Vista taskbar has changed when I edited the Start Up Programs

I edited my programs from starting with msconfig to speed up my computer. I tried to not disable the programs that I recognized as useless or that there are 'arrested' said status so I knew that I didn't need them. However, when I rebooted my computer my Vista taskbar and accompanying effects vista are dumbed down for a classic look.

I already checked the properties, and is not the problem. As far as I can tell that my NVidia is fine I missed that in the boot options. I think I turned off a Windows program that kept my Vista from the normal search.

Any advice?  I would rather not system restore because I would always go back and change my start and maybe go back to the same program.  Does anyone know the programs that combine with Vista?


That you disable?

A process of elimination should work - reactivate 1/2 - If the problem is corrected then disble 1/2
-If the problem has not been corrected, then try the other 1/2. Or use system restore
and start over by removing only 1 at a time - or a few and so on.

I hope this helps.

Rob Brown - MS MVP - Windows Desktop Experience: Bike - Mark Twain said it right.

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  • Vista OS does not load. I tried booting and the load screen bar continues to work without success. When you run the start he stops to c:\windows\system 32\cmd.exe that I don't want to lose my files so I have not reinstalled. Any suggestions?

    Vista OS does not load.  I tried booting and the load screen bar continues to work without success.  When you run the start he stops to c:\windows\system 32\cmd.exe that I don't want to lose my files so I have not reinstalled.  Any suggestions?

    Restore point:

    Try typing F8 at startup and in the list of Boot selections, select Mode safe using ARROW top to go there > and then press ENTER.

    Try a restore of the system once, to choose a Restore Point prior to your problem...

    Click Start > programs > Accessories > system tools > system restore > choose another time > next > etc.



    If restore work not and you do not have a Vista DVD from Microsoft, do a repair disc to do a Startup Repair:

    Download the ISO on the link provided and make a record of repair time it starts.

    Go to your Bios/Setup, or the Boot Menu at startup and change the Boot order to make the DVD/CD drive 1st in the boot order, then reboot with the disk in the drive.

    At the startup/power on you should see at the bottom of the screen either F2 or DELETE, go to Setup/Bios or F12 for the Boot Menu.

    When you have changed that, insert the Bootable disk you did in the drive and reboot.

    Link above shows what the process looks like and a manual, it load the repair options.

    NeoSmart containing the content of the Windows Vista DVD 'Recovery Centre', as we refer to him. It cannot be used to install or reinstall Windows Vista, and is just a Windows PE interface to recovering your PC. Technically, we could re-create this installation with downloadable media media freely from Microsoft (namely the Microsoft WAIK, several gigabyte download); but it is pretty darn decent of Microsoft to present Windows users who might not be able to create such a thing on their own.

    Read all the info on the website on how to create and use it.

    ISO Burner:

    It's a very good Vista startup repair disk.

    You can do a system restart tool, system, etc it restore.

    It is NOT a disc of resettlement.

    And the 32-bit is what normally comes on a computer, unless 64-bit.


    Data recovery, if/before you reinstall:

    1. slave of your hard drive in another computer and read/save your data out there.

    2. put your Hard drive in a USB hard drive case, plug it into another computer and read/save from there.

    3 Alternatively, use Knoppix Live CD to recover data:


    Download/save the file Knoppix Live CD ISO above.


    Download the Vista software from the link above.

    After installing above ISO burning software, right click on the Knoppix ISO file > copy the Image to a CD.

    Knoppix is not installed on your PC; use only the resources of your PC, RAM, graphics etc.

    Change the boot order in YOUR computer/laptop to the CD/DVD Drive 1st in the boot order.

    Plug a Flash Drive/Memory Stick, BOOT with the Live CD, and you should be able to read the hard drive.

    When the desktop loads, you will see at least two drive hard icons on the desktop (one for your hard drive) and one for the USB key.

    Click on the icons of hard drive to open and to understand which drive is which.

    Click the icon for the USB drive and click on "Actions > Change the read/write mode" so you can write to disk (it is read-only by default for security reasons).

    Now to find the files you want to back up, just drag and drop them on the USB. When you're done, shut down the system and remove the USB key.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Hell, I think that this is it... Pinch Zoom! I have disabled that, as well as the "allow the theme change mouse pointers" on the pointers tab. I'm playing with it now, and it seems to have solved the problem. I'll let you know if this isn't... Thanks for the great help, Dragon fur!

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    The text changes color is because the ray-traced rendering engine is made things very differently. You must go in the hardware settings and adjust them to the ray-traced rendering engine. For example, it is reflective? If so, that would make a big difference in how it looks based on what you have reflecting.

    That said, Adobe is not putting more work in the ray-traced rendering engine, so if I were you, I would focus my learn more about the new way to do 3d in AE (because he will get better and better as they put more time development in there). How is this? In this way: Details of CINEMA 4 d with After Effects integration

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    Error 1321. The installer has insufficien privileges to modify the file C:\Program Adobe 8.0\Resource\Linguistics\Providers\Proximity\can129.lex

    I also get error 1607 when you try to download a new driver for Xerox Travel scanner 100. HHHHHEEEEELLLLLPPPPPP!


    1. did you of recent changes on the computer?

    2. when exactly you receive the 1321 error?

    3. do you have security software installed on the computer?

    See the article and try the steps mentioned to fix the 1321 error.

    Error 1321 or 1309 | Install | CS4, CS5 |

    You may receive a "1607: unable to install InstallShield Scripting runtime" error message when you try to install the software in Windows XP

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    Thanks for choosing Microsoft Community.

    I understand from the description of the issue that you are having problems with the increase in search results. I'll be happy to help you with this problem.

    I suggest you to see the links and check if it helps.

    I hope it helps. If you have problems in the future, please let us know. We will be happy to help you.

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    Hi Ant classmates.

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    Thank you

    Hello Angelica,.
    Welcome to the HP Forums.

    I'm sorry, but to get your question more exposure, I suggest posting in the trade forums, since it is a commercial product. You can click here for the link.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.

  • When I click on START / all PROGRAMS /, most programs do not display on the screen.

    I had a problem with a virus. Used Microsoft security programs to remove it. However, when I click on START / all PROGRAMS /, most programs do not display on the screen. Any ideas on how to solve this problem?


    I suggest you to follow these steps and check if that helps:

    Method 1:
    Try to perform the clean boot and check if it helps:
    NOTE: When you are finished troubleshooting, make sure that you reset the computer in start mode normal such as suggested in step 7 of the above article.

    Method 2:
    Create a new user account and check if it helps:

    It will be useful.

  • When I press the Start button, the OS logo flashes very quickly, then windows flashes very quickly

    Original title: Startup problem

    When I press the Start button, flashes very quickly, and the logo of the operating system and then flashes windows very quickly, then connect to flashes of password and then the screen goes dark (the monitor is turned on) and nothing more.  Before if I turned off the computer, the sequence starts returning to normal and I could log on.  Now, I only get that quick flashes and then nothing, what can I do to log on the computer?


    I had a somewhat similar to this problem and that's what I tried.

    He temporarily stabilized my problem but I have a serious type of divorce

    problems with my beloved once Windows 7. However, in your case, it may be

    the solution.

    This is the procedure:

    (1) power on your PC or laptop

    (2) when he started, start pressing and releasing the F8 key till you get the windows

    Fix the Page (I don't remember the exact name, but it's a screen with many options).

    (3) among the options is "Last known good Configuration", click it. See if that fixes the problem.

    (4) If this does not work, then you need to try other options, namely:

    (A) the Startup Repair

    (B) the system restore

    (C) verification of memory

    (D) command prompt:

    (The last option would have been a godsend, but it does not work in the console command prompt.)

    I'll tell you about it...)

    If all the above methods fail, try this method (it worked for me temporarily). This method is an option only when you

    are able to access the above page and when you have administrator privileges. Then, when you're on the screen above, you will see these options:

    Safe mode

    Safe mode with network

    Choose the second option. If all goes well, you will be at the level of the office. On the desktop, right click the command prompt icon. If you don't have a shortcut cmd, no problem. Press start and type cmd or command. Right click on cmd and then click "Run as Administrator".

    * Now in the command console, type chkdsk/f/r (the space after the chkdsk command is optional). You may get a message that you can schedule chkdsk at the next restart, treatment is (Yes).

    Then, in the same type of console sfc/scannow. If all goes well, it will rectify errors of all the files on your system.

    Note: If you please ensure that your battery is 100 pc loaded before you try it. or better yet, let him charge while you do this.

    Keep me posted.

    All the best!


  • Msconfig does not start when typed into the starting box?

    Msconfig does not start when typed into the starting box?

    Original title: windows

    What is the listed program in 'C:\Windows\System32' if you look in Windows Explorer?

    If this is the case, it starts if you click on it?

    Update your anti-virus software and run a full scan.

    Then download, install, update and run a full scan with malwarebytesfree. (Keep free, no need to enter in any trial etc.).

    Then run a sfc/scannow to see what that brings.

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