Virtual directories and applications for transfer

I have a default website on Server 2008 and I need to move all content to another Web site by default on the 2012 server that already contains content.  I ran the tool line export command to export the site, but I don't want to completely replace the website by default because it has content.  Y at - he added script that will import them into the default Web site?



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  • Need to driver and application for Dell Inspiron 15R n5010 webcam model.


    Recently, 2 days before I bought a portable model 15R n5010 with back support. I installed Windows 7 Ultimate OS on this machine.

    LAN and Web cam dirvers (the default Microsoft web cam driver) got installed automatically. While all the drivers and applications downloaded from the web site of DELL and installed correctly.

    Now, I want good built-in web cam driver and application for Dell 15R n5010 modem.

    Please let me know the link from where I can download and install the driver and application.

    Thanks in advance... !!!

    There is no separate driver for webcam integrated for Dell 15R model, pilot get automatically installed when you install Windows 7 OS.

    But you need to install a video capture as NCH software and many others to take snapshots of your built-in webcam

  • Application for transfer of apex 4.2.4 to 5.0

    How can I transfer my apex 4.2.4 application to version 5.0?


    Apex 5 is available for download (yet). But you can sign up for a workspace apex 5 to early adopteur to and try to import your application and schema FOT it, here for the test.

    Kind regards

    Kees Vlek


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  • IIS virtual directories and shared scope Vars


    I posted this about a year, but got it works on a server of our - now on a new server, same problem and can't understand why.

    Very simple:

    We have several sites:

    Site 1
    Site 2
    Site 3

    Each is in its own directory structure, has its own application.cfm, etc..

    Each of them has a virtual mapping in IIS in a directory called COMMON, with a shared code. Within the IIS site for each site, there is a virtual directory mapping in this directory "common".

    Now, in the common directory, we have the coldfusion code that we want to be able to access the extended variables (e.g. application, query, etc.) of each site when it is called from this site.

    So in the directory CURRENT, there is a DEMAND. CFM file containing one line:

    < cfinclude template = "/ application.cfm" >

    It works flawless on a production server, but on another, we just get an error:

    Could not find the included template application.cfm.
    Note: If you use an absolute path model (e.g. TEMPLATE="/mypath/index.cfm') with CFINCLUDE then you need to create a mapping for the path using the ColdFusion administrator. Using relative paths (e.g. TEMPLATE = "index.cfm" or MODEL =""... / index.cfm "") does not require the creation of any special mappings. It is therefore recommended to use paths related with CFINCLUDE when this is possible.

    The error occurred in D:\hostedsites\clientsites\common\Application.cfm: line 2

    2: < cfinclude template = "/ application.cfm" >
    1 x

    For my life, I can't understand why. On the server that works, we have no special and CUSTOM TAG PATHS, no MAPS, it works with joy--its only on this new server.

    We use version 7,0,2,142559 CF and IIS 5.0.

    Help is needed and appreciated!

    Thank you


    You have a "/" mapping on a single server or the other? It is a defect
    the map that is created during installation IIRC.

    You could be there have on the working server and it must be on the
    new server or you can have on the new server and must NOT be
    Here, since it is incorrectly redirecting files or it could be to
    the two, but the points in two different places.

  • Tecra A2 - can not find the CD of drivers and applications for download

    Hello support,

    I can't find anywhere on the Toshiba Site "TECRA A2 Applications and drivers CD.
    Why are you doing if difficult for your customers to find all the drivers needed in one place?

    Please provide me a link to download the full drivers disk.
    The driver downloads page lists 30 pilots unique instead to offer a package.

    Thank you.


    Have you checked on the Toshiba driver page?

    There is not a full driver package, you must download the only drivers and install them keeipng the proper installation order.

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  • Where can I find drivers for Vista and applications for Satellite A100-599?

    I have laptop Toshiba A100-599 running Windows Vista Ultimate. Could you tell me please where I can find the latest versions of the drivers from? I be appreciate it that you tell me a download link. I'm the Turkey in the South-East Europe.

    And I have a question. Is there any application that runs on Vista and warns users the latest updates to install automatically?

    Thank you and best regards,


    Look here for drivers:
    Go to Support & downloads-> support home page-> download drivers

    Good bye

  • We have an account of teams CC but apps aren't up-to-date for 1 user and applications for users are really buggy

    We are a small studio. We bought CC teams account for 3 computers.

    2 of the CC work well, but for a user (the person making the purchase and the owner of the company) receive no updates in the control panel of cc for adobe applications. It was only the major updates to 2015 but never gets smaller updates as other users.

    In addition to this, all its applications are really buggy compared to other users.

    Anyone know why this might be?

    We all use all new Mac.

    I tried to find an e-mail address help for adobe, but it seems not to be.



    Please see error download or update Adobe Creative Cloud applications

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • The fonts are in the "Font Folio Select" Adobe and can be incorporated into the software and applications for the distribution


    I need to select a few fonts for our customer to choose that can be legally incorporated in their software for distribution.

    After reading this article:

    Looks like it's a "Font Folio Select" Adobe that contains fonts that we can use, but I can't find any information on where to put their hands on it.

    I spent hours hunting for fonts, we can legally use and read many licensing agreements and still have no idea what fonts are available for developers!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Thank you

    Thank you for reaching out to Adobe Type team.

    While the blog of James Lockman, you mentioned is correct that our product, select Font Folio, contains only fonts that we control and for which we can offer broader rights, he is mistaken in his description of the way in which it is offered.  Do Folio select is actually a collection of fonts that we offer for the use of the servers - for customers who need fonts for automated print services or services on the web that offer a selection of fonts.  I'm really sorry for misinformation.

    Licenses for fonts for applications is something that we can provide you with a direct quote.  If you want to email me directly at the address below, I can you contact a sales associate who can help you.  In addition, if you provide me a list of fonts that you are interested in licensing, if there are fonts that are not ours, I can also provide you details Foundry so that you can go to them directly.

    Caleb Committee

    Senior Product Manager / Type

    Adobe Typekit

    [email protected]

  • Start the virtual machine and wait for WF, does not connect to the computer virtual for Vds (Windows 2008 R2)


    See a strange problem with only a Windows 2008 R2 model. When you use the built-in function "Start VM and wait" workflow to start a virtual machine (after conversion from a template either manually, or through workflow) NIC of the virtual machine (I tried VMXNET3 and e1000 times) does not connect to the problem. Vds can be replicated in a different VCenter, so spreading the vds. I also created several models of Windows 2008 r2 and all have this problem.

    If the model is converted and started outside VRO, it gets an IP from and is connected to the VDS immediately

    Tried add/remove the NIC of the model

    Tried to move the comments on different hosts

    Tried to create a new template from scratch

    NOTE: Windows 2012 R2 doesn't have this problem in the same circles, the only constant is the Windows 2008 R2 being started by VRO.

    Anyone seen this before?

    I found this article and it fixed my problem VMware KB: registration or the deployment of a virtual computer model fails apparently a fix a problem in ESX 5.1, 5.5 (I used the option to get around and things are good)

  • To view the details of the table, how can I create users and applications for the dev team?

    Veiw the tables as column details, etc., we use the password apps by oracle apps Forms.But apps password giving the development of values is threat to security. My question, how the development team will check the details of the database other than the apps user & password? No work around for this problem?


    The developers must have access to the development/TEST instance but must not be connected directly to the instance of PROD. Assuming that your development instance is identical to the production, I believe that the best scenario is to prepare reports on the development instance (having full access including password apps), and once they are done, they go to the ADMINISTRATOR to upload it to the production instance.

  • Best practices with the virtual directories CFIDE and Jakarta

    Right now I'm going through implementation of our new virtualized ColdFusion 10 Application/Web/database server, and I noticed that during installation, since I had 'Connect all IIS sites' selected, he created maps of handler for each, but each also gave a virtual directory for "CFIDE" and "Jakarta".

    Best practices guides told to restrict access to the "adminapi', 'administrator', 'componentutils' and 'wizards' records under the CFIDE directory, but is - it safe to simply remove these virtual directories (and leave the mappings Manager) so that sites can always treat the types of file associated with CF?

    1 the site we have is the default localhost is linked to, I felt I would just let these virtual directories, since to reach CF ACP this server, we'd have to goto: http://localhost/CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm

    I know that if a file from a site needs to access things like file CFScripts, CF will automatically take the virtual directory is there and create < script > tags use a src of "/ CFIDE/scripts" (which if I remove this virtual directory, would break the functionality, but assuming that I do not use this technology to other sites) It removes "CFIDE" and "Jakarta" is going to hurt anything?

    Look at the Guide of ColdFusion 9 Lockdown that Pete Freitag wrote.  A large part of it still applies to the 10 ColdFusion, especially security aspects of IIS.  There is an article on the creation of filters of aggregate demand which allows you to block access to most (or all) of the subdirectories in CFIDE.

    Regarding the Jakarta virtual directory, you need this one.  That's what allows the IIS connector to function.

    -Carl V.

  • I lost my recovery CD and application

    How can I download the recovery CD and application for satellite pro model: 4600

    Hello Fernando

    CD recovery or Tools & Utilities CD just not downloadable reorganize by partner service authorized in your country. Alternatively, you can install the operating system using the CD of the full version of Microsoft. All the necessary drivers and tools that you can find on Toshiba download site under > support & downloads.

    Good bye

  • My machine works all the microsoft Web sites. I can access the site for a few minutes, after a while, it displays a virtual memory and the next stage i cannot access sites Ms.

    Could not open the MS Sites

    My machine works all the microsoft Web sites. Formatted several times and doing a new installation, I can access the site for a few minutes, after a while, it displays a virtual memory and the next stage i cannot access sites MS. no software or installed applications. cool, but I can not go to Sites Ms. other Web sites, I can access.  Also tried to change the memory... no luck, I've seen other sites asking to change the settings of the modem or dial the ISP, but my 2nd computer work well on the same network, took my computer to the office network and found that the same problem exists... could someone help me please...


    Please let me know if:

    1. you are able to access other Web sites, or the question appear with only Microsoft based sites?

    All other websites work well. problem only in trying to gain access to

    2. What is the operating system that is installed?

    Windows XP Pro.

    3. are you aware of the physical RAM installed?

    1 GB

    4 and it meets the minimum requirements of the browser you are using?

    For the past 2 years my laptop works fine with the same hardware configuration. It stops working suddenly MS websites. I did not have all the hardware changes.

    Provide answers to the following questions.

    a. also mention the name of the operating system that you use.

    Windows XP Pro

    (b) is there an error message that is displayed when the site no longer works?

    trying to access the page from when rises, it is 'Impossible to view the Page.

    c. What is the browser you are using?

    Tried it on IE, mozilla and chrome.

    I tried to change the size of the memory virtual and also changed to the size of the managed system.

    formatted and installed xp pro with sp3 and I also tried formatting and install from different cd with xp and sp2. It works for 3 or 4 minute MS sites and the message immedly appears low virtual memory and it stops working MS sites.

    tried to change the physical memory.

    Tried with different browsers.

    at the top does not a little luck. :(

    Method 1: Please visit the following link to change the size of virtual memory

    Change the size of virtual memory

    Method 2:

    See the following links

    WARNING: Reset Internet Explorer settings can reset security settings or privacy settings that you have added to the list of Trusted Sites. Reset the Internet Explorer settings can also reset parental control settings. We recommend that you note these sites before you use the reset Internet Explorer settings

  • Windows XP SP3: Unable to start, System Restore cannot drag and drop ALL the files/folders on the desktop and applications, many unable to start, services cannot search, cannot copy or transfer the any files folders...

    After a recent power outage, my system has restarted with a weird and very common Windows problems range. The system boots fine, all my personal files/folders/apps are intact, have suddenly stopped almost all functions of applications, but many crucial functions of the Windows kernel. Everything seems to point to several Windows Services are unable to start (administrative tools on the start menu). I am running Win XP SP3 and that he was going to upgrade to Windows 7, but I wanted to backup everything in advance. As I have 29 000 hours on my C: drive and a lot of time invested in my system, files, and applications, I am extremely reluctant to risk losing my files and applications by performing any type of reinstalling Windows. Strangely, begin to almost all my apps and all my files are accessible for the most part, but I've lost the ability to drag and drop files, folders or items in a list within the applications COMPLETELY. I can't copy or paste anything, can't move the desktop icons (although I can create new files and folders). So at the moment I can't save anything or even a single file transfer to a hard drive on another storage medium. Immediate reaction: try safe mode and try the system restore safe mode has the same problems (likely due to the large number of system services that inexplicably refuses to start) and the system restore says an error window saying "system restore is not able to protect your computer at this time. try restoring the system running and restart again", which of course NEVER changes. It's the equivalent of getting a tire on your car in the middle of nowhere to find the spare tire flat and the missing Jack. I have used to be fanatical about the definition of the regular restore points, but now can not access them. I have backups of most of my personal files, but over years have lost most of the original installation CD for many of my applications (there are over 100 applications on my system) and I don't want to lose the file associations and architecture of directory tree that it took my so long to implement. I started with Win XP media center edition of first (circa 2004 or almost) and have migrated twice more of 3 hard disks and 2 computers. All this time (5 years of daily use), I have NEVER known so many malfunctions for as many Windows basic and vital functions at the same time. I tried a lot of 3rd party "windows fix - it / registry repair" apps, all have no effect. Everything I can speculate is there was some serious damage to the registry and have no idea how/why so many Services refuse to start. In MMC, more than half of the services actually start and run, the rest all give the error message "the service or dependencies is not start (error 1068).» In addition, very oddly, no. APPS or windows appear in the toolbar AT ALL, but the Quick Launch toolbar works very well, just like the tray button and start tasks (?! )!). If I reduce a window, it "disappears" (Nothing on the task bar), but I can restore it using the alt - tab keyboard shortcut to switch apps, so all applications/windows appear on the list of the Task Manager. A few apps is paralyzed bad, as the player windows media, itunes, etc. (I guess because the service windows audio can not not start), some won't start at all, but 90% of them work fine, except to try to copy or back up all files. I can create new files, however. I'm desperate to find a solution to repair XP3 Win WITHOUT losing my installed applications and files, before I try and switch to WIndows 7. Any help/suggestions/links/advice would be much appreciated. I'm an experienced user, but I've never met so many malfunctions based on the OS at a time. I, however, very painfully learned (years before that my system so complex) it's been almost a re-installation of Windows guarantees to lose my installed apps and files, the directory tree architecture associations.

    Help, please!

    I'll be honest with you - your message is so difficult to read that I don't bother to go through all that. Next time consider using white space, ball or points numbered, etc. to make your message more readable. I stopped reading after your first sentence and only scanned the rest quickly. I do not mean to hurt your feelings; just trying to help you get targeted answers you need for the future.

    The blackout has corrupted your Windows installation. Back up your data now. Since you have problems so much, it would be probably best is to remove the hard drive, put it in a USB drive enclosure and attach it to another computer to copy the data OR start the target with Linux Livecd such as Knoppix system and copy the data to an external hard drive. IOW, do not use the damaged windows to try to get your data.

    You can try a repair that will leave your programs and facility data intact, but with this widespread bribery, it is unlikely to work. However, it takes only a few minutes and is so worth a try. If the repair facility does not work there is nothing to do, but a clean install. And Yes, it will mean that over again.

    Consider buying a UPS to help prevent future damage by power outages. For a single computer, you should look for one in the area of $60 to 80. A more expensive UPS is not necessary. Another good disaster recovery strategy is to buy an external hard drive and Acronis True Image. You can image your system (and can make an incremental backup image so that your image is still current). You can apply your image and be back running that you were in relatively few minutes after a hard drive or Windows to fail. - repair install how-to - Clean install - how-to - you will need at hand MS - MVP - Elephant Boy computers - Don ' t Panic!

  • Languages of transfer blackBerry Smartphones, the themes and Apps for MiniSD


    Just a quick question;

    If I transfer languages, themes and applications that I don't really use offten to my MiniSD card will be able to use them because they were in my internal memory?

    Thank you!

    Hello and welcome!

    On a BB, you don't have the same control on which things are installed. Apps to go only to a location when you install them, and you can't move them. I know that in WM you can choose to install the apps from the expansion card or internal memory - you have no choice in BB. The SD card is generally used for things that are really data storage (multimedia files, documents, etc.). If you have saved an original installation (.jad?) file in the internal memory, then that is indeed a data file... it created files of the application when you install and which should stay where they were installed in. only the data file (the .jad file, for example) can be moved to SD.


Maybe you are looking for

  • Resized partition Boot Camp, now cannot start Windows

    I have a MacBook Pro (with the retina) with a 128 GB SSD which was, until recently, evenly divided 50-50 between Mac and Windows 8. However, I need more space on the size of Windows, so I reduced the size of the Mac partition to 40 GB and then, becau

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    Forum dear friends, Today my sound engineer is plugged his Nomad Zaxomm with AES - EBU in my F5. The text on the screen side went gray and in the viewfinder, I received the message "The AES - EBU input is not Pro-utilisation" If anyone has seen this

  • Satellite M200 - how to reinstall CEC_MAIN.exe?

    I deleted the CEC_MAIN.exe by chance that I just installed Kaspersky Internet Sercurity 2010 and an error message appeared. Later, I discovered how to fix the problem but Im now stuck with no CEC_MAIN.exe. Any help please...