View a large list system


My "Downloads" folder displays the files in a list format; I prefer this view. Is it possible to ensure that this view is the default system-wide? Currently, I have to adjust the view to 'List' for each different section in "Finder."

Thanks in advance.


Open a folder and set it to the list view.

Open the Display Options (cmd - j)

Set to always open in the view list and traverse it in mode list.

Click on use default button.

Any file that you have previously defined in any other point of view opens in the previously defined view. You will have to change.

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    Had the same problem and you probably already figured out the answer, but it's here... Media Player 12.

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    Thank you


    Using the function of the news of the scrap and build your news with the web application instead.

    You can have multiple views of different lists, you can have a custom field multiline text box short introduction, title, date of the course and your image. With this, you can retrieve the value only of an image with the _value option in the image tag.

    You can then thumbnails of BC have only one large image and then small image from your listing.

    You have the detail view friendly of complete SEO for the web application as well as for the full article.

    You can do a lot, it's just how you feel you want and what you do with the installation and layout of it. Much better than the news Module

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    FormRouter offers a set of tools for free-form that can add form field and supports adding items to combo boxes / list using Acrobat by cutting and pasting in the field of the popup for the values.

    FormRouter Free tool for Acrobat

    You should be able to create and format the list in any simple text editor.

  • View a larger image of a thumbnail [was: Question]

    I would like to view a larger image to a thumbnail inserted on the web page. I have inserted a rollover image, serving as the original and a JPEG thumbnail more big and different from the rollover image. However, when the mouse restored to the thumbnail, the new rollover image (different then the original) was the same size as the original. Is there an easier way to display a larger image of a thumbnail? What I am doing wrong? Thank you

    [Subject line edited for clarity by Moderator]

    With Pure CSS-

    Nancy O.
    ALT-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media specialists

  • Tips on how to view a larger image and list


    I have a list control with images carefully formatted, more a label under them (thanks to David).

    Now, how would you present the enlarged image when the user clicks on it?

    Not necessarily the code, but more interested in the idea, although if the idea is complicated, code would help. Haha.

    Thank you.


    You want to do something like that...


    Simply click on a menu button then a picture. (PS. don't not allowed to hit the crap graphics you know that I am not a graphic designer)


  • Change the view with email list on the left, not from list above and the content of the email below.

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    View (Alt + V) menu > Presentation > vertical display

  • "Add or remove programs" shows a lot of empty spaces between bad program actually installed view.__What in my system, Windows XP Professional version 5.1 SP3.__Pleace, let me know how to fix it.

    • You have problems with programs
      Windows XP Professional version 5.1 SP3
      Installed program: view.
    • Error messages
      No error message.
    • Recent changes to your computer
      Dates of XP to the top, but this problem happened several years ago.
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem
      Ask the Helpdesk of Microsoft Finland, without solving the problem.

    Often caused by AutoCAD.

    Start > run > regedit [Enter] and navigate to:

    HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall

    See here in the register; one of the icons has a negative number. Replace it with a positive; most of the files have a 1 icon. Windows will try to guess the icon if you remove the entry altogether.

    If this does not apply to your situation, then download the MVP Ramesh script below and run it. This script lists all references to negative icon present in the registry and sends them to a log file.

    Script - (lists all references to negative icon in Add/Remove) MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - Don ' t Panic!

  • "The file is not found" error message when you try to view recent items list for word and excel files

    Title files: original vista on the recent items list does not open

    When I select a file from my recent items list, I get an error message indicating that the file is not found, but it lists the correct path to the file, and if you go to this path of the file, the file is clearly there.  This happens with word and excel files but not the adobe pdf files.

    Hi GillianMO,

    Remember to make changes before this problem?

    Method 1: Run the fixit available in the links below and check if that makes a difference-Worth to try
    Diagnose and repair Windows files and folders problems automatically
    Difficulty of broken desktop shortcuts and common system maintenance tasks

    Note: FixIt would attempt to recover bad sectors on the hard disk, in the course of this process there are chances of DATA loss from that particular area.

    Method 2: If a Protection of resources Windows (WRP) file is missing or is damaged, Windows may not behave as expected. Auditor of file system (CFS) scan to fix all of the corrupted system files. To do this, follow the steps mentioned in the link below:

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    If the problem persists, I suggest you to send your request in the Forum Office for more specialized help.

    Office Forum

  • Detail view of webapp - list-

    Hi all

    I need help once again. I created a Web application for my site and I'm having a little difficulty with the nd list view detail view. For the moment, the view which is visible here is mode list, but the images are still clickable, is it possible to disable the detail for this web application view in particular and to make the images not clickable list?

    Would appreciate your help on this.

    Kind regards

    Asad Ali

    Hey there,

    {tag_yourimage_nolink} removes the picture link

    {tag_yourimage_value} will make only the location of the image (/ something/something/filejpg), so you can train you own img tag

    {tag_name_nolink} will make the web application without a link around it wraped name.

    Reference tags:

  • I lost the most views drop-down list under the search bar, it used several times in the same session, and then he just disappeared.

    The drop-down list is / was my part used of any page, use it to access to everything I need. The only other thing I noticed changed it's new green bottom-tab at the top of each page: site Web Safe/number of trackers. I can't get rid of it. Avira virus control icon is on my desktop, but the icon also suddenly appeared on the right side of the search bar. I deleted it because I have it on the desktop. I have no why he appeared suddenly. It is my 3rd session today. I had not changed anything in previous sessions, so don't know why the drop down menu has disappeared.

    Any help appreciated.

    Hi, hopefully a screenshot can make things more clear - when you right click in the area of the red dot, then a popup menu will appear where you can re-enable the toolbar of bookmarks.

  • Since Fx32, show Cookies always reveals no. stored COOKIES. Where are they? I have 'accept cookies from visited' with a large list of exceptions of blocked sites.

    I have "Always deprived of the use of navigation" and "Accept the Cookies from Sites" with "Third Party Cookies: to visit ' but with a long list of site Exceptions, I intend to block." Since Fx32, DISPLAY COOKIES still says there is nothing to show. I understand the incognito automatically deletes history (including cookies) on Fx is closed, but after some extensive navigation, I expect to see some session cookies only from sites that is: a) are listed ALLOW/SESSION on my Exceptions list; or (b) are not exceptions listed at all. The list of exceptions has two categories: Ad Server sites I block to avoid hearing; and ALLOW the sites I visit have warn me to allow their cookies. Even after the connection to these sites (connection requires their cookie) DISPLAY COOKIES always says that there is not.

    1 I'm wrong about PRIVATE BROWSING, it does not control the placement of the cookie, which leaves to ACCEPT the COOKIES and the parameters of the Exception, but erases them cookies and another story when Fx closes?
    2. so where's my cookies I know work when I login, for example, my mail server or Amazon?
    3-do I need to install the addon from SQLite-Manager to see the cookies .sql file? It will work with Fx32 +?

    Thanks for the input, cor - el. Once I realized where is the console command line and exceeded his SPAM warning, cookie.split () / join () worked very well: a lot of output, especially warnings of javascript and HTTP requests, at least a cookie. But then I wondered:

    I pressed accidentally on [CLEAR] and console obeyed, of course. So I enter again the command (several times) but now get no reply - msg just empty console pane. Close the current tab from fx, then open a new web console, connect and I reinterpret the split () / join (). Now console only statements interprets this command error msg: > undefined (attached screenshot).

    So my question: can this js command split () / join () consider only once? I have to adjust something first? It seems the PRIVATE BROWSING feature design "drape" of all the cookies I allowed to-I assume to keep them from being seen, that's it? So can a Web page script place a cookie, and then later in the same session back or questioning? A page can simply include a document.cookie.split()/join () command in the script?

    In any case, I'm happy to have your technique and grateful. Thank you. I'll try it as a bookmark shortly.

  • How can I view a complete list of my characters

    I have dozens of personas. I finally realized I should categorize those I want to turn under a name (holiday) and then I the rotator change the holiday list. I need to remove old holiday so I use ROTATION NEXT. When I have a few in the list, I hit delete. I'm trying to clean up those other holidays, but some keep coming up like always activated. What shows on the screen is only part of the list. any way to display the entire list so you can choose through and delete those I most need?

    Firefox only stores the data of a maximum number of personas (DEFAULT_MAX_USED_THEMES_COUNT = 30)

    If you install more personas Firefox will remove other personas to make room for the new identity, so it is best to keep a list or bookmark the site of your favorite characters.

    You can override this limit by creating a whole pref with the name lightweightThemes.maxUsedThemes and set the value accordingly.

    You can also use the Personas Plus extension to handle more personas.

  • View a larger version of a graph/cat on demand


    I have a page with a dozen graphics - very small so that they can fit on the façade - showing all kinds of info. Now, I want to give a user the opportunity to see a much larger version of one of these cards, he can choose:

    Is there a way to do this?

    I can think of a case structure based on the value selected in the ring would be re - route one of the smaller cards in a big table. However, the problem is that the data in the tables of small are inconsistent - sometimes it's a conspiracy, sometimes 2 plots (say, a cluster of two doubles), sometimes 8 plots etc. Thus, this idea doesn't really work.

    Otherwise, I can think of creating large versions of all the small tables, put them all in the same place, make all invisible and toggle visibility based on the selection. But obviously it is very clumsy and not really scalable.

    Is there an easy way to do it?

    Thanks in advance.

    How about a graph mixed signals?

    Edit - eugh, extracted from VI and references... VI attached.

  • How can I remove all the errors and warnings Event Viewer administrative events, Application & system options?

    Please I need to remove these errors and warnings permanently on my computers?
    And please tell all the ways to get rid of these errors and warnings in Event Viewer... I'm waiting...

    You can clear the logs in the event viewer by going to the various sections, right-click and selecting "clear logs.

    What you can't do, is remove the event viewer or stop newspapers appearing again. It is part of the Windows 7 kernel and is useful to diagnose errors...

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