ValueFormatter custom WPF fails in 2015

This code worked at MS 2013:

public class MyGeneralValueFormatter: GeneralValueFormatter

Back to Engineering.ToFormattedString (Convert.ToDouble (value), this.) Format, _units);


Protected Overrides UIElement VisualizeCore(value TData, ValuePresenterArgs args, UIElement existingVisual)
Element = UIElement base. VisualizeCore(value, args, existingVisual);

If (args. Context is axis)
var axis is args (PIN). Context;

If (axis. The direction is System.Windows.Controls.Orientation.Horizontal)
If (_showOnlyMinMaxAtX)
Range = axis. Distribution area;
var comparator = range.Comparer;
Alignment of RelativeAlignment =
comparer.Compare (range. Minimum value) == 0? RelativeAlignment.Near:
comparer.Compare (range. Maximum value) == 0? RelativeAlignment.Far:
RegionPanel.SetRelativeHorizontalAlignment (element, alignment);

element. Opacity = comparer.Compare (range. Minimum value) == 0. comparer.Compare (range. Maximum value) == 0? 1.0: 0.0;
on the other
element = new Viewbox {MaxWidth = 60, width = 60, Stretch = System.Windows.Media.Stretch.None, child = element};

Returns the element;

1. This does not yet compile:

RegionPanel.SetRelativeHorizontalAlignment (element, alignment);

2. this plant with the error: specified element is already the logical child of another element. Unplug first.

element = new Viewbox {MaxWidth = 60, width = 60, Stretch = System.Windows.Media.Stretch.None, child = element};


Thanks for posting the rest of the code.

Looks rather than using your override for VisualizeCore, you can use news properties, RangeLabeledDivisions.MaximumLabelAlignment and RangeLabeledDivisions.MinimumLabelAlignment. For example:

MaximumLabelAlignment = MinimumLabelAlignment 'Distant' = 'Close to' / >

Regarding the creation of a new ViewBox, is there a reason that you do not set just the UIElement directly on the element? It seems like setting the MaxWidth on element would have the same effect as what you are doing here.

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    I found the file with the old presets so I just copied to the new folder and the presets are back.

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    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0 (Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
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    Have you created the recon profile before running your recon task. If not, do the below.
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    I decided to do some troubleshooting for what could be wrong with the custom device by creating a separate custom device using the custom device model. I left completely intact model and it has deployed to our machine pharlap. When I canceled the intact custom asynchronous device it gave me the same error as above.

    I use Labview 2010 Professional version 10.0f2 development system, NI Veristand 2010 for a complete system of development and deployment of the .nivsproj on a licensed machine Pharlap.

    Sorry for the late reply.

    Zach-H by using simple device custom you provided I was able to create a custom asynchronous device that was able to stop. This allowed me to insert instructions printed in the two devices to help out what was causing the unit to raise an error when stopping.

    The culprit seems to be the NI VeriStand - Get loop The type of loop is never defined in the or the of the device model tool customized. So, when the RT pilot ran the loop get it would exit always false for the clock of the device to use and never use the correct name of the device clock. Without the name of the unit's clock he would never get a reason for reactivation.

    I forced the vi to use the clock of the device listed in the custom device model tool and I was able to shut down properly.

    TimothyA, you are right about the features of the measuring device. Even with the error of abnormal termination, the meter continues to operate normally after each deployment.

    Thanks for pointing out the problem with no channel being added to the measuring device. I'll make sure the custom device I develop handles the case where no channel, input or output, are added.

    Thanks for the help.

  • UDP read too Long timeout, Async Custom Dev fail Shutdown


    I've got a simple custom UDP for VeriStand receiver device that uses a timed loop. She has an infinite timeout so that I can listen on port constantly. I cancel the deployment every time I cause an error: 307730 Error Message: NI Veristand: one or more asynchronous custom devices did not close properly and has been abandoned by the Veristand engine.

    Does anyone know how to stop the function Read UDP when it expects a package? What's doing VeriStand when she replaces this behavior, for example he closes the network connection, as the unit cancels? The "" of the device model custom runs?

    Similar question for Visa Read with a long time (> 10 s). VeriStand closes the Visa Session? VeriStand just kill the timed loop and leave the rest of the finishing of custom device?

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    Thank you



    You should have a way to interrupt your UDP activities to check the system status. Open UDP will create the buffer to the data to be received on this port. As long as reading occurs to clear the buffer before too much data overruns the buffer memory capacity, then you should be fine. Leaving a deadline of waiting-1 loop which blocks it is why VeriStand is having to stop the loop.

    You should have a case of time-out period for your operations of UDP/TCP for the periods of low activity in order to check a channel to shut down the device custom.

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    He has not yet build a case for new date.

    App kind of works, but when I try and I have to force quit quit.

    Help ~.

    Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 10.15.18 PM.png

    Yes, well after that I will support the call last night with remote desktop, they got installed 2015.6. I don't know exactly yet why it was a problem, but I had to direct import to the normal destination of the files and then put it back and then it worked.

    Sent from my iPhone

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    In November, my existing user wanted to update their Photoshop to the full Suite of creative Cloud and needing another Acrobat and InDesign user. I approached my LAR usual for a quote and given our VIP number, only to be told that the number belonged to an agreement for the Commercial market sector, not the Government. Note that fresh Adobe less under Government that under Commercial, so I paid more than I should have and I thought it is more equitable for Adobe to refund the difference and convert the above agreement or cancel it and put in place a new. I was not asking for a full refund (including the yet unassigned Photoshop), just the extra we should never have been charged.

    Because I couldn't quickly a solution through the Adobe customer service team, and my attempts to contact the seller who handled the initial order has not responded, my LAR put in place a new agreement of VIP under the Government sector and sold me the required subscriptions.

    I turn now to the end of the first year of the initial agreement and despite several attempts by me to get a resolution from Adobe (usually ending with "I'll call you back" - who never happened), I just got an email telling me my case has been resolved and closed.

    Is there anyone or anyone can help me before I have to send the question to our Legal Department?

    The problem has been resolved, case # 0217945255

    Please do not hesitate to let us know in case of any problem.



  • Need help with creation of legend custom pass/fail


    I need help in creating custom legends of success/failure to Quiz questions. Here, I enclose the screenshot for your reference, how I wanted to.

    Thanks for your help in advance.CustomCap.jpg

    Thank you


    The question is that whatever color of the upper-left pixel of the image, the color will be considered transparent.  If the BMP image for this custom caption can have the upper-left pixel as white, then any place in the legend that is white will appear transparent.

    I recommend that the change in developer top left pixel of the image in Photoshop to roses or bright green, a color that does not appear anywhere else in legend. Then, it should look as expected. For images with rounded corners, it's pretty easy.  For images that have square corners, you may need to add a 1 or border 2 pixels around the image and brand that border the transparent color.

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    I wrote a custom authentication scheme. I have a function that returns a BOOLEAN. Now, when I tried to test it, he throwed the following error.

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    The function is
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    create or replace function auth_on_my_users (p_username_in in varchar2
    p_password_in in varchar2)
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    < / pre >

    I have an Oracle 10 g XE on windows. Apex 3.2.1. When I tried the same thing in, it worked. Is there something to do with XE and 3.2.1?

    Any idea? Thanks in advance.


    Published by: guru Perrin on November 23, 2009 19:44 - Typo



    create or replace function auth_on_my_users( p_username in varchar2, p_password in varchar2)
    return boolean is
     return true;

    The engine requires Express provides this function to have the signature (p_username in varchar2, p_password in varchar2) return a Boolean value.

    BR, Jari

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    Hello gentlemen,

    I have a problem, when I run the installation script for vCAC IAAS when install the Repo model him scape scripts with this error:


    I am also attaching whole logs, I did run the prerequisite scripts and do manually as well, I deleted the DB, DB to restart and IAAS server, IIS re-register, checked all permissions according to the documentation on, but seems the same problem.

    I use windows 2008 R2 and vCAC

    Any help will be very much appreciated!



    Check details of newspapers, I see the garbage of the connection, so I double check the installation of the device of the identity and vCAC device, so I verify that SSO on VCAC APP has been resolved by https://, I simply takes away and I could see the tenant default and connect with [email protected]

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    On a VM I started getting this error of VCB:

    Error: Another error occurred: failed to create snapshot: gel prior custom script failed.

    I found several other discussions about this, with resolutions of filesystem suspend disabling and reinstalling the VMware Tools.

    The guest is a CentOS 5 VM. He has lots of free space. The LUN has enough free space. I tried to reinstall the VMware tools. I tried to create the script pre-anti-freeze, chmodding to 755, even tried to add a simple script ' exit 0' in so that he actually returned correct status of output. "

    Snapshots fine VM in Virtual Center. I can't turn off the setting to suspend as it is set automatically by Backup Exec and I don't see an option to turn it off. Adding to the config.js appears to have ignored.

    The full command that I use for testing that is generating the error is:

    vc-01 vcbMounter.exe - h u Administrator Pei "mypass" - a uuid:564d7acf-0ecb-d867-8e4f-bbcb1aea6508 - r "C:\TEMP\monitor-22-06-408" t - fullvm m nbd - M 0 f 0

    I have several other CentOS 5 VM that work very well in the VCB.

    Any ideas or other things I can try?

    See this article in KB

    StarWind Software R & D

  • Where the type of deicide custom step to be

    I created a custom step. I want that he be a pass / fail step. So I added an expression of State which always makes me Pass or fail. but it does not change the color or the State of comprehensive income, if it's failure. So I would like to know how to do custom step fail.

    The easy way is to simply go to step OR Pass/Fail and copy the expression of State for it and paste it into your.

Maybe you are looking for