Vostro 260 - BIOS update A08 A10 impossible

Yesterday I downloaded BIOS A10 for a Vostro 260, but it has this error message when I start the update:

What's not here?


Hi all

Here is the update file.

4111.Ms - A10 (2) .zip

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  • After Bios Update satellite A10 had totally frozen and the display is blocked


    Today, I tried to update my Bios of satellite A10 to 5.20.
    I downloaded the unziped file and executed, as recommended in the instructions.
    After restarting the system, the laptop completely froze and the display is blocked. So, I am unable to do anything...
    How can I solve this problem?
    Thank you very much in advance.

    Wait a moment you sure you used the right BIOS?
    As you say, your laptop is that a Satellite A10 is good?

    I visited the Toshiba driver page and play the version of the BIOS and. It s 1.30!

    Sorry to say but it seems that you used the wrong BIOS!
    You should know that the update of the BIOS is always risky. The bad BIOS or bad update may damage the jury!

    I put t know how to help you try to use the good BIOS. Maybe you are a lucky man and it will work. If not, contact the technician

  • Vostro 3500 BIOS update failed - need recovery procedure

    I got a Vostro 3500 laptop computer work and was doing maintenance to update. I downloaded and installed the BIOS update recommended for this laptop... Dell Vostro 3500 system BIOS 3500 has 12. EXE | Release date of BIOS of Windows/DOS (3 MB) 21/07/2014 updated 21/07/2014 recommended BIOS update failed and left no work of BIOS of the computer. F2 is dead. It will not start. I am sure that there a backup BIOS or primitive still, as when I start the machine without battery and power, using the end key he's constantly trying to read the data from a 2 GB flash drive. I guess he wants to reload the BIOS from a file. I know how to get the ROM content from the file above using the /writeromfile parameter. The big question is, what type of file the 3500 wants to read, and what is the name of the file it is seeking? Is the flash player must be bootable? What is a FRIEND or a Phoenix BIOS? Can someone please? Thanks, Terry

    Here's how to recover a flash update BIOS of your laptop Vostro 3500 failure...

    1. download the Dell BIOS update .exe file to a USB flash drive.

    2. run the .exe with the /writehdrfile parameter file

    3. run the .exe with the /writeromfile parameter file

    4. copy the .hdr winery50.hdr

    5. remove the battery and the power of the dead computer

    6 Insert the flash drive into the USB port on the computer of the death

    7 press and hold the end key and then connect the AC power

    8 dead computer reads USB flash and request if the update should be performed

    9. let the update at the end and then restart.

    10. computer now works normally.

    Useful web site: http://mickitblog.blogspot.com/2011/09/dell-bios-switches.html

  • Dell Inspiron 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios for AHCI

    Dell Inspiron 620/Vostro 260 NO Bios for AHCI

    Interestingly, I couldn't even update the bios without the INTEL drivers.

    Check in the Device Manager, the machine uses the ATA drivers not AHCI drivers

    AND will not install the INTEL RST drivers.

    Why is this?

    I tried to upgrade to the version of the Bios A04, but this made no difference.

    I did some research and discovered that the chipset in this system, the H61, simply does not support AHCI or RAID. There is no way to activate for a reason. :(

    Wish I had known this. The value of this system really went down the tube if you intend to launch an SSD in there.

  • Update BIOS on Tecra A10 - IC5

    Dear members

    I have Tecra A10 - IC5 (- ptsb0e - 03d01ken) and have * windows 8 * installed on it. It was my wish to update the bios with the latest version.

    Therefore I sailed on the Toshiba site and, using the tool of detection to Toshiba, was directed at the list drivers for my model.

    The list of the drivers included updating the bios, and it has been designated as "independent operating system".
    So I downloaded and unzipped the file and started the program.
    BIOS (2009110452403)

    However, as soon as I did the program abruptly ended with the message "this computer is not supported.

    In this regard, I want to ask for advice - could someone please tell me what I need to do to update the bios

    Thank you

    I can see BIOS version 3.00WIN is available for your Tecra.
    You want to install this version? You can install it on any OS except Win8.

    If I m remembering well Toshiba offers updates for Win8 BIOS and all available versions starting with version 6.0 or higher.

    Is there a problem with your Tecra and some reason for the BIOS update?

  • Satellite A10 BIOS update needed!

    Hey guys, my Satellite A10 guard restart whenever I stopped him. I talked to my friend and he said there's a BIOS problem, and I should be updated. So I downloaded the latest version of Toshiba and run it. It told me to insert a disk. This wouldn't be a problem but my A10 is not a floppy drive then how am I ment to upgrade the BIOS of my computer without a floppy drive?


    For your model of laptop ago just traditional BIOS update and you need a USB FDD for it. In my opinion, you can check on ebay or somewhere there FDD cheaply or you can contact the Service partner.

    It takes about 10 minutes for the BIOS update, and you can do it alone. It is very easy. As I said, check if you can find a used floppy drive. It cannot be expensive.

    Also, you can borrow one from your dealer or your business!

  • Where can I find the update of BIOS for Satellite A10?


    Anyone know where I can download the "BIOS update" for Satellite A10?
    Please I really need.
    Thank you


    Sascha says you can find updates to the BIOS for this laptop and all other portable oldest in * archives *.
    All that s! :)

    But before you start the update you must close all running programs, also your antivirus and firewall. Disconnect the computer from the Internet and make sure that you are logged on as administrator.
    In addition, BIOS update should t be done just for fun, but only if you have problems with the laptop-online never touch a system running! ;)

    Good bye

  • HP ENVY spectrum XT impossible to install the BIOS update (processors intel)

    The name of the product of my laptop is HP ENVY spectrum XT and it runs on Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit and its serial number is CND2340MHX, a notification came in the Wizard support for hp advising me on the BIOS update, when I click on the download and install it downloads the installation file but does not install it and when I checked the action record States that it is impossible to install. Is there a reason to fail?

    Hello Moodster1994,

    Please take a look at this document, which provides for the restoration of your BIOS troubleshooting steps.  Please let me know if this helps solve your problem.

    Good luck!

  • Inspiron One 2320 A10 BIOS update is blocked

    I'm trying to update the BIOS on my Inspiron One 2320 after replacing the hard drive. It worked fine except the fan was running full speed constantly, even after a boot after being closed overnight - so no question of real heat. Advance Google search for BIOS update being a solution to the problem of fan went wild.


    I put the file A10.exe on a bootable USB key, rebooted and ran the file. Everything was going well until I came to this screen:


    ITE Flash Utility Version: 1.0

    Device ID; 7f9d20ff
    Seller of SPI; Chingis

    Block number: 0

    Eraseing--erase OK

    Erase check--check OK

    Programming--programming OK

    Check--check OK

    [blinking cursor]


    And it's been sitting here just like that for a few hours now. I'm afraid to do something or to restart. I am wayyyy out of warranty, so I'm on my own.


    You could try erasing BIOS by removing the battery motherboard button and press / hold the power button for about 30 seconds before reinstalling the battery. Check the Manual and follow the instructions carefully to remove/install the battery.

    If the battery is more of ~ 2-3 years old, this could be a good idea to install a new, so you don't have to replace it again, at least not for a long time (er).

    Are how far out of warranty you? If I remember correctly, Dell had a policy to replace a motherboard - once and only once - if it doesn't have a BIOS update within six months of the end of the warranty. Do not know if that still stands...

    So if does not help clear BIOS by pulling on the battery, you can contact Support to see if this policy is always available.

  • Why my bios update has made it impossible to install

    Laptop HP Pavilion DV7 4182NR

    Product # XG843UA under Windows 7 Home premium

    Download the BIOS update failed (and failed)

    Many updates suggested in the last 2 months or so also failed when we look at the history.

    Why my updates fail?

    Larry2011 wrote:

    Laptop HP Pavilion DV7 4182NR

    Product # XG843UA under Windows 7 Home premium

    Download the BIOS update failed (and failed)

    Many updates suggested in the last 2 months or so also failed when we look at the history.

    Why my updates fail?


    If you laptop works well, do not update. If this is not the case, use HP Support Assistant or any other program to day/download the BIOS! Download it:


    manually in a file, close all running applications (browser, etc.) and then install it by double clicking and following the instructions...

  • Update motherboard Vostro 260


    I have motherboard Vostro 260

    Can I upgrade my processor i3-2120 3470 i5 or i5-3570?



    I have motherboard Vostro 260

    Can I upgrade my processor i3-2120 3470 i5 or i5-3570?


    Already answered in your other messages here:



  • (Redirected) Vostro 260 + Radeon HD5870 compatible?

    Good afternoon

    I'm new on this forum and really need help, I have a radeon 5870 graphics card and a desktop dell vostro 260 pc, at the opening of the case there is a 16 pci slot so that it fits, with a few mods to the HARD-drive carrier, I managed to squeeze it with a 750 Watt (500 minimum) power , problem is that the bios will not detect the card or give me options to tell him to choose this card so I don't have on board graphics, I have updated bios, graphics support (equally serve as a chocolate fire guard) disabled dell in the phone hardware Manager and still can run , map and elongated supply works fine on my other vostro 200 a anyone you have this problem.


    Please repost your message here on the Forum of desktop video.

  • OptiPlex 160 BIOS updates not (because the fan is missing?)


    I just had a 160 of Optiplex opportunity (model DC01T) with BIOS A06 and have tried everything so he could update BIOS A10, A09, A08 or A07.

    I downloaded the BIOS in DOS/Windows unified and put it on a key USB of FreeDOS.  When I run the package, it runs through everything and then restarts, but never actually updates the BIOS.  I tried to install Linux on a USB Flash drive, install the Dell OMSA tools and use dellBiosUpdate pointing to the A09. HDR file.

    For some reason any that also fails because the module dell_rbu does not ' / sys/class/firmware/dell_rbu / ' as it should.  No amount of copy 'init' to ' / sys/devices/platform/dell_rbu/image_type "also helps to correct this problem.

    The only thing I can think is that when the system restarts it goes to a "Fan Alert!" message because this unit didn't come with the fan & HD support.  I have one on its way, but if this warning/error is clearing the BIOS update flag then everything should work once the fan comes and I get that connected.

    If this is not the case is there anything else I should try?

    I finally got figured out if anyone is interested.  The fan error could be the cause of the normal update to fail, but by using a bunch of switches, you can force the update to install, and then restart.

    O160-A10. EXE/Boot confort /info /jabil /nopause /noreboot / verbose



    Hi @STICKMAN5124,

    Nice day! Thank you for your participation in the Forums of HP Support! It is a great location to get resolutions and interact with experts from the community. It will be a pleasure to help you.

    I saw the post and understand that after only a bios updated cursor drops down due to a problem of scrolling.

    Impressive work, do the update of the bios. Kudos to you for this. It is a privilege to work with tech-savvy and technically competent customers like you and we greatly appreciate your business with HP. You have been great to work with.

    Please check in F2 diagnostics if the scrollbar works correctly. If Yes, then you can update the chipset drivers and http://hp.com/drivers touchpad drivers you can also consult with a mouse external further isolate the issue.

    You can also run diagnostics on the touchpad from this link by going to the UEFI F2 diagnostics: http://support.hp.com/in-en/document/c03467259 please run the complete components. If any component fails, please note the failure code. This is done to determine if the problem is hardware or software partners.

    If it passes and scrolling works very well, please perform these updates. If you are still having the same problem on page F2 UEFI (screen) then you could roll back bios after performing a hard reset. Link for the hard reset: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c01684768

    • Please perform this step to roll back bios.  Hold down the "Windows" key and the letter "B" at the same time, then press the power also button for about 5 seconds at the same time.

    I hope this helps. I would like to know how this happens. I hope the problem is solved without hassle and the unit works very well.

    Just to say thank youPlease click the ' Thumbs Up ' button to give a Kudos to appreciate my efforts to help me. If it helps, Please mark this "accepted Solution" because it will help many other people with the same problem to get it resolved without hassle.

    Now carefully and have a wonderful week ahead.

  • Envy x 360 laptop: HP Notebook System Bios update system (Intel processors) could not be updated

    I get an error of update failed trying to imstall the next update:

    HP Notebook System Bios update system (Intel processors) Impossible to update

    Is there a way to properly update this? What is a critical update?

    Thank you


    Hi @WildFan,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Yes, I can give you links to the downloads.

    Updated HP Notebook System BIOS (Intel processors)

    Driver and Intel Chipset Installation utility

    Hope that help.

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