Volume under license of Windows 7 Enterprise Edition new install hangs at disk.sys

Original title: installation of new Windows 7 hangs at disk.sys

We have conducted our mail, ftp and video servers on XP because we expected a software upgrade for our video server, so that we can install Windows 7. The MB is a Gigabyte GA-H55M-UD2H Revision 1.0. Last week, I took the server down to do the installation of Windows 7 Enterprise. Using the ISO downloaded from our Volume Licensing account I burned onto a dvd it and booted from it.

The system should start and begin installing Windows. The files would load and the screen change to . Then nothing. I fought with him for two days and I tried a thousand (Finally, much) "solutions, I found online, but nothing has worked.

I cloned the drive that contains the system partition - formatted system partition (to record the logical drives on the other partitions) - and tried to install on the empty system partition. Same failure. I allowed the system to boot from the hard drive to the existing installation of XP and it worked normally (it's how I could get away with spending so much time on this: I could put the machine into service between tests).

I took the drive cloned out of the machine and bread-boarded it with a new motherboard (different mfg/etc) and the monitor. I also moved the DVD player, I used during the installation of the system has failed.

I started the machine, started on the burned dvd, and Windows 7 is installed perfectly. I have not installed all the drivers disk from the MB manufacturer.

I moved the hard drive to three different Virgin machines awaiting completion and it Windows 7 has started and ran on all of them.

O.K. - the server: re-installed HDD, disconnected from the other HD, DVD players, etc.

Same failure: Windows 7 starts and crashes after a few seconds. The first time he hooked while to what was supposed to be the same point (disk.sys) guess since the time. Every other time it hangs after startup repair supply and completing l

Go to research on the web it is clear that it is not yet near a problem isolated - I found pages and pages of the report and a variety of approaches to fix - it would take a lifetime to try them all. Surely MS is aware of this - it is hoped (in vain, I'm afraid) that he would have been treated by them. Maybe it's one of these 'features' that defies explanaton. But I hope not.

Is anyone able to make a suggestion? TIA


Hi Aboonah,

As you talk about Volume licensed Windows 7 Enterprise Edition, please ask your question on the TechNet forums. Check out the following link.


Thank you.

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