vMotion (without shared storage) between two hosts with different vSwitches standard s VM

I can VM vMotion (without shared storage) between two hosts with different vSwitches standard? The vSwitches on these two hosts have different names and number of NIC, but have the same name of portgroup.

Thank you.


Yes, you can in a Storage VMotion to one Esxi to another with no shared storage...

It is important the portgroup bears the same name... This is the reference for the VM...

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  • vMotion between two hosts with different version?


    Can I vMotion VM between two hosts with different version? For example, a virtual machine of esxi 6.0 5.5 esxi and esxi esxi 6.0 5.5 vMotion.

    Thank you.

    Yes, it will avoid you to move.

  • VMotion between 2 Hosts with different processors


    I have a server in my homelab I use for studies of VMsphere and I want to get a second machine to test advanced features such as HA, Vmotion etc.

    My first server has a map of X9SCM-9 with processor Xeon E3-1230V2 (Ivy Bridge). I am currently running ESX 5.0 U2 on it.

    I was counting on obtaining of material quality for the second host consumers because I don't want to spend a lot on it, so I thought that I need any CPU generation Ivy Bridge.

    I tested today with a second machine with a Pentium G2020 Ivy Bridge, but when I try to Vmotion he says "the virtual machine requires physical features that are not available or disabled on the host... ».

    So I figure there must be a difference in architecture regardless of the CPU beeing an Ivy Bridge CPU.

    When I try to activate CVS it just me are going to the 'Nehalem' Version so my virtual machines running on host 1 would not be able to use all the features of the CPU since the Xeon.

    So the question boils down to: what is the processor less which offer compatibility VCA L5?

    Or is there something else to consider in VMotion between two hosts with different processors?

    I got a shared storage, etc. of the same network configuration.

    Thank you


    Hi Benjamin,

    For compatibility VCA L5 want to look at one of the following models, Intel CPU:

    • Ivy Bridge: Series E3-1200-v2

    I would recommend mental health that before rushing and a CPU purchase, check if a cheaper option would be, as Jon mentions in suppresss some fo the CPU compatibility checks so obviously, this is not desirable in a production environment, and must be applied in your study of VMware Lab to the home address.

    Hope this helps,




  • Can I use Lightroom CC between two Macs with different versions of the operating system

    I have the CC for photographers. I keep my work to Dropbox LR catalog and access them from my MacBook Air laptop or my desktop iMac computer. Currently, two computers are running the same version of Mac OS. I think to upgrade the laptop for the new OS of Sierra, but because the office is older, I thought maybe not upgrade (it is near the minimum end of systems that can run Sierra). Can someone tell me if there is a conflict with the help of the LR catalog between two computers if they are not both running the same version of Mac OS. When the catalog is saved in the operating system that you are starting, it would still be compatible for use on the computer with the previous version of Mac OS? Thank you! Barbara

    If the machines use the same version of the software, then the files should be feasible in both machines.

  • Having a problem with vmotion between two hosts with processors Intel E5640

    Hi all.

    We organize a group of 14 guests, each with ESX 4.0, build 261974 installed.

    They are managed through vCenter 4.0.0 and construction 258672, vSphere client 4.0.0 builf 258672.

    The hosts are blades from IBM, in a BladecenterH.

    Some of the blades are older model HS21 (type 7995) with processors Intel Xeon E5440.

    The rest of the blades are more recent model HS22V (type 7871) with processors Intel Xeon E5640.

    We are currently replacing old HS21 blades with more the HS22 blades, so we just bought 7 HS22s, all with the same Intel E5640 processors located in the blades currently in service. One of the things that this transition will happen for us is allowing us to have the same processor type in all of our blades and remove vMotion compatibility problems we had in the past. We were unable to turn on CVS, because we would have had to shut down a cluster of virtual machines on the latest hosts and could not take this kind of failure. We will turn VCA after that.

    Here's the question:

    We just installed the first new knives, and when turn on us and try to vMotion VMs to it, it fails. He gives us the error standard vMotion on CPU register incompatibilities, and that we should read kb1993. The thing is, they all have the same processor. Same identifier type, same everything, yet for some reason vCenter is convinced they are incompatible. We checked things in BIOS, and they are all the same.

    We are ideas, other than the new knives have a later rev BIOS than the old ones.

    Any thoughts?

    Thank you!


    According to the missing pieces, http://www-947.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/docdisplay?lndocid=MIGR-5086963 should help you solve the problem.


  • File sharing between two computers with DIFFERENT Versions of Windows (XP & Vista)

    I just bought a WRT54G4 Wireless-G router broadbad & am a n00bie to this any thng in network.  I like the current state of things now, all considering that both my desktop PC (Windows XP Home Edition) & my laptop wireless PC (Windows Vista Home Premium) are online (local & Internet) BUT I can't seem to get things while my desktop PC sharing files which can then be read and otherwise accessible by the laptop.

    Here's what I'm trying to...

    * Have BOTH computers access the Internet via a private network (which I already managed to do)

    * Having the Office to share files that are accessible (wireless or not) from my laptop

    Essentially, I want to be able to use the TWO HDs according to needs.

    My office is an old computer AMD Duron 1 Ghz. with 512 MB RAM & can handle a FEW small spots, but the big gun is my laptop (A 1.86 Ghz. Intel Pentium with 3 GB of RAM). Because of his speed & memory, I would like to have the laptop handle larger & more intensive tasks.

    Although my laptop has a smaller hard drive compared to my office (A 136 GB HD in the office (200 GB) compared to a 141 GB (I guess this HD is around this size, but since it came pre-installed, & I am currently leasing to buy, I don't know), I would like to be able to use if possible of the TWO HDs.)  All I need is for both computers see the two HDs & all the files on it.

    I tried implementing the sharing of files, as shown elsewhere on the Linksys site, but he lost when I rebooted both my computers, since that's what the page told me to do (I followed Windows XP as the Office has all the files that I want to share & Windows XP is the operating system of the desktop).  Should I have not done this?

    In addition, my ultimate goal is to GET RID of the big bulky monitor I connected to the back end of my desktop PC & all simply use the laptop instead, because it does not take a lot of desktop space.  Y at - it an emulator "Virtual monitor" or software of some sort that I can download (for FREE please ) that will allow me to see the jobs of all the computers on my network, just as if I

    had REAL monitors?  If so, where could I find one?

    In short, together, I have accomplished a lot lately since I bought the router & linked computers, as you can see, I still need help & I've got some learning to do.

    Any help I can get would be MOST appreciated.

    See you soon

    Pat Cook

    Denver, CO

    Make sure that the file and printer sharing is enabled...

    Also, make sure the computer are in the same workgroup...

    Default workgroup in Windows Vista has been renamed to WORKING group. In Windows XP, the default workgroup name is MSHOME...

    Also go into the computer on each computer software firewall and set it to "trust", other computers on your network.
    If your firewall or PC security program maintains a list of approved applications (also known as a "zone of confidence"), so make sure that your router is in the zone of confidence on your firewall...

  • Move a virtual machine to turn off between two hosts, shared storage

    Dear Experts,

    Please guide me for the next case. There are two hosts of Esxi, host 1 is Esxi 4.0 and host 2 is Esxi 4.1. There are store data SAN storage that is visible to both hosts.

    I watched solard winds VM monitor utility that hosting 2 consumes 90% of the memory while its processor is ok. On host 1 is normal. So, I want to spend only a few VM of to host 1. So please correct me if what I think are OK. I will turn off the virtual machine to be moved from host 2. Then I it will remove host 2 inventory. Then on host 1, I'll go to the data store in the folder that VM and do a right click on the file 'say add to the inventory' and now I'm going to see this virtual machine in the inventory of the host list, just turn on and everything is perfect, is this correct?

    Second question on the same hosts, there are a few other data stores that are visible to a host. As if this is the case there is a virtual machine on a data store that is visible to host 2 and I want to spend this VM to host 1 to reduce load on host 2. How to move this virtual machine because this data store is not visible to host 1? Will I have to copy this VM files in a data store that is visible to host 1? If YES then what real required to copy files?

    Kindly help me.

    Kind regards

    From your description I m assuming that you use not vCenter to manage your hosts, correct?

    If you have a store of data shared between two hosts you can do the steps you descripte (power off, remove the inventory etc.).

    For your second case there are several ways, it depends on where you want to place the virtual machine in the future. Wouldn't be on the shared data store that already exists or can in the local data store on the other host? Or is there an option to also display the current data store to host 1?

    If you want to copy the VM files copy the whole folder of it.

    Kind regards


  • Migrate virtual machines from HP G7(single host) for HP G8 (Cluster) without shared storage


    I have 2 esxi host (hp dl 380 G8) and put them in a cluster and other host esxi (dl 380 g7) and I have no shared storage and use local disks just now I must spend my VM G7 server a cluster of the G8 but I want to know I can join my cluster g8 g7 and migrate web vmware machines without any downtime?

    I want to know can migrate without downtime with localdisk? I have no shared storage

    Best regards


    can I join g7 to my cluster of the g8

    You can mix into clusters hosts all desired, even Intel and AMD at least that you enable EVC on the cluster (of course, HA or DRS require shared storage compatible/CPU). However, you need not to have even just cluster hosts to migrate virtual machines through vMotion between them.

    migrate web vmware machines without any downtime?

    Don't know what this "web vmware' but yes, because ESXi 5.1, you can use"enhanced vMotion"to live migrate virtual machines without service interruption from one host to another, even without shared storage:

    Migration with vMotion in environments without shared storage

    The usual vMotion requirements apply. Also you can only live migrate virtual machines from the old host to the new hosts because of different generations of CPU (and back as long as you don't have bike powered virtual machines on new hosts).

  • Dell VRTX + vCenter 5.5 + Shared storage is ESXi host import issue in vCenter. Help, please!


    I have two VRTX to be used for lab purposes that I am currently in configuration.

    Blades feature 4 VRTX with a shared storage infrastructure. Each blade has 5.5 installed on ESXi.

    I configured the shared on the VRTX storage, and all the blades can go very well.

    The question I'm currently facing is when you add the vCenter for managing ESXi hosts.

    Add the first host goes without a hitch. However, add any later host fail, because vCenter finds datastore attached hosts to have the same identifier.

    The error message is (see the attached screenshot): ' Datastore 'Main Shared-storage' is in conflict with a store of data that exists in the data center which has the same URL (ds: / / vmfs/volumes/xxxxx /), but is supported by different physical storage.

    Someone knows how to fix this?

    Thank you.

    Thanks for the reply.

    I think that I have found a workaround.

    First of all, this link does not address my particular issue.

    See, it's a whole new vCenter device installation and configuration. Only one of the four hosts to add host has been added.

    Still, the problem is that each ESXi host is a blade VRTX (M620), which has access to the data store created on the shared storage of VRTX.

    Basically, each host is editing the data store shared even (the only data store created on the shared storage), which works very well except for vCenter complain when you import the hosts.

    In any case, my resolution was as follows:

    -Add the first host with the attached and mounted data store

    -Remove the data store and detach the controller shared by other guests before adding in vCenter

    -Re-attach the controller shared and set up the data store via vCenter once guests have been added

    -Re-configure each host for vSphere HA if necessary

    Thank you.

  • HA without shared storage

    Hello world

    I have a client who requires a HA solution without shared storage.  They are a security monitoring company and regulation requires that it have automatic failover, but the far should not share storage.

    I have trouble finding a product that replicates and monitors the ESX Server to ensure automatic failover.  vReplicator is not a function of automatic failover.  VCenter HA and pi both methods require storage share.

    We have even looked at the two SAN with replication, but same Site Recovery Manager is a manual failover process.   Not to mention two without 3 virtual machine is just over kill.  The three VM would be very low use, both a Windows and a linux OS.

    Any suggestions?

    If you don't want to use a shared storage, you can consider looking virtual storage devices (virtual ISCSI SAN). You can use the internal memory on your ESX host and turn it into an ISCSI SAN. With this, you will be able to use HA...

    Learn about FalconStor, Lefthand, Datacore, melody of San...

    For replication based on the host also consider taking a look at the latest version of CA XOSOFT

    Hope this helps

  • High availability without shared storage?

    Hi all

    We have created two new 5.1 without any network vMotion ESXi servers and no shared storage. Client asked for high availability of virtual machines. There are few things that we can look at in this situation as FT and HA, but I know that they will not work without shared storage. VSA is also another option in this case, but it is not flexible and has more limitations than benefits.

    Just check there at - there another solution we can us to provide high availability for virtual machines.

    Thanks in advance for the help.



    Without storage shared (or ASB), it is difficult to provide high availability. Maybe vSphere replication is an option, if you can accept the loss of the latest changes, when it comes to the last line.


  • use a hard file as a shared disk between two vm

    Hi guys,.

    I wanted to know if there is a possible way to create a hard file as a shared disk between two virtual machines.

    That's my idea:

    I want to create a mscluster between two vm one before I need to a shared disk - I don't want to use the external storage, so I thought that maybe there is a way to use a file hard like a disk storage shared "external".

    Is it possible to do this? If there is, I enjoy an explanation how to do that.

    Thank you very much


    Take a look at the cluster configuration guide - http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vsphere4/r40/vsp_40_mscs.pdf.


    VMware communities user moderator

    New book in town - Start Guide quick vSphere -http://www.yellow-bricks.com/2009/08/12/new-book-in-town-vsphere-quick-start-guide/.

    You have a system or a PCI with VMDirectPath?  Submit your specifications to the unofficial VMDirectPath HCL - http://www.vm-help.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=21.

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    There is a change in the balance between two key frames that are in the same position, without keyframes between them.

    FAQ: Why my layer (camera) moves backward between the keyframes value equal?

  • Sharing data between the host computer stores in different groups.

    I read in several places that sharing of data warehouses between the host in different groups is possible, but I don't get the warm and fuzzies when the hosts are different versions.

    vCenter is 4.1

    Group Alpha is 4.0 vmfs 3.33

    Bravo of cluster is 4.1 vmfs 3.46

    My goal is to move the virtual machines that meet the specific criteria of group Alpha for Cluster Bravo then the availability of flowing freely between clusters.

    The only concern I have is when adding Cluster Bravo to the same host of 3PAR alpha value of Cluster sharing all the data store, Cluster Bravo will try to reformat to vmfs 3.46 break Cluster Alpha to see the virtual machines stored in the warehouses of shared data?  I don't want to present the old warehouses of data to the new cluster only break from old cluster.

    Hello vmsjsn

    ESX/ESXi 4.X supports all versions of VMFS file system.

    Using your example of Alpha and Bravo. Kudos to will write more Alpha. you will be able to cross all hosts on the shared storage.

  • syslogging to 2 host with different levels of severity?

    I have a PIX that sends the logs to a host with Cisco syslog installed. It is configured to send messages of level 3 (as required by the internal standards) of gravity.

    I have another host which collects the theses papers too, but I want some info - level 5 or 6.

    ? is it possible to config the PIX to send logs on 2 different hosts with different levels of severity?

    you configure the pix to send to 7 on a syslog server. configure you this server to send events to the level 3 to another server. I think that it should be possible

Maybe you are looking for

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    Hello world First is what I ordered: x 230 Type: 23257R6 X 230-1x4Go - 500 GB HDD - i53320 and some other features. The 230 x came to me with no OS because I already had a 64-bit Win7 Pro licence. I've done it is install a 128 GB SSD in mSata Slot an