vision support rewriting model for image match

Hey guys, im using labview to detect a picture and record its x - y coordinates.

does anyone know how I can automatically change at runtime, the model used for the match.

I get my model of the block Vision Assistant

Please please help



Hey Kevin,

If you configure the Vision Assistant block and place it on your block diagram, you can then right click on it and select "Open Front Panel."

This shows you the LabVIEW code that the Express VI is running behind the scenes. From here you can find any parameters you have set, put down as constants. So for example, the file path you chose for the template is on the block diagram as a file path constant.

You can right click on this and change it to a control, and then link this control to the connector pane

After saving this VI, and closing it, you will notice some changes to your main VI. Firstly the vision assistant block will have changed colour to yellow, and secondly, it will have one more input added to the bottom (if you drag it down) which is for the control you set in the subVI.

The attached example then adds a case structure to select the file path you want to use as a template during runtime. It would be better practice to use an event structure, but hopefully this works for demonstrative purposes.

Let me know if this helps out Kevin.

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    Luca Filigheddu (Manager, global developer ecosystem to BlackBerry) told me he is allowed to use these media images, and we can change our needs.

    Use MockIt app if you want to do on your device, otherwise I use Gimp a under Windows.

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    I work with Webcenter Sites 12.2.1 and I have a question about creating models for the media with vanity URL.

    My users would like to have a vanity URL for some media as a PDF or Images or those blobs. I am able to do it for text such as JavaScript or css attributes, but for the BLOB based attributes I am a bit stuck. The fact is that to make vanity URL for an asset that I have to use a template. In the model if I display a text he has no problem. For a BLOB, I can get the attribute, but if I want to listen to the results as a model without calling the URL of the blob Server I don't get anything usable.

    Here is the code for the template that I use:

    < % @ page import="com.fatwire.system.*"% >

    < % @ page import="*"% >

    < % @ page import="com.fatwire.assetapi.query.*"% >

    < % @ page import="java.util.*"% >

    < % @ page import="com.openmarket.xcelerate.asset.*"% >

    < % @ taglib prefix = "cs" uri="futuretense_cs/ftcs1_0.tld"% >

    < % @ taglib prefix = "ics" uri="futuretense_cs/ics.tld"% >

    < % @ taglib prefix = "fragment" uri="futuretense_cs/fragment.tld"% >

    < % @ taglib prefix = "make" uri="futuretense_cs/render.tld"% >

    < % @ taglib prefix = 'active' uri="futuretense_cs/asset.tld"% >

    < cs: FTCS >

    < %

    Its session = SessionFactory.getSession ();

    AssetDataManager mgr = (AssetDataManager) ses.getManager (AssetDataManager.class.getName ());

    ID AssetId = new AssetIdImpl ("Content_R", new Long(ics.) GetVar ("cid")));

    List AttrNames = new ArrayList();

    attrNames.add ("imagefile");

    Data AssetData = mgr.readAttributes (id, attrNames);

    AttributeData attrDataSource = data.getAttributeData ("imagefile");

    BlobObject fileObj = (BlobObject) attrDataSource.getData ();

    Byte [] d = new byte [fileObj.getBinaryStream () .available ()];

    fileObj.getBinaryStream () .read (d);

    out.println (d);

    % >

    < / cs: FTCS >

    I've tried workaround: redirection to the server of BLOB, but the problem is that then I can't use URLS directly regarding images < img src = "/ prettyUrl" > with a redirect does not work.

    No one tried to do?


    If you use WCS 12 c. Try using the code of the controller as they mentioned here.

    http:// >:> / sites/samples/blob_link_builder (works only if you have activated sampling stations.

  • Models for first

    I saw a tutorial on a template for the first dealing with text, but I wonder about the images...

    I have an AE project with text and images that I'd like to "model", but I use an effect of pin corner on the image (effect applied to a precomp, where the image can be toggled).

    Is it possible to access the precomps at first? How would I set this up, or is it still possible?

    Thank you!

    Pre make your titles, make a different model for each image, or change the idea. There is no way to change the images in a mock-up of the model of the inside of the body, only the text...

  • How to change an image that I paid for images from adobe?

    How to change an image that I paid for images from adobe?

    You can use Photoshop or any program for .jpg photos and Illustrations of image editing. For the vector .ai, you will need Adobe Illustrator or another application that takes supported Illustrator files.

  • When I drag a photo in a new model of image or map is an area on the right which is white, no picture as seen in PS. It is in preview or when I print. The other side of the border is. How can I get this side to print on the border?

    This also happens in Lightroom. I use an Epson R2000 and Epson says it's a problem of PS. Any advice would be helpful. This problem only showed up recently as it has worked well in the past.

    Help Windows 10 updated for printer drivers.

    He Photoshop. His composite view is what should the pint.  If there is an area that the image does not cover, you need to resize the image layer, so it will cover the region were to be covered.

    Photo Collage Toolkit

    Scripts for Photoshop is powerful and I think that this package demonstrates this a video showing a collage of 5 model PSD image fills with images:

    The package includes four simple rules to follow to make Photo Collage Template PSD files so they will be compatible with my Photoshop scripts.

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    3. Photo collage templates must have alpha channels named "Picture 1", "Picture 2"... "Picture n".
    4. Photo collage templates layers above the background layers must provide transparent areas to reveal the images which will be placed below them.

    There are twelve scripts in this package, they provide the following functions:

    1. TestCollageTemplate.jsx - used to test a model of Collage of Photo while you're doing it with Photoshop.
    2. CollageTemplateBuilder.jsx - can build models that are compatible with this toolkit scripts.
    3. LayerToAlphaChan.jsx - used to convert a stack of the Prototype Image layers in a document template.
    4. InteractivePopulateCollage.jsx - used to fill interactively model Any Photo Collage. Offers more user control insert images and text.
    5. ReplaceCollageImage.jsx - allows to replace an object layer dynamic image collage populated with another image resized and positioned correctly.
    6. ChangeTextSize.jsx - this script can be used to change the size of text Image stamps when the size used by the filling did not work well.
    7. PopulateCollageTemplate.jsx - used to fill a Photo Collage template and leave the populated copy automatically opened in Photoshop.
    8. BatchOneImageCollage.jsx - used for the models automatically batch fill Collage that have only a single image inserted. The Collage or picture may be stamped with the text.
    9. BatchMultiImageCollage.jsx - used to model automatically batch fill any Photo Collage with images in an image source folder. Easier to use than the interactive script. Recorded collages can be twisted.
    10. BatchPicturePackage.jsx - used to model automatically batch fill any Photo Collage with an image in the image source folder
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    Documentation and examples

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    several times a week I have to paste fotos of microscopy in a powerpointpresentation and need to resize, they all have the same size and then print this sheet.

    I would like to have a model for maybe 12/08/16 photos, while I can simply drag and drop them on the sheet, and it could be automatically scaled to this size, I wanted to. As little boxes, all the same size and in file.

    The pictutes need all the textbox a bit under the photos and a unique title.

    IM totally new to Illustrator and don't know how to create boxes. Is it possible to do?

    Best wishes

    Select the image in illustrator, make sure that they are not grouped together. Then, in the upper right, you should see the built-in Word. Click this lik. You will get a menu that will allow you to create a link to the image. Simply select another image. After the image has been changed you now have an additional option for placement by clicking on the link which changed the name of the embeded file.

  • Is the designation of the precise A1286 model for a 2012 Macbook Pro 15.4 mid "computer?

    Is the designation of the precise A1286 model for a 2012 Macbook Pro 15.4 mid "computer?


    Introduced June 2012
    Discontinued October 2013
    Model identifier MacBookPro9, 1
    Model number A1286

    Edit: in fact this model number is used for some units, from a late model ' 08.

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    In general, Apple will provide support for 5-7 years after a product is discontinued.  But they must not offer updates to the firmware at all once a product is discontinued.

    For example, the 5th generation AirPort Extreme was abandoned in June 2013. No update firmware of the product have been since then.

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    You should see all the photos in the Moments, the years, Collections, unless you have the "Summarize" option enabled in Photos > Preferences > General.  Then some pictures will be omitted, but the rules are not documented.

  • New user pages :) I seletced arrow shape, he does exactly that for my needs, can I now register as a form of model for easy future use please? Thank you!

    New user pages I seletced arrow shape, he made exactly that for my needs, can I now save it as a form of model for easy future use please? Thank you!

    Hi PAYGPI,

    A Pages document with some arrows. With a selected arrow Panel Format (right) organize tab > stay on the Page. You can then move around the page.

    Menu > file > save as template.

    In the model picker, rename it. I used the name clip art arrows. It appears in the template selector > my templates.

    To rename or delete a custom template (in my models) right click or control click on this model:

    Please call with questions.

    Kind regards


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