W520 - second RAM does not not - 1-3-3-1 beep


I am trying to upgarde my Ram W520.

I have 2 slots, one is filled with the samsung 1333 mhz DDR3 4 GB 10600 supplied with the computer.

I bought a new Ram of 4 GB 1333 mhz DDR3 CAS9 10660 mediamarkt

When I plug in I have a black screen with 1-3-3 - 1 beep.

Is it because of the last number?

Best regards


Hello again,

Well, I couldn't connect to my Lenovo account!

I just create a new one.

Eventually, I will solve my problem:

Fake RAM comes with the computer was in the wrong slot making a mistake at the start.

So I swith slot and things are working well!

Thx for your help

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    Now fixed.

    TKS for the entry.


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    I m not very well, but maybe you have more than 3 GB of RAM and Vista 32 bit.
    Usually the 32 bit OS is capable to manage and send only 3.2 GB.
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    But this is only my personal hypothesis.

    Welcome them

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    I hope that someone of you can help me ;)


    What did you mean with the work of t car doesn?
    You are not able to burn or read the media?

    The error message says it all. I think you re not able to update the firmware because the firmware is not supported on this drive.

    Try to remove the drive from Device Manager, and then shut down the laptop.
    Usually after restarting again the operating system should recognize the drive again.
    If this does not help, you can try to remove the drive from the laptop. Turn on the unit, then go into windows. The reader should disappear. Then stop and reset the drive in the notebook. After this procedure the laptop must load the firmware again.

    It will be useful.

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    Thank you very much for your help


    It sounds like a hardware malfunction...
    If you have installed two RAM sticks try it with a single. Check it!

    I m not a technician to laptop but the problem may be with the motherboard, RAM or CPU, but this is my personal opinion.

    Good bye

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    When I put 2 Rams 1 GB each my computer do blue screen and restarts, but on one of this computer of Rams two work without problem.

    A friend told me to update the chipset, the problem is that I can't find for this model of laptop

    The chipset drivers, you can find the Toshiba site:
    But to be honest, the chipset driver does not solve the problem.

    Which RAM modules do you use? I think that the modules are not working together. Maybe they are from different manufacturers.
    You must use with the same specifications and manufacturing same Rams.

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    I was told I might need an update of the BIOS but cannot find one for my laptop under 1.4 for the moment.
    Any help would be thank Lindsey

    I think that the new RAM is not compatible with the motherboard or laptop.

    The manufacturing of the new RAM you said does not for me so I would buy an another RAM, such as Kingston. Kingston makes high quality RAM and many users here buy Kingston RAM to upgrade its RAM.

    By the way: do you use the RAM or only the new? Normally, if you use two memory modules live, you must use it with the same specifications.

    The update of the BIOS, you can find the Toshiba site, but this doesn t affect the compatibility of Aries.

  • Satellite A100-596 - RAM does not work in location B

    After meeting with the blue screen of death, my A100-596 was out of service for some time. I decided to give it a last violin and had it work. I removed one of the modules of 512 MB ram and it works fine.

    The problem is that if I put the RAM module the computer starts not (the same problem that he had). I used a program called CPUZ and it recognizes the RAM in two slots (if I insert the other when the computer started upward).

    Why CPUZ recognizes the RAM, but windows does not start with it inserted or even to recognize.

    I've played around with the RAM modules. Two of them work in the A slot but neither location B. The maximum extension of my motherboard is 2 GB, it means that I can't put a 2 GB module in one of the slots?

    It seems strange that CPUZ fortunately sees the RAM in slot B, but windows does not start with it in.

    Help, please.

    > If I insert the other when the computer started upward
    Really pass the RAM if the computer was started? Laughing out loud
    I think that this is not a good idea. An upgrade of RAM should be done only if the computer or portable computer is turned off.

    I put t understand why can CPU - Z can recognize the RAM but Windows not? To run CPU - Z, you must start Windows before.

    However, I think that if both modules n t work in location B the slot is faulty.
    Also if you can upgrade the laptop to 2 GB not using a module with 2 GB of memory. Use two modules with 1 GB for each module.

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    I bought 2 x 1 GB RAM (667 Mhz). When I insert it inside, my computer does not start. Computer a newer BIOS. With 1 GB (667 MHz) & 256 MB (553 MHz), we do work perfectly.
    Can you help me?


    PS Sorry for my bad English.

    Who is the manufacturer of this RAM module?
    Do you use compatible Toshiba or Kingston RAM modules?

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    I have the following configuration:

    PCI-7330 connected to an UMI-7764

    Connected to the UMI-7764 I have two drives of P70530 stepper, themselves connected to two engines step by step from Nema-23 with encoders tree wired to the UMI-7764. While following the manual.

    The switch "Inhibit the entry" is set to active top and switch "Output Inhibit" is set to active low.

    The two discs P70530 initialize (solid green LED). The step by step and the engine performs on the terminals of the 'axis 1' of the UMI-7764 works very well. The other, performs on the terminals 'axis 2' does not work. When I try to run a query through MAX, the engine hear "click" once and then disengages. The reader is then a flashing green LED.

    The engine will stay disengaged until I try a movement in the opposite direction, how the same 'click' is heard and the motor is now engaged. No movement other than the vibrations caused by the engine engage/disengage occurs.

    Readers and encoders are wired identically in the UMI. I had the cables with the player that works as well as the discs themselves and even engines. The result is always the same; training/cable to 'Axis 1' engine works fine and 'axis 2 ","clicks"but does not move.

    I would like some advice or suggestions anyone can provide, please.

    After going back through all the threads, once again, I finally finished by checking the list of pins on the P70530 drive - > UMI-7764 cable.

    It turns out that I had the wrong cable on the second axis. Part number 198151-2R5 instead of 198141-2R5. D - SUB connectors they are identical but different pinouts. After mapping the pins to the correct UMI axis terminals 2nd screw works now.

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    I am trying to upgrade the RAM on my PC. I don't know I got the correct specifications: 240 pin DDR3 PC3 - 10600 1333 MHz

    And it comes to envy, I bought, Kingston.

    The PC has 6 GB of RAM and a free slot, after I insert the new module on the free location corretly and press power, the PC does not start. It starts just a beep and the screen remains black.

    Don't know how better to explain this.

    If I take the new RAM all works normally. If I take old modules and just start by the new, the same thing happens, computer won't start not and just keeps to the beep. One of the Tweets is longer than the other, and then it repeats.

    Can anyone help please, it's just the motherboard it is too old or something?

    Thank you.

    See you soon.



    Given that your PC works with the old DIMM modules and not the new dimm then you should contact Kingston for a cure.

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    [he has a normal boot sector, so if I plug it into the unused (non-RAID) SATA-3 slot, it will start]

    Should be no problem, just start the recovery DVDs and let Vista install a good start...

    But NO!  The DVD version does not see the drive.  (I tried to load the sataraid drivers, no joy)

    Note: if I have the drive failed in the RAID and the second drive in SATA-3, it starts to SATA-3.

    If I put the two drives on the RAID, it starts on the failed disk.

    Now I have a replacement for the defective drive.

    How to make 'good' initialization as a RAID drive and rebuild the new drive?

    How can I get a boot sector capable of Vista/Raid on the disc?

  • Satellite P855-305 - Mat * un UJ8B0 DVD-RAM does not

    I bought this phone recently (about 2 weeks), and when I tested the drive, it does not, no lights turn on, nothing.

    I opened it manually (the mechanical Open button) and tried to put a music CD, the drive does not detect it.
    In Device Manager, the drive seems to be quite normal.

    I tried to look for new drivers, but no luck so far.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.


    Is the CD/DVD drive reads any other DVD discs i.e?
    You can eject the disc by pressing the eject button?

    If it s is not possible, I think that the CD/DVD drive is faulty this s sad, but given that the laptop is new, you can replace this in the terms of warranty.

Maybe you are looking for

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