View of a person with a disability needs to expand the characters

I recently replaced my computer (same program, same browser) and can't seem to get the type in the area of the big screen that was on the old computer. I tried selecting view > text size > largest and it's still much smaller than my previous Setup.  On the advice of a technical forum, I also experimented with the desktop > properties > appearance > advanced with no improvement.

Something that may or may not be related - I use an optical mouse Logitech LX-3 with possibility of zoom. I usually use the zoom fully extended. Since I started using the new computer, it seems to zoom normally on some sites (works on this page) there are many sites where zoom with the zoom of the mouse or by pressing CTRL while you use the mouse scroll wheel is not enlarge printing at all.

I would * really * appreciate any help you can offer... Because of my limitations in sight, I currently use a magnifying glass to see the screen.


I think I have it solved. A comrade on the forum the Tech Guy advised me how to reduce the resolution of the screen and that helped a lot. I'm still curious why some sites that I will allow me to use the zoom on the mouse and others don't, but I can live with that. Thanks for your suggestions, Slim.

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    The Windows XP operating system use a space on the hard drive as virtual memory. This means that a file is a space on the hard disk that Windows uses as if it were RAM.
    The file size is variable and you can change the size of file in the performance Options.

    Please go to control panel - system - Advanced tab. You will find the Performance parameters.
    In the performance Options, you will find 3 tabs (Visual effects, advanced, Data Execution Prevention). On the Advanced tab, you can find the option to change the virtual memory.

    Good bye

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    I want to buy it. Is this useful?




    For Firefox, please

    b click on print, you can see preview before printing

    (b) on the top, you can see scale (near Middle), you can increase or decrease in % to get the right size

    Kind regards.

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    Hello Deborah Wise.

    Check out the links that will help you change the resolution of the screen below. Resolution of the screen allows you to increase the size of the menu bar and the toolbar.


    Change your screen resolution:

    Make the text larger or smaller display:

    Change appear on the taskbar buttons:

    With regard to:

    Samhrutha G S - Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

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    I need to replace the characters with an accent with their basic letter

    a = > has
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    I use classes of equivalence as [[= n =]] in regexp_replace, but then I need to call it for each letter. Is there a simpler way?


    Given that I only have the names to convert INITCAP

    It seems that you can use the binary case-insensitive or accent sorting to get the results you want so:

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    ñÉäßÑéàâ neassneaa
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    This is usually done with a CMS (content management system). There are commercial products CMS like WordPress, Joomla and perch. You create one or several layouts and then create pages of these page layouts using the CMS. In this way, it is possible to have hundreds of pages, each with unique content, but a page layout that can be managed in a place of sharing.

    CMSs on shelf don't require programming skills. Otherwise, some of us write our own CMS with custom functions, but this requires back-end, as with PHP programming.

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    Relay option, you will need to accept the IP of VC, or the email of the sender.


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    Please give me some solutions to this problem.

    Thank you

    Ganesh Kumar S


    Please repost your question in the Forum of Visual Studio 2010.

    Visual Studio 2010 Forums category:


  • How to use mode live view in Dreamweaver CC with protect pages.

    Sorry I'm french how to use mode live view in Dreamweaver CC with a protect page. display live, tell me it's unable to connect. So I need to protect my pages

    Thank you

    Ok.  Keep .htaccess on your remote server.

    In the site local files Panel, F2 (rename) to the old.htacess.htacess.

    Which will disable the file .htacess on your local computer only.

    Nancy O.

  • Persona with roaming profiles manager

    Hello people, hope you can help me out here!

    NOTE: I've updated this issue.

    The original question is far greater.

    We want to use character whose profiles management; the profile path is set in the attribute of "profile path" users AD.

    Set us up, as defined by Microsoft: How to configure a user account to use a user profile roaming in Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 Server, or Windows n...

    In particular, note the comment on this link:

    Use the following format for the path of the user profile:


    For example, if you want to store the roaming user profile in a folder with the same name as the user account in a shared folder named "Profiles" on a server named "Server1", type the following path:


    However, when you use management persona (assuming that it is configured correctly), we get errors in the log of the PM:

    [0] [23/10/2013 11:23:56:0116] [RTOVPHelper! RTOTestConnection] Impossible to obtain the attributes of the profile distance: \\\userpathlocation\Profile\%username%. V2, 0 x 80070002

    A test, if I change the attribute of "profile path" roaming profile of \\Server1\Profiles\%username% to \\Server1\Profiles\realusername then persona Manager no longer has a problem.

    It seems that it cannot interpret the %username% variable.

    Is this correct? Am I missing something? Anyone can shed some light on this situation?

    Thank you.


    Users can use many devices and can use a physical device or virtual in any place - they are not related to an office.

    Traditionally, we use roaming profiles in our physical environment. It works well - their profile goes with them (we have some parameters of redirection).

    When the user connects to the virtual, Persona Manager is not happy. It is said: "management of Persona is disconnected - please contact the administrator '

    Check the log of the PM, the only things that stand out are:


    [0] [23/10/2013 11:23:30:0066] [RTOProcessLogonEvent] CONNECTION: opening session Set event: user: testuser, event: 0 x 278

    [0] [23/10/2013 11:23:30:0066] [RTOProcessLogon] finish event processing logon: user: testuser

    [0] [23/10/2013 11:23:30:0066] [RTOGetUserProfileInfo] user: testuser, Sid: S-1-5-21-199048513-897128045-483988704-295896

    [0] [23/10/2013 11:23:30:0066] [RTOGetUserProfileInfo] key to open user profile failed: user: testuser, 0x2


    [0] [23/10/2013 11:23:40:0224] [VMWPopulateOfflineFiles] failed open remote folder: user: testuser, Session: 1, path: \\\userpathlocation\Profile\%username%. V2, 0 x 80070002


    [0] [23/10/2013 11:23:55:0710] [RTOVPHelper! RTORefreshWorker] could not create event Refresh Office: ProcessId: event 5116,: Global\RTOVPHELPER_DESKTOP_0000000000459176, 0x80070005


    [0] [23/10/2013 11:23:56:0116] [RTOVPHelper! RTOTestConnection] unable to get attributes of profile distance: \\\userpathlocation\Profile\%username%. V2, 0 x 80070002

    (... indicates to other log entries between which have been omitted)

    As we use roaming profiles, the profile path, \\\userpathlocation\Profile\%username%. V2, stands in the AD user object. (NOTE: it's actually \\\userpathlocation\Profile\%username% so the.) V2 is added by PM/Win7).

    If I am not mistaken, 0 x 80070002 corresponds to error 2, be "the system cannot find the specified file", but there isn't. If I come home \\\userpathlocation\Profile\%username%. V2 in Solution Explorer, it seems.

    It almost seems that it does not expand the environment variable %username%.

    PM group strategies are implemented in the virtual environment:

    Manage the user persona: ENABLED

    The Persona repository location: ENABLED > > > share path: VACUUM > > > the user profile path override Active Directory if configured: ENABLED

    Log file name: ENABLED > > > Local log file path: WHITE

    Repository of roaming profile is established in accordance with this article:

    VMware KB: Management of Persona does not when it is configured according to the directives of the Management Guide of view 5.0

    Someone at - it ideas? I thought that the problem is the %username% in the roaming profile path, but this should be good, it should not?

    Please let me know if you need more information.


    I forgot to update this.

    > Support connected with VMware.

    > They have confirmed the problem.

    > Question is a candidate for the next generation of Agent (no confirmed release date).

    In the meantime, we will have to use roaming profiles in Windows, there is no workaround for the Persona Manager solution until it is resolved.

    I don't know if the variable userdomain % is resolved for you. I hope that the difficulty they have presented with determination all the variables, rather than just the %username% variable (I reported and confirmed they had the problem). I would say that you talk about VMware to confirm that all the variables will be resolved by the Persona Manager.

  • "iPhone is disabled, connect to iTunes" AND "iTunes can not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a password" error message on the phone and the computer! Help!

    So I recently had my password wrong too many times and my iPhone 4S locked out telling me "iPhone is disabled; Connect to iTunes'. And so I connected to iTunes and decided to restore my phone. I finished the process of restoration of the configuration of my phone, but ultimately, it was not even let me in the phone! Once AGAIN he said "iPhone is disabled; " Connect " to iTunes '. However, this time, this message appeared just when I turned on my phone with a black background. I didn't scan the screen for the error message is displayed (and there was no time to be shown). When I tried to connect to iTunes again as he asked, now it says "iTunes can not connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a password".

    So now, he said "iPhone is disabled; ' Connect to iTunes' on my iPhone 4S and ''iTunes can't connect to the iPhone because it is locked with a password ' on my computer. WHAT should I do?

    As described in step 2 of "Erase your device with iTunes" in this article, you will need to use the Recovery Mode.

    Recovery mode is described in this article as well.  You may try to go into recovery mode more than once to succeed.

    If you have forgotten the password for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, or your device is disabled - Apple supports

  • I created a custom and registered with a specific name date format. However, when I open a new worksheet, my saved format does not display in the menu drop-down? Am hoping that I don't need to create the same format for each new sheet?

    I created a custom and registered with a specific name date format. However, when I open a new worksheet, my saved format does not appear in the menu drop-down? Am hoping that I don't need to create the same format for each new sheet?

    You must save the spreadsheet containing the new date as a model format and use this custom template for each new spreadsheet where you want that this date format personalized at your disposal.

  • HP Color LaserJet CP2025n Prin: I need to download the older driver because a program does not work with the new driver

    Where can I find the olderdriver that I can use windows 64 bits 10,

    because a program does not with the new driver.

    The year may be 2014 or almost.

    Your Timo


    Thanks for the reply with the details,

    You can activate the Device Manager to view hidden devices by following the steps mentioned below:

    To work around this behavior and display devices when you click Show hidden devices:

    1. Click Start, point to programs, point to Accessories, and then click command prompt.
    2. At a command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER:

      Set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices = 1

    3. Type the following command a command prompt and press ENTER:

      Start devmgmt.msc

    4. Troubleshoot the devices and drivers in Device Manager.

    For more details: click here

    Uninstall all software and drivers for printers:

    When you need to uninstall a driver completely, the best and safest method is to use the uninstaller of the device (if it has one). If you have added the device to your system with a Setup program (as is the case with most of the graphics card and sound card drivers, for example), you can uninstall it as you would any other program.

    1. Click Start, type uninstall program, and then press enter.
    2. In the uninstall window, which appears, scroll through the list and find your device or drivers. Double-click the entry to start the uninstall process.

    Sometimes devices will not have an uninstall program or the uninstall program will not appear in the list. In these cases, you can use Device Manager to remove the driver completely.

    1. Click Start, type Device Managerand press enter.
    2. Find and double click on the category of the device you want to uninstall (for example, the graphic card would be listed under display card) driver.
    3. Right click on the device, and then click Uninstall.
    4. Windows prompts you to confirm the removal of the device. Click OK to remove the driver.
    5. Once the uninstall is complete, restart your computer as soon as possible.

    Once the above steps are done, click here to download the full software features for your printer and follow the Setup process to start to use your printer again.

    I would like to know if these measures worked for you.  If they did, it's great!  Give us some reinforcements by clicking on the solution and laurels, buttons that help and others see that we have the answers!
    Good luck.

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