Vista - where can I find a list of the latest updates for Windows?

I do a few tests and validation that requires some very specific OS patch levels.  The exact condition is Windows Vista Enterprise Edition with "all the security updates as of June 9, 2009, excluding the Service Pack 2 update.»

I have a little trouble finding a list of the updates/patches by date.  Can someone give me a hand?  Thank you!

All Security updates are listed here in chronological order -Microsoft Security Bulletin Search
Define the technology of the product: field in Vista before the search.

All published updates in 2010 are listed here - Description of Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services changes in content for 2010

For 2009- 2009 Description of changes to Software Update Services and Windows Server Update Services content for 2009

MowGreen Services update - consumer safety

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    See the steps in the following article.

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  • Where can I find a list of programs pre-installed for HP Pavilion DV6 6054ea?

    Where can I find a list of programs pre-installed for HP Pavilion DV6 6054ea?
    A children's program has been uninstalled, and since then, I've lost the normal button "Shut Down".

    Thank you for the information. I find the Web site where you can download and reisntall it program: EasyBits Kids

    Download and install the program to see if that helps you. Please let me know the results. Thank you!


  • Where can I find this list of the subset of the API that supports workers?

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    Release notes for 3.4 had a list. See page 4, 'non-functional API. _p2_releasenotes.pdf

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  • Windows XP svchost.exe problems. Cannot find the latest updates for windows xp.

    Hello, this is my first time on the Microsoft Community page.

    I have a very strange problem with automatic updates svchost.exe and windows. I know that automatic update of windows, has been known to cause problems on XP and there is thus CPU utilization of memory leaks. Last night, I tried to install the latest windows XP updates, with automatic tool. The tool hanged during the process. Not sure why exactly. I never had a problem with it. I've been running Xp SP 3 for more than five years. In any case, I rebooted my system and checked to see if the updates actually treatment. They do not have. Then I went to the site. I was trying to these updates. The scan never completed, he just constantly checked, for about 45 minutes. I decided to do some research. I found the C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution folder "fix" online. He kicked, I renamed the file. And then disabled auto updates and restarted my computer. After windows starts, I re-activated automatic updates and waited. Nothing happened, so I did some research more. I noticed that svchost.exe uses about 25% the use of the processor. Normally my treated systemidle is 99%. I used Process explore and isolated the wuauclt.exe under the svchost.exe file. When I disable automatic updates executable, it is up to a full 99%.

    I'm not sure why it uses 25%, when I look at the actual use of the memory for the wuauclt.exe, it is only using about 17 k of memory. Which is quite low. I have not turned on microsoft update, starting in the configurations of parameters at windowsupdate. I know that in the past, that has been a problem and swallowed up system resources.

    Any advice would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

    There are a lot of threads on this forum - and many others - this problem - just try to do a Google search for UPDATES of XP SVCHOST - hits now more than 8 million.

    But to save you the trouble of tracking down the fix OK here is the short version

    1. disable automatic updates using Control Panel icon

    2. restart the computer - SVCHOST is now not going crazy

    3. check which version of Internet Explorer you have installed IE8, IE7 or IE6

    4. download and install - the links below - the good update for Internet Explorer.

    Assuming you have Windows XP 32 bits here are the direct download links:

    IE8: IE8-WindowsXP-KB2898785 - x 86 - ENU.exe

    IE7: IE7-WindowsXP-KB2898785 - x 86 - ENU.exe

    IE6: WindowsXP-KB2898785 - x 86 - ENU.exe

    5. Once installed, you can reactivate the automatic updates and using Windows Update.

    Note: The bug also affects access via Windows/Microsoft Update Web site.

    KB2898785 is the "Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer" (December 10, 2013)

    There is a bug in the function of automatic update under XP running the SVCHOST process at full CPU load (100% or 50% or 25% depending on the number of CPU cores you have). If you have a Quad core CPU the bug works the CPU at 25% (a carrot out of four) and eventually battles through a conclusion - but if your computer is a single old Celeron or Pentium bug works the CPU chip at 100% load for many, many h/solid.

    Faster your processor and RAM than you seem to make a radical difference to the actual times are waiting for you maybe search for updates complete. Most of the old core systems were never designed to deal with this kind of situation and can easily overheat. This is especially true of laptops and desktop systems older where the radiator can be partially blocked with fluff and hairs of animals - which could cause blockages or stops!

    Microsoft said last month that the updates of Internet Explorer are treated differently from all the other updates - which is originally the XP update engine run so slowly as to appear frozen. If the update service finds that you don't have the latest version of IE that is currently available, it starts to search the entire tree of updates of IE to see what it takes - rather than offering just the cumulative current update for your system.

    But if you manually install the update yourself update Internet Explorer service is fully updated and is not search for updates of IE. But until Ms. fix it will still occur whenever a new update is published.

    MS said that intend to prune the IE updates database so that only the main cumulative updates have been offered when a search has been launched - it did not in time for the update as it should of November and obviously has not arrived or worked either in time for the December Update!

    MS say they hope to have a fix before the January updates are released (Patch Tuesday) - that the problem will be activated once the next update Cumulative of IE is released.

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    My problem? None of the models of book use the improved catalog. Models that do not use the improved catalgoue are thr reference, user manual and parts catalog card. If I use one of these templates, I'll have to do a lot of work to get rid of all the fancy formatting.

    Is there a place where I can get a full-ish paragraph tags names LIST?

    Thanks in advance.

    As far as I KNOW, he is there no master list. If you have 'Tools' Silicon Prairie utilities, you can compile your own lists. See: Silicon Prairie - produced FrameMaker

    The best approach is to use just the special copy to pick up the styles of paragraph and character you want to Add to your new template, and build the fragmented model, i.e. create a FM for your tables, another for your page/sizes page layouts, one for your labels, cross-references, etc. Then combine those required to build the final model. This Lego approach is much more flexible and allows you to change the basic components and quickly make a new new model.

  • Where can I get a list of the error codes for InDesign server

    I use InDesign server to the process that a lot of jobs and could not find a list of error codes generated by InDesign Server. Specifically, I'm looking for error codes generated in cases where the InDesign customer seem to have made a mistake. To give an analogy, the Apache HTTP Server generates class 4xx Code of the status each time the client seems to have erred. Is there a list of error codes similar for InDesign server.

    For example:, I wrote a work to convert .indd idml files and voluntarily gave a corrupt .indd file to convert. I got the following response code.

    Error code: 29441

    Error message: could not open the file "corrupt_file.indd". Adobe InDesign Server can not supported file format, a plug-in that supports the file format is may be missing, or the file may be open in another application.

    I couldn't find a reference to the error code 29441 in the Adobe documentation. All leads or references?

    Thank you


    You can download here CS6 server error codes:

    Dropbox - errorcodes.htm

  • Where can I get a copy of the backup and for windows xp hp Recovery Manager

    Compaq Presario SR2010NX

    Windows XP

    I had to reinstall Windows on another drive of Windows for the C: drive so that I can make a recovery of the D: partition. However, now I have more have "HP Backup and Recovery Manager" to run Windows and cannot make a recovery with F10 at startup.

    What I need to solve the problem in my view is another copy of the "HP Backup and Recover Manager". Where can I download this from where to buy it? I found a copy for Windows 7 and copies for laptops, but nothing that I need. Any help is greatly appreciated.


    As you discovered, is not available for download or purchase, etc.

    Why you can get it online for laptops, for hints. I looked too.

    I guess you have tried one of the downloads for laptop to XP, and it did not work?

    I know I should.

    The only way, in my view, that it is possible for you to get the program, is to buy a set of recovery discs and use them to reinstall XP. They should reinstall XP and all programs from your PC and recreate your recovery partition.

    You can see if HP has them by reading the info on the link below (I doubt they make, but you may as well ask).

    If HP does not, you can still get this provider on the link below.


  • Problems to install the latest updates for windows vista.

    I ran several times automated convenience store. It corrects all but one of the problems found. It is said: problems installing updates, not been resolved in the report.

    I tried to restart the computer, but that did not help either.

    When I run windows update acts as he checks the updates, but does no progress. It is used to take a long time (2 1/2 hours or more) to find the updates. Now just, it works and does not stop.

    I did a manual reset of the update program earlier and it worked, but after the restart to install the updates, the computer would not start up.  I reformatted the computer by reinstalling the software and updates of everything. After obtaining service pack 2, Vista it starts having problems again.

    I'm just trying to get the secure computer til our new we get in about 2 weeks.

    I looked at other messages, but they are not quite the same thing. Most are for Windows 7, so I wonder about their usefulness.

    I don't get the error at this time codes.

    Please answer each of the following [admittedly tedious] diagnostic questions in a list numbered corresponding type in your very next answer, preferably without quote my post:

    1. when (date about) have you buy the computer?

    1B. is this a Vista 32-bit or a 64-bit computer?  See

    c. 1, which manufactured the computer (for example, Dell;) HP; Lenovo; Toshiba)?

    1 d. The computer come with Vista, Vista SP1 or SP2 from Vista preinstalled?

    2. What is the full name of your application or the installed antivirus security suite and when (date about) is your subscription current expires? What (other than Defender) anti-spyware applications are installed? What third-party firewall (if applicable)?

    3 a Norton or McAfee application ALREADY installed on the computer as you bought?

    4. do you have a free trial Norton, or a test of free McAfee [a] come preinstalled on the computer When you bought it? (No matter if you have never used or activated).

    5a. is Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), IE8 or IE9 installed?

    5 b. assuming that IE9 => what Version & KB number update are displayed in the second line of text using IE9. [Alt + H + A] tab. for example, Updated Version: 9.0.54 (KB9876543) ?

    • Starting January 12, 2016, IE9 is the only version of support in the future. If IE8 or IE7 is still installed, the computer will not be available in new updates.

    6 assuming that Java is installed => is 91 update Java Version 8 (or higher) installed? TEST HERE in USING INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY! -online [2]

    7 is Adobe Flash Player v21.0.0.213 (or higher) installed? TEST HERE in USING INTERNET EXPLORER ONLY! -online

    8. is Firefox version 46 (or higher) or Google Chrome version 50.0.2661.94 (or higher) or another alternative browser installed?

    9. are you familiar with "Registry cleaners" (e.g., Registry Mechanic;) System Mechanic; RegCure; RegClean Pro. Advanced SystemCare. Comprehensive care system; Glary Utilities; Registry Booster; McAfee QuickClean; Own fast AVGAVG PC TuneUp; Norton Registry Cleaner; Norton PC tune-up; PCTools optimizer; SpeedUpMyPC; FixMyPC; PC Doctor; TuneUp Utilities; WinMaximizer; WinSweeper; Comodo System Cleaner. Advanced System Optimizer. Registry Cleaner CCleaner component)?

    [1] start | Control Panel | Programs and features. See installed updates (in the left menu)

    [2] no need to install Java if it isn't already installed.

  • Where can I find a list of the recorded events I can listen? (in extendScript)

    Looking for the documentation around the recorded events that I can listen to, specifically the events fired from the PageItem class. I've looked everywhere without success other than a few snippets in the SDK who listen to events that are not useful for my needs. Any help will be much appreciated.

    found: Adobe InDesign CS6 (8,0) object model JS: event

    I hope that someone else saves some time.

  • Where can I find direct downloads of Flash Player 11 for Windows?

    I have install flash player frequently and would like to have an offline installation program as there was in the past, not that thing which downloads every time and then deletes itself. I subscribe to the Adobe mailing list and get notifications when there is a new version, so I can keep my deposit to date.


    Welcome to the Adobe Forums,

    Flash Player 11 download links:

    Internet Explorer 32-bit: r_11_active_x_32bit.exe

    Internet Explorer 64-bit: r_11_active_x_64bit.exe

    For the other 32 bit of browsers: r_11_plugin_32bit.exe

    For the other 64-bit browsers: r_11_plugin_64bit.exe

    Thank you


  • DNG profile editor: where can I find a link to download a update (for Mac OS 10.9)

    Links I found here ( are both for Windows, although one is named "MacIntosh".

    The beta seems to have problems on Mac OS 10.9 (it is impossible to exit the application).

    Adobe DNG Profile Editor: For Macintosh: DNG Profile Editor 1.0.4

  • where can I find my list of blocked email addresses

    I do not get messages from a friend, I want to see that if I blocked by mistake his address, so I ask where can I find a list of the blocked addrreses

    Firefox send an e-mail, it's a web browser.

    If you use Firefox to access your e-mail, you use "webmail". You must seek assistance from your service provider or a forum for this service.

    If your problem is with Mozilla Thunderbird, check out this forum for support.

    or this one

Maybe you are looking for

  • Questions write equations to existing variables in Hp 50 g

    Hello I'm studying for the exams in June and I'm writing long equations in my HP (algebraic, std, degrees, rectangular), but whenever I try to write a new one, if there is a variable with the same name, it displays its value, not the name I typed. I

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    How to remove the rest of the money in your itunes account?

  • Seeing supply is Charlotte?

    I'm having a problem with my WRT54G wireless broadband router. The power light blinks and I can't access the internet. What I would do. I can't understand self-help on your site.

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