W520 and mini 433810U dock

Do you know if the 433810U and the 433830U abandoned are the same, except for the power supply?

Can the spirit, I buy a 433810U, plug into my 170w PSU and use the dock with my W520?


Dock connector will prevent 170W PSI are used

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    Hi Ted

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    Good bye

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    I'm afraid that is what happens when you share an Apple ID.

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    I suspect that your problem is that you share an ID for FaceTime, you must either stop this or make sure that you have only and that your caller ID is only your phone number.

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    I'm discerning the max and min of cycle data values. We have about 20 data points for each cycle and I need make the max and min out of it. I tried to write a script for this but it takes way to long to run. Do not complete our largest files (over 1 million points of data) with my script and DIAdem crash.  I also tried the peak built by finding functions, but they come with data points that are not max or min. Here is my script below:

    Dim cyclemin
    Dim cyclemax
    Dim cyclecount
    Dim displacementmax, displacementmin
    Dim channelcount
    Dim i, j, k, g, a, m
    cyclemin = CMin ('Cycle Count')
    cyclemax = CMax ('Cycle Count')
    ChannelCount = 0
    Call ChnAlloc ('Single Cycle Count',(cyclemax-cyclemin) + 1, 1, DataTypeFloat64)
    Call ChnAlloc ("pressure min. sample",(cyclemax-cyclemin) + 1, 1, DataTypeFloat64)
    Call ChnAlloc ("Sample pressure Max",(cyclemax-cyclemin) + 1, 1, DataTypeFloat64)
    a = 1
    For cyclecount = cyclemin to cyclemax
    g = 1
    ChannelCount = channelcount + 1
    I = ChnFind ('Ch ()' ' Cycle Count"" "") = "& str (cyclecount)(,a)"
    j = ChnFindReverse ("Ch (" 'Cycle Count) "" ") =" & str (cyclecount), CL ('Cycle Count')) "
    Dial the ChnAlloc ("sample Pressure data retention", (d - i) + 1, 1, DataTypeFloat64 ')
    For k = i j
    ChD (g, "" data keeps the pressure of the sample "") = SMC (k, "Sample pressure")
    g = g + 1
    Call the ChnCharacter (' "data keeps the pressure of the sample" ")
    ChD (channelcount, ' Single Cycle Count "" ") = cyclecount
    ChD (channelcount, "Max pressure sample") = CMax ("Data Hold sample pressure")
    ChD (channelcount, "pressure min. sample") = CMin ("Data Hold sample pressure")
    Call the ChnDelete (' "data keeps the pressure of the sample" ")
    a = j

    Can someone please help me find a way to do it quickly? Thank you.

    Hello Steinmeister85

    just in case you are using a newer version of DIAdem, here is an alternative solution.

    Also, I used your example file and it concatenated 50 times to create a file which has about 560,000 values in each channel.

    I run your script from a new one to get a reference number

    Sample file

    Original screenplay: 2.5 seconds

    Optimized script: 0.2 seconds

    50 x example file

    Original screenplay: 111,493 seconds

    Optimized script: 0.25 seconds

    I have to admit that I've sorted the concatenated file. This way I have 216 cycle segments to be analyzed. If I simple concatenate files (without sorting) I get 50 x the number of segments and the new script takes about 9 seconds to execute. The original script doesn't work properly like you woul then have to repeat the cycle count numbers in different areas of the channel...

    I hope that the new versions work for you.


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    I use the XY graph to display the data with 3 Y-scales.

    When I put any scale Y property visibility to False, its display even the Y scale Max and Min range lines in the plot area of the chart and cross line or additional parallel line with other visible scales.

    Attached to the page Ref.

    And I know that the cross-line may be due to different ranges of scales is defining. But the XY graph does not show the scales are invisible and possessions as well.

    Please provide your suggestions to avoid this.

    Scales and lines associated with these scales are separate properties. I've never tried and now I'm not in front of a computer, but should have properties for the definition of the grid line color. Implement transparent.


  • 7054 TDS query max and min measure

    I seem to have difficulty querying for minimum and maximum measurements on my o'scope 7054 TDS. I have two meaurements on and if I question MEASU:MEAS1:TYP? He returned to MAX and back MIN for MEAS2. Yet, when I try to question the real value MEASU:MEAS1:MAX? It returns 99.000 + 36, which of course cannot be true. The strange thing is that the code works for the DPO4104. No idea what I am doing wrong? I have attached 2 sets of code, 1, that's how I activate measures on the scope, the other tries to query for max and min.

    You must use ": MEASU:MEAS %dto?" to get your data (put the number in the %d).  You ask in fact that the max best scope value recorded.  It can keep some statistics on measures.  Here are the commands that I use to get the data (even once, replace %d by the number of measure):

    : MEASU:MEAS %d: UNI?

    The first order requested the actual data of the measure as well as the second units of measurement.

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    can someone show me how to make a max and min of a 2d array

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    I think I must make two loop for, but I have not figured out how.

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    super_saiyans wrote:

    Yes. It can

    but I don't want to look at the column 3,4,5

    Subset of the table allows to remove.

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    Thank you


    With color on your bars, you should have enough experience to understand this.

    You're a loop in the table already.  Now you just need a function like table Max and min. loop.  And you may need to transpose the table 2D.

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    1. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    2. is it a laptop or a desktop computer?

    3. the problem occurs after leaving the game or program?

    4 did you a recent software or changes to the material on the computer?

    Method 1:

    If this happens when you leave a game, I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned in the link and check.

    Open the troubleshooter of display quality


    Method 2:

    I also suggest you go through the steps mentioned in the link and the Coachman.

    Change your screen resolution


    Method 3:

    Step 1:

    I also suggest you to check if the problem persists in safe mode.

    Start your computer in safe mode


    Step 2:

    You can also check if the problem persists in a clean boot state.

    Clean boot:

    This could happen if one of the substantive programmes is in conflict with the proper functioning of your computer. To help resolve the error and other messages, you can start Windows 7 by using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs. This type of boot is known as a "clean boot". A clean boot helps eliminate software conflicts.

    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or Windows 7 http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929135

    Note: when you are finished troubleshooting, follow step 7 article to start the computer to a normal startup.

    Hope this helps and keep us posted.

  • My thinkpad W520 and my ssd (Crucial M4 128)

    Hello people. I read the thread entitled W520 and various issues of ssd. In fact, it was a relief for me to read after all the trouble I had try my M4 running successfully in my W520.

    When I first installed the M4, it wouldn't let me install windows. I tried many things and almost come to the conclusion that the drive itself is bad because he called me all kinds of problems. That opinion changed when I tried my M4 in other machines. It all worked perfectly. Then, I thought: * beep *? Would it be the laptop? When I came across the wire, that I mentioned above, I knew I wasn't alone and knew that it was actually a compatibility issue.

    However, I was reading comments the other day on the W520, and many critics included ssd in their tests and reported good results. There was no mention of any problem of ssd. I also noticed in many forums that some users take advantage of their W520 strengthened by the performance of the ssd.

    So, it's like a situation of chance/unlcuky? Some w520 will work with ssd and some won't be fair?

    There is only one thing that I haven't tried yet. Try the M4 in the my W520 with its latest firmware update (0009)... better suddenly you think?

    And where is all this lenovo?

    Thank you.

    Just for you guys do know. He has WORKED with the latest firmware.

    Now, I write my W520 with the Crucial installed M4.

    Thanks for everyone.

  • The B326HK supports HDCP on HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DP 2.2? A weaker version of HDCP?

    The B326HK supports HDCP on all or part of its connections? Which? All are supported HDCP version 2.2? I read on Internet websites many dealers some version of it is taken in charge on DVI, but no comment on HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort. In conflict with these sites, product specification for the Acer online store reports that HDCP is not supported. (http://us-store.acer.com/b326hk-ymjdpphz-monitor) I want to be able to read encrypted Blu - ray discs (and later, if possible, 4 K Blu - ray disc) for my desktop computer through the display via HDMI, DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort.


    Other research shows that all the digital inputs may support HDCP, so DVI, HDMI/MHL, miniDP and DP.

  • Troubleshooting external video and thread unique docking station

    Try to group all threads dock into one video.  This will help me to collect information on what is and is not working there, and get it to engineering to solve.    I will edit this first post to maintain the all updated in one place.  This should make it easier to find information in the future.

    Steps to follow before reporting a problem:

    (1) check the revision on your dock.   If you look at the bottom of the docking station, you will see a variety of labels.   The PPID label is on the right side of the group labels and will include a number of review at the end.   Make sure you have a revision A01.   If you A00, and if the video does not work after trying the remaining steps in this guide, please contact support and have your A00 with A01 replaced.

    (2) be sure to update your device to the latest version of the BIOS (currently the A11 for the 713 x) and A07 for the 5130.  For the 713 x, select the version appropriate for your product.

    (3) upgrade to the latest version of the video driver.   It is currently for the 713 x 3496 and 3366 for the 5130 (note that this driver 5130 is packaged in A06 chipset driver).

    (4) connect your monitor (s) to the docking station.   The preferred method is to use directly DP to DP or HDMI to HDMI cables.   Dongles will work, but note that the DP dongles must be 'active '.   DP ++ (non-active) dongles will not work with this docking station.   Passive HDMI dongles are OK.   Use dongles and cables of good quality.   Monitors must be HDCP.

    (5) turn on monitors and set up an external video via the options of the Intel graphics driver or the WIndows Devices/project option.   The 5130 will support the LCD + external display a screen (two screens can reflect the content if you wish).  713 x will support the LCD + two external displays (each unique content display).  713 x will support daily chained DP 1.2 monitors.  Two external monitors can operate at FHD (1920) and one external monitor through DP can support 2560.

    (6) at this point, your external monitor should work.   If this is not a couple of additional troubleshooting follow the steps.

    6.1) remove and reinsert the cable from the monitor at dock.

    6.2) to ensure that the current dock is good (the LED on the front of the docking station must always be on when power is present)

    6.3) make this monitor has good source of selected entry and that the wiring is routed to the appropriate ports.

    6.4) compressed Undock and redock to see if a change occurs.

    6.5) 6.5) for tablets of 713 x, try to roll back the driver A00 video 3316 to see if that makes a difference.

    (7) if the video still does not work as you expect, please post in this topic with the following information.

    (7.1) the confirmation that you have tried the steps above and that you have indeed an A01 docking station.

    7.2) of the make and model of your monitor (s).

    7.3) information (e.g. How is everything connected) configuration

    7.4) If you use several dongles, brand and model of the dongle if known

    7.5) problem specific (s) you encounter.

    Pay attention to the updates to this thread that develops information.   I'll update below tables quite frequently - I need to dig up the test reports and add all this information here soon.

    List monitors confirmed the function:

    1907WPc (DVI)
    2007WFPb (DVI)
    2407WFP (DVI)
    E248WFPb (DVI).
    P2213 (DP, DVI)
    SP2208WFPt (DP/DVI)
    U2410 (DVI/HDMI/DP)
    U2413 (DP)
    U2711 (DVI/HDMI/DP)

    List of monitors who may have questions:

    U2312 (DP to DP) - no video sync with 3412, seems to work with 3316.
    U2412M same as U2312
    ST2220L (HDMI to HDMI) - not detected after dock power removed/reinserted.   Workaround is to remove HDMI and power of dock, plug in power first and then HDMI.
    ST2340t (HDMI to HDMI with USB 3.0 touch) - Tablet believes monitor USB after the suspension/recovery

    Acer G246HL - DP flickers / picture does not fill the screen (with active ingredient DP dongle cable), another where monitor does not work.

    Dell E198FPf - DP flickers / picture does not fill the screen (with active ingredient DP dongle cable).

    NEC LCD17V-BK - DP flickers / picture does not fill the screen (with active ingredient DP dongle cable).

    ViewSonic VA702b - DP flickers / picture does not fill the screen (with active ingredient DP dongle cable).

    Acer AL1716 - DP flickers / picture does not fill the screen (with active ingredient DP dongle cable).

    E2209Wc - work via HDMI, but not through DP

    AOC E2450SWH - HDMI works fine, DP to HDMI (Astrotek AT-DPHDMI-MF Active) flashes.  DP to VGA (Comsol DP-VG-AD) flashes.   Persistence concerns.

    Dell P2314H - DP to DP - delay important, does not at all or its blinking.

    Dell P2314H - DP to DP - long delay for monitor DP to come after that HDMI works.   OK with monitor power off.

    E2209Wc - DP/DVI displayport topology looks but monitor will not work.

    Dell P2414H - DP only works 10% of the time

    Dell P2210 reference - DP only works 10% of the time

    Dell P2210f, 2210-t, 2210Hc - do not work DP to DP

    Dell E220Wf - won't work not DP/DVI

    Dell 2009Wt - won't work not DP/DVI

    Reference Dell 2213 - some work, some don't?

    Dell U2413 - no video via active DP HDMI adapter, works very well with the right RFP

    Dell 2414Hb & failure 2009Wt - DP to DP - Dell to detect again after cycle dock, only mirrors, extend.

    HP LA1951g - flicker when using VGA, OK with HDMI/DVI

    P2210f - OK with DP DP, problematic in the case.

    Dell U2412m - does not work with DP

    Dell S2240M - does not work with DP to DVI active

    P2314H - DP to DP fails to reconnect after sleep cycle

    List of dongles confirmed the function:

    Questions cable gold plated active DisplayPort to HDMI male/female adapter (tested on 7130)

    Questions cable gold plated active DisplayPort to DVI male/female adapter (tested on 7130)

    Bizlink Dual Link DP to DVI (out of stock at the moment)

    List of dongles confirmed having problems:

    Any DP ++ (passive) dongle - dock can't DP ++ (passive) DP dongles.

    Thank you!

    What do guys for the monitors to u2312 and u2412?

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