VCA - VTC sample mock questions


Can someone share sample or simulacra VCA - VTC review questions... I want to try the mock and then take the exam.

Kind regards


It does not exist for the VCA exams - see this discussion:

No Test simulation for VCAC510?

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  • Questions about payment, cancellation, and planning for your review of VCA - VTC

    Fellow VCA (midshipman).

    I'm ready to go for my review of VCA - VTC, but I was interested in how you can pay for the exam and how much it costs. The last question, I think I found the answer to and $95, which is about €70? So, I registered for the exam with the assumption that I had to abandon in payment details before I confirmed. Unfortunately, I was already permanently registered after the first screen, I had to fill in and got an email sending me on the Pearson VIEW site. So I'm rather perplexed how me or maybe my employer can I pay for this review, if I can actually cancel it and if it is mandatory for me now to pass this review, now that I am registered of course for her.

    Kind regards


    What you have said, I guess that the first site you visited was and you completed the licensing process for the review.

    This operation generates an ID for you on VMware and PearsonVUE systems then this means that you can program review and pay via PearsonVUE.

    I don't think at this stage there is no obligation to actually go ahead and take the exam.

  • VCA - VTC study material

    Where can I find reviews of practice for the vca - VTC? I used the test of practice on the vmware Web site but they cross only maybe 20 different questions. Some other materials are also good study that will help me to pass the exam?

    The practical issues are not the same that on the real exam - he would "practice" a little too effective if they were the same.

    From what I've read several times, the basic training is pretty complete in terms of exam item coverage.

    For all VMware certification exams, I would recommend that you read the action plan which covers the objectives of the review - and if you feel you need to do additional reading/study/preparation you will know the specific areas, for that you will need to do this.

  • VMware Certified Associate certification - virtualization data center (VCA - VTC)


    ¿Alguien me informar could sober el precio del review of certification VCA - VTC y Programación hay than prepararlo para seguir Québec? I am interested in los certificados of vmware.

    A greeting.

    Haz ese course you ayudara, complicated segun los knowledge than tengas.

    Tipo're test y creo son unas 50 questions.

    Remember haber marcado como fixed if you hemos sacado duda.

    A greeting.

  • VCA - VTC - VIEW


    Today, I scored my exam VCA - VTC and I saw that review is online. There is no person requirement to do this review? As webcam or something like that?


    As I said, you can take anywhere – home, office, coffee shop, airport...

  • Expiry of VCA - VTC of cert?

    So I can see that VMware did the VCP cert a contract of 2 years (since May of this year I think).  However, I don't see anything on the VCA - VTC does - this it an expiration of the certification too or did an a cert of time?

    Thank you.

    At this time only the VCP certification have a recertification policy: Policy of Recertification

  • VCA - VTC and VCA-Cloud, working on 550 VCP past.

    As the title says, I went VCA - VTC and VCA-Cloud.

    It discourages me that official VMware courses don't cover everything in the master plan and was looking for a study guide or book that contains everything you need to study to succeed VCP550 review (in addition to the official documentation of VMware).

    Would you recommend the Mastering VMware vSphere 5.5 by Scott Lowe and Nick Marshall as sufficiently ? study material I fell on it and it seems fairly complete.

    Thank you.

    Shameless self-promotion here - my book from Sybex has been updated to cover the exam VCP-550. It covers every single review objective, but accompanying the book Mastering and official documentation of VMware would certainly help prepare you even more. Good luck for the VCP!

  • fast sampling rate question...


    I use USB-6009 and max sampling rate is about 48 K samples/s according to

    the specification...

    Question 1.

    48 K samples/s means... only when you receive 1 analog input?

    If I have 2 analog inputs then forge would be just half of the 48K?

    Question 2.

    using the daq assistant.

    I would like to get about 50 samples between 10ms

    If I do the math I get 5 K samples/s, which is enough for me

    However, I played with samples to read and throughout the day, the sampling rate,

    do not get this rate... (I'm outputing in file with LVM)

    I searched on the sampling frequency, and people here said

    samples read and sample rate do not havea correlation...

    but I see clearly that they are relevant. When I change a setting

    I get a different number of acquisition... I do N smaples.

    Please help:)

    Q1. Yes, except that the switching of channels takes awhile so the net price per channel is slightly less than half the rate of single channel.  The USB-6009 specification document does not indicate what is the switching time.  You should be able to get 5 kHz on both channels.  20 kHz might be close to the upper limit, but that's just a guess.

    Q2. The DAQ Assistant is often not the best choice for maximum performance.  I do not have the DAQ Assistant, so I can't be more specific. If you get the data as an array of DBL, rather than dynamic data type, it can be recorded directly, without conversion.  The other thing that can make a big difference is a loop two architecture of producer/consumer.  This allows the acquisition of data and save it to the file to run it at different speeds so that each can be optimized separately.  If you are trying to acquire 50 ms of data at a time and then, he writes to the file, you write to the file twenty times per second.  The first time, the operating system must reallocate some file space or do something else what delays write the file, your timing loop is disrupted.


  • compactDAQ sample rate question...

    OK, I think I have a question in the right place, but if not I have forgiveness.  :-)

    I have a CompactDAQ (4slot) with just a 9225 and 9239 modules installed.  I've run the DAQ assistant and have all seven current channels of reading and writing in a text file of a structure of event... when I push the button, it saves the data.  Quite simple really, I have also a timer Setup 'Wait' with a 50mS wait time, so I'm basically updateing my loop 20 times per second, not so fast.  The strange thing is that my DAQ module is only send me data once per second.  A I put something wrong?  Seems to me that as updates of loop, it should return 'true' the key to the structure of the event and the data should appear at a rate of about 20 samples per second.   VI attached sample.

    Tips and points in the right direction are greatly appreciated!


    Hi chuggins143,

    The behavior comes from your settings in the DAQ Assistant:

    If you want the loop to run 20 x per second, then 'Samples to Read' should be 1/20 of the sampling frequency.  DAQmx hangs until the samples 'Samples to Read' became available, so it's slowing down your loop.  You can also change the Timing settings to 'Continue', if you want to avoid gaps in your data.

    Best regards

  • On the NI PCI-6221 fast sampling rate question

    Hi I was wondering if someone can answer a question of sampling rate on this card to PCI-6221 (

    Especially if I wanted to transmit simultaneously (analog output) and data acquisition (analog input), what is the sample rate max I could use. Kind regards.

    Since the 6221 is multiplexing the analog input, your question for I / simultaneous ao is possible for one channel of the only. If your "simlutaneously" can include delays (e.g., 100us), you may be able to work with several AI channels as well...

    HAVE the multiplexes, workable sample rate given that the total sample (250 kHz) frequency divided by the number of channels that you use. AO is faster than HAVE it, so it does not reduce this number.

    hope this helps,


  • VCA - VTC confused period?

    Hi friends,

    I worked on Vpshere ESXi 5.5 U2 for 9-10 months so decided to go to this level starter VCAD510 review: VCA - DCV (without coupon) cost me about $ 95.

    I asked him properly in internet, there should be 50 multiple choice questions and delay of 75 minutes .

    But on the peasonvue portal, show length examination 120 min.

    Why is it so? why more than 45 minutes?

    I get more questions then?

    Help out me

    I did all the basic components of vsphere:-5.5 ESxi, Vcenter Server, Vmotion, motion of storage, vconvertor, HA, DRS, FT, storage DRS VSANS, VLANS, DPM, EGGS/OVF, groups snapshots/cloning/templates, Port, security policies, traffic shaping, consolidation of network cards, VCB, DPM, virtual appliances, Vswtiches, Distributed switches, VUM, VMware tools, Orchestrator, Site Recovery Manager, Configuration Manager, Vcenter Vcops VCB , Horizon view intro, Director intro vcloud.

    Should what products/features I study? suggest me.

    Screenshot of personvue of Portal exam details, is attached.

    Thanks in advance.

    The regular commitment lasts 90 minutes in total - 75 to answer questions and 15 minutes to complete agreements and demographic issues.

    You've got another 30 minutes to answer the questions, you are in the exam in a country where English is not the first language - you can see that at the bottom left of the screenshot you posted.

    So you will have 105 minutes to answer the questions, as well as 15 minutes to complete agreements and demographic issues.

  • CLDR sample exam question

    I was crossing the CLD recertification model of review (here), and one of the questions left me speechless.  For question 39, I understand what the code and the correct answer, but I can't seem to find how to put this code in a block diagram.  I am referring to the function with the - 3->,? and I have the icon.  Can someone tell me where on the range of function to find that (LV2009 or 8,6)?

    Thanks in advance!

    Wow, that one took me a while to understand.  This object is a feedback, but with a funky configuration node.  You will need to change its direction (so it is a node before power), then you have to right-click and choose 'Properties' to change the delay to "3".  Once you do this it should be configured like the screenshot of the review, thus:

  • VCA - VTC Ferryman - the process of Certification VCP5.5

    Hello guys,.

    I spent my VAC - DCV (path VMware5.5) last March 2015 and summer see much new in vSphere 6.0 examinations were published and released.

    I concentrate in vSphere 5.5 and wondering if still worthwhile to continue my preparation followed by certification for VCP5-VTC since vSphere 6.x (VTC-VCA6 / VCAP6-VTC are released?)

    Thanks for your advice in advance!


    If I were you, I'd go for VCP6-VTC - you'll need to take a course of vSphere 6 and will find these abundant provide already - by the time you're ready final exams (2V0-620 and 621 - 2V0) must be released.

  • 1Z0-517 - sample test questions - should I trust these websites?

    Hello, I am looking to buy exam for examples of questions above, and I don't know if I've found sites are not false:

    [brain dump providers removed by Moderator]

    Have everyone buy their part examination questions?


    Published by: Brandye Barrington on 22 August 2012 06:23

    Two of these sites are considered to be braindump providers. The way to check is through It has a field when you paste the URL of the site to check. It will then give you information about the site.

  • Docs and samples of questions

    The comment by talk about NoteModel. Perhaps the CameraModel?

    Sent when the NoteModel completely connected and synchronized with the service
    or when he loses that connection

    The webcam component is a component of high level "pod" which allows multiple
    users to post and view the video from the webcam. In the MVC sense, the webcam is point of view
    and the controller to the model of NoteModel because it consumes user events, drives
    the model accepts events from the model and updates the view.

    AFCS is not noticed in the ACC?

    It's confusing to see CAA in code and docs.

    The developer's guide is called "CAA_developerguide.pdf" and has several times issue of the CAA.

    There are several places in the code that must be ACC instead of the CAA.

    Example for use of CAA in the code, there is other places:

    AFCS does not support several layouts < code > < code > layout() always returns SIDE_BY_SIDE.

    The example of FlashSimpleChat matter the audio classes and uneeded webcam:

    import com.adobe.rtc.collaboration.AudioPublisher;
    import com.adobe.rtc.collaboration.AudioSubscriber;
    import com.adobe.rtc.collaboration.WebcamPublisher;
    import com.adobe.rtc.collaboration.WebcamSubscriber;

    Hi Dan,.

    You are absolutely right. It should be CameraModel and also CAA was renamed to the ACC, but any changes in the code and are not fixed by the previous version. We are doing a complete rebranding of code/example/ourSDKApp currently. You will soon see all these corrected in the next version.

    Please let us know.


    Hironmay Basu

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