various indicator color

Hello.. I know, Boolean indicator cannot show 2 types of color (in and out)

is it possible to create a flag with at least 4 different color display?


On the digital palette color box.

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  • Channel indicator color

    Hi guys I want to know if it is possible to change the color of the indicator chain twice according to the entry. For example, on the same channel indicator, I want the color red when the result of the test is False and green when the test is successful. Is this possible?

    Try this...

  • LaserJet 500 color M551 PCL6 - Toner level error

    I love my LaserJet 500 color M551 but I'm having a problem with the black toner level.  I went to spend the night to have a level of about 50-60% to 10%.  Literally from one day to the next.  I had just checked the levels during the night and the next day the black toner was low.  My use is very light.  According to the page using the number for the monochrome is 1 668.  Total is listed at 3 487.  According to the supplies Status Page 3 543 pages were printed with black and 2 154 ink with the 3, various tonic color.  The only chance 3 543 a to be healthy is if black was included in all color prints so total use of black toner without color would be in the area of 1,400 pages.   There is no way we printed 3 543 black pages and more 2 154 color pages.  We had this printer at 14 months.  We get a new pack of 500 pages about every 2 to 3 months.  At the absolute most, we printed 3 500 pages total.  Most of our impression is heavier on the color.  In fact, we have done a large number of color prints full page.  But given the way we print color is about where we might expect.  And when the black toner showed the 50-60% it was where we expected.

    So what happened? Why our drop of toner level to 10 percent from one day to the next?  I tried the cat with the support, but they did lose one hour of my time and absolutely nothing accomplished.  The service was terribly slow that it was as if a person has worked 3 or 4 cats at the same time.  So I tried it and vain.  The support representative suggested that I swap cartridges.  I don't have a spare those for Exchange.  It made absolutely no sense to me to buy a cartridge of 160-$180 if he could sit on a shelf for a year while waiting to get used.  I certainly don't want to buy and open a new toner cartridge just to know, nothing was wrong with the other.   So the line of background here is... someone has suggestions?  How will I know what is the real level of toner?  Is there a way to reset the levels?

    Better yet. Someone has this model of printer and a black toner empty known cardtridge?  If yes do you know the exact weight of a cartridge empty in ounces? I also want to compare this to the full weight of this model cartridge at 100%.  If I had these two weight I would be able to calculate the exact amount of toner remaining.

    Here, any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I have a simple solution to your problem: just keep printing.  There was problems with the guarantee of toner system where there are sudden jumps in reported toner level, like what comes to live.  Unfortunately, we do not have a foolproof system for reporting levels of toner, and there is no method for re - calculate and declare a correct level in your cartridge.  Toner templates does not rise, they count only down.  When you eventually replace the cartridge, it will start again at 100%.

    The good news is that you have not suddenly lost all life of the cartridge, it looks just like that.  Your printer will continue printing normally, and the toner level be at 10% for a long time.  When the black cartridge is in fact less than 10%, the pledge starts counting down again.  I'm sorry to see this problem coming up for visitors, but it does.  There is nothing wrong, except the black toner level reported.  I know this isn't a great answer, but it is the best I have.   I'm glad you like your printer - try to ignore the level of toner for awhile.

    Best regards


  • Tips: to create a product with multiple color options page?

    Hello, thanks for reading!

    If I create a site for a client who has a makeup of brick and mortar store. Everything has been easy so far, each product gets its own page. Now, we are in a range of products that has many options: 10 with 12 different Nail Polish various tinted colors each. I could build each page with thumbnail links to each color, but thought someone may have already thought of an easier way to do this. Is there a widget or page shopping etc model anyone could recommend? Thank you!

    S6000 wrote:

    More research and looks like I'll need a updated CMS in place?

    It is an option... I would use one of the ready to use templates, but you need to match your code which allows the host server.

    is the BC Adobe host?

  • 64-bit option not available in the option new file window color Mode

    Hey everyone... my first request here (probably of no importance). I am very new to PS CS5 (64 bit) and as I was just clicking on me happened to notice that there is no 64-bit option in the color mode when you choose file-> new.

    I am running Windows 7 (64-bit) with 1 GB ATI graphics card.


    The two are totally, completely different.

    • The x 64 version of Photoshop uses 64-bit instructions to run on the processor in your computer.
    • To the various different color depths define how your pixels are represented in the document of your image.

    Chances are you want to choose 16-bit/channel, as many of the features of Photoshops and filters work with little depth, although some people still use 8 bits/channel because it allows all the sketches and painting tools.

    32 bits/pixel (which also implies a floating-point) is the area of the work of High Dynamic Range.  Fairly advanced stuff.


  • Equium P200D - reduce the brightness of the indicators before LED

    I have a laptop Toshiba Equium P200D-139, model number PSPBNE-004003KS model name.

    The façade has four LED indicator, color blue and visible on the screen open or closed. They are for the input DC power, battery, and HARD drive.

    _My problem and question: _

    Led lights are extremely bright. In fact, they are so bright that they are a source of severe distraction, especially in a dark room. I'd say it's clearly a design flaw. They must be performed in a smaller current, be placed behind a darker filter. * Is it possible to reduce the intensity of the LEDS using software? * I was wondering if a command-line script or something similar may be available to do this - I did once something similar to toggle the CPU fan on my old Toshiba Satellite CT 210.

    _Background: _

    I bought the laptop a few days ago (March 2008), for £399. Is for me very good report quality / price, but in my opinion it is rented by the above-mentioned design LED fault and a very cheap feeling keyboard, with keys that creak and stick to the opportunity. The built-in speakers are also low-power. I wonder if it is a version produced exclusively for this store at a certain price point and that these questions are unintentionally introduced?

    Thank you

    Rich (a friend of Claire set up the machine for her!)

    Post edited by: ADMIN

    Hello rich

    As a first step, I would like to say that I have the same model of laptop Satellite P200D-111. To be honest, I don't understand why write you about the problems. For me you just wrote on your personal opinion. It is logical that each of us has different opinions and I can understand you. But why all this set as a kind of design flaw. Sorry, but this is really ridiculous. Can you give me 100 different products and if I want to I'll find a design fault on each of them.

    Back to your question: all you can do is disable the SATELLITE led (BIOS settings > advanced > last option) but all the other LEDs placed in the Middle cannot be disabled and the LED intensity can be reduced. You can use tape and cover these LEDs.

    What about keyboard: I really don't have what you would expect. The keyboard is really stable and the buttons feel good. I use it for work and have really no problem at all.
    In the end, you need to know for this money, you have very good laptop. If you need better quality, why you didn t buy laptop for £1000. As you know all laptop manufacturers have models of different laptops. It's your choice.

    More money, better quality. But I still think that this Satellite P200D money is really good for laptop. Do you know that only Satellite/Equium P200 has 6 USB ports? Not bad! What do you think?

    Good luck and enjoy this cute portable!

  • iBook G3 fees, does not illuminate

    Greetings from the United Kingdom!

    My 600 MHz 2002 G3 iBook (16 VRAM model) snow worked oddly, acting as part of my vintage collection of the Mac, until a few weeks ago.

    My iBook does not at all, despite the PRAM and PMU reset according to the normal procedure for these laptops. The charger is verified to work, and the two batteries that I used to test the machine work also correctly. When the PMU or PRAM have been reset, the machine does nothing, but the indicator color changes briefly. The computer loads, as the Green/orange ring on the poster of the charger and the battery also lights. When you press the power button, nothing happening at all - without backlight LCD, no fans, no light no light change charger.

    As I say, the machine worked flawlessly until very recently, so I hope that's any serious question. It would break my heart for one of these beautiful machines throw!

    Thanks in advance for your help,


    There are some clues on what fixed inside, waiting for you to look inside, with the help

    a few guides repair with an accuracy of just image and not to dismantle such a device.

    If you have an 12 inch iBook G3 (white) or similar 14-inch model, there are two guides:

    repair guide • iBook G3 12-inch (white)

    repair guide • iBook G3 14 inch (white)

    Some circuits can not due to age and heat expansion/contraction due to natural

    warming and cooling periods of use and non-use; There are some solder joints in

    which can be affected by weather. Some issues were known to exist as a time

    Then, because in part, the chemical composition or the weld type has changed.

    If there is a cause, investigation may further be required and symptoms

    This can be difficult to identify. Unless you can get working again, to have

    failure in the same way. A common issue weld had been discovered by Corey Allen (or the name of sim)

    and his name was given to this effect. He has devised a way to put shims within the body

    the (white) iBook to apply pressure on the CPU and push the tiny microscope

    joints broken solder together without re - solder. There are companies that can do

    the micro-brasage or re-ball in the event of logical failure affected tiny Council sometimes these

    are sporadic due to heating and cooling; other times there is a complete failure and

    the Board of Directors may be repaired in a shop well qualified, rather to find a replacement.

    {I can't see article how this DIY repair by compression online}

    and it does not appear in a search of the above mentioned name.}  (IBook G4 noted)

    Troubleshooting is the main difficulty without technical skills or understanding

    of work of the unit and diagram of electrical courses to test.

    There may be a copy of the original apple Manual of Service online as PDF is worth a visit

    to see if you can download one; Be careful because posers can have loaded malware.

    Don't know who to see and respond to your thread (it only takes one, go ahead)

    However the unit should not be thrown again. I have some older Macs that are

    need a repair microscopic out of my League, sitting nearby. Much older had

    better access to the internal parts, such as desktop PowerMac, etc.. Compact design

    part of the problem, integrated electronics complex; The difficulty for the end user.

    Perhaps some of those who visit and answer here who made the will of troubleshooting

    See your thread and suggests methods to test further the unit; because these are

    much older, only a few authorized qualified specialist will be of service providers

    touch them. And their time cost the same if you have a new model or an antique.

    The level of their ability to know what has need of repair & troubleshooting, varies. In

    in the United States, a company like could restore the device, especially if

    a complete laptop them were sent for initial diagnostic tests.

    When a computer is also a little like new in appearance, it may be worth fixing.

    Anyway, it's late here in my time zone and so I should have slept more...

    Good luck & happy computing!

  • Idicator Y580 red battery

    I have just my laptop on battery and urban to off when the battery level critically. There are 2 parts to the power adapter, on the place where there is the brick and connects to the computer and the other with an adapter three components and connect to the output. I found three-pronged adapter I thought I would be the one for my laptop and the brick is plugged. It fits very well, I plugged in the socket. When I went to my lapotp, the battery indicator was red and I was wondering if this is normal? I unplugged it for now.

    Strength of salvation,

    probably nothing wrong with your Y580,

    Please see this list of the battery indicator colors and their meaning:

    Orange flashing: (off 500ms / 1 on)
    The remaining battery power is less than 5% of its capacity.

    Orange flashing: (off 100ms / s 3.2 on)
    The accumulator is recharged with the remaining power between 5% and 20% of its capacity.

    Amber: the computer is running on battery power with the power remaining between 5% and 20% of its capacity.

    White flashing:
    The accumulator is recharged with the remaining power between 20% and 80% of its capacity.

    White: the remaining battery power is more than 80% of its capacity, or the computer is running on
    battery power with the power remaining between 20% and 80% of its capacity.

    I hope this helps... Zehn

  • Best practices for the handling of data for a large number of indicators

    I'm looking for suggestions or recommendations for how to better manage a user interface with a 'large' number of indicators. By big I mean enough to make schema-block big enough and ugly after that the processing of data for each indicator is added. Data must be 'unpacked' and then decoded, for example, Boolean, binary bit shifting fields, etc. The indicators are updated once / sec. I'm leanding towards a method that worked well for me before, that is, binding network shared variable for each indicator, then using several sub-vis to treat the particular piece of data, and write in the appropriate variables.

    I was curious what others have done in similar circumstances.


    I highly recommend that you avoid references.  They are useful if you need to update the properties of an indicator (color, police visibility, etc.) or when you need to decide which indicator update when running, but are not a good general solution to write values of indicators.  Do the processing in a Subvi, but aggregate data in an output of cluster and then ungroup for display.  It is more efficient (writing references is slow) - and while that won't matter for a 1 Hz refresh rate, it is not always a good practice.  It takes about the same amount of space of block diagram to build an array of references as it does to ungroup data, so you're not saving space.  I know that I have the very categorical air about it; earlier in my career, I took over the maintenance of an application that makes excessive use of references, and it makes it very difficult to follow came data and how it got there.  (By the way, this application also maintained both a pile of references and a cluster of data, the idea being that you would update the front panel indicator through reference any time you changed the associated value in the data set, unfortunately often someone complete either one or another, leading to unexpected behavior.)

  • Unable to see the parameters required/required in a request competing

    Hi all

    In one of the forums to my place, we are unable to see thecompulsory/mandatory parameters r in the concurrent requests, as I see them as highlighted with a yellow ish color.

    When I press F11 for query programs simultaneously and other things like the users security search > user > Define, again I do not see the field program concurrent name or username yellow turn after I press F11.

    I've attached screenshots for your reference. The purple one is what I am facing the problem with. Red E looks normal as it should.

    I searched a lot for any profile Option or anything else to fix this, but I couldn't find anything. You could help me with this?



    Thank you


    Hi all

    Finally I found this. I hope that the changes I have made are correct.

    FND: Indicator colors

    Valid values are Yes (default), No, or null. When this profile option is set to Yes:

    • Required fields are displayed in yellow.
    • Queryable fields are displayed in a different color in query mode enter.
    • Read-only fields are rendered in dark grey.

    I made this change to the color RED as the instance 'FND: indicator colors"has been set to 'NO'."

    And now I see that it has changed its colors. Please see the pictures below:

    And the simultaneous requests Phase and status changed, too:

    Thank you all for your help.



  • Consolidated patches

    Hi guys

    I recently asked the 3 patches necessary to allow the patch Wizard work.  I then ran to see what patches are required to update my system.  He sent 570 patches!

    Are there any consolidated patches/service packs can I apply to put the system up to date, or do I have to install all the 570 patches individually?

    Version Info:

    Database Server
    RDBMS :
    Oracle Applications : 12.1.1
    Machine :
    User : APPS
    Oracle SID : PROD
    System Date : 03-SEP-2013 13:02:16
    Database Server PID : 21143
    Session SID : 448
    SERIAL# : 20075
    AUDSID : 26651034
    Database CPU Usage (in secs) : 0.86
    Forms Server
    Oracle Forms Version :
    Application Object Library : 12.0.0
    Forms User CPU (secs) : 0.504923
    Forms System CPU (secs) : 0.215967
    Forms Process ID : 21133
    Forms Server Environment Variables
    AU_TOP : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl/au/12.0.0
    FDBDMCHK : [Unset]
    FDFGCXDBG : [Unset]
    FDSQLCHK : [Unset]
    FDUDEBUG : [Unset]
    FND_TOP : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl/fnd/12.0.0
    FORMS_MMAP : [Unset]
    FORMS_PATH : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl/au/12.0.0/resource:/opt/oracle/product/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl/au/12.0.0/resource/stub
    FORMS_RESOURCE : [Unset]
    FORMS_TRACE_CONFIG_FILE : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_glprodlx/ora/10.1.2/forms/server/ftrace.cfg
    FORMS_TRACE_DIR : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_glprodlx/logs/ora/10.1.2/forms
    FORMS_TZFILE : [Unset]
    FORMS_USE_CBO : [Unset]
    ORA_NLS10 : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/apps/tech_st/10.1.2/nls/data/9idata
    ORACLE_CONFIG_HOME : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_glprodlx/ora/10.1.3
    ORACLE_HOME : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/apps/tech_st/10.1.2
    ORACLE_PATH : [Unset]
    TNS_ADMIN : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/inst/apps/PROD_glprodlx/ora/10.1.2/network/admin
    Current Form
    Form Application : Application Object Library
    Form Name : FNDCPVCM
    Form Path : /opt/oracle/product/PROD/apps/apps_st/appl/fnd/12.0.0/forms/US/FNDCPVCM.fmx
    Form Version :
    Form Last Modified : $Date: 2008/11/21 21:37  $
    Scheme Display Profiles
    Java Look and Feel : ORACLE
    Java Color Scheme : 
    Color Scheme Indicator : GENERIC
    Indicator Colors : Y
    Form Menus
    Forms PL/SQL
    CUSTOM : 12.0.0
    FNDSQF :
    GHR :
    GLOBE :
    GMS :
    IGILUTIL2 : 12.0.32
    IGILUTIL : 12.0.3
    OPM :
    PQH_GEN : 12.0.7
    PSA : 12.0.17
    PSAC : 12.0.5
    PSB : 12.0.2
    VERT1 : 12.0.0
    VERT2 : 12.0.0
    VERT3 : 12.0.0
    VERT4 : 12.0.0
    VERT5 : 12.0.0
    VERT : 12.0.0

    Thank you


    Are there any consolidated patches/service packs can I apply to put the system up to date, or do I have to install all the 570 patches individually?

    If the following docs/links give the same result, so I think that the answer is Yes, you must download the patches and apply them individually (or as a merged patch if possible).

    Identify the recommended electrode for E-Business Suite environments

    Identify the last families Packs for Oracle E-Business Suite

    Utility group comparison of current Oracle Applications patches - [139684.1 ID]

    Thank you


  • I'm unable to wrap text around an image.

    I posted a typical page on our site with a photo, a title and some text.  I struggled for several days, trying to surround the text around the picture and leave a space between the picture and the text.  I have studied many books and tutorials on the css box model, but they are all so different in the words they use and the approach to teaching that my mind is in a fog swirl of conflicting information.

    Our site is at  There will be thousands of individual pages on different plants with this same format that will be accessible by various indices Hypertext references.

    You simply float your image left or right:

    IMG {}

    float: left;

    margin-right: 10px;

    margin-bottom: 5px;



  • Table vs Collection Array

    Just trying to link the various indices of my table.

    I get a warning saying that:
    Data binding will not be able to detect changes using hooks
  • HP g6t - 1B 00 CTO: charger indicator led flashes and is white in color

    I replaced the battery with a new battery Duracell yesterday.  I need to load at least 4 hours first then it unloads.  When the charging light is usually yellow, but after about an hour on the charge, it starts flashing and the white color changes.  This is the second battery.  He did almost the same thing with the other, but also incorrectly read indicator.  What can I do to fix this?

    Thank you

    The replacement of the Duracell battery did not work.  I tried recalibrating several times and ended up with the same question.  I recently had a replacement for Duracell on another HP and it worked fine.  I will be chalked up the differences between the two laptops I have.  I have to replace HP and it works fine now.  The only real question there I can't order the most sustainable one because he is no longer offered by HP.  A small trade off the coast.  Thanks for the help.

  • How to change the background color of a text indicator?

    I have an ASCII/text indicator on my FP. FP uses a .png file as the background, with a block diagram. The diagram is a white background with lines black, figures, etc. I wish I could change the background color of the indicator of ASCII text / to white, so that it better matches the white background of the block diagram.

    LabView 2009 SP1 running.

    Thank you

    Have you tried the brush in the tool palette?

Maybe you are looking for

  • How can I disable People and Places in

    I frequently get photos under NDA contract, not allowing any electronic assessment content photo due to the protection of data. Thus our admin has stopped any update of iOS10, because the new of iOS10 seems to have no switch to disable ext

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    Hey guys,. Thanks a lot for taking a peek at my post.I have the Satellite C660-108. I think the upgrade to 3 GB up to 8 GB ram.I'll be very grateful if someone could answer my questions before making a purchase. It is a model of Ram. I think of buyin

  • SSD on Satellite L50-A-1CU

    I read the post about the problems (SATA compatibility slow with the latest firmwares); Now is the time, for me, buy an SSD, but this problem keeps me at all. No answers from Toshiba about it?It does not consider a noticeable defect?

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  • Downloaded trail free and immediately asked for the license / subscribe

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