void VI call resets NI9505

Hi all

I'm working on a control for a trailer of instrumentation code. We use 2 NI 9505 s to control certain pumps. I took the pre-packaged code, published in the 9505 toutorial and it works fine. The time real VI runs by itself, the FPGA code works, etc. I took the VI real-time controls and external to the VI through the connector pane. However, when the VI is called from the main VI it resets the modules or failed completely prepare the State of the reader. If the disks are shipped off alarm pumps operate only for a fraction of a second before going into alarm State. I call the VI in any sort of a special way? I tried using the load and keep on first convocation, but which doesn't seem to work. Where I'm going wrong?

I think that if you put the part of the code out of hand while loop, it should behave correctly. Consider the example works: it opens the FPGA VI reference, allows the disk, checks the status of the disks, then goes into a stoppable while loop where the drive status is updated. If the user decides to terminate the program then closes the FPGA reference and handles errors. In your program only put the part "player status" code inside your hand while loop while keeping the FPGA reference live and activate it by car outside the loop.

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  • Symbol "LoseMessage", "Reset_btn", image1, 15 1061 line: call to a method may be undefined

    Hi I have a game set in place, when exhaust you your life it takes you to a screen to lose (symbol), on this screen, I have a button called Reset Game.

    The name of the button is 'Reset_btn '.

    The button instance's "resetbtn".

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    As I mentioned in my last response, this isn't how you assign an instance name to an object.  Delete what you have done for this button in the library.  Select the button on the stage inside the movieclip and in the Panel properties assign it as the instance name where it say .

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    I'm confused about LocationProvider reset in the statutes.

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    How to-detect when the GPS is no longer available and the moment reset the LocationProvider

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    Step 2: reset the LocationProvider

    Once the detection is complete, the next step is the LocationProvider reset. To do this, simply call reset() on LocationProvider instance, and then set either LocationListener null, or register a new LocationListener.

    It is just like in the code:

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    locationProvider.setLocationListener (null, 0, 0, 0);
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    What's – best practices for the design of GPS applications for smartphones BlackBerry running on CDMA Networks

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    Provider.Reset ();
    Provider = null;
    Provider = LocationProvider.getInstance (criteria);
    provider.setLocationListener (new LocationListenerImpl (), interval, timeout, maxAge);

    What is the correct code?  First or second?

    Please help me guys.

    Thanks in advance.

    If I was coding it again, I would

    provider.setLocationListener (null, 0, 0, 0);
    Provider.Reset ();
    Provider = null;

  • How to call a second screen?

    I don't know exactly how to call a second display (displays the results of a web service) with some parameters.  I'm starting simple and sending the GPS coordinates of the current location.  I would like to call the service, and then view the name of the first result in the text field.  However, I get the infamous with is not the mistake of blocking event every time that I try to do the setText.  Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong here?

    class Results extends UiApplication {    public static void main(String[] args) {        Results gbResults = new Results(args[1], args[2]);
            gbResults.enterEventDispatcher();    }
       private Results(String Latitude, String Longitude) {        pushScreen(new ResultsScreen(Latitude, Longitude));    }}
    final class ResultsScreen extends MainScreen{
        ResultsScreen(final String Latitude, final String Longitude) {        final LabelField lblResult = new LabelField("Result:", LabelField.ELLIPSIS | LabelField.USE_ALL_WIDTH);        add(lblResult);
            UiApplication.getApplication().invokeLater(new Runnable() {            public void run() {                //Call the service and get back [wsresult]                synchronized(UiApplication.getEventLock()) {                    lblResult.setText("Result: " + [wsresult]);                }            }        });    }}

    Now, I don't think that I need this class first results statement as in my first screen I call you just this screen like this:

    getUiEngine().pushScreen(new ResultsScreen(String.valueOf(qc.getLatitude()),String.valueOf(qc.getLongitude())));

    I think I'm calling and declaring the second screen correctly that the code is certainly get there.  There is just something to do with this setText.  What I need to do kind of the enterEventDispatcher () inside the ResultsScreen class?

    Also, I tried to do just the invokeLater by itself and the synchronize (getEventLock) by itself and kept getting the error each time.  It seems that no matter what I do, it always says that I'm not holding the lock on the event.

    I realized what the problem was.  When I called the getUIengine (.pushScreen), I was outside the event thread and so I had to wrap this call in a getAppLock as well.  When I was debugging before she looked like she came all the way to the setText (I'm sure that was the case somehow) and then wrong so I don't think that the appeal was the cause of the problem.

  • MovieClip will not add to the list after calling addChild()

    I have a MovieClip in the library who refuses to be added to the stage during his call with addChild(). Here's the code.

    You will see a function called clickedACTDD_BTN. You will also see that the function offers a choice if the MovieClip is present, then it is deleted. If it is not present, then this is given properties and added. Also, note my tracing instructions in each choice. All signs as expected but the MovieClip ever arises. I've been on that days code and just can't see what I did wrong. Everyone sees it?

    PAheader 1.0

    import flash.display. *;
    import flash.events. *;
    import flash.geom. *;

    SerializableAttribute public class PAheader extends MovieClip
    public var headerScreen:Screen = Screen.mainScreen;
    public var hdrLogo;
    public var BLKback;
    public var PRFLAVTR:profileAvatarMC = new profileAvatarMC(); Profile avatar
    public var msgbubble:messageBubbleMC = new messageBubbleMC(); ToolTip
    public var magGlass:magnifyingGlassMC = new magnifyingGlassMC(); In the shape of magnifying glass
    public var ACTDD_BTN:ActionsDDBtnMC = new ActionsDDBtnMC(); ACTIONS drop-down list button.
    public var HISDropD_BTN:HistoryDDBtnMC = new HistoryDDBtnMC(); HISTORY drop-down list button.
    public var REPDD_BTN:ReportsDDBtnMC = new ReportsDDBtnMC(); Button drop-down list of REPORTS.
    public var actionbucket:ActionBucket = new ActionBucket();

    public void PAheader()
    addEventListener (Event.ADDED_TO_STAGE, initPAheader);
    } / - End constructor public function PAheader().

    public void initPAheader(e:Event_=_null):void
    trace ("PAheader called.");
    trace ("of PAheader: visibleBounds.width:" + headerScreen.visibleBounds.width + "visibleBounds.width:" + headerScreen.visibleBounds.height);
    addEventListener (Event.RESIZE, resizedHeader);

    BLKback.width = AWSplash.resizeAsset(1024,headerScreen.visibleBounds.width,1024);
    BLKback.scaleY = BLKback.scaleX;
    //------------- adding Assets ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------

    -Avatar profile
    PRFLAVTR.x = stage.fullScreenWidth - PRFLAVTR.width - 10;
    PRFLAVTR.y = height/2-PRFLAVTR.height/2;
    addChild (PRFLAVTR);
    -The ToolTip
    msgbubble.x = PRFLAVTR.x - PRFLAVTR.width - 10;
    msgbubble.y = height/2 - msgbubble.height/2;
    addChild (msgbubble);
    -Shaped magnifying glass
    magGlass.x = msgbubble.x - msgbubble.width - 10;
    magGlass.x = msgbubble.x - msgbubble.width - 10;
    magGlass.y = height/2 - magGlass.height/2;
    addChild (magGlass);

    } // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- End public function initPAheader().
    public void resizedHeader(e:Event_=_null):void
    trace ("header REDIMENSIONNE");

    } // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------- End public function resizedHeader().

    public void addActionsDDButton(caller:MovieClip):void
    trace ("addActionsDDButton. the appellant is: "+ calling);

    -ACTIONS button
    ACTDD_BTN. Width = AWSplash.resizeAsset(1024,headerScreen.visibleBounds.width,60);
    ACTDD_BTN.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, clickedACTDD_BTN);
    ACTDD_BTN.addEventListener (MouseEvent.MOUSE_OUT, outACTDD_BTN);
    ACTDD_BTN. ScaleY = ACTDD_BTN.scaleX;
    ACTDD_BTN.x = HISDropD_BTN.x - ACTDD_BTN.width;
    ACTDD_BTN.y = BLKback.y;
    caller.addChild (ACTDD_BTN);
    trace ("added ACTIONS!");

    } / / - End public static void addDDButtons().

    public void addHistoryDDButton(caller:MovieClip):void
    trace ("addHistoryDDButton. the appellant is: "+ calling);
    -HISTORY button
    HISDropD_BTN.width = AWSplash.resizeAsset(1024,headerScreen.visibleBounds.width,60);
    HISDropD_BTN.scaleY = HISDropD_BTN.scaleX;
    HISDropD_BTN.x = headerScreen.visibleBounds.width/2 - HISDropD_BTN.width/2;
    HISDropD_BTN.y = BLKback.y;
    caller.addChild (HISDropD_BTN);
    trace ("added HISTORY!");
    } / / - End addHistoryDDButton() of the public service.

    public void addReportsDDButton(caller:MovieClip):void
    trace ("addReportsDDButton. the appellant is: "+ calling);
    -The REPORTS button
    REPDD_BTN. Width = AWSplash.resizeAsset(1024,headerScreen.visibleBounds.width,60);
    REPDD_BTN. ScaleY = REPDD_BTN.scaleX;
    REPDD_BTN.x = HISDropD_BTN.x + ACTDD_BTN.width;
    REPDD_BTN.y = BLKback.y;
    caller.addChild (REPDD_BTN);
    trace ("added REPORTS!");
    } / / - End addHistoryDDButton() of the public service.

    / * function removeButtons(theCaller:MovieClip) public
    If (theCaller.Contains (HISDropD_BTN): theCaller.contains (ACTDD_BTN): theCaller.contains (REPDD_BTN))
    theCaller.removeChild (HISDropD_BTN);
    theCaller.removeChild (ACTDD_BTN);
    theCaller.removeChild (REPDD_BTN);
    } / / - End public static void removeButtons(). * /

    public void clickedACTDD_BTN(e:MouseEvent_=_null):void
    trace ("Clicked clickedACTDD_BTN!");
    If (Contains (actionbucket))
    trace (this);
    removeChild (actionbucket);
    trace ("1");
    on the other
    trace (this);
    actionbucket. Width = AWSplash.resizeAsset(1024,headerScreen.visibleBounds.width,161);
    actionbucket.scaleY = actionbucket.scaleX;
    actionbucket.x = ACTDD_BTN.x;
    actionbucket.y = ACTDD_BTN.y + ACTDD_BTN.height;
    actionbucket.y = ACTDD_BTN.y;
    addChild (actionbucket);
    trace ("2");
    } / / - End clickedACTDD_BTN() of the public service.

    public void outACTDD_BTN(e:MouseEvent_=_null):void
    If (Contains (actionbucket))
    detectTarget (actionbucket);
    } // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- End public function outACTDD_BTN().

    public void detectTarget(target:MovieClip):Boolean
    var mousePoint:Point = target.localToGlobal (new Point (target.mouseX, target.mouseY));
    If (Target.hitTestPoint (mousePoint.x, mousePoint.y))
    trace ("equity bucket!");
    Returns true;
    on the other
    trace ("not on STOCK bucket!");
    Returns false;
    } // ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- End public function detectTarget().
    } // ========================================================================================= ======== End public class PAheader{}.
    } // ========================================================================================= =================== End package{}.

    my mistake, this.addChild (this) is not going to work.

    PAheader is a class and a class is not on stage.

    an instance of the class could be on stage, however.

    and another instance might not be on stage.

    just because you see something that is a member of PAheader class, or maybe just looks like a class member, does not mean that all instances, or even none, are on stage.

    to be sure: trace (this.stage) = null, means the instance you are checking is not on stage.

    "(and I don't know where you want to add this instance of the class, but, assuming that your document is a MovieClip and not a Sprite), MovieClip (root) .addChild (this) might work, although it's bad coding."  and stage.addChild (this) of colin will not work because the stage is not defined in this class.

  • What is the difference between setRangeSize(-1) and reset() to ViewObjectImpl

    If the size of the field - 1 seems to be reset iterator. Here is the code snippet.

    long prgMemCount is getPacketRuleMemberVO () .getEstimatedRowCount ();.

    getPacketRuleMemberVO (.setRangeSize(-1));
    Rank [prmRows] is getPacketRuleMemberVO () .getAllRowsInRange ();.

    Make top returned same number of records for the getEstimatedRowCount() and the getAllRowsInRange().

    However, replace setRangeSize(-1) with resets call getAllRowsInRange() return less number of records than what is returned for getEstimatedRowCount().

    We seem to have a work-around but would like to know the diffs on so that we are supposed to call reset vs setRangeSize(-1).

    Can someone share their points of view?

    Thank you


    Sorry, I don't understand your code or your use case entirely. You need to comment out the code so that it is more understandable.

    If you have a relationship of retail issue that you can navigate to the subject line for a line of detail and detail again. The infrastructure performs all the magic necessary to select the lines that you need. So I ask you why try you it yourself?

    DiscoverJDeveloper cascade Tables | JDev & amp; ADF Goodies that shows what I mean.


  • How to change the first call number


    is it possible to change the number of the first call in VSM9? We would use a number like 300000 instead of the number 1.

    Kind regards.

    It certainly is!

    In the administration module, there is a page called 'Reset the references' under the section 'system '.

    On this page, you can reset the benchmark for almost any table in the system.

    Find "Call number" and update the value of the value of your next call number and press save.

    A word of warning: you must be careful when you use this page that you do not set the value to something less than the largest number of current appeal.

    If you do that you will end up with all sorts of primary key violation error.


  • How to reset my Timer


    I have a question and I hope I can find a solution here. I have a short questionnaire and I want to allow the user only 30 seconds per question to give a good answer.

    I have a 'start' button, which triggers a countdown for the first time. So, I want whenever the user clicks the 'next' button, the countdown to start the new meter from 30 to 0. That's what I've tried so far:

    var fl_SecondsToCountDown:Number = 30;

    var fl_CountDownTimerInstance:Timer = new Timer (1000, fl_SecondsToCountDown);

    fl_CountDownTimerInstance.addEventListener (TimerEvent.TIMER, fl_CountDownTimerHandler);

    start_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.Click, startCountdown);

    next_btn.addEventListener (MouseEvent.CLICK, goNext);

    function fl_CountDownTimerHandler(event:TimerEvent):void


    seconds_txt. Text = String (fl_SecondsToCountDown);



    function startCountdown(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    fl_CountDownTimerInstance.start ();


    function goNext(e:MouseEvent):void {}

    fl_CountDownTimerInstance.reset ();


    Now, what he does is just to stop the countdown to 25 seconds, for example, and then if I ask him to do it again, it starts where he left, rather than return to 30 seconds more.

    Thank you very much!


    function fl_CountDownTimerHandler(event:TimerEvent):void


    seconds_txt. Text = String(fl_CountDownTimerInstance.repeatCount-fl_CountDownTimerInstance.currentCount);


  • Place a button "Reset form" using livecycle

    I placed a button on a form called 'Clear form' now what should I do to reset the form when you click on it?  Can I also add a "are sure you that the message" with another ok button?

    Hi Brainstewn,

    The designer provides a standard button called "RESET BUTTON" which would reset all the fields of a form.

    You can place this button and rename the legend as 'clear form '.

    Thank you


  • Flex 3: need help with ExternalInterface.call("saveglobalscore",score)


    I have my setting up a Flex project in my Flex Builder.

    I am going through my step by step to understand.

    In our project, we got this call:

    public function callDataOfJSMethod (): void
    ExternalInterface.call("saveglobalscore",score) ("getData");

    But I was not this getData anywhere, couldn't you please let me know what it could be and where I can find that?

    Thanks in advance.

    It should be a javascript method in the html wrapper.

  • ExternalInterface call in Javascript popup

    I am incorporating a swf in a pop up window using the javascript window.open function. I am currently passing through static values for the height and the width corresponds to the height and width of the embedded swf file of the popup.  A user can click a button in the swf file, and it changes the size of the SWF to 400 x 300, at 800 x 600.  In flex, I use ExternalInterface.call("saveglobalscore",score) ("resize"); but nothing happens.  I'm a complete noob with javascript, is not how to use the ExternalInterface API?  Any ideas why it does not work?  Is there an easier way to get the same functionality to work with something else?  The JavaScript code is below, tons of thanks in advance to tide me over.

    < SCRIPT TYPE = "text/javascript" >


    popup function (mylink, windowname)


    If (! window.focus) return true;

    var href;

    If (typeof (mylink) is 'chain')

    href = mylink;

    on the other

    href = myLink.href;

    Popup = window.open (href, windowname, 'width = 400, height = 300, scrollbars = no, resizable = 1');

    Returns false;


    function resize()
    popup.resizeTo (800, 600);


    < /script >

    < body >

    " < a HREF =" http://localhost/main.swf "onClick ="return popup (this, 'notes')"> "


    < /A >

    Here is the sample,


         width="100%" height="100%">

    Parent html

              Resize Demo

    Child html (Popup.html)

              Resize - Popup
  • Several calls simultaneous webservice for the same operation

    I'm having a problem trying to call the web service even operation twice with different parameters. The call is executed twice (I'm passing data token in order to differentiate the event handler calls), but the parameters of the second call are replacing the first. Here is the code:

    .the wsCodeList ["GetTupleList"]. TupleName = "BUSTYPE";
    Subject: call var = wsCodeList ["GetTupleList"] .send ();
    Call.destination = "busType";

    .the wsCodeList ["GetTupleList"]. TupleName = "ENTTYPE";
    Call = wsCodeList ["GetTupleList"] .send ();
    Call.destination = "entityType";


    < mx:WebService id = "wsCodeList".
    "WSDL =" http://simulacrum.hallmarkins.net/ProgramQuoter/codeList.wso?wsdl "
    useProxy = "false" result = "onCodeListResult (event)" >
    < name mx:operation = "GetTupleList" resultFormat = "e4x" / >
    < / mx:WebService >


    private void onCodeListResult (oEvent): void
    Subject: call var = oEvent.token;
    var xmlResult:XMLList = oEvent.result;
    trace (Call.destination);
    If (call.destination is "busType")
    busType.dataProvider... xmlResult = mspace::description;
    If (call.destination is "entityType")
    entityType.dataProvider... xmlResult = mspace::description;
    I'm back only the expected result for the call to TupleName "ENTTYPE" twice. So it seems that the setting is getting crushed until the call goes out. What I am doing wrong?

    Thank you


    First of all, use AsyncToken instead of the ordinary object. From there on.

  • Cannot call the functions from Javascript using ExternalInterface

    Hi all, I use external Interface to call Javascript in an HTML document with an embedded flash object, but I can't call functions in the flash JavaScript object.

    function call_actionscript {}
    If (document.getElementById ('flashObj')) {}
    Alert ('object flash found.');
    document.getElementById('flash2').test_from_javascript ();


    package {}
    import flash.display.MovieClip;
    to import flash.external.ExternalInterface;
    import flash.events.Event;

    SerializableAttribute public class extends MovieClip {} FlashObj
    public void FlashObj() {}
    ExternalInterface.addCallback("IsStatic",IsStatic) ('test_from_javascript', test_from_javascript)

    public void test_from_javascript(e:Event):void {}
    ExternalInterface.call("saveglobalscore",score) ("alert", "javascript test received in actionscript!")

    Call the "call_actionscript()" javascript function produces no result. Call Test_from_javascript() manually to code Actionscript product alert "javascript test has received in actionscript!" without problem. So the ExternalInterface.call("saveglobalscore",score) method works fine, but the the ExternalInterface.addCallback("IsStatic",IsStatic) doesn't seem to work at all. What I'm missing here?

    Try to change/add the JS in your HTML code to the following.


Maybe you are looking for

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    I'm trying to use meters to measure the duty cycle of a digital camera so I looked at the ReadCtrFreqScalar function but I'm struggling to find what kind of channel must be created for this type of reading at work. I started to do a CIFreqChan and Re


    This code came while trying to copy music on a memory card. He also said that queued files cannot be played. Could someone please explain that to me? Thank you

  • How can I activate the fast user switching once its off on vista home

    don't know what I did to turn it off, not 'the only administrator' and can not find where to turn?

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