Vista Sidebar and Media Player stopped working after uninstalling Mcafee and AVG installation

Hi, I'm new to the Dell Forums, my apologies if this isn't the right place to post this.

Yesterday, I decided to remove Mcafee completely from my Inspiron 6400 (running Vista Ultimate) and install the free version of AVG. First, I downloaded the and AVG Mcafee removal tool and was save on my desktop. I unplugged my internet connection, uninstalled Mcafee Security Center of programs & features (recommended by Mcafee), rebooted, then ran Mcafee Removal Tool Development. EXE, rebooted, installed the free version of AVG, went online and installed the AVG updates, performed a full scan with no errors. The system seems to work well, but then I noticed that the clock on Windows Sidebar gadget turned black, the deleted with only a yellow box calendar gadget. I tried to open Media Player, no luck because he would not just open. Tried to launch Media Player as an admin, no luck. While my connection is an admin one. There is another connection admin account so connected to this account, but you have the same problem. I did a system restore and also tried to create new accounts, but the same thing happens with the Gadgets and Media Player. I also ran startup repair by using the Vista DVD, no luck.

Did somebody encountered this problem? There is an almost similar post under Vista (, but no solution. I had a feeling this uninstallation of Mcafee or running the Development. EXE may have messed up with the registry keys for the sidebar and Media Player. I also downloaded another gadget clock, no luck. Y at - it a fix for this? I don't want to install Mcafee again, as I had many problems with MCProxy and Spamkiller causing system crash and Mcafee has no solution so far. I also have spybot running on the system.

I would appreciate if someone could help me with this. Thank you

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