W500 4061, cannot change password, noise AC adapter

Hello, everyone.

I am can not change the password for ME WOOD. The "admin" password is accepted, but reports 'ERROR' as intrel change password rejected. Can someone give me some light on it

I have an Intel management Aegina BIOS extension version v4.04.0006 and Intel ME fireware version

BTW, can someone tell me how do not change at the start of the DVD, the brand of DVD some noise when start and according to me, that's not healthy for her.

The power adapter were also low noise frenqency, something in common?


I had the same expirence with Intel ME password. You must choose a password that is sophisticated like me! Admin! 00 with uppercase and lowercase and special characters

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  • Users cannot change password for 802.1 x and implementation of ISE

    Hi all

    We have implemented cisco ISE 1.1 for a week and we notice that Microsoft active directory the user cannot change password there when it expired.

    We store all user account in Microsoft active directory for authentication and ISE is mapped with Microsoft active directory. Normally, when your expired password Microsoft active directory ask you to change your password, but in our case cisco switch or 802. 1 x do not allow communication with active directory before giving access to the network. Is this a configuration error or cisco do not support this?

    Best regards.


    I have the same problem, did you find a solution?

    Thank you

  • vRO - AD plugin - defined attributes of user - password never expires and user cannot change password

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    The user cannot change the password

    I guess I'll use the .setAttribute method, but I can't find anywhere a useful example/document that could help me to do so.

    Thank you


    OK, I found help in the thread:

    Properties of creation of account user AD - cannot change password and password never expires

    The closure of this one.

  • Cannot change password user AD of ASA

    ASA 8.4 running. I have the password-management enabled on the tunnel group, LDAP over SSL is activated, but when I test in defining an account to require password change after the next connection, the new page password required loads (clientless) and allows to enter password again. After continue to knock, he returned to the login page user name with this message above the username field


    Cannot complete the password change, because the password does not meet the password policy requirements. Check the minimum password length, password complexity and password history requirements.


    Yet, I am able to change the password at the same time a post work, so there is no policy of gp who refuses change of password. We have minimum days 0 and no complexity required. I'll meet the minimum length.

    a debug output when I hit continue it after entering the new password:

    Starting a session [10068]

    New [10068] Session, request the 0x74637d10 context, reqType = change password

    Started fiber [10068]

    [10068] LDAP context with uri = ldaps://

    [10068] to connect to the LDAP server: ldaps://, status = success

    supportedLDAPVersion [10068]: value = 3

    supportedLDAPVersion [10068]: value = 2

    [10068] link as asauser

    Authentication Simple running [10068] to asauser to

    Search LDAP [10068]:

    Base DN = [DC = subdomain, DC = company, DC = com]

    Filter = [[email protected] / * /]

    Range = [subtree]

    DN of the user [10068] = [CN = useraccount, CN = Users, DC = subdomain, DC = company, DC = com]

    [10068] talk to Active Directory

    [10068] password for reading strategy for [email protected] / * /dn:CN = useraccount, CN = Users, DC = subdomain, DC = company, DC = com

    Bad password count [10068] reading 0

    [10068] change password for [email protected] / * / password successfully converted to unicode

    [10068] output fiber Tx = 759 bytes Rx = 2959 bytes, status =-1

    End of session [10068]

    If 'asauser' is not yet a member of the "account operators" group, add to this group.

    There is an enhancement request to do this work without special privileges, see:

    CSCtq54856    ENH: Support for the management of w/o rights connection LDAP Admin DN password




    Just to further clarify for those hitting this thread in the search for a solution to the same problem: the 'asauser' in the above example is the user who is configured in the ASA LDAP settings:

    AAA-server ldap protocol ldap

    AAA-server ldap (inside) host

    Server-port 636

    LDAP-base-dn cn = users, dc = CISCOTEST, dc = COM

    LDAP-login-password *.

    LDAP-connection-dn asauser

    enable LDAP over ssl

    microsoft server type

    While this user (the one defined with ldap-connection-"dn") must be in the group account opertators, not all vpn users.

  • Authorized DBA cannot change password

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    Found the solution.  has had to cancel the user ID DV_SECANALYST.

  • The user cannot change password

    Hi all

    I have my users set up in the .rpd have to change their password every 90 days. My first user just hit this limit. She received an ODBC error that says the password has expired and please change the password. Unfortunately - there is no room available to do so. I think that OBIEE would come with a change of password area - but it isn't. I also searched on OTN and the documentation and cannot find anywhere that solves this problem. I think it's an easy fix - but can't seem to find where if users are allowed to change their password. Any ideas?

    Thank you!

    You must enable the link change password to users.
    read this blog


  • AIP-SSM20: cannot change password - please help

    Reset the password using the hw-module command.  But now I can't change the default password of cisco.  she rejects any combination of password that I tried, uppercase, lowercase, numbers and the characters not alphanumeric.  It's probably requrement of password policy that I put forward.  How can I work around this problem and restore default setting?

    Thank you.

    Login: cisco


    You are required to change your password immediately (years)

    Change password for cisco

    (current) password:

    New password:

    INCORRECT PASSWORD: is too simple

    New password:

    INCORRECT PASSWORD: is too simple

    New password:

    Model serial number of map mod

    --- -------------------------------------------- ------------------ -----------

    1. ASA 5500 Series Security Services Module-20 ASA-SSM-20 JAF1204AQHT

    MAC mod Fw Sw Version Version Version Hw address range

    --- --------------------------------- ------------ ------------ ---------------

    1 001e.7a36.7aba to 001e.7a36.7aba 1.0 1.0 (11) E4 2 7.0 (5A)

    The Application name of the SSM status Version of the Application of SSM mod

    --- ------------------------------ ---------------- --------------------------

    1 FPS up to 7,0 E4 (5A)

    Data on the State of mod aircraft compatibility status

    --- ------------------ --------------------- -------------

    1 up Up


    You can try a more complex password.

    was soon 1

  • cannot change password in mozilla addons

    I tried to log in with my old password to the addons of firefox and it didn't recognize it. I asked for a password reset, then went to the link on my email and type a new password in both boxes. I received a message that says that your password has been changed. Yet when I went to connect, the password still did not work.
    I tried twice more to reset and enter a new password (I tried various passwords just out of curiosity) and the same problem takes place.

    I doubt if the Add-ons forum AND website modules use the same password / username database. Not a 100% sure because I use the same username and the same password for all sites of Mozilla, with the exception of Bugzilla and Mozilla Labs that use the e-mail address for the username. These two sites, according to my master list of connections initiated two years apart site - 2006 and 2008 identifiers.

  • Cannot change password

    I had a Skype account for a long time and am ashamed to say that I had a very, very weak password only four characters. I just tried to change it and after I typed in my old password in the text box provided, is that I can go. The two fields to enter a new password remain greyed out and I can't enter any text in them.

    How can I change my password?

    Never mind. I found the solution. It's the Chrome. When I switched to Firefox, it worked.

  • Windows 7 Administrator account cannot change password ("the password entered is incorrect")

    I have a user account on my computer. This is an administrator account. I can connect with my administrator password and I am in this account as I write this. When I try to change the password in the control panel-> user accounts-> change your Windows password I get my password for the existing administrator and then the new twice, but I get the error message "the password entered is incorrect. Please re-enter your current password. »

    • I entered the current password is the correct (otherwise I wouldn't be connected to the account).
    • I made repeated tests, so I can exclude typos
    • the caps lock is disabled

    How can I work around this problem to change my password? "Current password" means something other than the password I used to access my account?

    Is it possible to display the version of distorted of the password so that I can use it when you change the account password?

    There is no way to display an existing password.

    To dig a little deeper, I suggest you do this:

    1. Create an alternative admin account. You should have it anyway, even that you have a spare House key, because you'd be in diabolical trouble, if something went wrong with your one and only the admin account.
    2. Test the alternative account.
    3. Play with the password for your existing account. If you get locked, use the alternative account to reset the password.

    Check out this link for a tip force a provision of specific keyboard during logon.

  • Cannot change password in Windows 7

    When I try to change my password on my Windows 7 laptop, it hangs for a while and then told me that the password that I entered does not respect the rules of complexity.  I don't have all the rules of market complexity.  What else could be wrong / (and I did not use this password on this computer before!).

    Help!  This prevent me to sync files with my work Server (which is located on a remote network to which I connect via VPN).

    I hear what you say but what you always report suggests that the password of the server of the office strategy has been applied to your laptop. If you have a newer version of Windows 7 you can use the policy editor to disable the complexity requirements:

    1. Run gpedit.msc
    2. Follow this path: Local computer policy / Computer Configuration / Windows settings / security settings / account policies / password policy. Double click on "password must meet complexity requirements" on the right, then put it on "disabled".
  • Windows 8 cannot change password

    I can't change the password on Windows 8. I followed the instructions. It is said.

    "Change your password.

    This Service is not available now. "Please try again later".

    I had the same password for my account live and computer laptop.

    What should I do?

    Hi Samir,

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that you can not change your password.

    This could happen due to some system conflicts.

    Try the methods.

    Method 1:

    I suggest that you have to temporarily disable the antivirus security software installed on your computer and check.

    Warning: Antivirus software helps protect your computer against viruses and other security threats. In most cases, you should not disable your antivirus software. If you have to temporarily disable it to install other software and/or any relevant issue, you must reactivate as soon as you are finished. If you are connected to the Internet or a network, while your antivirus software is disabled, your computer is vulnerable to attacks by malicious software.

    Method 2:

    Change your password


    You can also directly access your Microsoft account settings, online from any computer and change the password.


    I hope this helps. Please let us know the results. We will be happy to help you further.

  • Cannot change the password using the question of security in l/min.

    We have an identity server. We have a lost password management application. There is a webpass and a webgate configured for the application of the LPM. The mode of communication is simple. The forgotten password feature does not work for the application of the LPM.

    Steps to re-create the issue
    -In the form of connection, the user clicks on "I forgot my password"link
    -User enter 'User ID' and then click on submit
    -It redirects the user to a page of challenge question, the answer to the question the user and click on submit
    -The next page confirms the user had correctly answered the secret question. And invite the user to enter the new password, retype the password, and then click Save
    -When, click Save shows "cannot change the password. The screen is refreshed. The new password is not saved.

    Identity & Webpass - BP08 Server version

    Thank you.


    For the LPM error "cannot change the password" check if you set a "minimum age" in the definition of the strategy of password.
    "If you set a minimum age of 2 days for example, the user will not be able to change his or her password before 2 days after the initial setting of the password and you will have 'identity/oblilx/logs/oblog.log' shows: ERROR 0 x 00000901 lost_pwd_mgmt.cpp:264 'cannot change password' loginName ^ xxxxx" in oblog.log

    --> In our POC password minimum age has been set, and we have forgotten that we have in him... This is why we hade this error on the LPM scenario...
    --> After setting the minimum age to 0, the scenario LPM works every time

    Best regards

  • Error: Windows cannot change the password when attempt to set a password to connect to the Windows XP computer.

    Original title: Windows cannot change the password.

    I'm trying to set a password on my computer with windows xp professional and everytime I try, I get a message saying: Windows cannot change the password. Please can someone help me.

    With our thanks


    Hi Elizabeth,.

    You can follow this link & check if the problem persists:

    Impossible to change the password for the administrator account in user accounts in Control Panel

    Hope the helps of information.

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    Microsoft technical support engineers cannot help you recover the passwords of the files and Microsoft who are lost or forgotten product features. For more information about this policy, please refer to the sticky below.


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