videos and photos in the iCloud drive?

I would use iCloud as an external hard drive.
I want to keep my pictures and videos on iCloud and remove them from my phone.
I understand that if I delete the pictures and videos from my iphone which photos and videos will remove also iCloud.
I now have a plan of storage of 1 t because I can't afford to lose photos or videos, and now my MacBook Pro is also complete.
Another thing is that my iphone can not save on the iCloud - it is April 2015 and it has never worked since.
All opinions are appreciated.
See you soon


iCloud library is not designed as an external storage or a backup service. It is designed as a synchronization service to put at the disposal of all your images on all your devices and sync all of your changes to these devices.

If you are short on storage space, set the settings of your Photos to keep only a local library optimized. Library of photos on your computer should, however, be at full resolution, so it acts as a backup in iCloud. Buy an external hard drive if you wish.

Photos user / help guide:

IVous has a very detailed and well illustrated article on iCloud photo library:

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    In my opinion?

    I back up my data to an external drive for several reasons.  The first is my data - if I put on the cloud, someone else has control over it, they can see what I have and change the preferences to what they see of marketing.

    Almost as important as that - if I had to rely on the cloud whenever I wanted to update my playlists on my phone, I need a better internet connection I have now (working at sea).  To get the best out of the cloud, you need a solid link to home, work or mobile.

    As a spin-off - I hate the fact that Apple take away a feature in their software updates and then allow an app to be sold in their store to replace this feature - or worse still, some features that were available before the updates are now "cloud only."  And Yes - you have to pay for the cloud.  I like most of the people do not appreciate the 'accomplished fact. "

    From the back of the external hard drive ASI downside, is that to be safe, you need to store outside in a separate computer place.  If keep you them together, if one is lost, probably, they are both.  That is to say for me a full backup before you travel, then a new upward as soon as I go home.  Downside is how much data may be lost between the two back ups if I needed to restore.  For me, its worth the risk.  If I was away and say had bought a ton of new music and couldn't go home anytime soon, I can always head to the store and buy a new external drive, they are massively expensive.  Even if my computer has to go for repair and my remote is to halfway around the world - I want to buy a new one.

    Now, some will say that once you buy a new external, you spend more than you would on a cloud subscription.  It's true, but in the 6 years following the purchase of Mac that I've only had to buy a new external once - so with a little luck and planning - it works.

    I left took well - I am not a subscriber of cloud, nor do I want to be.

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    Non - PEAK is not a feature of iPhoto or Aperture - this is new with Photos


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    Hi frankundall,

    You can find car here iCloud navigating Bridge:

    / Macintosh HD/users/your name/Library/Mobile Documents / com ~ apple ~ CloudDocs.


    / Macintosh HD/users/your name/Library/Mobile Documents/iCould drive.

    * the user's library would be hidden by default, you need to go to view > show hidden files to see.

    You can add the icloud drive to Favorites once found in Bridge.

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    This my first post, so please bear with me

    I am a teacher and I intend to write an eBook based on a browser (including videos and photos), accessible by my students, say, Safari or Chrome. Is InDesign the right tool for the job?

    Thank you!

    Probably not. It can create fixed EPUB3 of page layout files that can be found in the electronic book readers that support this standard. Currently, this includes iBooks (Mac OS X Maverick and iPad), readers of eBooks for Kobo and the plug-in on the browsers Chrome Readium. Support is growing and other platforms can support as well. But in general, InDesign does not create what you are looking for.

    You could try to build a Web site in Adobe Muse for use in web browsers.

  • Videos and photos full resolution will not download

    My iPhone has the option 'download photos in full resolution' is enabled. I decided to do the same thing for my iPhone but when I went to the photos app on my ipad, he said not "enough space". I had 22 GB of free space on my ipad. My library is only 17 concerts. But it refuses to download videos and photos in full resolution. I even tried turning off iCloud photo library, remove all local copies of my photos and videos, turn it back on and selecting 'download full resolution '. Same question. My next option is to restore my iPad for a clean install, but I rather not do. Any ideas?

    Performing a restore of backup can erase some extra storage space, but...

    Download a library of 17 GB, the memory load to the Photos app, on a device with only 22 GB of free space will leave enough space free work, so the warning is OK - you have not enough free storage.

    Go to settings > general > storage & use iCloud > storage management and see if you can remove some unused documents and apps to create more free space. Otherwise, use an optimized library and full resolution images will be downloaded when you need to view or modify.


    -Restore your iDevice:

    If your backup is in iTunes, make sure that it is encrypted.

  • Import video and Photos from iPhone to MacBook Air

    On June 23, I imported the photos and videos, I had on my iPhone to my MacBook Air. I can only find one of these videos and none of the pictures on my computer. I thought I had checked that they were on my computer before removing my phone. However, I can't find them.

    I thought I had checked that they were on my computer before removing my phone. However, I can't find them.

    Using iCloud photo library?

    If iCloud library is activated on your iPhone your Mac ad, the devices are synchronized.

    All devices are aways showing the same pictures. No matter what picture you add o library of your Mac will sync to your iPhone, and

    any item that you delete from the photo library on your iPhone will be removed from all devices. In this case you you deleted the photos and videos you have imported to your Mac by deleting them from the iPhone. You see the same videos and photos on all devices.

  • Install Windows 7 on SSD and programs on the HARD drive?

    Original title: conner bottomley.


    I was wondering if you could help me! I recently built my own PC, it has 2 drives (1 SSD and 1 HDD) and I want to have windows 7 (64 bit) installed on the smaller SSD and all other files and programs on the larger HARD drive could you give me some instructions on how to do it? I've been strugling for awhile now!

    I am completely new to this so if you can keep it nice and simple, would be great!

    Thanks for your help :)


    Have your program files on the HARD drive defeated the purpose of having an SSD in the first place. The goal is to start the operating system and load your programs faster.

    Then, install the operating system and programs on the SSD and store your personal files (Documents, music, photos, videos etc.) on the HARD disk.

    Demarrer start from the Windows 7 DVD, and then select the SSD drive during installation

    For information about how to modify your BIOS options to boot from the DVD drive, see the following tutorial:

    Click Custom install Windows only (Advanced)

    Select the SSD drive, and then click Next.

    Once Windows 7 is installed, you can redirect personal folders on the HARD drive to store your files.

  • If I upload my photos to the iCloud library remain my original photos on my MacBook Pro?

    If I upload my photos to the iCloud library remain my original photos on my MacBook Pro?

    Yes, they do. See:iCloud photo library - Apple Support

    Note that if you open the Photos on your Mac and go to preferences and click on iCloud at the top of the preferences window, there are 2 options: 'Download the originals of this Mac' and 'Optimize Mac storage.' If you choose the option optimize and your Mac is low on storage space, then the originals can be replaced with smaller optimized versions.

  • Why can I not see my photos on the icloud for my Ipad?

    When I was upgrading my ipad to the updated software it hung.  I've been back up my photos to the icloud for more than a year, but they do not appear here my ipad or all of my devices families shared?  Why is this?

    I have the setting all put there to store and backup is more than 5 GB.  My ipad is now frozen in the State that he wants to find a factory setting and I'm scared, I've now lost over 4000 photos.  Help!

    You should check, Photos. If you, the pictures are stored here they are uploaded to the iCloud (and will be downloaded to a device if you connect).

    If you don't see all of the Photos, they are not in iCloud. You can check if you have a backup (on iCloud or iTunes) but if you do not have to guess they're gone.

    Regular backups to iCloud do not include photos if iCloud library is set on "on".

  • Is - this time machine back up the record of the iCloud drive in the Finder?

    Background: I recently started using iCloud drive on my iMac with OS X El Capitan 10.11.5. I also continue to use a 3 GB CAP to automatically back up my computer using time machine.

    Discussion: I copied some files more in player iCloud (under Favorites in the Finder) folder to appear on my drive to iCloud. Obviously the synchronization service iCloud provides is great, but I want to that I am also able to backup these files on my time capsule as well for peace of mind, and it would be a nuisance if I constantly have to move files out of the iCloud drive to another location on my computer to make sure that the files are also backed up regularly on the time capsule.

    Question: Time Machine also backs up everything (all types of files - excel, pdf, word, etc.) that I added in iCloud drive folder on my computer?

    Thank you!

    Yes. Time Machine back to iCloud by car, but not where you'd expect.

    Look for the path below in your Time Machine backup...

    It's YOURdriveNAME > users > YOURaccountNAME > library > mobile Documents > com-apple-CloudDocs

  • How can I do to keep my photos in the icloud, when I delete all my photos from my iphone?

    How can I do to keep my photos in the icloud, when I delete all my photos from my iphone?

    If you have iCloud enabled library, all the photos that you delete from your phone will be deleted to iCloud and other devices connected to this library to iCloud. The more you can do to reduce storage required on the phone is to activate settings > iCloud > Photos > optimize iPhone storage.

    Apple is currently not all parameters of cloud storage only. You can suggest that more options are available through

    There are 3rd party cloud services that only have a cloud options.

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