W7 Hp i7 Pavilion Radion after day of release card tonight on laptop stopped working

W7 Hp i7 Pavilion Radion after day of release card tonight on laptop computer stops working. After a restoration of the system, 'exit to monitor' has worked well.  How can I update on what is happening? Should I turn on automatic updates?

Hi Curtis,.

Microsoft updates which was installed recently?

First of all, I suggest you to change, the automatic installation of updates settings to manually. Once you change the settings manually then find updates and install updates one after another to find out what update is causing the problem. Once you know the update caused the problem, download and install this update in skinny boot from the Download Center.

How to perform a clean boot for a problem in Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8

Note: Follow How to reset the computer to start as usual after a clean boot troubleshooting article KB929135 to reset the computer in normal mode

See also the links: Activate the update or disable automatic

Install Windows updates in Windows 7

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  • HP Pavilion dv7 6b51ea: GPU stuck at Intel, AMD GPU has stopped working

    A year ago, I received a notification of the CCC AMD the driver update and did. Since then, the 7400 m has stopped working and still did not so after;

    (a) rolling back drivers

    (b) reinstall the drivers from the HP website

    (c) using the system to factory settings restore

    After some research I found that the discrete GPU in HP laptops only works with the drivers offered by HP, but those who fail to solve the problem of too.

    I put Powerplay use Max Performance and even tried to disable ULPS, which of course failed because the system is locked ' dynamic single setting.

    Active power plan still shows as powerful, but it's the GPU integrated in use, not dedicated

    Also recently upgraded to Windows 10, had no problems but GPU problem remains

    AMD Catalyst Control Center poster always I have 7400M and hardware of MSI Afterburner monitoring shows his temperature to 45 c but 0% use of the GPU.

    When running games that allowed, with Powerplay can jump on the 7400 M, still work on the weak integrated Intel graphics.

    HP Support Assistant cannot detect all problems, troubleshooting

    HP Pavilion dv7-6b51ea

    Appreciate the help.

    Thanks for your help, very much appreciated a response.

    Assuming that I am in a bind.

    HP should not make laptops for gamers or those who buy specifically for the use of the dedicated GPU, if they cannot upgrade their GPU drivers dedicated by the manufacturer of this GPU IMO.

    Sister with a DV6 bought with my DV7 (2012) was lucky, I tried the update before she accepted AMD update notification

    Guess I will gift to a parent who does not require the dedicated GPU and I'll have to make sure my next laptop supports the amd/nvidia driver unlike HP updates of course

  • HP Pavilion dv7 - 6 c 00 Notbook: key to power WiFi stopped working after the last update 10 Win

    My Wi - Fi key is that since my last update Win 10 this week and disable airplane Mode.  No way to establish a wireless connection.  Anyone who has another experienacing cela or did I possibly an incorrect update somehow.   My Ethernet connection works fine.  Tried to update from HP Support Assistant, so that to solve the problems - and that settles it not or because it cannot find an old file to uninstall.  Ideas for a solution would be appreciated... Danny

    Hi @DPF0225,

    Thank you for visiting the HP Forums! A place where you can find solutions for your problems with the help of the community!

    I stumbled upon your post on the laptop and wanted to help you! I looked in your question about your HP Pavilion dv7-1245dx Entertainment Notebook and problems with the WiFi doesn't work does not correctly.

    Some say that you could restore the BIOS using factory default values with this. Here is a document that shows you how to restore the default BIOS settings. In this way, it will look at the hardware installed on your laptop.

    You can try to use theWindows Update Troubleshooter to fix updates that do not come through Windows.  Please restart the laptop twice to make sure that all updates are completed!

    Please let me know how it goes.

    You can say thanks for trying to help by clicking on the Thumbs Up below! .

    Thank you.

  • Satellite U940 - after the update of Win8.1 FN key stop working

    I have ultrabook Toshiba U940-b484, after I updated my system windows 8.1 all FN keys does not work and after more try only up/down switch soung and brightness keys is just the word, and keyboard light switch is not working too, all solutions?


    I by Satellite U940-103 and I did Win8.1 with success. Everything works perfectly.
    My only solution is: Win8.1 update must be performed according to the instructions of update Toshiba Win8.1 instructions for installation and http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/generic/windows8_1-upgrade-stepbystep/ document which can be downloaded on Toshiba support and download page.

    Have you installed all the specific tools available Toshiba and utilities?

  • WNR3500L model after a power cut my modem and router stopped working.

    I tried to unplug and leave for 30 minutes and plugged back but nothing has worked. Does anyone know what I need to do?

    What are the symptoms that you get from the router? In the case the modem and the router something might have gotten fried. I would try different adapters on both hoping that power adapters are those who got fried. If you still have the same results its probably time to get the router and the new modem. Let us know what happens.

  • Pavilion 15 Note book e99ca: the two keys update has stopped working

    both my shift keys stopped working.  any suggestions?

    I have the BIOS

    remove the keyboard driver in the Manager device and rebooted

    checked the key stacky

    update of each driver and windows

    full system antivirus scan

    any help would be great

    Find a solution on the windows site.  Hold down the SHIFT key, and then restart your laptop!

  • X 500 - 10W QOSMIO webcam stop working after Windows updates


    I have a Toshiba QOSMIO X 500 - 10W PQX33E-00R00CIT.

    When I format my laptop and you reinstall the operating system Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, the webcam works perfectly.
    After I updated windows via windows update webcam stops working. Also with Windows 10 company LTSB. What should I do? Thank you.

    P. S.
    According to me, is just a problem of software, not hardware. The webcam works perfectly until I do the windows updates! ' * ' Microsoft!

    I find the problem. Do not install the latest version of Microsoft Silverlight. I hope that I formatted my computer for the last time!

  • Satellite L300-1BW - wireless connection stops working after 10-15 minutes


    Just brought me a new laptop. Sound of the Toshiba Satellite L300-1BW. However, I've encountered a problem. I can connect to my home network wireless fine. However 10-15 minutes after browing internet, my just wireless connection will stop working.

    When does he say 'Local & Internet', 10-15 Minutes after that, I would say just "Local."

    I know full well it's not my Netgear because it work fine on all the other my computer.

    IM wondering if anyone could possibally help me. I would be grateful anyhelp.

    Thank you.

    Edit - seems work correctly with my laptop not charging. However when the power adapter is in charge of the laptop, it work for 10 minutes then stop.


    If you use Windows Vista, you must disable the WLAN energy saving function. You can find it in the Vista power management options. Check it!

    In addition, you should try to update the driver WLAN and the BIOS. The two you can find on the Toshiba site:
    http://EU.computers.Toshiba-Europe.com-online downloads support & -online Download Driver

    Last but not least, I would recommend that you read hundreds of discussions on the problems of WIFI. You will find so much tips and tricks how to increase the WLAN functionality and troubleshooting.

    Good bye

  • Lightroom stopped working after downloading Windows 10

    After that I downloaded 10 windows, Lightroom has stopped working. I have an Acer laptop. It doesn't have a separate graphics card. I've already updated my graphics and have tried to uninstall and reinstall lightroom 4 times and it does not work. I got in touch with 3 different people from Microsoft and they said that the problem is on the side of adobe/lightroom of things. Please help me

    Please try the suggestions of troubleshooting here: Adobe Lightroom GPU troubleshooting and FAQ

    If the problem persists, please provide detailed information on what happens (or doesn't happen) and the error messages you see. Also the LR version that you try to install. (6.1, 6.5.1).)

  • PC Pavilion laptop: no sound on Pavilion g6 after installing the new battery CMOS

    I have a Pavilion g6z - 1 d 00 CTO Notebook PC, model A2F43AV number.  It came with Windows 7 Home Premium, and I upgraded the operating system to Windows 7 Pro (64 bit).

    The problem is that I did not sound, either through headphones or the speakers even if the Volume is set at 55. I first noticed the audio problem after replacing the CMOS battery, as the laptop is 4 years old and he gave me intermittent wireless connectivity problems.  After installing the new battery CMOS, I noticed the wireless driver was missing and downloaded/installed.  Everything was fine except the audio.  Then I reset the BIOS but nothing there as the BIOS version is v.49, and it is the most recent.

    I have also downloaded/installed the driver audio and rebooted the PC.  Still, there is no noise.

    Finally, I have checked the audio drivers and the reporting system they work without any problem.

    What should I do next?

    Thanks, Terry


    Thanks for the reply,

    I was under the impression that these links would take you to guide step by step, however, it seems that they do not work,

    However, I have provided details below:

    To perform a hard reset on a computer equipped with a removable battery, follow these steps:

    1. Turn off the computer.

    2. Remove the computer from the docking station or port replicator.

    3. Disconnect all external devices from devices such as USB, external displays storage devices and printers.

    4. Disconnect the power adapter from the computer.

    5. Remove the battery from the compartment to batteries.

    6. Press and hold button power for about 15 seconds, remove any residual electric charge capacitors that protect memory.

    7. Insert the battery and plug the power adapter into the laptop, but do not connect peripheral devices.

    8. Press the power button to turn on the computer.

    9. If a boot menu appears, use the arrow keys to select start Windows normally and then press the Enter key.

    10. After you have reconnected each peripheral device, run Windows Update and HP Support Assistant to update all device drivers.

    To perform a hard reset on a computer equipped with a sealed or non-removable battery, follow these steps:

    1. Turn off the computer.

    2. Remove the computer from the docking station or port replicator.

    3. Disconnect all external devices from devices such as USB, external displays storage devices and printers.

    4. Disconnect the power adapter from the computer.

    To perform a system recovery, this link should work: click here

    Keep me posted for any technical assistance,

    Kind regards

  • I use the same URL in day after day tabs/windows, but am not ure if this version will restore all tabs on restart the computer every morning?

    I don't think I can give more info

    8 and 9 Firefox Firefox will allow me to continue with the same tabs from last session as in Firefox 3? :

    You're on Firefox 3.6.24 and if you ask if the new version 8.0.1 will do the same the answer would be Yes and it continues to be controlled by tools > Options > general > when Firefox starts: show my windows and tabs from last time.

    From Mozilla Firefox 4 (earlier this year), has presented app-tabs that you might want to listen to the video and read when standing up. Since you're using the same tabs they are probably in the same order, day after day after day, so just see the favicons on tabs and the model about whether something will not like order or missing.

    Since you use the tabs and windows as in earlier versions, the change will affect you probably even the least. But Mozilla has improved this which exists of sessions were closed, the windows and tabs via the menu ('Alt + H') history.

    What you probably will not tolerate changes to toolbars, based on studies of imperfect ergonomics (like Microsoft). You can fix it right and make the toolbars close to what you had before (instructions below).

    You can make Firefox 8.0.1 look to Firefox 3.6. *, see numbered 1-10 Articles of the topic following the interface user of difficulty Firefox toolbar, problems (make Firefox 4.0 through 9.0, resemble 3.6). If you make changes, you must be aware of what has changed and what it takes to use changed or missing features.

    It is much more beyond these first 10 steps in the list, if you want to make Firefox more functional.

    Please mark "resolved" a response that will better help others with a similar problem - hope it was her.

  • I block junk emails every day, always bring, I mark the email phishing scam day after day, always find them in the same places day after day after day, is it possible to stop really and how?

    I block junk emails every day, always bring, I mark the email phishing scam day after day, always find them in the same places day after day after day, is it possible to stop really and how?

    original title: tired of it

    You have posted in a forum for MSE, antivirus, antimalware application.  You must investigate e-mail options... providers (hotmail, gmail, yahoo, etc) screen several e-mail for spam.  You don't have not yet described here your email client... so there is little that anyone can tell you that generic advice.

  • Linksys WRT320N problems. Keep losing ground day after day


    I have a nasty problem and I absolutely had no idea on how to solve this problem.

    A couple of days, I installed my new router WRT320N in combination with 50mbit Ziggo speed (internet provider from netherland)

    On the first day speedtest.net always give mbit 47/48 down and 5 Mbps up.

    But after a few days, the router maintains a fall and a fall and abandonment until the subject of 2 Mbps.

    Now, I have reset the router and also restarted the modem for the new software etc but still nothing works.

    Ive also tried to reset the router to the parameters of Carillon and that worked... until he went down every day.

    I also took some tips from this forum that was MTU setting to 1350 manually instead of 1500 automatic and it worked... until a few days have passed and new ive got 10mbit today.

    I am naïve and in desperate need of your help!

    Setting keep passing my router 50mbit speed to almost zero in a few days at a time?

    Thank you in advance!

    Rens Voeten

    Change every time I pass the MTU to 1500, and then back to 1350 is the jump from speedtest.net meters up still crazy 50mbit.

    But if I let it, it will decrease again day after day.

    Thank you for your advice.

    Ive done what you say and also disabled UpnP and I think it did the trick.

    Ive got constant speeds to 48mbit/s (50 in total) and they have not fallen so far.

    Verify speedtest.net during lunch again tomorrow and will post here if it is down again.



  • Hello, could someone tell me how to install Photoshop, Lightroom and first? I had a subscription to Adobe and installed all three versions on my new Lenovo Erazer 510 which, unfortunately, has stopped working after only 15 days. The device

    Good evening , someone pourrait inform me How to install Photoshop, Lightroom and first? I bought a subscription Adobe and installed all three versions on my new Lenovo ERazer 510 which, unfortunately stopped working after only 15 days. Le device has been in service for forty days and I do not know How do I reinstall your applications. I tried by my Adobe account, but without results. Thank you.

    These FAQS should help you:

    FAQ: How to download and install the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App?

    FAQ: How to download and install creative cloud applications?

    FAQ: How to launch creative Cloud Apps

  • Often fingerprint reader stops working after laptop wakes from sleep (Pavilion dv6)

    I am convinced that the fingerprint reader is fine. There must be a problem with the driver may, something inconsistent with a recent update of the Windows 7 software?

    The scenario:

    • Laptop works very well.  I put on standby when I'm done and use the mousepad to wake him up.  LED fingerprint reader blinks, and I can drag my finger to log on.
    • At one point, after a few times to put the laptop to sleep and wake, the fingerprint reader does not.  No flashing.  I slide my finger and the player does not respond at all - is not yet tell me that there was a bad reading.
    • If I login and log back in again, no change. However, if I do a reboot, everything is fine - the fingerprint reader works again.

    I watched over and over again for new drivers and installed.  Nothing seems to affect this scenario.   Unfortunately, this has started to happen about 9 months ago () and because of the sporadic nature of it, I was not attentive enough to know the 'precise' point in time when it started happening.  My instincts tell me that there was some sort of update software/driver along the way which is originally the fingerprint reader not do not work right.  I hope HP continues a relationship with these companies to fingerprint reader and can transmit these questions so that we can do a software update.  But... I don't know if it has been abandoned.  My laptop is still under warranty, but it would be ridiculous to send in just this problem.

    I hope that someone has heard of this on the dv6 and may know a solution.  Thank you!

    My system is a HP dv6-6145dx.  I am running Windows 7, with the latest updates.  The integrated fingerprint reader works on HP Simple pass 2011 v5.1 and Validity Sensor driver version.  When I try to launch the Simple passage interface, it loads the database, but then the application disappears.  I tried to uninstall and reinstall the software, but makes no difference with the issue, I noted.

    "If you keep an open mind, life will give you more opportunities."

    No problem, I am completely I shouldn't bother with Pass Simple version 8.  I advanced and installed version 6.  I did not yet get no joy, so I did a little more digging and found one more late Validity Sensor driver, version 4.3.304 (not noted in the list of update driver for my laptop model).  IT WORKED.  I can now go into hibernation and the fingerprint reader remains functional when the system is out of hibernation.  Previously, it was pretty much guaranteed became disabled.  So... it looks that my problem is now solved.

Maybe you are looking for