Very slow - Window 7, 266 mHz i7, Geforce 9800 GTx graphics card - computer was reformat hard drive, reloaded windows 7 and without other installed programs/games.

My computer is running very slowly - i7 (quad) 266 Mhz and Geforce 9800 GTX graphics card.  I had this computer for about a year.  The problems seemed to start about 3 months when I started to play a game - Empire Total war with Steam.  The computer ran more slow and more slowly, gradually.  I tried all the clean disk, speed up programs, he worked once for a few days and then become very slow.  Finally, I backed up my files and reformat the hard drive and reloaded windows 7.  My computer has nothing loaded except windows 7 and is always very slow! Hardware issues? Help, please.

Set of utilities to test for computer HARDWARE manufacturers:

Note: If you are OverClocking or use an automatic overclocking or BIOS features, energy saving
Start by disabling: Intel EIST, Turbo Mode, Cool and pretty
and fall at the speed of stock as a starting point.

Disconnect the other internal hard drives and external USB devices.
Look for any loose hard drive power or cables SATA, graphics card or other power cables.

Watch the clock speed of the CPU under various conditions of loading
(when using speed step technology Intel EIST).
#1 Note:
CPU - ID has two tabs (memory and SPD) that indicates the actual speed of the memory and 'SPD' tab displays the nominal speeds
for each memory location is full.
#2 Note:
COMPARE the two values, the actual speed should not exceed the rated speed of your memory.

Prime95: Displays your actual speed of the processor when using CPU ID under a heavy load.
It's a stand alone .exe file contained in an archive .zip.
Simply choose to run the 'stress test' option for 3 hours or more.
If your PC can pass this test, your memory and CPU
are very good (close the housing cover in order to maintain adequate ventilation)

Core Temp:
The temperature of each core of the processor.
Note: For the overclockers using stock radiator and cooling fan Intel/AMD, you can expect a temperature range of
35 to 40 ° C at idle and 60-65 c max when running Prime95.


Also: Try running Memtest86 +: it runs from a floppy disk or CD, you must remove or
confirm whether your one or more of your sticks of memory are bad or the values of the SPD in the BIOS are correct.
Let it run for as long as you can: 2,4,6,8 or several hours (at least 3 full passes), if no errors at that time then your ram is OK.
Memtest86 + Guide/How To (use the.) ISO to create a bootable CD)

Hard drive test - CD Bootable:
Ranging from 5 to 20% (depending on the manufacturing) new hard disks are defective. Test your drive with the factory utility. If you have a new hard drive Seagate the very next thing would be to download Seagate Seatools (bootable CD) and check bad sectors:

For Western Digital readers to download the .iso from WdDiag file:

Samsung Estool:
Samsung Disk Manager software:
Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Software:
Diagnostic tool available for use by customers who feel their Toshiba brand Fujitsu hard drive:
Notice of suport Fujitsu disk utility:
Toshiba CD bootable: (BACK Diagnostic Tool version 7.0 for IDE/ATA/SATA hard disks)

Once Windows is installed:

Of device drivers: Have you installed latest device from the manufacturer of the motherboard drivers?
Check their support site for the latest drivers as the CD that came with the motherboard may have
older less stable drivers.

Visit the download of the manufacture of the graphics card: download and install the most recent Windows 7 drivers
for your card.

See also the test of 'Smoke box' Nvidia or other demos:
or equivalent ATI.

CPUID HWMonitor: Hardware program that reads the sensors of health main PC monitoring systems.
voltages, temperatures, fans speed.

Test of Stress of FurMark GPU (graphics card):

Pass marks burn in test:
Burnin test, and their test bench at the same time give a good workout from all the major parts of Windows.

HD Tune:
Provides information of the car and has an option (tab scan error) to test your drive.

Monitors internal temperatures and has a function of analysis health online (SMART tab) for hard disks drive.
It displays your drives model number and compares your drive with other discs of the same brand and model.

GPU - Z:
A utility light, designed for you give information about your video card and GPU.

A powerful utility designed especially for detection of hardware, also analyses more.
He is able to identify a large scale of system components and supports the latest technologies
and standards.

Partition Wizard Home Edition:
Note: There is also a CD bootable or versions of the bootable Flash drive:
Among the features and functions: create partition, Delete partition, format partition,.
A partition resize, move partitions, Partition recovery after an accidental deletion,
Convert the partition, partition Explore, Hide partition,
Change the drive letter, a partition active Set, Explorer (content display) of the partition.
Note: To complete any task use the "Pending Operations" box at the bottom left.

Alternative to Partition Wizard (a bit easier to use, but Partition Wizard and EASUS have almost identical user interfaces)
EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition (free):
Partition software ALL-IN-ONE and the most convenient hard disk partition manager Kit
Includes Partition Manager, Disk & Partition copy Wizard and Partition MBR and GUID partition GPT disk recovery Wizard (table) on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 (32-bit and 64-bit).
It allows users to resize/move Partition, drive system extend, copy Disk & Partition, Partition merge, Split Partition, redistribute free space, convert dynamic disk, Partition Recovery and much more.

Hiren BootCD
Hiren BootCD from USB (USB key)
(something more questions)

UBCD4Win is a recovery CD bootable that contains software used for repairing,
restoration or diagnose almost any computer problem.

MyEventViewer - an easy way to display your event logs:


Never be afraid to ask. This forum has some of the best people in the world to help.

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    original title: new hard drive and vista


    strange that you can request that

    HP computers have been known to not let you install Vista on a non HP bought replacement hard drive

    There were a few posters with this problem here

    If the OEM disc for this particular laptop, you should be able to reinstall it as many times as you want as long as you have not changed the main material (the motherboard)

    You can change the hard drives, RAM, etc.

    I presume that you boot from the Vista DVD

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    Download the free health check for pc norton here

    It will show you step by step how to solve your problem and if you don't do it yourself use direct norton but if you do not want to download it try this

    stop some services that do nothing

    clean your pc with the windows utility

    and defrag your pc

  • NVIDIA Geforce GT640 good graphics card for PrE10 despite the bandwidth low memory?

    Can anyone confirm that the nVidia Geforce GT640 is a reasonable graphics for first 10 Elements and Photoshop Elements 10?

    The person who set up my office of 3770K Core i7 with 16 GB of RAM at 1600 mHz installed map GT640 nVidia with 2 GB memory DDR3. He said that it was a good (low cost) card for video editing because it has 384 CUDA cores - very useful for video editing. I'm pretty ignorant on graphics cards, but as the power consumption low, 65 watts and deemed cool temperature resistance. I have read since DDR5 memory would have been much faster due to a higher bandwidth memory - say 80-90 GB per second compared to 28.5 Gb per second for DDR3 memory on the GT640 map. I've been after use of economic power. DDR5 memory cards use 110 watts upward and run a lot hotter than the DDR 3 cards, all other things being equal. Really fast cards require a special power and cooling.

    Does anyone know if the bandwidth limited memory is important in video editing? Speed is much more critical in the game than in video editing? Are other attributes such as 384 hearts CUDA, synchronization of nvenc, dedicated encodment, 28nm architecture Kepler, frame buffer of memory 2 GB, 1.3 billion transistors, many units of texture - more important than bandwidth memory in video editing? Limited by memory bandwidth DDR3 affects the image quality?

    I read that the GT640 would be much faster (producing the best image quality?) as the HD4000 integrated Intel graphics processor Core i7 Ivy Bridge. Is it so?

    Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit and all programs are installed on a SSD 120 GB OCZ Agility 3. My data drive is a 1 to 7200 RPM Seagate SATA 3. I have a nice 21 inch ASUS LED monitor and recorder blu - ray LG vs228n.

    I did a lot of editing with PrE 3 with a desktop Dell 3.06 gHz hyperthreading and Win XP. The output and even control the preview was clear and stable. I'm continuing to capture a mini tape dv standard definition of a 3 months Panasonic handycam FireWire, but plan to upgrade to HD 3MOS to flash memory. I do really small control - about 7cm wide - PR10 screen, because the quality of the preview image is much poorer than the quality I experienced with the first elements 3 with Win XP program. This is just an indication of the memory gain in pre 10 previews? I expect the output to be much higher, although still mpeg2-DVD quality until I update my camera. I put the record on the maximum bit rate.

    In any case, despite these reservations with the quality of the preview, the GT640 seems very well on stage. Quality of the image in Photoshop, and online on my computer is excellent.

    I updated the driver nVidia yesterday to version 306.23 display.

    Almost all graphics cards forums are subject of the game. I hope to see more forums on graph editing here.

    What do you think of the 2 GB nVidia GT640 for editing with 10 pre-Photoshop Elements 10? How about image quality in the pre 10 monitor compared to the quality of the production? Quality of the image in the monitor of the PrE 3 sharper and more stable, because I imagine?

    Regards, Phil

    Premiere Elements is not chart-map-dependent. You should be fine. In fact, finer.

  • Replacing HP Pavilion-e070sl hard drive with an ssd, how to re - install windows 8 64?


    I recently buyed a Hp Pavilion-e070sl delivered pre-installed with W 8 64 and I need to know how the name of God how can I reinstall the operating system, since there was no installation dvd disc in the box? Or better (if we exclude the recovery manager and windows recovery disk), if somehow the hard drive does not work and I can't revive the laptop only by replacing one damaged by a new, how do I re - install the OS? And no, I want to order and pay twice.

    Any idea will be useful.

    Thanks in advance.

    You are the very welcome.

    Try to do the recovery with your old hard drive first media and see if it would work.

    If this isn't the case, then I guess you have nothing to lose to see if the English version of the W8 will be install and activate it, but I don't know if you can change the language.

    If you can, great.

  • I want to remove pre-installed windows 8 and want to install windows xp in hp 6 but idont know how to install

    I want to remove pre-installed windows 8 and want to install windows xp in hp 6 but idont know how to install


    First thing to do is to go to the HP website and see if the XP drivers are available for your model of HP.

    If there is no XP drivers, XP does not work for you.

    If the XP drivers are available, looking for a place to buy XP, which is a terrible thing to do as Microsoft did not sell XP for many years.

    You run the very serious risk of buying pirated XP software from anywhere on the Net.

    Stay with your preinstalled Windows 8.

    See you soon.

  • I uninstalled the App STore of Windows 8 (and some others). How do I get it back?

    I uninstalled the APP STORE of WINDOWS 8 (and some others). How do I get it back?

    Thank you very much! It is very easy to find. I also discovered that just by clicking you will find a lot of information - for instance if you right click on to the bottom in the left corner, where the Start button should be, a menu will appear with Control Panel, search, run and all sorts of things. If you right-click on any web page a menu will appear, much like with a print on file menu, save as, send to and more. If you right-click on the search bar (top) charms button all programs on your computer will display. Maybe Windows 8 is not if badly but sometimes I can't find an arrow to the left or even the task bar or the address bar and it's still boring. I also hope that the Start button was left where it has been for twenty years with all programs, etc. Well, I guess that's what they call progress... Thanks for your help - I am really grateful for this forum

  • Use windows 10 and trying to install Creative Suite Production Premium (disk version) 5.5 and the disc will be 1-3 do not read / auto start?

    Use windows 10 and trying to install Creative Suite Production Premium (disk version) 5.5 and the disc will be 1-3 do not read / auto start? Any help will do!

    You can try to download the installation files instead of using the drive.

    CS5.5 -

    You can also download the demo version of the software through the page linked below and then use your current serial number to activate it.

    Don't forget to follow the steps described in the Note: very important Instructions in the section on the pages of this site download and have cookies turned on in your browser, otherwise the download will not work correctly.


  • Accel GPU with GEForce 9800 GTX + causes the flicker annoying when using crop Overlay, apply adjustments

    From 6.0.1 whenever I go in or out crop Overlay, the area of the entire image flashes white - that is to say the image disappears to be replaced by a full white space for about 1/5 of a second.

    This happens 100% of the time and is intensely dissonant and extremely boring.

    There is also a momentary flicker a bit more subtle when you apply the settings of exhibition/hilight/shadow/white/black.  It appears the image for a few seconds (once again, about 1/5th of a second) goes back to its base state before ANY adjustments were applied and is then updated to reflect the current state of adjustment.  Happening all the time, but enough to be annoying.

    These artifacts go away if I disable the GPU acceleration . ... what I've done so far.

    System information:

    Lightroom version: 6.0.1 [1018573]

    License: Perpetual

    Operating system: Windows 7 Enterprise edition

    Version: 6.1 [7601]

    Application architecture: x 64

    System architecture: x 64

    Number of logical processors: 8

    Processor speed: 3.9 GHz

    Built-in memory: 16325,5 MB

    Real memory for Lightroom: 16325,5 MB

    Real memory used by Lightroom: 1778,0 MB (10.8%)

    Virtual memory used by Lightroom: 1821,2 MB

    Memory cache size: 0.0 MB

    Maximum thread count used by Camera Raw: 4

    Camera Raw SIMD optimization: SSE2, AVX, AVX2

    System DPI setting: 96 DPI

    Composition of the Bureau enabled: Yes

    Exhibition: 1) 1920 x 1200

    Entry types: Multitouch: no, built-in touch: no, built-in pen: Yes, touch external: no, external pen: Yes, keyboard: No.

    Graphic processor News:

    GeForce 9800 GTX + / PCIe/SSE2

    Check the supported OpenGL: past

    Provider: NVIDIA Corporation

    Version: 3.3.0

    Rendering engine: GeForce 9800 GTX + / PCIe/SSE2

    LanguageVersion: 3,30 NVIDIA via the Cg compiler

    The application folder: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Lightroom

    Library path: D:\Photo\Catalog\master.lrcat

    Settings folder: C:\Users\jim\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Lightroom

    Plugins installed:

    (1) Behance

    (2) substantive canon Plugin

    3) export to Photomatix Pro

    (4) Facebook

    (5) Flickr

    (6) home Plugin Leica

    (7) attachment Plugin Nikon

    Config.LUA flags: None

    Update Kit: Adobe Camera Raw to Lightroom 6.0 9.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Toolkit: book Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: develop Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Toolbox update: Import Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Updated Toolkit: library Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: Card Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Toolkit: monitor Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Toolkit: print Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Toolkit: Slideshow Module 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Toolbox update: Module Web 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Update Kit: com.adobe.wichitafoundation 6.0 (build 1014445)

    Map #1: Seller: 10de

    Feature: 613

    Subsystem: c8793842

    Review: a2

    Video memory: 487

    AudioDeviceIOBlockSize: 1024

    AudioDeviceName: Speakers (Realtek High Definition Audio)

    AudioDeviceNumberOfChannels: 2

    AudioDeviceSampleRate: 44100

    Build: LR5x102

    Direct2DEnabled: false

    GPUDevice: not available

    OGLEnabled: true

    There are problems with the GPU acceleration at the moment. It seems clear that Adobe do not test it with a wide range of different graphics cards. The GPU performance gain which is called is mainly for those who have Mac computers with retina display high resolution. It seems that it will take some time to solve some of these other issues. In the meantime, let disabled GPU acceleration if it offers better performance.

  • HP 120-011 to: attach a new Nvidia Geforce GT 710 graphics card to HP 120-011 in

    Hi, I want to install a new graphics card on my desktop pc HP 120-011 in . My office is currently integrated Intel HD graphics 4400 . I recently bought a Nvidia Geforce GT 710 graphics card, but when I inserted in a PCI-E port, the pc is not able to detect it. So here's my questions-

    1. why this graphics card is not detected by my pc?

    2. then the 180 Watts PSU, which is installed on my system to manage this card? If not, should what power supply I buy?

    Its emergency, quick reply pls. Thanks for the help.

    Hi there @Abhishek_India,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!  I understand that you are having problems with an update of the graphics card.  I'm happy to give you a helping hand with this.

    Looking at the map you want to use: GeForce GT 710 specifications, it shows the following: Minimum System Power requirement (W) 300. This means you want to preferably a power supply in your computer that exceeds this amount, just to be sure.

    Please let me know if it works for you and if it does not solve your problem, please mark this message as a solution. Bravo would be appreciated as well.

  • Windows XP: My hard drive failed in part and I can't access the folder "my documents"...

    Windows XP SP2 from the CACLS
    Windows XP: My hard drive failed in part and I can't access the 'My documents' folder, windows it says ACCESS_DENIED. I tried grant permissions through CACLS and switches appropriate, but I still get messages ACCESS_DENIED. Can someone help me please I have 60 GB of data on it to be recovered. I backup this but is 3 weeks old. Regards Alan

    Hi Malkeleah
    Thanks for the reply, the reader had not failed, but windows had use of the access denied files because I was on a separate computer with a new master drive. Now recovered data and support to the high new outside. Thanks again for your help. Alan

  • Cannot receive emails through my Outlook Express 6 account all of a sudden. I have 2 computers set up with it, a Windows XP and the other Windows Vista.

    Cannot receive emails through my Outlook Express 6 account all of a sudden.  I can send messages but not receive. I removed all mail rules and blocked senders and I still cannot receive anything.  I tested it by sending a mail to it through different accounts (gmail, yahoo) so I know that there must be some messages.  I also had people reply to my email that I send to what they do, but I don't get their answers.  I have 2 computers in place, using Windows XP and the other is Windows Vista.  I've never had a problem until now. Any help?

    My server contacted me and told me to check my spam using their webmail account, because it was full.  It seems that when I used the rules of the mail I had clicked on delete from the server, just "do not download".  My spam folder was so full that I couldn't receive. Thanks for all your advice!  Mark as resolved.

  • Intel HD integrated graphics will play the games requiring a GeForce 9800 GTX + or ATI Radeon HD 4870 +?


    A year ago I bought a Dell Inspiron 660 PC provided with a map "integrated Intel HD Graphics.

    I am now looking to download a game on Steam, and I see that it requires graphics card GeForce 9800 GTX + or ATI Radeon HD 4870 +.

    How can I determine if the integrated card of my PC will work to play this game?

    Thanks in advance!


    It won't.  You will need to match the performance of the 9800 GTX or HD 4870 7750 HD low profile video card.  Only cards from low profile with low profile brackets will be suitable to the 660 s.  Here's an example.  660 s comes only with a 220 Watt power supply.  The game you want to download probably doesn't need these cards but recommended for optimal performance.  Therefore, you can get something a little less like the HD 6670 HERE.

  • My hard drive has been corrupted and I had to format and reload windows 7. It has worked OK for 6 weeks, but now says it is a counterfeit copy

    My hard drive has been corrupted and I had to format and reload windows 7. It worked OK for 6 weeks, but now says it is a counterfeit copy. I used the original product key, when I rebooted it. Ideas?

    To analyze and solve problems for Activation and Validation, we need to see a full copy of the diagnostic report produced by the MGADiag tool (download and save to the desktop - )
    Once downloaded, run the tool.
    Click on the button continue, after a short time, continue button will change to a copy button.
    Click the copy button in the tool (ignore the error at this stage) and then paste (with r-click and paste or Ctrl + V) in your message.
  • I got my product key Windows 7 enabled on my computer, then my hard drive crashed, so I had to reinstall Windows on a new hard drive. He is now not letting me turn it back on.

    original title: activation problem

    -I got my product key Windows 7 enabled on my computer, then my hard drive crashed, so I had to reinstall Windows on a new hard drive.  He is now not letting me turn it back on.  What should I do?  I don't want my computer or Microsoft thinks I use a version of Windows

    It is Windows 7 Home Premium, and I my here in front of me activation code.  But it is to say that it is not valid.

    Skip entering your product key Windows 7 and complete the installation.

    When you reach the desktop, click Start, right-click on computer

    Click on properties

    Scroll down to the Windows Activation

    Click the link x days before activation.

    Click on the link that says: "show me other ways to activate.

    Enter the product key

    Click next

    Select the Activation of the phone

    Click Next when you enter your key page

    Select your country

    Click Next, call the number listed

    Be sure to explain your situation to the Appeals Officer.

    Provide the installation generated when ID requested by the call agent

    They give a confirmation ID in return, enter it

    Click next to complete the activation.

    However, the requirements for the media upgrade is that you have an operating system already eligible such as Windows XP or Vista installed to use it. Since the Windows 7 end user license agreement.

    15 UPDATES. To use upgrade software, you must first be licensed for the software that is eligible for the upgrade. After the upgrade, this agreement takes the place of the agreement for the software that you upgraded. After upgrade, you can no longer use the software that you upgraded.

    So, if you are always denied, you will just have to reinstall Windows XP or Vista and let it do the verification of eligibility.

Maybe you are looking for

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    What is Manager of DCA.  It burns CPU cycles and if I kill it with Activity Monitor things settle.  I have search the Web, but can't find anything about it.  I need to kill the source of this and any help would be appreciated.

  • Unsubscribe from spam.

    "Application not found" appears when trying to unsubscribe emails, unwanted by using the "unsubscribe" link provided.  How can I fix?

  • Help blackBerry Smartphones! My blackberry of the flame has lot to talk to me!

    Need quick help! I've updated my blackberry this weekend and now every time someone sends me a text, or - by mail that my phone he recites really in a strong woman's voice, even if I have the ringtone and Notifiers on vibrate only. It is useful when

  • To try to correct the noise "bammp".

    I have a laptop Dell XPSL502X Windows 7 64-bit operating system. I had this noise coming from the speakers for almost 2 months. The support people at Dell tech ran the updated driver, but I still have the problem. The noise comes intermittently when

  • How can I make easier to get mysite validated to W3C

    I was using dreamweaver for a few months. I use it to develop my website However, when I try to validate to the w3c, I have some mistakes like that. How to remove this warning