W100: speakers too quiet - loud fan


I use the w100 - 10 d and I am not amused on the volume on the fan and
the speakers. The fan is too loud and the speakers are very quiet.

Is someone here who can give me some information on stakeholders and their configuration?
In Windows 7 and Toshiba Conf. Panel sound level is on maximum level, but the sound is too quiet.
Toshiba is perhaps to estimate that all users use headphones?

Thank you

> Is there, anyone can give me some information on stakeholders and their configuration?
> In Windows 7 and Toshiba Conf. Panel sound level is on maximum level, but the sound is too quiet.

This booklet is a kind of Tablet PC, a small display 7 I know what speaker volume you expect, but you will not get the same volume as on 15 laptop equipped with larger speakers.
Furthermore, the speakers are not stereo and mono.

By the way; the sound can be configured in the control panel-> sound
Check if all volume controls are set at the beginning.

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  • Satellite P500 - noise varies and is too quiet

    Hello again,

    I had some problems with speakers this time.
    Since there are Harmon/Kardon speakers installed in the computer, the sound itself is fine.
    However, it is not.

    Sound is too quiet, even if I listen to music on the max volume.
    As well, I noticed the sound fluctuates all the time and there are crackling noises.
    All audio drivers are up to date, but they did not help.

    Could you please tell, what's the problem? Thank you!

    Perhaps what is its volume in the drive that you use low upgraded? Select this check box.

    Friend of mine has bought Satellite P500 last month. We have installed OS, created recovery discs and tested sound using Skype, Winamp, Windows Media Player and watch blu - ray discs.
    With the sound, everything seems to be OK.

  • Satellite P100-219 - sound is too quiet

    Got one with Conexant chip.
    There is only one pilot there and probably defective. I can not access the property page, just the generic Volume control. Everything to the top and still too quiet sound, especially on headphones - barely audible.

    In addition, the sound is in a bad mood and a jerk a little. It is understood for example when clicking on the volume slide a few times, it comes from the coughes and cracks.

    All tried, even reinstall. Any ideas?
    [email protected]

    In addition, you can consult the page of the Toshiba driver for the audio driver update.
    But I agree with the user above. The crackling could occur due to various processes that run in the background of the OS.

  • loud fan after the addition of hard drive noise

    I installed a second hdd in my Mac Pro 2008 and as soon as I started there was a noise constant very loud fan as I never had before. Here's what I put: WD2003FZEX WD Black 2 t 7200 RPM SATA 6 gb/s 64 MB cache. I formatted using disk utility. This is my first time, install a hard drive and I basically screw them into the bracket and connected. Did I miss something?

    Try resetting the SMC

    Reset of the management system (SCM) on your Mac controller

  • Loud fan noise (Inspiron 15 5548)

    For some reason, my computer has frequently produced a loud fan noise when I'm with her. For most of the time, it is silent. However, there are often times where I didn't even open several Web pages, but it grows stronger. There are two levels of intensity sound (the second level is so strong that it can attract the attention of people sitting next to me).

    It's only a laptop 2 months old, so I'm not sure why it becomes strong. Also, I have 12 GB of RAM, which adds to my confusion.

    Any suggestions or reasoning? Thank you!

    Hi mcharfi,

    Welcome to the Dell Community Forum.

    I understand the situation. May I know if you're having the system overheating? Please clean the gills & check if it helps. Also update the BIOS & check. Click on the link below, enter the system service tag and click on submit. Select the operating system from the drop-down menu to get the drivers for your system model:


    Let me know if it helps.

  • TOO QUIET! Watch videos online in Firefox are now so quiet on my speakers and headphones. I thought it was a problem with my hardware, but internet explore and itunes are perfectly strong. How can I fix it?

    Please don't force me to use Internet Explorer again...


    You can click on the Volume icon in the Windows taskbar near the clock and click on the link to mix down to open the mixing console.

    You can adjust the volume level for each application in this window, so make sure that Firefox is not set to mute or set at a low level.

    The current versions of Firefox using the process of plugin-container to run plugins, check the volume control for the process of plugin-container.

    You will see the program Firefox or the Plugin Container in the mixer if you are on a website that plays sound.

  • Satellite A500-040 - too noisy CPU fan

    My CPU fan runs too fast and too loud. The fan speed is still 73 percent. Although I have not used all the programs, the CPU fan speed is always 73%. Never speed is made once it has reached 73%. Even the CPU temperature is about 35%.
    I tried to do as a result of the actions:
    It solves not 1 updating bios/drivers-
    2 changing settings of the power plan does not solve
    3 cleaning cooling module does not solve

    Can someone help me?

    Unfortunately there is not much you can do about it. Cooling fan is controlled automatically. I put t know which options have the power that you have changed, but please try to change the option for cooling method. You can find it in the advanced power options > Toshiba power Saver saver > cooling method.
    Use the optimized battery option. This should reduce the activity of fan cooling.

  • Loud fan noise and bluetooth does not not in hp pavilion 1322tx g6

    Hello guys... I have a problem in my computer hp laptop pavilion 1322tx g6. 1 is when I turn on the laptop, the fan produces annoying sound and vibrate too. After about 5 minutes, it goes back to normal.some dayes ago, I started playiing Medal of honor warfighter. Although playing fan became stronger, but I thought it was normal. but now on start fan is too loud and vibrates too...

    My second problem is that my bluetooth is not working. I downloaded and tried all the driver bluetooth http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodNameId=5227785&... this link but it says no bluetooth device found or something like that. None of them work.  !!

    Please someone help me!

    Hello again acidburn. I did a little research and according to this site which Hardware ID refers to the "card of Bluetooth of Broadcom 20702."

    Another search was this driver for this chipset. It is not listed as being to a specific cell, but you should give it a try.

    Install the driver I've listed above and let me know if it installs correctly bluetooth driver and he gets rid of this "unknown device".

    I wish you a nice day!

  • Sansa clip + 8 GB too quiet even with the latest firmware

    Just got my phone yesterday. Overall, I'm happy with it, but one thing ruins the image. The volume. It's just too much (* beep *?) quiet. Even if I it max on the whole, it's just not strong enough for public transport for example. That I use quite often. | As soon as I got the player, I did an update of the firmware. If this isn't the problem. What I could do to make it stronger? Is there a firmware for it? A hack? No matter what? I would be really happy if there would be something... (I use a headphones Sennheiser CX200 (IIRC) with the device that's not so bad, so I guess that isn't also the problematic part.). Thanks for the replies. (PS: I tried to search the forums. Found only subjects as even the lowest volume is too loud. What the devil? ^^".. (no, my hearing is well before all the world would ask.))

    Install it again or use reset the factory settings and on the screen that shows the North America, europe, rest of the world to ensure that you do not choose Europe.

  • (R5 Aurora Alienware desktop computer) loud fan noise

    Hi, I recently bought a desktop computer Alienware Aurora R5 for the games.

    It has graphics GTX 1070, 32 GB of RAM and i7 CPU.

    The PC itself is great and if I play movies/music or make internet surfing is very quiet.

    But if I try to make games with it the fan noise becomes unbearably high... almost like an airplane taking off.

    I updated my BIOS and DELL technician has replaced all fans inside the PC, but they do not at all help.

    Are there not in some way you can help me? Thank you in advance!


    cs_setInnerHtml ('video_15ee1398-0950-443f-a83c-272dcde326f6', ");

    See a different but identical post here: Aurora-R5, noisy fan PSU with qwotes:

    @MagR5 @Okumam > the final advice of the forum are-in your 30 day return window-, contact Dell & initiate the full return of your PC; When asked the reason for the return, tell them 'it's too noisy. " you don't want a replacement power, as you can imagine he will heal the issue & downtime doing an exchange of guarantee with the same party will strive to shorten your window of return etc. the Rep, now painted in a corner, should be open to a partial refund of $50. If you do it right, you should be able to guarantee a ~ $50 refund, & then shop around for a new power provide or seek a different fix for noisy here. Stroll in your transaction verbal with them, ready to back actually as a last resort, then order a new office with their 850 then go if it suits you while searching for a discount on a new one for your trouble. Most of the owners have now understood that a live chat or selling a can get a discount on a new element, where using their simple online by yourself cannot. Good luck

    Recommendation to receive a block of power SUPPLY from Dell free exchange:

    I use my Aurora R5 with an i7 7600 and GTX 1070 mainly for RVS with a live HTC and had the same problem with the PSU 460W fan revving up and down all the time without load on the machine (!) and open a folder with Dell online support. In the process, I could prove that the behaviour of the PSU is a systematic failure, which can be reproduced as follows:

    If you run a diagnostic self-test on BACK ePSA / bios level (press F12 repeatedly during the startup of your PC) during the game "memory test" PSU fan will do limit it sounds known. To make sure that it is not the CPU or caissons fans you can run the test with the case open, fan power supply sounds diffently.

    In Windows 10 If you open "Steam VR" usually the PSU revvs down, but as soon as you close (!) VR steam revvs fan power supply upwards like crazy for at least a minute without any load to the machine.

    Dell support yesterday confirmed they got the same systematic results and agreed to share the power supply to my home free of charge under warranty and a technique.

    During the debate, I'm going to scrutiny if the swap it 1:1 or replaced by another type of power supply.

    If your diet of nuisance is model D460AM, the above remedies / method implies that you may receive a repeat offender if they send another D460AM

  • Satellite A500-025 - high and loud fan with some vibrations

    MY new Toshiba has its fan cooling at the top with a vibration when I turn on the computer first.
    After about a minute the fan speed goes down as does the noise and vibration of the fan.

    Y at - it a bios upgrade or adjustment on the A500-025 to prevent this?
    It almost looks like when you first turn it on, the fan setting is high then then adjusts.

    Thank you.

    > Y at - it a bios upgrade or adjustment on the A500-025 to prevent this?
    > It seems that when you first turn it on, the fan setting is high then then adjusts.

    This happens in my portable fans too and as much as I know there is nothing unusual
    This does not happen always, but each time when the laptop fell very long and if the temperature is higher

    I think that fans run faster for a few seconds to release the dirt among the cooling modules and calibrate the speed once again
    I wouldn't be worried is this fan behaviour maintained only for a few seconds

    Welcome them

  • Satellite Pro L20 is too quiet


    My laptop is really quiet. I tried to adjust the max volume everywhere, but it's still fairly quiet.
    Is there a solution? The sound is quiet on built in speakers, as well as on the helmet.



    Please check the Volume control and set the option of the wave maximum.

  • Portege R830-very loud fan that runs until the machine hangs.

    My 3 month old R830 fan runs often and hard... and on a daily basis will remain running loudly until finally the machine hangs. .. What is very, very frustrating.

    Someone told me he had something to with the security of fingerprint software... go figure!... but anyway I'm eager to find someone who has a solution.

    As it is I think the machine is way over rated, because it is only an improvement of the SSD on the orginal R600, which, when it came out was the best in its class. A portable "high-end" disappointing from my point of view... and the so-called 'new' Z series looks a lot like the R600 with a SAME size SSD... so as it seems that I am stuck with this one, I'll try to find a fix for a very annoying problem.

    Post edited by: Brucead

    Hi mate

    Please check the settings in the Windows 7 power management!
    There you can optimize the CPU and cooling performance module this should help reduce heat dissipation and fan speed
    In addition I recommend upgrading the Toshiba Fingerprint Software immediately to the version V1.0.2.32 or higher. In addition, turn off the power save option of fingerprint device in Device Manager.
    Device Manager->-> authentic Tec Inc AES1610-> the power management of biometric devices

    Here, you will have to remove the mark next to the option called allow the computer to turn off this device to save power. Disable the power saving mode will reduce the life of the battery, so you can check whether or not it helps reduce noise.

  • The speakers click when the fan starts and stops Equium A100-147

    I recently bought the 100-147 satellite and noticed that a click comes from the speakers (or headphones or external speakers) when the fan starts up and even when the fan stops. Sometimes it s quite remarkable, other times not so remarkable.

    Everyone can hear that click? If it's normal, I can live with that, otherwise I will return it for repair. Any comment please?

    In addition, it seems slow at startup and shut down. Put into service takes 2 minutes and 35 seconds, and stop to 33 seconds. Is this normal bearing in mind, it is running MCE? I have loaded additional software such as Itunes, Nero, Office 2000, Photoshop 5.0 etc.

    Thank you for reading.

    Clicking noise when the fan starts or stops turning is not uncommon. On my satellite a similar sound will appear when the fans begin to turn or the HARD disk starts to spin.
    Then worry about don t, I think its OK.

    The start-up procedure can take several times when a lot of applications and software to load at the beginning. Equium A100 seems to be one of the newer laptops, and I assume that different applications Toshiba load at the beginning.
    Also an Antivirus applications could extend the startup procedure.

    You might try testing something. Disable the antivirus of loading at the beginning and check if the laptop will start faster.

    It s even with stops. All background processes that are run in the context of the operating system should be closed until the laptop shuts down completely.

  • Early 2011 MacBook speakers appear quieter this usual, easy fix?


    I have a MacBook 2011 beginning El Capitan (version 10.11.2) running. The speakers on my mac have been quiet for awhile, but sometimes they seem to generate in life and give me the original strong output, what they did when I came to the computer.

    As they can occasionally give me the power output I don't think it's an ongoing problem, but I'm at a loss on how to solve this problem, maybe some needs bit cleaning but its really difficult to get access to the speakers.

    This problem affects the sound regardless of the application, I use for example iTunes or iPlayer and I tried to play in the system preferences and check that the volume is full enough, but the max volume seems to come and go, as it's easier to listen to the TV shows frequently with headphones to make sure that I can hear them properly.

    The headphone output seems not affected by this problem and I run Apple Hardware test and it came not with all the problems.

    Quick solutions or I need to see the guys at the genius bar or is it irreparable?

    Thank you

    Reset NVRAM could solve the problem.

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