VCM - cannot create new calendar jobs

A few days ago, I discovered a big problem in my VCM. It is interesting that I have is not a restart or / install anything on this server. Two days ago, it worked OK, and now I have this problem.
The problem is that I can't create any new tasks scheduled in Task Manager or I can't change to toggle on any job... And if I try to select job and right click... Now run... I get the alert "cannot start the selected items. An unknown error has occurred. Please contact your VCM administrator for more help. » .
Someone, please help me with this problem.

It seems that SQL got patched...

To resolve this problem:

  1. Open SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Run this query:

    USE msdb
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_add_category TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_add_job TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_add_jobschedule TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_add_jobserver TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_add_jobstep TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_add_schedule TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_attach_schedule TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_delete_job TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_start_job TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_stop_job TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_update_job TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_update_jobschedule TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_update_jobstep TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_verify_job TO public
    GRANT EXECUTE ON OBJECT::dbo.sp_verify_jobstep TO public
    GRANT SELECT ON OBJECT::dbo.syscategories TO public
    GRANT SELECT ON OBJECT::dbo.sysjobs TO public
    GRANT SELECT ON OBJECT::dbo.sysjobschedules TO public
    GRANT SELECT ON OBJECT::dbo.sysjobservers TO public
    GRANT SELECT ON OBJECT::dbo.sysjobsteps TO public

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    Is impossible to turn on the guest account.  Cannot create new user account.  After to try one of those and reboot, the icons of account appear, but when you try to use, the following instructions of error present when you try to log in with the new account or comments: "the user profile Service service has no logon.  User profile cannot be loaded. "I looked at the answers to all the previous ones (including the KB947215) and no not to address specifically.  For the most part, they seem to assume that there is a guest or a new profile in the first place...

    The system is Win 7 Pro 64-bit with all available updates.  I can't say when the last time that the guest account has worked (rarely used) and just found out I can't do new additional user, accounts trying to solve the problem of account of comments... so I have not tried to enter Safe Mode and do a system restore , because I can't yet identify a useful restore point...

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    21 long numbers + 1004 plus User1 (admin),

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    23 plus long + 1006 is user3 (standard,

    and no comments or additional profiles appear.

    C:\Users includes

    All users,



    By default,.

    Default user (which is inaccessible for me, even as an administrator),



    No guest or additional profile appear.

    All except the default user (I can't open) seem to have the appropriate, NTUser.DAT files although I don't know how to check for corruption.  Having both a default value

    and a default user folder seems hokey.

    I think I understand instructions how to fix or remove a corrupted profile, but that does not apply to the guest account or profiles that do not exist.

    Help?  Ideas?

    This message contains the strange solution.

    [Plan B - I found one thread where one user said that the same symptoms of the problem that you experience this problem solved]

    - - - - - - - - - - -

    Plan h - while another user said that it was caused by a file Windows Live problem

    This is the thread I can not create a new user account (Windows 7): the user profile service service doesn't have the logon

    You find it difficult to follow the thread as it's long and reported problem by different people to confuse it and there is also a bit of bickering [long filaments often end up being quite incomprehensible].

    ..., See references to the event viewer in the middle of page 4 and Windows Live we [at the bottom of page 2 more on page 3].

    I see not the logic of the any of those things, but if one of them do things long enough that you are trying to create new accounts that works, you will know how in the future until a proper solution is found.

    This is the useful part where this user has tested the solutions proposed in this thread linked above: -.

    This has proved to contain leads to a difficulty.  Have to admit, when I read everything the first time, several days, I did indeed find it confusing and even the parts that I "heard" (sorta) does not appear to be related to my symptoms.

    It turns out that the answer of JDMICHAL May 17, 2011 contained this:

    (1) C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows open live
    (2) this directory has two subdirectories with a single file of each. Go into each directory and apply the following:
    (a) make a right click on the file, open the properties.
    (b) click the Security tab.
    (c) it will issue a message: "to continue, you must be an administrative user with permission to view this object's security properties. Would continue you? ». Click on the button continue.
    (d) click on the Add button...
    (e) ' everyone' type in the box at the bottom of the dialog box. Click on "check names"; It should be emphasized the "everyone". Click OK.
    (f) ensure that the new "Everyone" entry "read" and "read & run" check under the column "allow".

    After doing this for two files, attempt to connect to the account. He must undergo.

    The procedure (bascially) worked... Although the different answers on my system differed slightly along the way (perhaps due to the slightly different versions of Win 7?, because I was already logged in as an administrator?).

    In any case, "Everyone" with the read and read/execute permissions adding to these two files seems to have done the trick:

    C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\Bici\Bici1_00.sqm


    C:\Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Live\SqmApi\SqmData720896_00.sqm

    Thank you for leading me to this!

  • Cannot create new projects in RoboHelp 7 HTML

    When I try to create a new project in RoboHelp HTML 7, the Type of projects field is empty on the new tab in the new project dialog box. I just bought this product after using the trial version for 30 days. I can open the projects I created before, but cannot create new projects. Help! I need it now!

    OK, this problem is solved, the problem was of RoboSource Control 3.1. I realized that I had installed RoboSource Control 3.1 during my trial installation (the installation option it is checked by default). By running again the trial download (thank God I taped it), I was able to uninstall RoboSource Control 3.1. (I could not uninstall by using the Tech Comm Suite installer or the Add/Remove feature in the control panel)

    Then I ran the installation Tech Comm Suite and reinstalled RoboHelp 7 (without installation of RoboSource Control 3.1).

    RoboHelp 7 HTML now works again. Note that only the HTML version has been screwed upward - Word version ran OK, I just don't need.

    Finally, I just want to say, Support technique Adobe * SUCKS *. After spending half an hour on my first call on September 26, "Ken" directed me to the web page of Adobe's Support and told me to enter my problem myself - thanks for nothing, Ken. He promised a tour of 24 hours around, which didn't happen.

    When I called back on 29 September, I lost another hour with Natasha and Sam, that had run me CSClean, which wiped out my registry for Acrobat and Photoshop entries, forcing a reinstallation of these products. Of course, who did not help me at all.

    Adobe, please stop outsource your Support to the India - these guys don't know anything!

    The answers to this question on the "Customer Portal" has been slow, indifferent and unhelpful. Shame on them!

    I write this fix this problem on this Forum, so the next poor slob may be able to solve their problem by themselves like I did, because the Technical Support will not help you!

  • Cannot create new trailers and films in iMovie

    My iMovie 10.1.2 on my macbook air 13 inch early 2014 running OS X El Capitan cannot create movies and new trailers. I tried to press file > New Trailer, but I can press it. I tried to put pictures on it, but it seems we can't operate. Help, please!

    Have you tried to create a new film or trailer of the tav project, click on the button "+"?  If this does not work either, try, if you can create a new movie, if you're an iMovie different woking library.

    You can create a library of iMovie to test like this: (iMovie Help)

    Create a new library

    • Choose file > open library > new.
    • In the Save dialog box appears, type a name for the new library and navigate to the location where you want to save it. The default location is the movies folder in your home folder.
    • Enregistrer.une click New library is created in the location you have chosen, and an empty event with the current date is created.
  • Can create new calendar in Thunderbird

    OK, saw a lot of articles on creating a new calendar in lighting. All say file-> new-> calendar. The file menu in the menu at the top left doesn't have a new option. It is not the task Mode and I have no idea of what it is (or goggle).

    Images you have posted show you the AppMenu Open button list, but you will need to click on the Message of Mew to open this menu.

    I know! New Message? This is ridiculous. You are right. Programmers completely messed up the menu improved, new and robust system. I recommend you do you a favor and turn the old menu bar and use a system of menu real.

    Press the alt key to make the call of menu bar.
    The Menu bar, select View-Toolbars, and click the Menu bar on.
    Now the calendar is where is belongs and where all the documentation says it is.

    Maybe I should ask another fundamental question.
    Do you have the Schedule tab open showing the default calendar?
    If this isn't the case, in the menu bar, select events and tasks-calendar to open the Calendar tab.
    The shortcut is Ctrl + Shift + c

  • Cannot save new calendar entries after phone software was last updated

    I bought my Xperia Z5 to early 2016, and after using it with happiness and success for the last 6 months, I'm suddenly not able to save new entries for the calendar.

    Everything seems to work properly when a new calendar date is entered, but new entries are not saved.  All of my initially recorded entries are still visible, that it just allows me to create new ones.

    I only noticed this after the last software update, I installed a few weeks ago.  This may or may not be meaningful

    I'd appreciate any help.  Thank you.

    I am happy to report that I solved the problem.

    It was the settings on my phone that were wrong as the incorrect calendar has been selected.

    I've changed now that the calendar of the device and everything will work as before.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones New email address creates new calendar?

    I'm having the following problem...

    From my desktop, I use a USB cable to sync my Outlook calendar and tasks on my Storm2 contacts.  Also, I have a laptop and use BlueTooth to sync contacts Outlook, calendar, and tasks with the Storm2.  The sync seems fine work.

    I wanted to access my personal email so I put in place by selecting and then CONFIGURE PARAMETERS of E-MAIL and follow the wizard.  It worked perfectly... but it also created another calendar which seems related to the new email address. This caused problems when you try to synchronize, my office has been updated a calendar while the laptop has been updated on the other.

    When I deleted the email address of the additional claendar has also been removed.

    Am I missing something, why a second calendar is created when I set up an e-mail account?

    Thanks for your help

    Possible solution: I suddenly had the same problem, and I had made no changes to my phone or my account which I was aware.  But I came across this solution that worked for me.  First of all, I would recommend that you back up your Blackberry to your computer using the Desktop Manager.  I found that what I propose below is reversible, but just in case...

    Then go to Options-> advanced-> service book Options

    You will see a list of your e-mail, and associated with each of these accounts is a calendar.  E-mail accounts are labeled CMIME and calendars are labeled CICAL.

    Select the CICAL account for the calendar that you want to remove, press the menu button on your Blackberry and select Remove.  Do this for each calendar you want missing from your Blackberry.  I did it for the list of CICAL associated with each of my email accounts, and now all I have is the calendar by default list, which is that I have synced with my Google Calendar.  (It seems that you will always be able to 'Undelete' a CICAL if you opt for the calendar to return for some reason any.)  I can't promise this is the case, but so far I've been able to transform their market at will, even after turning the device off and turn it back on).

    I hope this helps!  As I said, I have no idea why it was suddenly happening, as I've had these same four addresses on my Blackberry for over a year and the synchronization with Google very well, showing only the default calendar.  Everything is back to normal now with the fix above.  I hope you can say the same thing soon!

  • I cannot create new user accounts and have tried all the steps listed in all of the current discussions, does not

    Good people you've heard of this one before:

    I can connect to my basic admin account, but not others.  I tried to create new user accounts after you delete the old user accounts but system would not apparently carry out process.  I get the following warning:

    Service user profile Service failed to connect
    User profile cannot be loaded.

    I tried all of the recommended patches (see list below)

    1 ran all appropriate steps as stated in the article: - no joy
    There is not other profiles listed in the register except the administrator account on the basis and since I couldn't connect successfully to a user apparently newly created accounts, the profile has not completed the process of generation.

    2. I have not ran the SFC system - no joy.  He replied with the following: Windows Resource Protection did not find any breach of integrity.

    Then... of other big ideas?

    Running Win 7 with all latest updates (login problem is not a new problem according to my children - I just got back from the extended learning this persistent problem)
    I am on an Intel machine running dual quad core which is only 6 months old.
    I run MS Office 2010


    I suggest you to consult the steps mentioned in the link and check if it helps.

    Hope this information is useful.

  • 0 blocks free PTR - cannot create new files on the data store

    We have been experiencing problems trying to power on virtual machines. When attempting to power on virtual machines, we see the error "cannot extend the pagefile from 0 KB to 2097152 KB".

    We checked the .vswp file are created in the folder of the Virtual Machine on the data store. Connection to the ESXi host, we have seen the following in vmkernel.log error message:

    (2016 01-16 T 21: 19:40.556Z cpu1:4971732) WARNING: Res3: 6984: "freenas-6-ds": [rt 3] No. Space - has not found enough resources after the second pass! (requis_:_1,_trouvé_:_0) 2016-01 - 16 T 21: 19:40.556Z cpu1:4971732) Res3: 6985: "freenas-6-ds": [rt 3] resources t 0, e 0, PN 16, BM 0, b 0, RCs u 0, i 0, 4031 nf, pe 0, 0 2016-01-16 T 21 oe: 19:40.556Z cpu1:4971732) WARNING: SwapExtend: 683: impossible to extend the pagefile from 0 KB to 2097152 KB.

    This was surprising given that we have about 14 TB of space available on the data store:

    [root@clueless:~] df h

    Size of filesystem used available use % mounted on

    VMFS-5 20.0 T 5.4 T 14.6 T/vmfs/volumes/freenas-six-ds 27%

    However, when we use "dd" to write a 20 GB file, we would get "no space left on device:

    [root@clueless:/vmfs/volumes/55a00d31-3dc0f02c-9803-025056000040/deleteme] dd if = / dev/urandom of = deleteme bs = 1024 count = 2024000

    DD: writing "deleteme": no space is available on the device

    263734 + 0 records in

    out 263733 + 0 reviews

    [root@clueless:/vmfs/volumes/55a00d31-3dc0f02c-9803-025056000040/deleteme] ls - lh deleteme

    -rw - r - r - 1 root root 19 Jan 255,1 M 01:02 deleteme

    We checked that we have free inodes:

    The ramdisk name system include in reserved Coredumps used Maximum reserved free use pic free maximum allocated Inodes used Inodes Inodes Mount Point


    root of true true 32768 KiB 32768 KiB KiB KiB 99% 99% 9472 4096 3575 176 176.

    true true etc 28672 KiB 28672 KiB 284 KiB 320 KiB 99% 99% 4096 1024 516/etc

    Choose true true 0 KiB KiB 0 KiB KiB 0 100% 0% 8 1024 8192 32768 / opt

    var true true 5120 KiB 49152 484 516 99% 90% 8192 384 379 KiB KiB KiB / var

    tmp false false 2048 KiB 262144 KiB 20 KiB 360 KiB 99% 99% 8 256 8192/tmp

    false false hostdstats KiB 310272 KiB 3076 KiB 3076 KiB 99 0% 0% 8192 32 5/var/lib/vmware/hostd/stats

    We believe that our cause is due to have 0 free blocks of PTR:

    [root@clueless:/vmfs/volumes/55a00d31-3dc0f02c-9803-025056000040] vmkfstools Pei - v 10/vmfs/volumes/freenas-six-ds.

    System file VMFS-5, 61 extending on 1 partition.

    File system label (if applicable): freenas-six-ds

    Mode: public TTY only

    Capacity 21989964120064 (blocks of files 20971264 * 1048576), 16008529051648 (15266923 blocks) prevail, max supported size of the 69201586814976 file

    Volume creation time: Fri Jul 10 18:21:37 2015

    Files (max / free): 130000/119680

    Blocks of PTR (max / free): 64512/0

    Void / blocks (max / free): 32000/28323

    The secondary blocks of Ptr (max / free): 256/256

    Drop blocks (approve/used/approve %): 0/5704341/0

    Blocks of PTR (approve/used/approve %): 64512/0/0

    Void / blocks (approve/used/approve %): 3677/0/0

    Size of volume metadata: 911048704

    UUID: 55a00d31-3dc0f02c-9803-025056000040

    Logical unit: 55a00d30-985bb532-BOI.30-025056000040

    Partitions split (on 'lvm'):


    Instant native is Capable: YES

    OBJLIB-LIB: ObjLib cleaned.

    WORKER: asyncOps = 0 maxActiveOps = 0 maxPending = 0 maxCompleted = 0

    When we turn off a virtual machine, it will release 1 block of PTR and we would be able to on another VM / create the 20 GB file using "dd". Once we reached 0 free blocks of PTR, we are unable to create new files.

    Can anyone give any suggestions on how we may be able to clear the blocks PTR? We have already tried to restart all services of management on all ESXi hosts connected.

    FreeNAS is not running on a virtual machine.

    We solved the problem by finding a lot PTR blocks have been used by many of our models of virtual machine. Remove the disk models solved the problem.

  • iMovie 10.1.2 - cannot create new film

    Hi all

    iMovie update and now the 'new film' the tab file is GRAYED OUT!  How do I create now a new movie?  Help, please.

    OS X El Capitan 10.11.4

    Hi applex2,

    Thank you for using communities Support from Apple.

    To create a new project, simply click "Create New" according to the projects:

    Create a new movie

    • In view of projects, click on create new, and then click the movie.

      If you edit a project, click on the back button of projects on the left side of the toolbar (see below) and then click on create new.

      If you have more than one library to open iMovie, click on the context menu of the library and select the library where you want the movie to reside.

    Create a new movie

    Take care.

  • Lookout 6.5 cannot create new Windows 7 user accounts


    I use Lookout 6.5 (Build 49153) on a 64-bit Windows 7 computer. I also installed it on my development machine that is also running Windows 7 64 bit. On both machines I can't create new accounts of users at Lookout. I get an error that says:

    Add user operation failed. Check the system drive disk space.

    There are a lot of free space on the hard disk, so this isn't the problem. I am connected to Lookout and Windows administrator is connected under the administrator account. I'm guessing that there may be a security issue with Windows 7. I tried to adjust UAC in Windows disabled, but it did not help.

    I can't add a password for the default Administrator account to Lookout. I get the following error:

    Could not change the properties of that user.

    I really need to solve this problem as soon as POSSIBLE because operators are required to use the Administrator without password account to make the system work, so that they have way more rights that they need and can enter edit mode and really cause some damage. Thanks for any help you can give me.

    Thank you

    Rob Miller

    Try to run the lookout in XP compatibility mode. Right-click on lookout.exe and open its property, it is on the Compatibility tab.

  • Cannot create new folders

    After you perform a system restore, I find that I have more freedom to create new folders or something new when I right-click. Anyone have any ideas?

    Hi JakStraw,

    ·         You get the error message?

    ·         Have you tried to create the folder in safe mode?

    Follow these methods.

    Method 1: Performs a search using the Microsoft safety scanner.

    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    Method 2: Run the fixit of the article.

    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically

    Method 3: Scan the file system (CFS) auditor to repair corrupted files.

    Description of Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 System File Checker (Sfc.exe)

  • Cannot create new message in Windows Mail

    Original title: "Windows Mail"

    I'm unable to create new message in Windows Mail, the program stops and restarts everytime I try.

    In addition to what Gary has suggested, try to repair the database and see if that has any impact:

    I'm unable to create new message in Windows Mail, the program stops and restarts everytime I try.

Maybe you are looking for