste in the drop down menu of your graphics software.

What to backup on your computer, and you can attach it to an email.

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  • I want to use the print SCREEN key, but does not work.

    Using Vista, I want to activate my key on my keyboard screenshot to capture what I have on my screen at the same time.  When I press it, nothing happens.  Is there something that I need to program to operate?

    You must stick somewhere after you press the button.

    Often abbreviated Prt Scr, print screen key is a useful key supported by most of the PC. On the BACK, by pressing the print screen key causes the computer to send some images and text are currently on the screen to the printer. Some graphics programs and Windows, use the print screen button to get screenshots.

    Now, how to see the screenshots or maybe even send them to someone? The fastest and most effective method is to have a practical graphic editing program. If this isn't an option, you can open your favorite word processing program and create a new document. Place your cursorat the beginning of the document, or wherever you want the screenshot to appear.

    Using your keyboard, press Ctrl + V which will Paste the screenshot in your open document

    How to capture a screenshot of your desktop or window Active in Windows

    How to use the print on your laptop screen

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

  • Print screen - when I use the print screen key and then the paste into Word by pressing Ctrl v, I do not receive a copy of the image, but get a little red square about 1/4 "which does not contain the image.

    Can you tell me what causes this?

    Hi Kurt,.

    Thanks for posting your question on the Forums of community of Microsoft.
    I understand from the description of the issue, that the images stuck through the print document screen Word does not display.
    Let me go ahead and help you with the issue.
    Please answer these questions, which will help us to help you best.
    1. don't you make changes to the computer before the show?
    2. what version of Microsoft Office is installed on the computer?
    3 are you facing this problem in Word or other programs?
    I suggest for the link and follow the steps in the article:
    A red X character appears when you paste a linked image in Office 2003
    If the problem is specific to the Office programs, you can also post the query Office Forum.
    Check out the link:

    I hope this helps. If you have any other queries/issues related to Windows, write us and we will be happy to help you further.
  • When I take a screenshot by pressing the print SCREEN key on my keyboard, I can't get a screen shot in small size, in a Word document.

    Original title: screen printing.

    Hi supperman.

    I have a problem with the screen capture. When I take a screenshot by pressing the print SCREEN key on my keyboard, I can't get a screen shot in small size, in a Word document.

    someone knows the reason for this? How can I get a screenshot in a normal size. Thank you very much.


    If you copy the screenshot in a Word file, it will be the default page of the word file size. It will be in a smaller size to fit into the Word file.

    However, if you want to open the full-size screen capture, you can use Microsoft Paint on Windows application.

    Overview of Microsoft Paint

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • How to use the Print Screen function?

    I've seen various descriptions of how to use the print screen function.

    It would be nice to actually tell one that works.  None have worked for me.

    [Fn] and Prt SCr does not work.

    CTRL and Prt SCr does not work.

    CTRL, Alt, and Prt SCr does not work.

    [Fn], Ctrl and Prt SCr does not work.

    If anyone knows the correct method to activate the screen capture function which would be a good thing.

    From the looks of things, HP has a big problem with this function.

    Here's a microsoft articleon the use of the screenshot function.

    This should answer your questions.

    Thanks for taking a peek.

  • How can I get the "Print screen" key to work? No answer, does nothing.

    Tried ALT-IMPR. SHIFT-PRINT SCREEN, CTRL-print SCREEN. SCREEN, MS LOGO - PRINT SCREEN. Nothing happens. This has been the case with all versions of windows and all the computers I've owned. I must be missing something.

    Funny how not book them a computer I mention this button.

    The Print Screen (only or ALT + PRTSCR) button does not actually print.  What it does is copy the screen to the Clipboard.  Then, you paste in a graphical application (paint, which comes with XP, works) and print from the graphical application.

    You can also use IrfanView, an application that, among other things, free viewing of files screen captures and prints them out then.

  • Print screen does not appear when I press the print screen key.

    Original title: screen printing

    When I push the print screen button nothing happens, when I go to my doc and change the block is not highlighted

    On Tuesday, February 7, 2012 13:57:37 + 0000, cherylon wrote:

    When I push the print screen button nothing happens, when I go to my doc and change the block is not highlighted

    In the days of DOS, the print screen button to print the screen. But
    in all versions of Windows, it works differently and the name of
    the key is now an anachronism. The key is not to print the screen.
    PrtScrn captures the entire screen and Alt-PrtScrn captures activate

    Either a capture of the image in the Windows Clipboard. Once it is in
    the Clipboard, you can paste (Ctrl + V) into any application that
    supports graphics (Windows Paint, other graphics software, even your)
    favorite text processing). You can change or add to the image you
    like, then print it out.

    This ability to manipulate the image in a program before printing
    is an improvement on the original method of printing the whole back.
    But if you like that old return facility, there are several
    freeware/shareware programs from third parties which can do, such as
    PrintKey2000 to

    Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP (Windows desktop experience) since 2003
    Please reply to the newsgroup

  • How do disable you the print screen key?

    My pc is a Dell


    I suggest you to install third-party software to disable the print screen. You can search your favorite search engine to download third party software to turn it off.

    Warning: using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Hope the information is useful.

  • How can I automatically send a screenshot on my printer when the print screen key is hit screen? Is it possible to do without having to download an application?

    I put it in place on another computer a long time ago, but don't remember how it was done.

    Thanks for your help!

    The PrntScrn key is misnamed.  PrntScrn does not print the screen.  It sends a screenshot to the Clipboard to paste into Paint or other graphics application, so you can save it as a file or print from painting (painting is a component of Windows 7, you have already).

    PrntScrn copies the entire screen

    ALT-PrntScrn copies the active window

    CTRL-Fn-PrntScrn [on my PC] copy the entire screen, including all the menus that are on the screen at the time [so you can capture, for example, the contextual menus right click].  This key combination is not documented and you will need to experiment to find out if it works on your PC.

  • Print screen key has stopped working.

    I use the print screen key all the time and it used to work perfectly and now, all of a sudden it stopped. I restarted my computer and it still does not work. I even tried to use the Ctrl or Alt key at the same time that I pressed the print screen key and not achieved anything. How should I do?

    One more suggestion...
    I found that my 'Print screen' button will stop working if the "Adobe Reader" app (for .pdf files) is running.  If I exit all instances of the Adobe Reader software, and then my "print screen" works again.


  • using the prt screen button with paint

    I used the prt scrn button on the key Board allows to record several web pages, but when I open the paint program, to view my web pages recorded only the last page I captured is present. How paint program saves the pages sent by using the print screen key?

    You have to press print screen then paste the image into a painting.

    It really copies just the last screen you have captured using the key.

  • Where can I find the Print Screen or tool captures Windows XP?

    I'm in an online class.  The subpoena calls for us to use the Print Screen or tool captures Windows 7.  My computer is Windows XP.  Where can I find these tools in Windows XP?

    XP is not a cutting tool. You will need to use the print screen button with MS Paint which is a real PITA bread. I suggest you download one of these freeware tools and make life more simple.
  • Where is the 'Print screen' button of the R61?

    I tried many combinations of function keys and CAN'T find the print screen key.  I know sounds dumb, but I just don't find this button.  Can someone please?  Thank you.

    Kbruynell wrote:
    I tried many combinations of function keys and CAN'T find the print screen key.

    Welcome to the forum!

    It is not in the block PrtSc button scroll/Pause keys on top of the keyboard just above F10 - F12 keys?

  • I have Dell ispron B130 running windows xp, how do I print what is displayed on the screen using the PRNT SCRN key?

    I have Dell ispron B130 running windows xp, how do I print what is displayed on the screen using the PRNT SCRN key?

    The 'Print screen' button is misnamed.  In fact, what happens when you press it, it is that an image of the screen is copied to the Clipboard.  You must then open an application that can work with images (paint works) and paste in the opened window (or right-click > paste or edit > paste).  Then you can use the regular print of this application (for example, the file > print).

    You can also download free IrfanView.  It is a very handy utility.  It allows you to open and view a wide variety of image file formats and also has the capability of the bulk renaming of files and - for your current number - capture screen images and prints them out.

  • I can't get the screenshot of Windows to function at work. I try to push the Windows and print screen key, but it does nothing.

    When I used Windows 8 Developer Preview screenshot function worked fine. The screen flashed and saved my screenshots. I pushed the Windows and print screen key. Now that I've updated, I can no longer do this. I am of ideas what is wrong. Any help would be great!

    P.S. - This is the account I want to use! So I thought to it. In the case of my laptop (HP HDX 16 t) I have to press FN + WINDOWS KEY + print SCREEN. If anyone has the same problem, they should try it.

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