VCO performance issue?

We have upgraded a VCO stand-alone server to version 5.5.  Expand the folder objects to data center and host when using vCenter 5.5 plugin can last up to 10 minutes.

Upgrade process

1. export the packages and configuration

2 order services and uninstalled the application

3. has taken a backup of the MS - SQL Database and and got up a new database in its place

4. install the new version of the application 5.5

5 import the configuration and the packages in the application.

Has anyone seen this behavior? or better yet have a fix for this?  5.5 seems to be significantly slower than version 5.1, we were in front.

Specifications of the system running virtually...

Win 2008 R2

2 CPU i7


The Java heap size has been increased to...

maxHttpHeaderSize = "163840.

It is a new version of technical overview of vCenter plugin available here.  Version of technical overview of VMware vCenter Orchestrator plug-in for VMware vSphere 5.5.x

This version fixes some performance issues related to vCenter inventory and plugin starting aceptinag of workflow as vCenter parameter objects...

It will be useful.

Tags: VMware

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  • HP Elitebook 8570p - Windows XP USB very slow and the transfer rate performance issues.

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone else knows some performance issues with the HP Elitebook 8570p and Windows XP Pro - SP3.

    I get a VERY slow start, general poor performance (waiting time when opening files and programs).

    I asked to burn in tests that show that everything is good.

    USB transfer rates are VERY slow (tried all ports of a Seagate FreeAgent USB drive, which works fine on other laptops etc.) for example a 30-minute transfer a 7gig single file of the USB HD on the desktop. Only 3 minutes to do the same on another laptop.

    I think there are problems with the drivers, like Windows 7 works very well and does boot from a bootable USB.

    USB transfer rate are also good when starting from a Windows boot environment.

    I installed HP SoftPaq Download Manager, and all the drivers are up to date.


    I think outside of the box here... Select the Intel (r) 7 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller instead.

    If it does not, I raise the white flag.


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    I recently built a gaming PC. On Christmas day, I finished putting the thing together. It has an Intel i7-4790 CPU running Intel HD Graphics, 8 GB of Corsair Vengeance RAM, an Asus Z97 - A Mobo and a 2 terabyte Seagate HDD. I installed Windows and put everything in place. Then a week later, my MSI GTX 970 arrived in the mail.

    So, I take the thing to sleep and decreases the performance of the whole thing. Videos YouTube stutter, simple as games fight of World of Tanks to run at its usual rate of 60 fps. To avoid this, I simply restart my comp and then it works fine. performance is back to normal.

    A few weeks, Windows gave me a message on one of the Nvidia drivers causing performance issues when you wake up from sleep. I don't think a lot of it and rejected it. I'll try to reinstall all my Nvidia drivers. I uninstall the Intel HD graphics driver a few days ago and has not changed anything. I would appreciate an answer to this problem because I would like to continue to use the "sleep mode" because it consumes less energy and prolongs the life of my case of LED. Thank you!

    In order to diagnose your problem, we need run Windows performance toolkit, the instructions that are in this wiki

    If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask

    Please run the trace when you encounter the problem
  • Smartphone blackBerry Storm performance issues (and suggestions)

    I want to start and say that I don't like my phone.  When it works (which is most of the time), it works fine.

    But there are certainly problems of software.  As a software engineer, the OS has some memory serious management problems.  This seems to cause most of the problems I'm having with the phone.  I'm running the latest Verizon S/W (v4.7.0.148).

    Problem #1:

    I am a paranoid person.  There are a lot of personal information on my phone, I have currently international calls helped that I need this feature.  So to protect me my phone is locked when it is the case or after a period of inactivity time.  It is a good practice.  Part of the draw to the fate of the Blackberry is the security that you can configure on the device (I'm not paranoid enough to allow all the protections of encryption - yet).  Problem of the storm is that it can take 1 to 5 minutes to get the phone unlocked when unholstering.  It is not an exaggeration.  As the performance of the memory gets worse, time takes more time.  If I had to make an emergency call, it could be the difference between life and death.  5 minutes is a long time to wait to call 911.  This must be corrected!

    Problem #2:

    The phone must be "reset" once a day to remember "lost."  It is just poor programming.  I don't know if this problem of BB OS or Apps I'm running, but in both cases, this isn't fair.  After the reboot if I go to the display of memory under options I could have about 3-5 MB of free memory.  After a few hours of use, this will almost always '0 '.  I installed MemoryUp Pro, which seems to have extended the period of time between the battery grips, but I still don't think we should ask all owners of BB Storm to pull there battery once a day.  The other answer I get is "do not run so many Apps.  I get all my applications when finished.  Are the only ones that I continue to turn: Blackberry Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk and Google Maps (Latitude).  Other applications running, you can't get out (phone, browser).  I tried doesn't work is not the 'optional' tricks and performance has not really much better.

    Problem #3:

    Missed calls.  This is probably related to problems of memory above, but if the storm can be used as a phone, then I should buy something else.  Although the occurrence of this problem has gone down because I installed MemoryUp Pro and perform the reset once a day, sometimes still about 1 to 5 times.  It takes so long for the phone to 'wake up' when a call comes in (especially if it is holstered), at the time where I hit "Answer", a call has been Messaging voice or even worse, the phone doesn't ring at all.  All I get is a notification of appeal lacks the 'unknown number '.

    Problem #4:

    Battery performance could be improved.  The battery that comes with the storm has about 24 hours on 24 with the Radio and Bluetooth.  Really, this isn't a problem if you know it.  I solved the problem by buying a 2700 mAh battery for extended life of BoxWave I use when traveling.  Makes the storm bit bulky, it will give me 2-3 days of life.  I don't know how this could be improved if not

    I hope that the developers of RIM are trying to solve some of these performance issues.  Certain tasks should be a higher priority as they seem to have (like phone & Unlock).


    Here is the link...

  • upgrade performance issues - see my profile

    Hello world

    I have suffered from some performance issues and would like to hear comments on my current set in place.


    I use InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator also throughout the day.


    -Intel i7 - 3770K @ 3, 5 GHz

    -16 GB Crucial RAM

    -NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660

    -WDC WD1000DHTZ-04N21V0 1 to 10 k RPM 64 MB cache SATA drive at 6 GB/s (internal)

    I have not yet attributed this player for something specific

    -WDC WD5000HHTZ-04N21V1 500 GB 10 k RPM 64 MB Cache SATA drive with 6 GB/s (internal)

    It's my drive disk OS, applications, files of work and scratch

    -Software: Win7, WAA CC (not this latest version, there were issues, we had to go back to the previous version).


    1 RAM is small, I put at level 32 GB this week.

    2. video card is pretty low, but I rarely use first so maybe ok for now?

    3 discs: do you think that improving an SSD for OS and Adobe CC?

    I look forward to your opinions. Thanks in advance!

    Thanks for the information, Mohammad,

    What would you suggest for my existing 10 k TPM?

    I am considering a 256 GB SSD for my OS and applications. But think my scratch disk 500 GB and the 1 TB for my working files.

    Your thoughts?

  • Performance issues with large number of nodes

    I am creating an application to display graphics (large), for example:


    But I ran into some performance issues, even for a relatively small number of nodes in the scene graph (+-2000 in the picture above). The graph is built, step by step, adding circles and paths to a StackPane. Circles and paths can be semi-transparant. For a small number of nodes, I get a solid 60 FPS, but this decreases over time to about 5 frames per second. As soon as I stop adding new nodes, the framerate shoot again up to 60 images per second. The framerate drop even when all the nodes are outside the viewport.

    My questions are:

    * Is Platform.runLater () call to 2000 times a minute too?

    * This might just be a problem with my graphics card? (I have an Intel HD Graphics 3000)
    * JavaFX pulse recorder says such things, are there meaningful information in that I'm missing?

    PULSE: 1287 [163MS:321MS]

    T14 (0 + 0ms): col of CSS

    T14 (0 + 5ms): layout pass

    T14 (6 + 152ms): waiting for the minutes of the previous

    T14 (158 + 0ms): copy the State for graphic rendering

    T12 (159 + 0ms): dirty opts calculated

    T12: Path of the slow form for null

    T12 (159 + 160ms): painted

    T12 (319 + 2ms): Presentable.present

    T12 (321 + 0ms): completed the presentation of painter


    Background image of the region used cached: 14

    NGRegion renderBackgroundShape slow path: 1

    Nodes displayed: 1839

    Nodes visited during rendering: 1840

    Kind regards


    Basically, try some optimization of performance ranging from the simple to the complex.   Each of the changes below may provide you with an increase in performance.  Some will probably increase performance much more that others (depending on where is the real bottleneck).  I would probably start by replace the paths to the lines and reduce the number of Platform.runLater calls (as adding nodes that fall within the viewport can be difficult only).

    > The framerate drop even when all the nodes are outside the viewport.

    Place the nodes in the graph, which fall inside the viewport.

    > Is Platform.runLater () call to 2000 times a minute too?

    Yes, there is no reason to call it more than 60 times a minute when the framerate of JavaFX is capped at 60 frames per second by default.

    > This might just be a problem with my graphics card? (I have an Intel HD Graphics 3000)

    Yes, it's a graphics system relatively low-end.  But, look at the comment of developer below - your CPU and choice of graphic primitives can also affect rendering speed.

    > Adding circles and the paths to a StackPane

    You don't need a StackPane to this, a group is a container easier and probably better.

    > may be semi-transparant

    Remove transparency * may * cause acceleration.


    You run may be: : improve the rendering of path performance

    Maybe if you use lines rather than the paths, performance might improve.

    A comment by a developer on this performance tweak application is:

    «It is quite normal for applications that use arbitrary paths (if the node path objects, SVGPath, polyline, or polygon) because these paths are rendered in software.» As card circle, Ellipse, line and Rectangle very primitive forms easily to the operations that can be performed entirely on the GPU, which makes them essentially cheap. There is no need to compare the rendering of a complicated shape for rendering of simple primitives for this reason. »


    Setting the cache indicators can help, but probably only if you animate nodes.


    Present level of detail of your graph functionality so a chart with zoom out is not make as many nodes as a part of zoomed in.


    You run any code important calculation on the JavaFX application thread that could stall it?

    Can make you available a ftom so that others can reproduce your problems?

  • Management performance issues and huge catalog

    I shoot architecture and real estate. I turn every day hundreds of frames and my current catalog becomes huge. I'm also starting to see a huge performance hit recently. Last night I just changed until 03:30 because LR would take some time as 20 seconds to perform a single task (like changing a slide or photo of the flag). A lot of time spinning beach ball. I have an external hard drive which I support to locally.

    What I was wondering is if I have everything except the most recent project files copy the disk external then keep it unplugged when I WIP edition if it would help performance issues?

    MacBook Pro (10.9.5) and LR CC running. I optimized my catalog and I also have a Cocktail for Mac running on my system to clean the memory, etc.

    Other ideas of huge catalogs management would be useful. I prefer not to make a new catalog for each customer that I shoot several each day and passing backward between catalog every day would be a pain in the thigh.

    Hi KristianWalker,

    Have you tried to increase/purge your Cache? See How to improve and accelerate the performance of Photoshop Lightroom for more ways to optimize Lightroom.

    Also what size is your catalog at the moment?

    Kind regards


  • Adobe Air performance issues?

    I have recently finished a huge project in Adobe Muse and I love the new sensitive design tools. However, as the project continued to develop, Muse has become increasingly slow to react and interact with the sensitive cursor was almost impossible. As someone who worked for Apple, I'd be the first person to point the finger my Mac and offer to buy a new computer, but it is a new, maxed-out MacBook Pro 15 inches. All other Adobe CC applications work without problem. When Muse was first published, as I remember, it was written on top of the Adobe AIR platform, instead of being natively written in C++. That this has something to do with performance issues that I see? If so, is there something I can do to improve performance, I see?

    Air is not basis for Muse more for a long time. Nativly revised muse was released in early 2014.

    In my view, the Muse team works actively on performance boosts, but I think that we should not expect any miracle: no other application I know not a calculate and display real-time changing dynamically and the same objects interactively from time on endless pages in response.

    In my opinion, the only way to significantly increase the speed would be gray on all goods during the move of the scrubber.

  • Is there a performance issue associated with SPARQL property path?

    Is there a performance issue associated with SPARQL property path?

    When we use paths property is our SPARQL queries, the queries never ends. I have a general problem, or do you have a problem with Jena and jena adapter version?

    We run Oracle 12 c. The Jena adapter has version

    Thank you

    By Oyvind

    None of these requests ends. We have 300000 tuples in the model.

    SELECT subclass, superClass


    "SELECT? subclass? superclass WHERE {? rdfs:subClassOf + subclass? superclass} LIMIT 10'.

    SEM_Models ('isall1_x'),

    NULL, null, null, null,

    (= T, timeout = 100, qid = 123, STRICT_DEFAULT = F'));

    SELECT subclass, superClass


    "SELECT? subclass? superclass WHERE {graph? g {? subclass rdfs:subClassOf +? superclass}} LIMIT 10'.

    SEM_Models ('isall1_x'),

    NULL, null, null, null,

    (= T, timeout = 100, qid = 123, STRICT_DEFAULT = F'));

  • Performance issues when you use HTML5-Articles

    Hello world

    We build an application where we use HTML5-sensitive inside objects.

    On older iOS Devices (iPad2 iPad4 for example) and the performance is so bad that it is not really usable. Take for example up to 15 seconds of opening an Article downloaded until it is fully restored.

    We have a lot of photos and videos inside but inside the browser OS, it works a lot better.

    Is there anyone who has had the same issues or any idea how to optimize performance (especially on older devices)?

    Thanks in advance and best regards!


    Lars salvation,

    The control of the OS used to display content on iOS is a different rendering than the OS browser technology and has different performance characteristics. In particular, it is slower on older devices, such as the iPad 2.

    Based on your description my guess is that your image size is driving performance issues. Take a look at what size in pixels are your images and aggressively, re - compress. I had successful scaling of images to 50% of the size I think I need and then save them in JPEG format at a quality level of 7 (or even 5) in Photoshop.

    Regarding the videos, make sure that you use the


  • Date performance issue

    Hi guru,.

    I use OBIEE. One of my report is to have performance issue when I dig in that I found that the date filter not applied in the code SQL generated for send DB, due to which there is table scan, but strange thing is that when she displays data based on the Date range filter. It only occurs with the date dimension, all other dimensions are working properly. I'm not sure what he is missing.

    Thanks in advance.



    I found the problem, it is in the characteristics of the DB. I click query to get the DB position it works now.

  • CC Dreamweaver performance issues

    There are some performance issues, I wanted to implement.

    1. very slow to open new files

    Particularly noticeable on Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks. I work with PHP, javascript, html, css. And they all seem to be affected. It takes more than 10 seconds with the wheel that appears just to open a single file.

    2 slow down scrolling display of "files".

    I have a large site with over 900 documents within multiple levels of subfolders (not including images, etc.). I realize I'm not all clients, but it seems that there could be some performance tuning done here. I have a modern Macbook Pro that should have no trouble scrolling through or even thousands of files.

    Hello Jeremy,.

    Glad to hear that you do not see the shift as previously, while opening the files now.

    For the 2nd edition, we have a bug connected to improve performance while scrolling of files for a large site. Bug is currently under review and analysis.

    Kind regards

    Yalpi Shiva Prasad

  • How to avoid performance issues in PL/SQL?

    How to avoid performance issues in PL/SQL?

    According to my knowledge, below a few points to avoid performance problems in PL/SQL.
    Is there any other point to avoid performance problems?

    1. use FORALL instead of the FORUM and GATHER in BULK to avoid a loop several times.
    2. RUN IMMEDIATE is faster than DBMS_SQL
    3. use NOCOPY for OUT and IN OUT if the original value need not be retained. Overhead of keeping a copy of OUT is avoided.

    Thanks for your comments Justin!

    BC explains things right on part SQL...

  • Performance issues HTML Article in the Adobe Viewer on iPad

    I created an HTML Article using DPS, but when I get to post it on the Adobe in iPad viewer content does not scroll smoothly and the content is cut and cropped (the entire page is not displayed), it is very judery and struggles to make the HTML below "the fold" so to speak.

    I tried two import HTML options in DPS and both have the same isuues of performance/gal.

    I have a video in my HTML code, which seemed to be causing a problem where the video streaming was struggling to be pulled through, so I have treid YouTube and Vimeo video streaming and performance/display problem is not resolved. I then tried embbeding a mp4 directly using HTML5 to see if it was a connection/band bandwidth issue and the problem persists. However the videos play, it's just the fact that the container is cropped in half.

    Sometimes the HTML item makes it, but then when you scan save the page he struggles to render the above content? Also, then when drag you to the bottom of the page content is also cultivated that was visible before?

    I went through every discussion available on the Adobe community and other resources, but all of the mentioned patches have no effect.

    If anyone can help or knows the same problems any advise would be welcome.

    Article HTML contains some JS too, it is not working properly, but I was wondering if JS causes problems? Just a thought.

    Well, I think I can find the answer so I thought I would share with the community incase anyone who knows the same type of questions.

    After testing another piece of HTML that also included the video in streaming and JavaScript heavy, I have narrowed the question to my JS. I had two Nivo Slider carousels which were the road to performance issues.

    The other test HTML Article scrolls smoothly and video shoots as expected, although from time to time there is a slight delay in the page to scroll up and down, but it's barely noticeable.

    I hope it can be useful to others in the future?

  • Performance issues with Photoshop CS6 64-Bit


    Issue at hand: in recent weeks, I noticed significant problems with performance since the last update PS CS6 using the Adobe Application Manager, from the unexpected shut downs to bring my computer to a crawl (literally, my cursor seems to crawl on my screens). I'm curious to know if anyone knows these issues, or if there is a solution I have not yet tried. Here is a list of actions that give rise to these performance issues - there are probably more that I have not experienced due to my frustration, or were not documented as occurring several times:

    • Opening files - results by hanging processes, takes 3-10 seconds to solve
    • Paste from the Clipboard - results by hanging processes, takes 3-10 seconds to solve
    • Saving files - takes 3-10 seconds to open the dialog box, another 3 to 10 seconds to return to the normal window (saving an image PNG compressed)
    • The eyedropper tool - will crash Photoshop on the desktop, or take 5 to 15 seconds to load
    • Try to navigate any menu - Photoshop crash on the office or take 5 to 15 seconds to load

    Attempts I took to solve this issue, which failed:

    • Uninstalled all fonts I have added since the last update (it's a pain in the *, thanks to be glitch Windows Explorer)
    • Uninstall and reinstall the application
    • Edition 32-bit use
    • Change process priority to above normal
    • Confirm the process for all available cores of the processor affinity
    • Change the configuration of the performance of Photoshop options
      • 61% of memory is available to Photoshop to use (8969 MB)
      • History States: 20; Cache levels: 6; Tile cache size: 1024K
      • Records of work: active on the production of SSD, ~ 10GB of available space
      • Dedicated graphics processor is selected (2 x nVidia cards in SLI)

    System information:

    • Intel i7 2600 K @ 3.40 GHz
    • 16 GB of RAM Dual Channel DDR3 memory
    • 2 x nVidia GeForce GTS 450 cards, 1 GB each
    • Windows 7 Professional 64 bit
    • Adobe Creative Cloud

    This problem is cost me time that I work every day, and I'm about to start looking for alternatives and cancel my subscription if I can't get this resolved.

    Have you tried to restore your preferences to set the parameters of performance return to their default values and restart Photoshop? t - issues.html #Preferences

Maybe you are looking for

  • Consumer cellular? Forget the lollipop

    A representative of consumer cellular told me that their phones Moto G 2nd Gen would not receive the OTA update. So if you use CC, then you will have to resort to other ways to get the update. The rep may be wrong, but I suspect that they were probab

  • How to increase the sampling rate in this VI?

    Hi all I have recently inherited this mess of a VI and can not figure out how to increase the sampling rate. I tried to change the "ms of waiting ' clock, but it does not add more data points." The main VI, as well as the Subvi, which contains a Daq

  • FormatStringMode.DateTime, "mm: SS".

    Hello. I changed the x axis to display the SS in time interval using the following; grBurner.XAxes (0). MajorDivisions.LabelFormat () = New NationalInstruments.UI.FormatString (FormatStringMode.DateTime, "mm: SS") It worked well with the frequency of

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    I have a PC with hundreds of Bluetooth devices paired with this topic.  I would like to delete all devices at once, and I don't want to have to right click on each one and press on delete device and then confirm once again!  A command line would be b

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