Voice note Smartphones BBM blackBerry can't save and send

Help! I upgraded my torch 9810 OS by I'm not rember the previous operating system previous bundle but it was 7.1. Now, after some time when I try to send a voice note using bbm surveys, it starts recording but fails to stop when I press the stop button unless I press return and it just disappeared. What can I do to fix this?


Hello kelvindc,

Trying to transfer (backup) media of your media card to a PC and to reformat the card.

See: http://bbry.lv/Ne6QIQ

Let us know if it works.

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  • Problem of Smartphones BBM blackBerry after upgrade 'do not associate.

    My son has been promtpted to do an upgrade on its 9320 Tuesday after doing so now its BBM is non fucntioning. It is permenantly trying to 'associate the Blackberry ID with the phone' and never connects.

    There remove the update App and reloading. We checked his Blackberry ID and he is OK with the password. He tried to remove the 7.0 upgrade and an earlier version, but when he tried to find I have to load it, it loaded automatically the version 7.0.

    Nothing seems to work, and after three days, it is extremely frustrating.

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    How it can remove it and find a version that works? If he goes to Appworld to try to load a previous version, it loads just the version 7.0. How do you find a previous version? Is there one online you can download?

    Try to install this from your phone's browser: http://rroyy.com/ota/Blackberry_Messenger_v6.2.0.44_OS5
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    Daimart wrote:

    does need a data plan to use the BBM service?

    Altogether. The BBMessenger service moves on the RIM network only and without any link with the RIM network, not a BBM.

    It is a fairly common question in the Forum here, to what services a does NOT have a BlackBerry data Plan.

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    I hope you have a good time using the Desktop Manager. Be sure to make regular backups.

    one way to recognize my shine is to click on the yellow box and the green box that are on the right side of my best message.
    Then for other people who look in the discussion list, they will know that the problem has been resolved.

    (you can do for other contributors, not just me )

  • Smartphones from blackBerry Desktop Manager - backup and restore

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    This function could help me save my contacts (phone numbers) from my device and restore them on another Blackberry I have?

    Thanks in advance.

    You are welcome. When you connect your other blackberry to the top and click on the wizard button - the info will download.

    If I helped you please click on Bravo in my post, and if that answered your question please check the resolved icon!

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    I would like to start on the dual core to look like and receive the screen start I built on the old machine of single base.

    I thought that was why we were using Live ID.


    (BING search engine for)
    LiveID start form site: blogs.msdn.com

    Saved settings are available when you connect to your account on any PC in Windows 8. Your PC will be set up just the way you are used to!

    Splash screen was not explicitly mentioned in the blog post, but surely "set up just the way we used to" it implies?

    In any case, I think you can use desktop remote for your problem scenario.


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    Good luck

    Robert Aldwinckle

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    Is it possible to do using the plugin?

    Thanks in advance

    Farida gangland.

    AIDocumentSuite allows you to save the document to a particular place, if that's what you need to do. Exporting to jpg or anything else is the 'bonus' bit depends on the signs. AIRasterize.h has some features in this sense if its what you need.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BBM I can't download or update

    Hi I have problem with BBM... I remove and try to find the update for it but I can not download the same version of Blackberry world

    its give me Blackberry Messenger Unavialable for this device

    Whats worng?

    My Bold 9900 Pin # 287 B device 4900 / SW 7.1.0 package 2061

    can someone help please

    Hello anas22a8

    As far as I know, currently BBM7 is not available for the Qatar, you can also consult this catalog page to see if your country is taken in charge countries where BBM7 is available. http://appworld.BlackBerry.com/WebStore/content/3729/?lang=en

    In the meantime, you can enjoy BBM6.2, to download go to http://mobileapps.blackberry.com/devicesoftware/entry.do?code=bbm6 from your BlackBerry browser, and download BBM6.2, until BBM 7 is available in your country.

    Thank you.

  • Files of Outlook of Smartphones from blackBerry can not be seen on Storm 9530

    I have a 9530 and subfolders under my contacts in Outlook 2003.  Is it possible that these records will appear also on my Storm?  I have in the categories but prefer records.

    Contacts on the BB has not the same set up for categories / folders than outlook a. I the same set using the 2007 version. The BB OS is not Microsoft office. It is compatible in many ways, but the contacts set up is different.

  • Smartphones BBM blackBerry problem please help me.

    I am updating my bbm to 7 then when I click on "combining bbm with your blackberry id" appears it stuck there., I waited for hours but nothing happens, before when I use it, but when I updated it stuck there. What should I do so that I can use my bbm again? I can't uninstall it because it is a basic app.

    I also had the same problem. First of all, you should check if you have 6 OS or the OS 7.0 / 7.1 on your device. If more, BBM 7.0 does not work.

    2. uninstall / remove the BBM existing and without work on our device.

    3. save the device, and then restart.

    4. install a clean version of BBM 7 using the key code.

    5. do not start / launch BBM 7.0.

    6. restart the devide again.

    7 launch BBM 7.0 and enable wireless. Now the problem I would make is that BlackBerry ID was not be launched. However, after 4-5 hours, got ID connected and the 7.0 BBM started working.

    If the problem persists, then I suggest to install the backup on the device and wait the good version available as and when in your country.

    See you soon.

  • BlackBerry Smartphones BBM & Blackberry internet service

    Ive had my curve of blackberry for about 2 months now, and yesterday and now my BBM and Internet left for no reason at all.
    IM on contract with virgin and have BBM & unlimited Internet.
    How can I fix it?

    Hi abeddow,

    Welcome to the community,

    Please refresh your Service book how clear and refresh the service book database if the BlackBerry smartphone cannot send or...

    Exercise also a battery pull on restart and then see if the problem resolves.


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