W520 has a broken key on the keyboard. Where to repair?

W520 has a broken key on the keyboard. Where to repair? It has been bothering my OCD a lot. In addition, my lenovo laptop is still under warranty. Would I be able to get this fix for free?
Thank you!


Good day and welcome to the community.

As you mention that you are still under warranty, I would recommend that you call the Service (info below) to discuss the issue.

Kind regards.

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  • Satellite Z30-A-1CZ - broken key on the keyboard


    I am proud to use a Toshiba Satellite Z30-A-1CZ., I bought this winter in Germany.
    It is a wonderful machine and work or surf is an absolute joy.

    Last week I broke accidentally (left arrow) key on my keyboard.
    The key cap is broken, it does not have to clip, the Clip of withholding key and the Cup rubber are still ok.

    Can you help me, giving a hint, where can I buy new key, while I can appreciate even more the work?
    To return to Germany for the guarantee is not a solution for the moment.

    Now, it's horrible, and working on it is a pain

    I hope that your team can save my key? You are my last hope.

    Best regards

    You can try to contact the ASP from Toshiba in the country where you are resident or currently stay.
    The ASP may be able to provide unique key hats...

    Another idea: visit a few independent computer stores / downtown dealers.

    As I know the keyboard Poretege Z30 uses a key town CAP, editing which should be accompanied by other keyboards...
    then perhaps you could get such a ceiling for another similar keyboard key...

  • How to set the pressure necessary for the keys on the keyboard? I adjusted it 2 years when I had my Macbook Air, but I forgot how I did it. In my opinion, only a touch of F has been used.

    How to address the need to pressure for keys? I've adjusted it 2 years ago when I got my Macbook, but I forgot how. In my opinion, only a touch of F has been used.

    I don't know what you are referring. You can't 'adjust the need to pressure for the keys. The keyboard is what it is. The key must be pressed far enough for electric contact in key switches. The keys are not adjustable in this way.

  • Satellite A300-15J - keys on the keyboard


    I got my laptop about a week now. I liked it carefully, the brilliant keyboard did irritate me at first, but... But to my surprise... this morning the left low corner command button was loose... it seems that one of the "connectors" broke up.

    Of course, I know what to say, I broke it, and it's probably true, because I type on my computer and so to put pressure on it... BUT, I have a respect for computers, I don't hit my computer and I have typing skills...

    I called a local computer company and they said that I need to replace the entire keyboard... because Toshiba will probably not fix it under warranty because they will say I did damage... I had a toshiba A100 for 2 years, the keyboard still works fine...

    I wonder if anyone has any suggestions or comments on this topic?

    Thank you very much.

    Well... sad story, but the fact is that the key on the keyboard is broken and the keyboard needs to be replaced.
    I don't know why it broke... maybe you used really too much pressure while typing... who knows. ?:|

    I have two Toshiba laptops different... one is 5 years old and the other is about 2 years old and I never noticed any problem keyboard or buttons...

    So in my opinion, you had a bad luck... that's all.

    Good luck with your keyboard replacement...

  • Satellite A40: How to reinsert the key on the keyboard


    a key on my keyboard has extracted out.
    I knew nothing was broken.
    Does anyone know how to reinsert the key on the keyboard?

    Is there guidance on the internet?
    Or did someone knows how much cost a repair would be?

    It would take to leave my computer to the support office longer? Cannot work / live without my cell phone!

    Hi and thanks,


    Do you mean the PAC?
    The key caps are removable and it of very simple to remove or return on the keyboard.
    Push the CAP key to set the CAP over the keyboard.
    All that s

  • Toshiba Satellite L50-B-2EU 'lost' 2 keys on the keyboard

    Hi, I recently "lost" 2 keys on the keyboard (broken) and I can't put them on again once.
    When I look at the sites of spare parts & supplier, this model is not found at all... what type of satellite that I have to choose or which type of keyboard I have to replace my borken one


    first success on ebay was not hard to find.

  • Replace old hard drive with an SSD.  Nowsome keys on the keyboard no longer works.  Ex 'e' and 'b' keys no longer work?  Any idea what could take place in the disc replacement?

    Replace old hard drive with an SSD.  Now some of the keys on the keyboard stopped working.  Ex 'e' and 'b' keys no longer work?  Any idea what could take place in the disc replacement?

    Probably nothing, it's probably a fluke. Try resetting the SMC and the PRAM by iMac Intel SCM and reset the PRAM. If this does not work, try a USB keyboard to test, if it works then your original keyboard has failed and must be replaced.

  • Satellite P205 - hit ANY key on the keyboard opens the default browser

    Very strange problem with our Toshiba Satellite P205.
    Hit ANY key on the keyboard opens the default browser. For example, type a ten letter word ten browser windows opens. We have replaced the keyboard but the problem persists. Toshiba repair center suggested replacing the motherboard at $500 (which isn't on the cost of a new cell phone?).

    Works very well without any problem using an external keyboard.
    It came with Vista, but we installed XP with the same results. Also tried upgrading the Bios.

    * Water was spilled on this computer laptop previously.*
    * It is out of EMCO.*

    Is there maybe a registry tweak that can block the default browser to open this way?
    Anyone has any ideas on this one?

    There is a 'hard' switch just above the keyboard that opens the browser. I guess the connectors or printed circuits are corroded or damaged somehow so that any input on the keyboard also triggers this hard switch.

    Possibly a hack software to disable or block the button "Open browser" would solve the problem. How to turn off or reassign these hard buttons?

    Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

    > Toshiba repair center suggested replacing the motherboard at $500 (which isn't on the cost of a new cell phone?).
    Looks like you need to replace the motherboard if you do not want to use the computer's internal keyboard correctly
    You said that the water was reversed on this laptop previously, I think that's the reason why this keyboard problem happened

    > Is it may be a registry tweak that can block the default browser to open this way?
    It s unclear not for me if something like this is not possible, but in my opinion has nothing to do with the software (register), but with the hardware problem caused by spilled water
    You could try to reinstall the clean Windows operating system in order to check if this will help you
    But if the new facility doesn't help then you should use the external keyboard because I doubt a replacement of the motherboard would be an option due to high costs.

  • Ask about the Pause/break key on the keyboard

    As Saroseus,

    I have a program that uses the Pause/break to continue to operate and without it I can not continue to use it for work. The work of the society for us gave keyboards with the Pause/break key, but it is not ergonomic and it's hurting my wrist to use. That is why I bought this keyboard. This is a great keyboard and it works well, but I need this button "Pause". While Microsoft can do you something about it.


    Let me ask you;

    • What exactly you're talking about when you say, ' I need this button "Pause"?
    • Is not the Pause/break key in the keyboard you purchased, working?
    • This keyboard does not have a Pause/break key?
    • Do you mean you bought now ergonomic keyboard?
    • The keyboard has Pause and break keys separately?

    It might be possible that some newer keyboards may have separate keys for the pause feature and the pause feature. Instead of these two functions are on the same key, the keyboard has a separate PAUSE button of the PAUSE button.

    On many keyboards, the key that controls the functions pause and break is usually labeled as the PAUSE button. As a result, many keyboard shortcuts show you "Press a PAUSE button." However, when you only press the BREAK key, the default behavior is to take a break.

    This behavior that many people know can cause some confusion on newer keyboards that have separate PAUSE and BREAK keys. For example, the newer laptops may have separate PAUSE and BREAK keys.

    Steps to reproduce the behavior

    Follow these steps on a keyboard that has one button PAUSE/ATTN:

    1. Open a command prompt window. To do this, click Start, click run, type cmd.exe, and then click OK.
    2. At the command prompt, type dir, press the ENTER key and immediately press the PAUSE/BREAK key.

      Note that the list of files in the directory stops. This behavior indicates that the default behavior of the key is to pause. To see this behavior for a directory that has a short list of files, you must press the PAUSE/BREAK key very quickly after you press the ENTER key.

    3. Press CTRL + PAUSE/BREAK.

      Note that the list of files in the directory stops and returns you to the command prompt. This shows that the secondary behavior of the key is to break.

    In addition, if you follow these same steps, and if you press the CTRL + Windows Logo + PAUSE/BREAK Keyboard shortcut to open the System Properties dialog box, the dialog box does not appear. This behavior is further proof that the default behavior of the PAUSE/BREAK key is to pause.

    If the keyboard does not pause button, you can use the screen keyboard and check.

    Open the on-screen keyboard by clicking the Start button , clicking all programs, Accessories, ease of access, and then click on-screen keyboard.

    You can see: using the keyboard (OSK) typing on-screen

    Hope this information is useful. Please feel free to answer in the case where you are facing in the future other problems with Windows.

  • When I hit the DELETE key on the keyboard, e-mail disappears. It does not go in my trash folder. How to fix this?

    When I hit the DELETE key on the keyboard, e-mail disappears. It does not go in my trash folder. How to fix this?

    Have a look here at the facility for the IMAP folders...


    Section 3: The screenshot shows the part of special folders when the box is checked to leave them on the IMAP server. If this box is NOT checked, it puts the special folders on the local computer, which may explain why each entry has its own trash...

  • When you reply to an e-mail, I hit a key on the keyboard and the last part of my email disappeared. How can I get that back? Do you know what button I hit by mistake.

    How to retrieve lines lost in a note of REPLY when I inadvertently hit an unknown key on the keyboard.
    lost lines went all the time.  Has happened to the part of the last paragraph. Is there a magic key?

    Hello Peo/gdo,

    1. what customer e-mail do you use i.e Microsoft Outlook, Windows Live Mail, Hotmail etc?

    2. you have e-mail saved in the drafts folder?

    If you have already sent the email, then there is nothing that me or you can do about it.

    Thank you.

  • E320 unique key on the keyboard malfunction

    My 6 month old E320 (1298-3RG) has a weird malfunction. The only key to the keyboard works not is the number four, but the sign of the dollar (shift + four) DOES not work. Also ctrl + four takes me to the fourth tab when I use Chrome. If laptops saves the entry but does not reach the exit of four. I have updated the drivers of al (keyboard) but still no four. Anyone suffering from the same problem, or better, has a solution?

    I found the solution. It is a breach of the iTunesKeys. Uninstalled, Reinstalled drivers for keyboard, rebooted and reinstalled iTunesKeys. Works fine now (knocks on wood).

  • keys on the keyboard do not always record at the time of impact

    keys on the keyboard do not always record when hit - very annoying and tedious to have to go back and find lack of letters

    Have you tried another keyboard to see if it is a hardware problem? You didn't say if it is a laptop or not (even with a laptop, you can connect and external to test keyboard). This machine has always had this problem?

  • Program stops immediately after pressing any key on the keyboard.  Can no longer enter data in data fields.

    Program worked great until yesterday.  Whenever I press any key on the keyboard, he immediately leaves the program.  What has changed?


    Would you please check with the account of another user with Admin rights to reproduce the problem.

    Kind regards


  • slide show by using the keys on the keyboard for nav in flash professional CS5 with animated images

    recently, I discovered how to create a slideshow using the keys on the keyboard for the market front and rear in flash professional CS5 thanks entirely to kglad of this forum. I used still images for each slide, since, then with one of the slides, I added a slight undulation of water in one of the images in a separate document. is it possible to include this file in my slideshow now?

    original questions and answers using still pictures below

    I'm a graphic designer who has a presentation of my portfolio. I'm not too experienced in flash and do not use it much, but he needs to do this on the thing. I can do a fade in and out slide show, but I want to create a slide show where the screen remains out of the blade and does ' t until what I press the next or previous button. I don't want these keys on the screen, I want to be able to press a key on the keyboard as F1. is this possible and do you know in adobe flash Professional (or other adobe products) where I could get resources/tutorials to do. Any help so what would never be great.


    create tweens to fade for each slide.  You'll probably want to fade out the image on image 1 (from frames 1 to 11).  Bland-in the image of frame 11 frame 1 to 11.  fade the image frame 11 11 to 21 etc.

    You can then use:

    var image: int = 1;

    var dir:uint;

    stage.addEventListener (KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, downF);

    function downF(e:KeyboardEvent):void {}


    dir = Keyboard.LEFT

    Frame = Math.Max (Frame-10, 1);

    this.addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, nextF);

    } else {if(e.keyCode==Keyboard.RIGHT)

    dir = Keyboard.RIGHT;

    Frame = Math.min (this.totalFrames, Frame + 10);

    this.addEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, nextF);



    function nextF(e:Event):void {}



    } else {}




    this.removeEventListener (Event.ENTER_FRAME, nextF);



    you have the fla that created the swf file?

    If so, just copy images from this fla and paste into a new movieclip in your fla slideshow.  Add this movieclip to your timeline.

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