V6.3.1 utility Airport. No supported V.10.11.3 El Capitan


just by a new Airport Extreme.

Downloaded the V6.3.1 Airport (latest version I found) utility during the installation, I get the message that the version of operating system does not support this version.

I read about a new version of the Airport, the 6.3.3 utility but I have not found any place where to download.

My OS installed on my iMac is V.10.11.3 El Capitan

Someone knows how to fix this?

Thanks in advance.



The latest version of the Airport for El Capitan 10.11.3 utility is 6.3.6 and is installed by El Capitan updaters. There is no need to download anything from the Apple site and you must use the version installed by El Capitan or future updates. Airport utility is considered part of the OS x utility Airport is located in the Utilities folder, which is located in your Applications folder.

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  • Airport utility does not support my Airport - options to change the channel?

    I have an older Airport - extreme, I think, and the utility does not support.  I'm out of luck to change channel?  Time Warner said their modem did not support my newest Airport (? it's TWC) and now the internet keeps smoking at least once or twice a day.

    I suggest that you keep it simple.

    Your airport automatically analyze and choose the best channel to use when it lights up. So, if you have not done for some time, powering to the airport, wait a few seconds and then put it to the top.

    Even if you could change the channel... How would you know which channel to choose?

    Time Warner said that their modem did not support my most recent airport

    Time Warner will only support for a product they have received for you.  But this does not mean that a router from Apple will not work with their service. I've used Apple products for over 10 years with Time Warner.

  • Airport Utility/Airport Express

    I have an old Airport Extreme and an old Airport Express with the Express connected via powerline and as an access point and using the same SSID as the end.

    The system actually works very well, but my question relates to Airport utility, namely that the Express appears in THE time time, has a Mark Green beside him for awhile, then the exclamation mark in a yellow triangle telling me it "was" part of my network but it is is no longer accessible.

    This depends on the sound being defined as an access point, or is it just a quirk that I should live with?  Have a system that works, but is not able to check by the utility Airport is a minor and of course much better than the reverse drawback but I'm curious to know why this is happening.  Thank you

    AirPort Utility is based on both the mDNS (aka, Hello) and IPv6 IP protocols to find an AirPort base station. Don't forget that both of your AirPort base stations more iMac are configured for IPv6 link-local only.

    • For a Mac: System preferences > network > Wi - Fi or Ethernet > advanced > TCP/IP tab > configure IPv6: link-local only
    • For the AirPort Base Station:
      Note: You may temporarily connect your Mac or PC directly to the base by Ethernet station to access.
      • From a Mac: AirPort Utility > select the base station > change > Internet tab > Internet Options... > configure IPv6: link-local only
      • Since an iOS device: AirPort Utility > tap the base station > press Edit > tap Advanced > tap on IPv6 > change configure IPv6 to: link-local only > Tap actually

    For mDNS, it is a matter of "all or nothing" since OS X Mavericks. Unfortunately, there is no real settings, you can change this.

    Some references for more information:

  • Airport does support VDSL2?

    I want to know if my airport express base station takes in charge the 5th generation VDSL2.

    Please can someone can help?

    The current version of the AirPort Express is the 2nd Gen model.  A 5th Gen airport would be an AirPort Extreme.

    The AirPort Express and AirPort Extreme support VDSL2. Depending on the type of modem you have, the airport would use a DHCP or PPPoE connection type.

    Would help if you could tell us where you live, who could be your Internet service provider, as well as the number of brand and model of the modem you plan to use.

  • What Version of the utility Airport do I need?

    I have 2 Apple Airport Extreme Base Stations.

    On my old Dell Dimension 9200 running XP Professional Service Pack 3, I use Version 5.5.3 of Airport utility.

    Now, I want to download Airport utility for my new Dell Precision Tower 5810 running Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit.

    What Version of the utility Airport should I download to my new computer?

    The latest version of the AirPort for Windows utility still is 5.6.1. He was released in 2012, so it's a bit outdated. I used it with Windows 7, 8, & 10, but he will not be able to administer the current base station 802.11ac airport.

  • The utility Airport and Time Capsule, not appear...

    Hello all! I have an old TC (not sure how old but less than 3 years) which appears in Airport utility on my iPhone but not on my Mac. I have my TC in Bridge mode.

    During the night, we lost our internet connection so this morning, I restarted my modem/router to Comcast. He looked like my TC starts fine but when I open the Airport utility on my Mac it isn't here, but if I open Airport utility on my iPhone 6 is here. I wonder why it appears on one and not the other...

    Thank you for your valuable information and knowledge! Judy

    You only need a device with AirPort Utility installed to be able to administer all the airport on your network routers... and, as you have found... the software on the iOS version of the utility is better than the software on a Mac.

    Thus, an option would be to use Airport utility on the iPad and not to use it on the Mac.

    If you want to keep the AirPort Utility to work on your Mac, there are some settings to check and possibly change that could help with the "airports endangered" issue, who is with us for a few years.  No guarantee that this will help, but it won't hurt either. If you have 10-15 minutes free to work on your Mac, and we'll see what we can do.

  • Not reflected in the network system preferences utility airport settings

    Airport Express model A1264

    Airport Utility 5.6.1

    Firmware 7.6.7

    MacBook OS 10.6.8

    Hello, I am trying to sort out why the Airport utility settings are not the same as the settings in system preferences > network > airport.  If I make a change in Airport utility, it does not change the settings in advance under network options in system preferences and vice versa.  Network names are the same and all other parameters, except the IP numbers are different. (Note: when asked to "Join other network" one and only network name I entered comes up.) All this occurred as a result of a new service by satellite being installed in our premises (I'm in Australia and we have a 'NBN Satellite' service).  IP address in system preferences > network seems to be the IP number, I received when the new system has been activated and the computer that is directly connected by ethernet cable to the modem.   The IP address of the Airport utility is the Airport Express IP number.  I guess that the first IP address is correct as I can connect the MacBook to the internet via Airport. To complicate things, it is that I have the additional problem of not being able to join the network using my MacBook Pro (OS utility 10.10.5, Airport 6.3.5). I get a message telling me to another computer is using IP number again xxxxxxxx test this last (or something similar).  I did originally a default zero value through the Airport utility menu using the MacBook (actually several times), but no change in system preferences > network settings. I think I should add the MacBook Pro Airport utility on the MacBook (which I have) to join the network created on the MacBook.   I use the MacBook for the e-mail and the spread of the internet, and the MacBook Pro should be able to join the network for software and other upgrades. The Airport Express has worked without problem for at least 4 years on our old satellite service. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

    I'm trying to sort out why the Airport utility settings are not the same as the settings in system preferences > network > airport.

    Setting affects only the Airport express airport utility. They do not change anything on the computer.

    Setting in the preferences of the computer only affect the computer... They do not change anything on the express.

    IP address in system preferences > network seems to be the IP number, I received when the new system has been activated and the computer that is directly connected by ethernet cable to the modem.

    Are you a public IP address on the computer? In the old system, you most likely have a private IP address.

    The computer really should NOT directly connect a modem... only a modem which has several ethernet ie is actually a router.

    That will tend to make it more difficult to set up the express. The express should plug a pure modem... and then the computer plug in the express. In this case, the express would be the main router. (I don't like this setup but because the Express is not powerful enough for this job). As far as your express is the old N a wireless with a single ethernet port.

    Honestly, do you a favor and buy another router from apple... the extreme... If you can't afford a new Gen6 then buy a Gen5 on ebay... around $60... immensely better.

    The express can then extend the wireless... or just simply do serve airplay etc. as part of the network.

    Tell us what model is the modem (+ router?) provided to you by your ISP?

    And if you get a public IP address or private on the computer directly connected to it. We can work out the rest from there.

    I'm in Melbourne... you can email me direct if you need to. Email is on my website.

    s https://sites.Google.com/site/lapastenague/a-deconstruction-of-routers-and-modem

  • Port Forwarding airport 6.3.2 utility Airport Time Capsule model A1409

    Some friends and I have tried to reach an audience subscribed to the server, which requires specific ports to be opened to allow friends to see your created server and join your created server.  To try to reach these servers that we receive messages indicating that the server in #. ##. ##. #: 27015 does not.  This IP address that appears in the message is actually our address public router (modem), but the Apple software uses with its base stations does not the entrance to this IP address public opening of ports and allows only private IP addresses equipment connected to the WiFi set up in your home network.

    We have all tried to open this port 27015 using our Airport 6.3.2 utility software but when we check this port using network utility, it does not show this port as open, so our port logon attempt has failed.

    One of us used a WiFi network provided through Motorola SURFboard SB6121 DOCSIS® modem cable connected to our Apple's Time Capsule 2 TB model A1409 airport.  Use of the Airport utility application on an iMac, we tried to open several ports required specified by different sites for this server in the work and friends to be able to see my server.

    However, when you attempt to open ports, only WiFi IP camera is allowed, such as and not the IP that claims server is unresponsive, which is the IP address for the public router (Motorola Modem) of #. ##. ##. ##.

    We all visited www.portforward.com for suggestions but this site is outdated regarding the latest software from Apple wireless stations.  It seems that Apple does not provide an operational means to open all ports using this time Capsule which actually work and make every effort to get to our computer via airport base station is blocked by the base station.

    The formal question is this: since Apple Wireless/WiFi network has "private" IP for each device connected to the network, how servers join we create outside the home on systems to which we have subscribed and we open the required ports so that we can see?  This server is looking at the public IP address and port (#. #. #. #: 27015) and claiming that it cannot get through this port.  How to open this port so we can use these servers as they are scheduled/planned by the merchant site that we use?

    Thank you


    The basic information about the opening of port are here.

    Airport - Port Mapping Basics using v6.x AirPort Utility

    One of us used a WiFi network provided through Motorola SURFboard SB6121 DOCSIS® modem cable connected to our Apple's Time Capsule 2 TB model A1409 airport.

    The SB6121 is a known issue with Apple routers. Although most of the problems exist with products of next generation, AC AE and TC version, the latest firmware of the previous Gen, 7.6.4 may also have problems...

    I highly recommend that downgrade you the firmware to 7.6.1

    There should be no need to map the ports of a server hosted outside your network... so I'm having a problem reading your post... this server hosted within your network or outside it? Cannot open ports to a hosted server on the outside and it is simply useless to.

    If the firmware downgraded on the TC does not work... I think you have routing problems and the best solution is a cheap substitute for router... cheap... for example a WR1043ND v2 or v3 works perfectly. You can load the better firmware which will also give you better control... < $ 50.

  • Can the utility Airport automatically adjust a mobile wireless network to a non roaming wireless network?


    I have expanded my wireless Ethernet (network roaming) cable network.

    The Time Machine (primary base station) and the Airport Extreme (base station #2) lights is green and two base stations work properly when played back via the AirPort Utility.

    I disconnected the cable Cat5 LAN of the time Machine (happening at the WAN on the Airport Extreme connection) assuming that the go-ahead would begin orange flashing on the Airport Extreme.  He did not.  Everything always worked as far as I could tell.  If I had the cable connected or not, everything worked again 'normal' as it should as far as I could tell.

    So here's my question: by disconnecting the ethernet cable from the Airport Extreme, does mean that automatically toggled Airport Airport Extreme for a network utility not travelling?  In other words, rather than extend the network via ethernet, wireless network is expanded wireless?

    What Miss me?

    Return to the configuration with the Ethernet cable connected to AirPort Extreme

    Open AirPort Utility, click on the AirPort Extreme, then click on modify in the window that appears

    Click on the Wireless tab at the top of the screen

    Check the current setting of the network Mode

    He must "create a wireless network.

    Is it?

    If this is not the case, the AirPort Extreme has never configured for a roaming set up in the first place.

  • Does not see the utility Airport Airport Extreme or any other device in the House on the network. However, all devices are getting internet.  Backups on external hard drive are going wireless, too. Yosemite day and other software. What should do?

    Said Airport utility cannot find extreme AP, which used to be on the network and shows no other devices on the network. But all devices (MBPro, MBAir, iMac, iPod touch, iPad 2 air2) are connected to the internet. Wireless backups on external drives are being completed. El Capitan 10.11.2; Airport Utility 6.3.6. How do "seen it all" again?

    What should do?

    All you can do is to try to circumvent some of the bugs crawl into El Capitan.

    Given that the AirPort Utility becomes easily confused about what are the devices on the network, it will sometimes help to perform a complete cycle of power on the network. If you want to try it...

    Power off all devices on the network, routers, computers, accessories, mobile devices, printers, etc... in any order you want

    Wait a minute

    Turn on the modem first and let it run by itself for 2-3 minutes

    Then, switch on the device connected to the modem and leaves turn a good minute

    Keep power devices one at a time about a minute out until the entire network is back

    Recheck the AirPort Utility

    If still no luck, we will have to try some repellent on Mac.

  • What is the mode of connection (ME918LL/A) current Airport Extreme support?

    I have a setup of the airport with two airports of previous generation connected in Bridge mode. (NOTE that this is not the same thing as a network via a wifi - connection Wi - Fi). I want to upgrade one of the units. I believe I read somewhere that the current model of (ME918LL/A) does not support bridge mode but can't find information about this in the specifications of the device.

    Bridge ME918LL/a mode?

    I believe I read somewhere that the current model of (ME918LL/A) does not support bridge mode but can't find information about this in the specifications of the device.

    Your feelings are what they are, but as any airport, Bridge Mode router is available as an option in router Mode for the 802.11ac current version of AirPort Extreme.

    Here is a screenshot of the ME911LL/A 802.11ac version of an Airport Extreme on the network here.

  • Download Airport utility

    Tried to download the Airport 6.3.1 utility for mac, but get this: "Airport utility cannot be installed to this disk. Th version of Mac OS X on this volume is not supported. "I have MAC OS X 10.11.6

    You already have a newer version 6.3.6 of AirPort Utility installed on your Mac... Since the AirPort Utility is part of the Mac operating system.

    Open Finder > Applications > utilities > utility AirPort to confirm.

    6.3.1 airPort utility could only be installed if you are using a much longer operating system on your Mac.

  • Select the print with AirPort Utility

    When I launch the AirPort Utility on my Mac, I can choose to have the keychain remember my password, I would like to have a similar function on my iPad. I already use 1Password, is not a problem of memory, just more convenience. It seems that the fingerprint is the natural way to do it (I can open with a fingerprint 1Password), is it possible to configure the AirPort Utility - or maybe an airport specific - to accept a fingerprint authentication? Is there another solution of type "keychain" to do this on the iPad and iOS?

    -Thank you

    No, Airport utility does not support TouchID or it stores credentials.

  • Airport Extreme not supported

    The utility Airport now says it does not support my Airport Extreme (old model). What should I do to configure the extreme now?

    Thank you


    What model do you have?  You can try this.

  • AirPort Express is no show in the utility AP

    Airport Express 1264 does not appear in the chart of AirPort Utility.

    I had my time airport Capsule (3rd generation) running for years.

    Buy a model 1264 1st Gen Airport Express to extend the system.

    CAT6 used to connect Express to Time Capsule but Express is a utility AirPort show

    Not connected Express directly to Mac-Mini photo express is a show.

    2 days, I played and I tried many internet configuration scenarios.

    Can you help me or would it be better to mix the 1264 and buy another Express?

    Thanks in advance,


    AirPort Utility is based on both the mDNS (aka, Hello) and IPv6 IP protocols to find an AirPort base station.

    I suggest that you check that your Mac mini is configured for, at least, only link-local IPv6 mode. To do:

    • Run system preferences > network > select depending on how you connect your mini to the network Ethernet or Wi - Fi
    • Select Advanced
    • Configure IPv6: Link-local only
    • Click OK.
    • Click on apply.

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