VCAC 6.0, I can't add a USER to the AD Group to a company includes the user role

IF I goto to MODIFY an existing group of companies, I can not ad any group Active Directory the "USER ROLE" on the bottom of the page, I'm not sure what I am doing wrong

in the attachment, I try to FIND ad GROUPS, I see the users but not groups

Thank you!

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"" Message edited by: quantum_2 I also have the same problem with the "Group Manager ROLE" and the "support role" I can't announces an ad GROUP


He can not see the group - I think that it is a known problem, type the name of the Group anyway, and press ENTER.  vCAC will throw an error if it does not recognize the name of the group.  vCAC didn't need to 'find' the name of the group to accept it.

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