_visible does not work but the fact of _alpha


I use AS2 (Flash 8), and I created a subclass of MovieClip - card and attached an instance to the stage using attachMovie. However, I can't make invisible using _visible. In aid of _alpha works, however, but I would use _visible place. Any ideas what the problem may be? Here is the code:

display_card = attachMovie("card",_"displaycard",_99999,_{_x:0,__y:0}).init ("display", "card_nasty_bug.jpg");
display_card._xscale = display_card._yscale = 60;
display_card._visible = false;     does not work
display_card._alpha = 50;          works

Here's the function init for my card class:

function init (type: String, pic: String) {}
type = type;
PEAK = pic;
this.loadMovie (pic);

This ._xscale is this ._yscale = scale;.
Back to this;

One last thing, what are the events when the mouse pointer enters or leaves a MovieClip? I tried onRollOver and onRollOut, but those who are apparently not the correct events...

Thank you.


My guess is that it actually works. However when you loadMovie some things will be reset to zero when the content finishes loading.

You should probably do is add a line like this in your classroom:

function init (type: String, pic: String) {}

var artwork:MovieClip = this.createEmptyMovieClip ("artwork", 1000);
type = type;
PEAK = pic;
artwork.loadMovie (pic);
Back to this;

That way your content will be loaded into the child movieclip, but you can control visibility and event managers (which you do not have good also) tying them to the parent. Event handlers are too deleted when loading content.

BTW, you should generally not use loadMovie as it lacks the easy ways to know when it's done or to track its progress. You should look into the MovieClipLoader class, because it provides nice events for these important things

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    You will need to enter your ordinary Director, not the root password password.


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    Where are the experts

    Adobe claims are here?

    It's not the way the smarter to try to attract aid... you will find many experts here who are happy to help you, and then there are the rest of us...

    You must disable the installation first - that by opening one of the programs and then click on help-> Deactivate

    Then uninstall the suite.

    The use of the cleaning tool

    Adobe Creative Suite cleanup tool

    helps resolve installation for CS3 thru CS6 and creative cloud problems


    Then reinstall your software and activate it

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    Because it's only a month, it should be under warranty.

    Contact the manufacturer of the printer for their support.

    See you soon.

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    Start Firefox in Firefox to solve the issues in Safe Mode to check if one of the Add-ons is the cause of the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Tools > Modules > appearance/themes).

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