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I have the iphone6 and visual voicemail is currently unavailable and I can't call voicemail. What can I do?

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I see that your Visual Voicemail is not available, and you can not call voicemail. Visual Voicemail is a novelty that I use a lot. So, I understand wanting to get this resolved as quickly as possible.

See the Visual on your iPhone voicemailarticle and make sure that Visual Voicemail is set up, and that your carrier supports this feature, specifically these sections:

Set up Visual Voicemail

If your provider supports visual voicemail, you can configure it:

  1. Tap the phone app, tap the voicemail tab.
  2. Press Set until now.
  3. Create a voicemail password, then tap done.
  4. Enter your new password to confirm it, and then tap done.
  5. Select Custom or default. If you choose custom, you can record a new greeting.
  6. Tap done.

Transfer your existing voicemail:

  1. Tap the phone app, tap the voicemail tab.
  2. Press Set until now.
  3. Enter your password, * and then tap done.
  4. Record a custom greeting or use the default outgoing message, and then click Save.

If you have forgotten your voicemail password, there is no way to reset it from your iPhone. You should contact your operator to reset your password. If you insert a new SIM card, you may lose the voicemails that you saved on your iPhone.

Get help with Visual Voicemail

If you are unable to set up Visual Voicemail, make sure that your carrier supports this feature.

If you need help, try the following steps. Check your Visual Voicemail after each step:

  1. Trying to call someone to check your cellular network connection.
  2. Make sure that you set up your voicemail. To check, dial your phone number from your iPhone.
  3. Call your iPhone from another phone and try to leave you a voice message.
  4. Go to settings > general > Reset and tap reset network settings.
  5. Contact your carrier and make sure that you have the functionality of voicemail on your plan.

Then, I also recommend you to give your iPhone a fresh reboot and see if this is useful when you try to call your voicemail. The following article will help you:
Restart your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

Have a great day!

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    Voicemail, including visual voicemail is a feature of the carrier. Contact outspoken.

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    Contact your operator. Voicemail, including visual voicemail is a feature of the carrier.

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    All my voicemails come into my phone several hours or days after they are abandoned, and when they come, they read UNKNOWN and have a 0:00 time length that are associated with them.  When you click on the voicemail and it grows, it shows still UNKNOWN, but it will then give the exact length of the message.

    I called T-Mobile, and they have checked that everything is configured correctly and that I am directed towards areas of law. I did have the chance to go into an apple store to look at, but thought that I would raise the issue in the case.  I found no article about my question.



    Voicemail, including visual voicemail is a feature of the carrier.

    The standard troubleshooting steps include:


    Restore iOS and restore backup

    Restore iOS and configured as a new device. Do NOT restore the backup.

    If you still experience the problem after having done all that, go back to your carrier.

  • I need help to restore my visual voicemail that has been erased when I got the application called "which app»

    I got the application called "which app ' via the app store two weeks ago and since my visual voicemail has disappeared. In talking with an associate at the apple store, they told me that that app turns your voicemail and sends it to their server, so you cannot retrieve all messages left on your phone.  I reached out to my carrier and despite my deposit, delivery number reset my voicemail and other efforts, I'm still not able to retrieve all messages default.

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  • New iPhone on Cricket, can not modify or reproduce Visual Voicemail greeting

    I have an iPhone SE I just myself, set up Visual Voicemail with Cricket in the application the phone iOS tab voice mail Worked fine. But now, when I go to the reception area, the buttons don't ' work and I can not read. I can just hit Cancel.

    When I play with her maybe change my cell data on and outside occationally I can get it to read and the buttons work until I leave the screen and come back back, but usually it does not.

    I tried to reset network settings, bottling the phone on and off, reset voice messages access code in the settings of the phone and cricket appeal, does nothing. I can find voicemail and read it, just the reception area doesn't let me do anything and I would like to know what is the cause.

    VM is usually mediated by

    Each carrier has their own way to set up the voice mail process
    There is no standard setting for VM in iPhone itself

    Chat with technical support of Cricket OR

    You can consider using Google Voice Lite - it's free and removes the dependence on the carrier

  • Classic blackBerry how can I reset password for Visual Voicemail if I don't remember old

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    If the AT & T in the United States, dial 611 to support it so that it

    For other carriers, you may directly contact the support

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    I continue to receive windows popup indicating that I have VVM which cannot be displayed and call my VM. There is none on the PCV on the Z10 and when I call VM, no message.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you


    Thanks for the reply vgbaron,

    Do you receive only visual voicemail notifications or what is happening to email, SMS messages?  If it is visual voicemail only, I would say contacting your service provider network that they control this request.

    See you soon.

  • Visual Voicemail for blackBerry Smartphones Verizon and Priv

    Tried to put in place of Verizon, visual voicemail on priv. Verizon said it is a problem of Blackberry and Visual Voicemail does not work on priv. Is this true? Has anyone on Verizon visual voicemail on Priv?

    I called Verizon today. They said THAT VVM is an option on the Q10, Z10 and Z30 but not the private. too bad, I think it is very convenient especially when I'm in meetings.

  • Error reading blackBerry Smartphones Visual voicemail?

    Hi all-

    My visual voicemail worked fine until today, when I started to get an error message - when I press the play arrow, it says "Read error" and I can only access the message by calling voicemail.  Anyone who is familiar with that?  Do you think I should do a reset? If so, how do I?

    Thank you very much!



    When odd behaviors creep, do a hard reboot battery-pop is usually a good cure. To do this, the unit being turned on, remove the back cover and remove the battery. Wait for about a minute then reinsert the battery and replace the back cover. Power on and wait patiently through the long long long restart the process (perhaps as long as 10 minutes). See if things have cleared up. As all computing devices, a reboot can be a healthy thing... and there is another thread on this forum recommends doing this every 4 days (while we wait for an improved version of the OS).

    See you soon!

  • Visual Voicemail for blackBerry Smartphones does not sync/reconcile with notification of the icon

    new blackberry... have the 9630 Tour and am very happy so far but I have a few problems with the Visual Voicemail:

    (1) the e-mail inbox voice Visual doesn't save new voice messages... I have to constantly manually "resync mailbox," even if I wait 20-30 minutes for a voice message record once I get a standard notification

    2) once I have listen to Visual Voicemail and delete it, the notification on the homescreen icon do not reconcile that they were listened to... even if I listened to their

    (3) I would prefer not to receive 3 a new VoiceMail notifications in my main Inbox... I get notification of 1) icon on the home screen, 2) of the "new voicemail" message and (when working) 3) of visual voicemail.  I looked but can't find how to set a preference to filter these redundant messages.

    any help would be appreciated!  Thank you!

    YES... Press the phone icon to get the phone, press the Menu, goto Options.  Select Call Logging, then choose 'None' will benefit more triple notifications, but missed calls still appears in the list of phone.

    With respect to the AVC and the Home icon reconcile... always disturbing.

  • Message from Visual Voicemail for blackBerry Smartphones is frozen.

    I have the Bold 9700.  I announce myself to a visual voicemail when I got a call.  After calling, visual voicemail message is locked.  I can remove it, but when I get a new Visual Voicemail the old one that I deleted re appears with a new, and both are locked.  All of this occurs in the email app.  I can't go to the Visual Voicemail application. And it works as it should.  I tried to delete all voicemail messages in both applications. but it dose not resolve the problem once there is a new voicemail message.


    Perform a simple restart: with the BlackBerry device powered on, remove the battery a few seconds and then reinsert the battery to restart.

  • Visual Voicemail for blackBerry Smartphones

    When Iclick VVM and he has my phone number and askes for a PVC PIN... do not have a PIN... I want to put in place and will have NO chance.

    Well, I know with AT & T, even thought it's free, I still had to add to my list of services.  Maybe you need to do the same thing with VZW.

  • How do voicemail to show the appellant instead of calling my voicemail box - iPhone6

    How voice mail to show the caller ID instead of call the voicemail box

    You will need to put up with the visual voicemail - which is a feature of the carrier.

    Then, contact your cell phone provider to resolve the problem.

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