Value of cluster lost when you leave the structure of the case

Hi all

I'm having a problem with a particular VI I'm working. (FYI it's in Labview 8.0)

The VI is set to run a current source, voltmeter and thermometer, then recording and graph the data in various ways that can be selected by the user.

Everything seems to work fine except a particular graphic method. When I try to graph current compared to the tension, the current value is lost estates. In a case the current and voltage are combined to form a cluster, and then leave the case structure to be later appended to a table of cluster.

However, the value of the cluster is lost when the chart is set for the voltage vs. Any other method and it works correctly.

I can't understand why this is happening as it does not make much sense than other methods of work charts, but this one isn't when it is coded the same exact other than having the different variables.

I have attached the VI with added indicators showing that the value of cluster is lost once he leaves the box structure. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you very much and I apologize for my extremely messy VI.

-Nathan Cernetic

You really need to boil this down to something we can run and reproduce the problem.

Have you tried to break a few relevant connections and rewire? Something is possibly corrupt.

Besides being a mess, your VI has quite a few glaring errors.

Let's take a look at the structures at the top right:

  • 90% of the code is the same in all the structures of three cases, so all that needs to be inside the structure is the small part where you built the table 2D. All the rest is outside of the case.
  • The structure of the sequence has no useful function.
  • Why do you need to reverse the table with each iteration of the small loop FOR? Once before the loop would be sufficient. Right?
  • Why you use table built inside the small loop FOR, but no autoindex on the edge of the loop? All you ever get is an array containing exactly one element, no matter how the loop runs. Seems unnecessary! (see below for an alternative image).
  • You wouldn't even need to reverse if you want to use "built the table" instead of "insert into the table at position 0" in the central part.

Other: You constantly hammer all nodes of your property. The only need that will be called when things change. Again, you have far too many cases. For example, in the structure of the case where you are having problems, the same nodes of property exist in all cases. A single instance of the property node belong outside the case and only the string inside each case constants. Whenever the code is the same in all cases a case structure, which code belongs to the outside!

Tags: NI Software

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    The path in the default on the LV class value get's strange appearance; Here it is:

    c:\Torqo\USB Example.exe\1abvi3w\vi.lib\Utility\NIReport.llb\Standard Report\NI_Standard Report.lvclass printer

    The first elements of the way little look OK - player C and file Torqo that I'm short and the name of the application. Then it seems really weird.

    I use remote debugging on the touchscreen integrated for XP but it has the same error if I just run the .exe on the touch screen

    I can open Internet Explorer on the touch screen and print from it to the default system printer (it's an Epson printer).

    It smells kind of some package DLL or runtime package is not loaded on the touchscreen - but what it could be?

    I loaded the LV 2010 Runtime Engine LVRTE2010std.exe and the VISA DURATION visa503runtime.exe

    My vi normally works on the development of Windows XP SP3 without error System.

    In turn is a simple way to imitate printf or print serial port inside Labview, only to a USB port?

    I just need simple ASCII text that is sent to the connected USB printer.

    Any ideas for me?

    What's with the weird class path?

    I am a fairly new LV programmer but a Windows .NET programmer for a long time.

    Thanks in advance.

    I have no experience with the help of LV with XPe, so I can't help you there, but I can talk about the way - the EXE is essentially a folder structure that has been compressed into a single file. Inside this structure, LV place shipping screw in a folder called 1abvi3w so that they can be referenced by using a logical path (1337 is to avoid potential collisions).

    The only thing that I can suggest the hand is that you go into the build specification and explicitly include the report class when the generation by adding it to the section to always include. Theoretically, this happens automatically when you use the class, but maybe something is malfunctioning? Perhaps XPe does not pathnames within files exe or dynamics of decompression of the EXE file?

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