W530 w541 vs hard drive Bay


Do you know if the hard drive for w530 Bay will fit in w541?

Im getting new computer this week at work and it would be nice to add a 2nd my old w530 ssd.

Thank you!



tested today, it does not fit! period

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  • Satellite A200 UH1 - 2nd hard drive Bay

    Hi all!

    Could someone explain me how to connect a second HDD in secondary housing of this laptop?

    I opened the cover, but there is no plug or the connector to install a.

    What I see, seems I have to buy a few extra parts, but I have no idea what.
    The manual is saying that he has this Bay (so it is usable as Toshiba worth to write his presence in the manual).

    Can someone help me?

    I really wish for reason practical for a keg external HDD will reduce the autonomy of the laptop when it is on battery.

    Thank you!!!

    If you want to connect a second disk of this machine slot that there must be a connector and if you don t have a t, you can put in a second HDD.
    Not every Satellite A200 has such connector.
    On the second HARD drive Bay, I founded the following information in the user manual:
    > HDD2: the availability of this functionality depends on the model you have purchased

    But you can use a second HDD in the slot of the CD/DVD drive. For this you can use a Bay for a second HDD.
    Ask an ASP for this part. They can order.

  • The HP Envy dv7 - 7323cl has a double hard drive Bay

    The HP Envy dv7 - 7323cl has a double hard drive Bay?


    Yes, it can accommodate a second HDD.

    Kind regards.

  • ThinkPad series Hard Drive Bay adapter III as main hard drive?

    Hi all

    my work laptop is a 400 T running on Win XP. I would like to start an installation of Windows 7 on a hard drive physical which is not possible with my employer in the near future.

    My idea is now to have a second HD in the Hard Drive Bay adapter III series (let's say that the)

    ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive of 320 GB at 7200 RPM) on which I'd install Win 7. I would then configure the adapter Bay to be the first HD to boot from. I would reconfigure the system to use the internal HD every time I need Win XP with the company of my other stuff.

    I don't want to install Win 7 in another partition I want to take the risk of what going to the XP machine ;-)

    The scenario described above is valid or I have to take account of anything else?

    Thanks in advance!


    saschabeltz, welcome to the forum,

    as the States of cassio , you can boot from a hard drive in the Bay adapter. The best way to do it, after you install in the main Bay is to press F12 at startup; This will allow you to choose the device you want to boot from.

  • Problem eject on my 2nd SATA Hard Drive Bay Caddy

    I have a problem with my caddy drives eject.

    Heart each time I close the lid, hard drives is ejected or, in which case ejection fails, I get an error message... very annoying situation.

    How windows 7 can avoid to eject it? You know a best practice to configure properly the 2nd SATA Hard Drive Bay cart?

    Thanks in advance!


    It is caused by the last driver SATA ACHI, use microsoft we're going to fix this.

  • Pavilion 500-098: adding hard drive, but no 2nd hard drive Bay

    I want to add a second internal hard drive to this computer, but unfortunately the computer has only a hard drive Bay. There is plenty of space for a second hard drive, I thought that I would put the player in the unused space, setting in place somehow so that it does not move. I know I could install an external hard drive, but prefer to have an internal hard drive. The power supply has a supplement of power supply (unused) harddrive.  The motherboard is a Joshua-H61-Μatx. It has 4 SATA connections on it.  SATA0 is connected to the hard drive, SATA2 is connected to the DVD player. SATA1 and SATA3 are free. My idea of adding a second hard drive without a second HDD Bay would work?

    Hi Mike,.

    Review the information that is displayed in this thread.

  • WE made the Notebook G71-340 have TWO hard drive bays

    My mother has the laptop mentioned in this topic. She had all kinds of issues with her past. Runs slowly. Crashes. Stop randomly. I ran all virus scan and malware known to man and it found nothing. It's either something that is on the hard drive is not detected and the only solution is to reformat the hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch or it's a hardware problem. I think to install an SSD as drive for improved speed and reformatting of the original disc that is out there at the moment and which install as a secondary drive, * IF * this laptop has the capacity to hold 2 hard drives. Anyone know the answer to this question of 2nd hard drive Bay on the top of their head for this laptop specific? Thanks in advance.

    Unfortunately this is not one of the models with the extra hard drive Bay. So the answer is no. Think hard external usb disc or a NAS.

    Install an SSD as a replacement for the original hard drive is the way to go. Use the largest you can afford and run an image recovery plant from the set of recovery disks.

    Take a look at the interview guide & Service.


  • HP ProBook s 4540: How can I tell if my laptop has all the spare HARD drive bay or not?

    How can I tell if my laptop has all the spare HARD drive bay or not? I want to use an SSD, but also my HARD drive as secondary.


    This model has only one.

    Your maintenance and Service Guide here.


    Laptop HP ProBook s 4540 - videos to remove/replace



  • Can I mount a 7mm HARD drive in the Dell XPS M1530 HARD drive Bay?

    I have a laptop Dell XPS M1530 age of 5 year.

    IAM assuming that the maximum height of the HARD drive Bay is 9.5 mm...

    Can I put a 7mm HARD drive in this Bay?

    Kindly help!

    Hey Osprey4, thanks for your help.

    I realized that I wasn't dragging hybrid HARD drive in the correct position, I had to keep a little high, and he fell just in place in the Bay with a single click...

    The HDD (HDD, or hybrid) works very well, and I definitely see improvements in the performance and startup time!

    And people looking for answers-

    "YES you can install a 7 mm HDD in a laptop (Dell XPS M1530 15 inches) 9.5 mm HARD drive Bay"

  • Size of hard drive bay for Thinkpad Edge E430? and vs SATA 300 600

    I'm looking to get a bigger hard drive for my Thinkpad Edge E430, and I have two questions.

    The current drive is a Toshiba MK5061GSY - SATA 300. This is 0.4 inches high. I'm looking at a WD Green WD20NPVX - SATA 600. It is high 0.6inches.

    1. What size is the HARD drive Bay? Fits in a drive that is 0.6 inches in height?
    2. A disk SATA 600 is backward compatible with SATA-300 port?

    Thank you.

    Ivy Bridge CPU in the E430 supports SATAIII (6 Gb/s) for the main hard drive and the optical drive Bay.

    The height of the E430 hard drive Bay suitable for 7 and 9.5 mm (do not know what this amounts to in inches).

  • ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay fit III 43N3412 for T61

    Anyone know if this adapter works for T61?

    So far I couldn't find this "40Y8725 ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter" on the site that says work for T61.  But I thought Ultrabay options are supposed to be interchangeable? I hope that this is the case.

    I prefer to buy the newer model if it is compatible for the T61.

    It's one of the T61. Ultrabay slim housing uses a PATA connectio to the motherboard of the laptop, so the adapter you buy contains a SATA to PATA chip to allow you to use a SATA hard drive.

    While the new thinkpads, T400, T500, R400, R500, X 200, W500 all use a SATA connection on the motherboard of the laptop, so the device ultrabay for previous machines are not physically compatible. This move is due to the need to allow full support SATAII.

  • Drive hard County Bay & hard drive Bay opening in HP ENVY 15-3090


    I have a HP ENVY 15-3090 ca I bought last year that I believe has a failing hard drive.  It's discs hard perfect excuse for me to install a larger (or more?) and I would like to ask for some information on the laptop.

    First of all, are there two hard drive bays or just one?  I know that I could use my optical drive to a new hard drive Bay, but I'd rather not.

    Second, how deepen access to the area of the hard drive Bay so that I can install it with a new drive hard (or readers?).  It is not immediately obvious to me how I could open this laptop at first sight and inspection, but I could be missing something painfully easy.

    Thanks in advance for your time, I appreciate it.


    Your laptop has 1-Bay HARD drive: the drive sits under the same cover that conceals the battery.  There is a catch, you have to slide before that this coverage will release - see the description & images on Pages 43-44 of your & Maintenance Guide.

    Best regards

    DP - K

  • S430 SATA Hard Drive Bay fit


    Can anyone confirm that ThinkPad Serial ATA Hard Drive Bay Adapter III (43N3412) works for the Thinkpad Edge S430?

    Or if not, what adapter Bay works? I've looked everywhere and I can't find this information...

    Also if you know, just 9.5 mm HD work?

    Thank you!

    s430 Lenovo uses an adapter special bay, the one you listed is for the classic model of ThinkPads.

    Lenovo do not sell Bay adapter separately.


  • Disk W530 Hard Drive Bay Adapter problem

    W530 ordered on 14/01/2014. I replaced the 500 GB with a SSD hard drive and wanted to use the reader HGST it came with a disc of Nimitz adapter. I can delete the partition and create a new volume, but it fails during format. It fails even when it is formatted a ready to use.

    I have a 250 GB drive at 5400 RPM Hitachi which works very well in the Bay. With the help of a USB drive Bay I can delete the volume and rebuild the drive of 500 GB. Why do I have a problem with this drive in the drive Bay?

    I plugged the hot formatted disk and it lights up immediately, I backup on it now. I don't know why I got so many problems earlier.

    Thanks for the reply.

  • Satellite A300 - Questions about the second HARD drive Bay

    To the underside of the laptop, there is an empty Bay for a second HDD internal.
    It is in the lower left corner (the first internal hard drive is on the lower side right) and the Bay has a sata connector.
    The plastic cover of the empty Bay extended columns so nothing (not even a hard disk) can be positioned on the inside.

    Someone knows:
    -If the sata connector works
    -If I can connect a secondary internal hard drive which work together with the primary
    -Where I could order the support for the secondary hard drive (i.e. toshiba code)
    -Where I could order a plastic cover without extensive columns, bcz I want to break.

    If my question is not clear, I can upload a photo.

    Thanks in advance


    You can order all the parts of the ASP from Toshiba in your country.
    Get in touch with some guys in the ASP and ask for the parts you need.

    Welcome them

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