Video issue of Cannon T5i - dark colors out rasterized to research.

Video issue of Cannon T5i - dark colors out rasterized to research.

So I was messing around with the video manual settings on the Canon T5i. However the dark colors always look polyhedral.

I tried 1080 p 30 fps shutter 1/60 f / 4 iso 200 all the way up to 800 always the same question.  I even went up to 1/125 shutter iso 800 still the same issue.

Given that I use the kit lens EFS 18-55 mm.  I just ordered the Sigma lens 50mm 1.4 should therefore have this week by post.  But for now, I would like to at least fix the problem, I'm going to.

Any idea or pointers are welcome.

See vid of test in order to have at least an idea of what I am referring.

You may not need better lighting.  Perhaps all you need is a lens with a larger aperture.  Which type of installation of the device and the goal are you use, or used, to be drawn from this sample?

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  • Paint on the layer in Photoshop with lighter color makes the color paint more light go under the darker colors? How can I fix it?

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    How can I do so that the color that I finally painted goes on top?

    See the blending mode in the Toolbar Options paint is set to Normal.  There is a parameter 'Behind' who will actually do what you describe.

    Also check your layers panel blend modes and settings for each layer.  Maybe not relevant in the present case, but recommended when the strange behavior happens in the layers.


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    Even if you keep your colorspace CMYK to work the same word, U.S. Web Coated SWOP v2 but assign another RGB color space to your document, let's say Adobe RGB or ProphotoRGB which have ranges much wider than the sRGB color space, then also a lot that displays more colors out of gamut.

    If by out-of-gamut you mean generally the colors in a any color space no matter what his color mode RGB or CMYK which do not appear in a different color space, you must specify what two color spaces you are talking about. Examples of color spaces are ones you can see in the RGB menu under workspaces of the color temperature. The color spaces that can be described in a color profiles can be RGB or CMYK.


    tamarasussman wrote:

    I'm working on something that will only be visible on a computer screen, and I want to use out of gamut colors

    Each monitor, not only the brand, but each unit of the same brand, has a certain color space single that can be measured with a measuring device color and a color profile describing the color space that can be created for it. If your document is assigned the color space of your monitor instead of some standard RGB color space as sRGB, AdobeRGB, and etc., then you will have a unique set of colors in the range showing the warning sign. So in your question, you must also specify which RGB color space you talk: standard or device-specific?

  • Dark colors

    Dark colors is black in photoshop but not during the Save as an image.

    Help, please!

    If you have RGB (0, 255, 255) in a document in Photoshop, which display is black instead of light cyan in Photoshop?

    Si Yes, so I expect you to use a card with a buggy driver AMD/ATI graphics. A solution for this is to use the catalyst 12.8 or catalyst 13.2.7 beta or possibly the very new beta version. Here is a link to 13.2.7 beta. px

  • PSE "Inner Glow" does not work for dark colors?


    I had a question for users of PES. I use Photoshop CS3 at work, at home, I have PSE 9 and my question is:

    PS CS3 when I do an inner glow, I can use any color, and it works very well, however, I noticed when I do the same thing with the layer in PSE Styles, I can only choose bright colors. If I try to choose anything, like for example black, the effect does not appear again. No particular reason, why this happens?

    There is another thread on this subject here, but the answer does not exactly answer my quesiton.

    Another thread:

    Everything seems strange, as trying to apply this effect to a shape I am limited to bright colors, which does not give me the effect that I would watch.

    Also, I tried to create the same form of basis, the same colors, all in PS CS3, and then I recorded, it opened to post-secondary studies and went to layer-> glow Styles / inner glow and it works very well! How does make any sense? I can handle at this moment with the dark color and change it to everything I like and copy the style layer between Forms, works very well. As soon as I try to do the same thing with another new form and just directly go to layer-> glow Styles and make the effect that, even once, dark color does not work. Which does not much sense to me, since clearly can be judge by copy layer style, as it's just a color, no other effect on it.

    Any ideas? To be, so far, this seems to be a small problem with the software that I can't really understand how do I manipulate and copy the style with the dark, once I bring him in the PS CS5 PSD, but as soon as I try to re-create it manually with the same exact conditions, that it fails.

    Thanks for reading, forward responses.

    (I enclose below a picture of what I mean, this picture is the thread listed above, but rather illustrate the 'problem').Select inner glow color.jpg

    Kind regards


    In photoshop using the inner glow, you should change

    the blending mode of the inner glow of the screen to normal for dark colors show.

    Of course, this varies according to the colors of text and the background and the effect you want.

    Photoshop elements by default does not allow to change the blend modes inner a glow.

    Here is an example of a workaround using red text on a white background to a black inner glow:


    1. prior to applying the inner glow duplicate your text layer and turn off the

    the lower text layer visibility.

    2. go in layer > layer style > settings of Style or Alt-double click

    the thumbnail of the layer of text in the layers panel to display the Style settings.

    3. go in the effect controls panel and the layer styles > visibility

    and choose hide. (the text disappears)  This is the same as the definition of the fill of the layer

    0% in photoshop.

    4 make a new white layer under the text on the top layer.

    5. click on the text layer at the top and choose merge down from the context menu

    6. turn on the visibility of the layer of remaining text.


    There are other means and if you use one of the internal light predefined in the elements, you

    can get varied results.


  • Video uploaded to Vimeo "rebounds" in and out!

    I downloaded some videos from Vimeo recently and I can only describe as "alternating" images in and out  .  .  See the example below:-

    It was a 4K video playing perfectly while on Vimeo, but downloading, looks like this, which is a screenshot of the downloaded video playing on my desk.  .  .  I also converted it 720 p to make it easier to download.

    Is this something 'bounce' Vimeo has put in place to prevent people to download or is there another reason?

    I should also add that my computer plays perfectly the other 4K videos.

    What file format is the downloaded file from Vimeo?

  • The tab text is yellow and blurry and unreadable on something else than the darker color tab

    Tabs appeared suddenly yellow, white, or green color with a yellow blur text unreadable. Only way to read the text on the tab must change each individual tab to the darker, gray but still blurry text. I want to go back to the tabs of the way they were with black text.

    Hello, please update to version 18.0 extension colorful tabs :

  • Video issues ATI HD2600 on Satellite P200-1EE

    Hi, I have a P200-1EE with the ATI Mobility Radeon HD2600.

    I've been seeing a lot of colored pixels across the screen, generally blue and green mixed. I could just be reading a word document and sometimes I'm the pixels appear. I found the only way to get rid of it is to restart my computer or remove the cover of my laptop so it hangs my computer, then open it up and they disappear.

    I went in the control of catalyst and I put everything to the factory default and it does not solve the problem. It's really annoying to play a game and then the walls are full of green and Red pixels!

    I've never updated the graphics drivers on my laptop so I wonder that if they need updating, I bought it in November. I am just a little worried because I have not had the best story with graphic drivers and so I don't want to screw up my laptop.

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    Has anyone else had the same or similar problems?

    Sorry, the link extends the post.

    Thank you, David.

    I think it s a hardware problem, but the question is; What part does not work properly?
    Either it's a graphics itself or the portable computers internal view.

    You can easily find out what part is malfunctioning; Connect the external monitor to the computer, and then check to see if the same on the second screen. If the same appears then it s a graphics card failure!

    In this case the whole mobo must be replaced!

    You are guaranteed valid?
    So, don t waste time and ask ASP for help!

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